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Q4 17 Update

28th December 2017 by Tim Cole

Wotja 5 Coming Soon...

To all who were customers, users, beta testers, fans and otherwise stood by us in 2017 we send a massive thank you! We build our apps for you so thank your for your support - without you we would not still be here.

We know it has been a year of change as we move to Wotja and it is unquestionably an enormous project for us. Our overall goal is to continue to improve it in terms of useability and productivity as well as the results and ideas you can create with it. We hope you continue to stay with us as we keep chipping away at it!

Wotja 4 - Q4 2017

It has been a very busy few months for us as we were continuing to work on improvements to Wotja 4 at the same time as working on new features and content for the first release of Wotja 5.

It has taken us a year to smooth out some of the wrinkles that arose in consolidating all our previous apps (those being Noatikl 3, Mixtikl 7, Liptikl 2, Tiklbox 1 and Wotja 3) into Wotja 4. Following the launch of the Wotja 4 iOS version in February we made lots of UI and useability improvements, added new features and templates as well as creating a full authoring version for macOS. You can easily see some of the major V4 changes in the Wotja Key Features table.

On top of that, after a bit of a bumpy start with a few ensuing tweaks (sorry about that!) we think we have now got the business model and pricing right. For both iOS and macOS we have a free to use subscription version with various keenly priced In-App Subscription tiers as well as a paid-for "annual" version for those who just don't like subscriptions.

P.S. If you still want to get the iOS and macOS versions of (paid-for) Wotja 2017 then they are available for sale for another 4 days, i.e. up until December 31st 2017. They are available until then at their lowest ever prices (see our store for links). However, on December 31st they will be removed from sale. Once they are removed from sale there will be no further updates made available for them, and that is because Wotja 2018 (the paid-for version of Wotja 5 which is not a free upgrade) will soon be here. Talking about Wotja 5...

Wotja 5 - 2018 and the Year Ahead

Our app consolidation work in 2017 means we are now starting our next product cycle - Wotja 5. It is going to be a another busy year ahead for new features, content and improvements and we are pretty confident you are going have fun with what is already in Wotja 5.0. Some of the fun, new things are:

  • One-press creation of Albums of mixes (fast, very useful and fun!) - Files > Create New > Album (automatic)
  • Auto albums use auto-generated mix icons (with 35 in-built palettes to choose from)
  • BP3 Backing Template Pak with 12 lovely new templates
  • Many album randomization settings for control over how the album is created
  • The Albums menu now includes 3 Demo Albums of mixes, making them easy to find
  • Music Play Time is increased to 3 minutes in Free Mode (3 Paks are available for use)
  • Two new in-built cut-up rules
  • Numerous other improvements

That said, we are going to be having to spend a good chunk of our time working on Wotja for Windows and Android. Wotja is a long term project for us and each new platform to support comes with its own challenges. There is a lot of work in just a basic port, but there are then the editors to consider and we have a lot of those. We will likely start with something that allows creation of automatic albums (a useful new feature for Wotja 5 and a lot of fun) but we are yet to decide what to do about deeper editing. If that does arrive it may not even be until 2019, we just don't know. However, whatever we manage to release for Windows and Android should be cool, so stay tuned.

NB: It is only when we have Windows and Android versions up and running that we will then start to feel we are really starting to turn the corner for Wotja as we can then start to consider more significant engine improvements and extensions - something we really cannot wait to get on to!

January 1st is only 4 days away...

Here are a couple of 30 second videos of Wotja 5 which will be released January 1st 2018:

Wotja V5: 30s - Overview (iPad, Portrait)
Wotja V5 is being released January 1st 2018

Wotja V5: 30s - Overview (iPhone, Portrait)
Wotja V5 is being released January 1st 2018

We look forward to seeing what you can do with Wotja 5 and hope you enjoy it.

We will sign off now and wish all the very best for 2018!

Tim and Pete