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Intermorphic is 10

9th January 2017 by Tim Cole

10 today!

It may be hard to believe but Intermorphic is 10 today!

As a small, niche, artisan organic micro-business we can safely say the last 10 years of our 26 year journey have not exactly been easy, but they have been interesting ☺.

It is entirely down to our paying customers and fans that we are still here and innovating and we dearly thank all of you who are such. There is still so much we want to build for you and that we hope you will wish to explore, enjoy and create with.

As we are hard at work on Wotja 4 we don't have time to write much about reaching our 10 year anniversary... Besides, we prefer to let our apps do the talking for us! Once Wotja 4 is out then we will look forward to seeing what you can do with it and rest assured we will be working to extend it in the coming months and years ❤.

If you do wish to read something that covers our history and where we are heading, then we would point you to the in depth interview that Tim had with Ashley at PalmSounds and that Ashley posted the last day of 2016.

We give thanks to all of you for the last 10 years and we look forward to the next 10!

Tim and Pete

P.S.: We start our year with some nice new logos and we will talk about those at some other time.