How to Show/Use Drum Templates


How to Show/Use Drum Templates in Wotja

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Generative Drums Tip: Study some of the included Drum Templates - these use Pattern Generators. See how patterns, pattern sequences and pattern mutation are used. Once you have set up your sounds (see animation), then also try using e.g. TTM Generators for note generation.

Wotja includes some older "Drum" template Paks which still work great - especially since V21.5.0 where we improved how Wotja could use the included IM Drum/E-Perc SF2 (SoundFonts)!

Older Pak display is toggled off by default - see the Action button step below. "OWt" Drum Paks generate beats on separate MIDI channels, "MIDI" Drum Paks generate beats on MIDI Channel 10.

Also shown in the animated gif is how to change the Generator's MIDI channel (if you wish), how to select a SF2 patch to use in the ISE Wavetable Unit, how to add ISE Sound FX to a Generator or Mix and how to change the Patterns that are being used to generate the beats.

See also: How to Add a Template to a Cell.

  1. Templates
    1. Action6
      • "Older Paks: Hidden > Show"
        • Older Paks then show greyed at bottom of Paks list
    2. LHS: Select Pak12
      • Select "BP00 Drums OWt" Paks for Templates with beats on separate MIDI channels
        • Easiest for using ISE sounds for beats
      • Select "BP00 Drums MIDI" Paks for Templates with beats on MIDI channel 10
        • Easiest for use with 3rd party MIDI beat sounds
    3. RHS: Select Template15
    4. Load/Replace7 Cell contents
    5. Pro: Merge8 with Cell contents