Wotja 1 Release History

Wotja 1 is now retired. There is a new, even more powerful version. Get the latest Wotja now!

8th May 2015: V1.7.1 (FINAL UPATE)

  • All new visualiser with 3 new settings: Vis, Size and Opacity
  • Fixed the issue of occasional hanging notes
  • Simplified the URL export to create "Wotja Music URLs" which include the tune, params and emoji, but no other text
  • Now much easier to share Wotja Music URLs in instant messaging apps with goo.gl shortening
  • New option to export Wotja Music URL directly into Messages app widget
  • Revised Player Repeats/Range parameters to now define the total number of times a melody is played (play count), whether a variation or not, rather than to define the number or repeats of a variation; this means that after the play count is reached, no melody will play
  • Improved Action/Sharing popup ordering
  • Much nicer load screen
  • Bug fixes

14th December 2014: V1.6.22

  • NEW APP:
    • Wotja FREE for iOS (1.6.22)
    • Wotja FREE for iOS is the same as Wotja for iOS (and full app), but with a few limitations.

10th December 2014: V1.6.20

  • Wotja for iOS is now a fully unlocked paid for app e.g. no more timeouts, ads etc.
  • Wotja for iOS also available in the Intermorphic Generative Music Apps bundle

26th November 2014: V1.6.19

  • Minor improvements and fixes

13th November 2014: V1.6.17

  • Various stability fixes
  • Updated AudioBus SDK to 2.1.4
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

16th October 2014: V1.6.6

  • Fixed timing issues for generative content
  • Fixed issue with wotja URL not loading correctly
  • Combined existing IAPs into just one IAP (any previous IAP purchase in this app will unlock this IAP)

25th September 2014: V1.6.4

  • Support for iOS 8
  • Defaults / Reset - Changed Backing track to Ambiences Summer; Speech now off
  • Simplified Audiobus (& Inter-App Audio) operation by removing the on/off toggle control - foreground availability: now always enabled; background availability: dependent on Background Audio availability
  • Simplified Background Audio operation by removing the on/off toggle control
  • Squashed more bugs

30th August 2014: V1.5.3

  • Added support for Apple Inter-App Audio (turned on with the Audiobus toggle), meaning you can record directly in e.g. GarageBand without requiring Audiobus
  • Audiobus updated to Audiobus 2
  • Bug fixes

19th July 2014: V1.4.3

  • Various bug fixes

10th July 2014: V1.4.2

  • Removed the "Remove Audio output port silences" IAP; there are no longer any silences interjected and so no IAP is required to remove them.
  • Various bug fixes

2nd July 2014: V1.4.1

  • New: Added simple music game (accessed via icon on toolbar in Play screen) - tap and hold the moving line, which is influenced by your melody, and see what score you can get!
  • Various bug fixes

25th June 2014: V1.3.1

  • New: Change screen "Background image" option (from Camera roll) with auto-panning (great fun!)
  • New: Send wotjas with background images via mail attachments (not as tweets, however)
  • Tap tap left/right of text area to hide/show toolbar (great if you want to see more of the picture)
  • Now supports rotation to landscape mode on iPhone (already did this on iPad...)
  • No longer shows interstitial ad every 3 presses of Randomise button
  • Default values changed
  • Revised Change screen control order
  • Revised app icon (and colour) and matching Getting Started screen colour
  • Bug fixes

9th May 2014: V1.2.6

  • 2 cool new "Drone" Ambient backing tracks - *great* to play melodies over
  • Interval and Interval Range extended to 36 to allow greater "space" between melodies
  • Play/Stop controls added to top of Player/Backing selector lists
  • Echo and Reverb sliders moved to below their preset selectors
  • Speech group moved to above Reset
  • Bug fixes

28th April 2014: V1.2.1

  • Shuffle: Icon on toolbar to let you quickly try the tune with different included high quality sounds & backing etc. It is great fun and, if you are interested in quickly trying out different tunes, you can just have it shuffle only the text or words (see Settings)!
  • MIDI Out support: Core MIDI, Virtual MIDI and MIDI clock support means you can use your Wotja melodies either to drive other 3rd party synths or be recorded by 3rd party MIDI apps that support that.*
  • Audiobus 2 support: Run the audio from Wotja into Audiobus so you can record it in other 3rd party apps.**
  • Setting to allow Background audio playback to be turned on or off (default is off).
  • Setting to allow only the text or characters to be shuffled (and the wotja is not restarted), which is great fun for "jamming".
  • Combined Personalise and Refine screens into the one "Change" screen.
  • Added colour bars to the Change screen and Player and Backing selection.
  • Added new "Counterpoint" Players in Acoustic and Electric Piano.
  • Added a new "Soft" Player group with 4 sounds.
  • Added a "clear text" button (X) in the Text Edit screen to make it easy to start over.
  • Added a special info message if you press Shuffle with no text entered.
  • Emailing and opening wotjas as attachments is now ad supported.
  • Fixed speech play with some wotjas including Emoji.
  • Many other useability improvements.
  • New In-App Purchases:
    • Remove ads
    • MIDI output*
    • Remove audio output port silences**

V1.0.0 - 7th April 2014

  • Our new app. We hope you enjoy Wotja!