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Wotja 21 Will Be Here Soon

1st December 2020 by Tim Cole

Ooops - forgot to post this!

We have been so busy of late working on Wotja V21 that I forgot to post this important blog post (see pricing below) - sorry...

Not long to wait now...

Wotja V21 should be released Jan 1st 2021. Woo hoo!

We never pre-announce features, so you will just have to wait and see what will be new in the initial release. We don't pre-announce features because Wotja is a complex system under the hood and, until something is done, we are never actually sure we can do it!

Should you get it?

See also "Have you changed your pricing?" and "I have a paid-for Pro version. Do I need to buy a new version every year?".

Whether you get it or not depends on you, but we hope so! When it is available, store links will be here.

Wotja is a deep, powerful and unique generative music creativity & player system. If you have it, a labour of love, then you will know that we have a Fullgrade Model for it. Basically, it is the only model we could devise that would allow the two of us - just me and Pete - to continue to work on it and to keep moving it forwards.

All it really means is that each new major release (i.e. V20, V21 etc.) is priced as it were an upgrade.

As with any major release, you don't need to get it unless you:

  • Simply love Wotja and want to help support its development; and/or
  • Want any new features that are already in it; and/or
  • Want new things we add to it during the year (product cycle); and/or
  • Want further updates during the year in question; and/or
  • Want to be part of the next stage of the Wotja journey!
  • We especially thank those who get it early in the product cycle!

Wotja V21 - Pricing of Paid-for versions and Subscriptions

Paid-for versions

IMPORTANT: Our Fullgrade model means both iOS & macOS Wotja Pro 20 apps will be removed from sale on January 1st 2021.

Heads Up: Pricing changes are coming for the Wotja Pro 21 paid-for versions. Apple "dual" users (iOS/macOS) will be very happy but iOS-only users will see an increase so some might wish instead to consider getting Wotja Pro 20 for iOS in our end-of-year sale. See also "Have you changed your pricing?".

Note for iOS/macOS users: We will try by the end of December to make available a pre-order version of Wotja Pro 21, but there might just not be time for that - keep your eyes peeled!

Wotja Pro 20 for iOS end-of-year sale: December 10th - 31st 2020. Store links here.


As announced back in May, and because Subscriptions are now dual, from Jan 1st 2021 the "Pro" Feature Set Subcription price for all users will be the current price of $2.49/month. As things stand we have no plans for any further changes to Pro Subscription pricing.

  • Pro Subscriber from September 10th 2020 onwards: You will already be on the new dual pricing.
  • Earlier Subscriber: When dual arrived you were grandfathered at your existing rate during 2020 rather than being moved to the new dual rate. This was so when V21 arrived you could choose whether to remain a Subscriber or instead get a paid-for version.
    • If you are happy with the new dual Pro Subscription price when it kicks in (Apple will ask you), just agree it and carry on!
    • If you are not happy with it, and are on iOS, then considering getting Wotja Pro 20 for iOS in our end-of-year sale (which is primarily for you), see above. See also "What are the benefits of Subscriptions?".

Stay Well, Stay Safe

We hope that you all stay well and healthy and we look forward to hearing how you get on with Wotja V21.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please do get in touch via our Contact form.

Best wishes

Tim and Pete