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  • 2019 Mar 16th:

    Wotja V19.2.1

  • 2019 Mar 4th:

    Wotja V19.2.0

    • All versions of Wotja now include an in-built Wotja Scripting engine based on ECMAScript (also known as JavaScript); it is inspired by, but is much more powerful than, the Noatikl scripting engine; Android versions now play better + more
    • See what's new in Wotja 19.2.0
  • 2019 Feb 21st:

    Wotja V19.1.0

    • New Macro Oscillator 1 Tone Generator, a port of the popular open-source sound generator from Mutable Instruments; Lots more that can be done for FREE (mix saving, short mixdown recordings, export of cut-up editing etc.); New content; Network Editor random selection of Sound and FX presets now; More!
    • See what's new in Wotja 19.1.0
  • 2019 Jan 10th:

    Wotja V19.0.9

  • 2019 Jan 3rd:

    Wotja V19.0.7

  • 2019 Jan 1st:

    Wotja V19 has arrived

    • Our App range now comprises the free/subscription 'Wotja 19' apps and the paid for apps 'Wotja Pro 19', 'Wotja Box 19' and 'Wotja Go 19'
    • See Wotja App Range
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