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Wotja 22 Will Be Here Soon

14th December 2021 by Tim Cole

Wotja 22 is just 2 weeks away...

Wotja 22 is the version of Wotja for 2022. It has a host of big new features, many improvements and bug fixes. It is probably the biggest major new release we have ever done!

As usual, there will be two versions per supported OS platform, those supported OS platforms being:

  • Apple [App bundle for iOS/macOS/tvOS/watchOS]
  • Windows
  • Android

The free "Lite" version is called "Wotja 22" and the paid-for "Pro" version is called "Wotja 22 Pro".

Some of the big new things arriving in Wotja 22

  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE: 3rd Party Plug-in Hosting
    • The Wotja App (but not Wotja Plug-in) now supports hosting of 3rd party Instrument/Synth & FX Plug-ins
    • This means Wotja is now a generative music DAW - with both free ("Wotja 22") and paid-for ("Wotja 22 Pro") variants
      • If you search the App Store (iOS or macOS) for "free audio unit host" or "free auv3 host" then at the time of writing there are no results returned for general purpose hosts (meaning one that can use any 3rd party plug-in).
      • "Wotja 22" might be the first FREE general purpose Audio Unit Host on the App Store when released (1st Jan 2022)!
      • The free version operarates by default in Lite mode, so it does have some limitations, but it is powerful nonethless.
    • The versions for iOS/macOS support hosting of AUv3 Plug-ins
    • The versions for Windows support hosting of VST3 Plug-ins
    • Plug-in Hosting is accessed via a new "Plug-ins" tab in Mix mode
    • Wotja mixes still work even without using Hosted Plug-ins and Plug-in Hosting information is saved to the mix file when it is saved (and those mixes can also be used in Boxes/Albums)
    • There are 6 "Plug-in Chains" each comprising an instrument selector (for either Wotja Output or a plug-in Instrument), 3 "FX slots" and an output level slider plus one Master FX with 4 "FX slots" and final slider
    • Multiple independent Wotja track filtering can be used when the instrument is Wotja Output
    • Powerful MIDI Channel filtering can be deployed on the Wotja MIDI routed to an instrument plug-in
    • Plug-in scanning "just works"
    • Plug-in UIs can be displayed in the Hosting window area (default Apple) or in pop-up windows (default Windows)
  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE: VST3 Plug-in for Windows
    • A Wotja VST3 Plug-in is included in Wotja 22 for Windows
  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE: Generator Type "Sequence" with sub-type "Euclidian"
    • What were called "Pattern" and "Text to Music" (TTM) Generators are now Generator sub-types in a new "Sequence" Generator
    • This change was made to allow us to add a new "Euclidian" Generator sub-type (below) and also to add powerful new properties to the TTM Generator sub-type: "After Tune Repeats", "Rhythm Strategy" and "Duration Multiplier"
    • Sequence Generators support an Array of Items ("Sequence Array" and "Sequence Array Items")
    • Each Item (and there can be several) comprises the data required by the Generator sub-type for it to generate when active; Items can themselves be sequenced or selected at random
    • The colour of the Sequence Generator is that of the active Item (i.e. Generator sub-type)
    • Mix Generator networks will still look largely the same as before as "Pattern B" and "TTM" colours have remained the same, but the less used "Pattern R" and "Pattern F" have a different colour; Euclidian has a new colour of course!
    • Unlike other Sequence Generator sub-types, Euclidians don't auto-pad out to the end of the bar
      • Euclidians have 'classic' Euclidean properties but we've also added "Range" settings to make them more interesting
      • Euclidian properties include: "Steps", "Steps Range", "Fills", "Fills Range", "Rotation", "Rotation Range", "Repeats", "Repeats Range", "Pitch", "Pitch Range", "Duration", "Rhythm Strategy" and "Pitch Strategy"
  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE: Wotja App Extensions for iOS and macOS Safari
    • Wotja files can be embedded in a webpage as a Wotja URL ("WJURL")
    • The Wotja App Extension allows the Wotja App to play the WJURL when a webpage that includes a WJURL is loaded by Safari
    • For this to work you must have the Wotja App running in the background and Wotja App Extension enabled with appropriate website permissions
    • A WJURL includes Plug-in Hosting information, meaning the WJURL can play the same for someone who already has those same plug-ins installed on their device - exciting!!
  • BRAND NEW CONTENT: New SF2 & Templates
    • SF2: "IM Brush Kit", "IM Hand Perc" & "IM World Instruments"
    • SF2: Additions to "IM Synths" & "IM Drums"
    • Templates: "BP22 Drums" & "BP22 Drums Ambient" Drum Template Paks; these use the new Euclidian Generator sub-type & new SF2
    • Templates: "Mixed 1" Template Pak that used the new "IM World Instruments" SF2
  • IMPROVEMENTS: Too many to mention, but here are some
    • Wavetable Unit: Randomize button to make it easy/fast to select different patches
    • User Interface: Much fresher looking, cleaner and with improved consistency
    • In-App Subscriptions: Improved by adding "Play" tiers for those that just want to play (lower price than "Pro")
    • In-App Subscriptions: Simplified by removing from sale the old "Tip Jar" tiers
    • Sleep Timer button: Now also in Documents screen to make it easier to access
    • Generator Types Pak: Better naming and wider selection of Pak items
    • "V22 Play me!": This included Wotja mix file uses some of the new Templates!
    • Intermorphic Music/Sounds/Text/Script engines are now renamed to be Wotja Engines (i.e. IME > WME; ISE > WAE; ITE > WTE; IWS > WSE)
    • macOS: hosted AUv2 plug-ins must be signed and marked as 'sandboxSafe' or they are ignored by Wotja
    • Added support for Windows 11

"Wotja 22 Pro" Pricing

Regular pricing for the Apple and Windows versions of "Wotja 22 Pro" is a little bit higher than for the previous "Pro" versions. This is because Wotja 22 is so much more powerful, it now being a Plug-in host amongst other things. See also Early bird price.

Tip: If you prefer, get "Wotja Pro 21" in our awesome end-of-year sale. This runs from today until December 31st at which time "Wotja Pro 21" will be removed from sale. Our paid-for apps are "fullgrade" apps meaning they are only available for sale in the relevant calendar year, and only get updates and support during that year. Once purchased you can redownload them via your App Store user account.

Note: If you are an Apple device owner, you could alternatively consider taking out a "Pro" Feature Set (FS) Subscription in the free version.

"Wotja 22 Pro" Early Bird Price

Every year we run an "early bird" price for the paid-for "Pro" version. We do it primarily so that existing customers can - should they wish to - get the new version at a discount to the regular price.

This year we are running our early bird pricing from pre-order availability date (below) right through until the 8th of January. You can save 17% on the regular price if you purchase before then.

"Wotja 22 Pro" Pre-ordering

If you wish to, and exclusively for Apple device customers, you can from today pre-order the Apple bundle version at the "early bird" price above. That means you can save 17% on the regular price.

Note: At present pre-ordering is only available for Apple customers. We would also do this for Windows customers if we could, but we do not think this option is currently supported by the Microsoft Store (sorry!).

"Wotja 22" Subscription Pricing

  • As of today prices for the existing V21 "Pro" Feature Set (FS) Subscriptions have increased for new subscribers in readiness for V22. These Subscriptions continue to function just the same in V22. This increase reflects the major new capabilities soon to arrive in V22, especially in regard to support for Plug-in Hosting. See: What are the benefits of Feature Set (FS) Subscriptions?.
    • As a special thank you to existing "Pro" Feature Set (FS) subscribers, your existing "Pro" Subscriptions be grandfathered at their current price throughout 2022 (Subscriptions can always be cancelled at any time). If you wish to continue with your "Pro" Subscription in 2023 then it will be at the new prices at the time.
  • As of today the existing V21 "Tip Jar" Subscriptions have been removed from sale. If you really would like to give us a "tip" then you might prefer to get a T-shirt, and so get something in return!

Change in development approach

We started work on V22 over 6 months ago, and, boy, are we are sure glad that we did! It is only because we did that that we were able to put in place for the V22 release all the major new features and improvements that we have.

Having got to this point we now realise we should taking this approach each every year.

What that means in practise is that for V22 there will be no new features added after June 2022, allowing us time to plan/develop for V23 to be released Jan 1st 2023. Any V22 bug fix updates as necessary after June will of course continue to be released during 2022.

So, should you get Wotja 22?

If you are a Subscriber, or are happy using just the Lite version, then you get Wotja 22 as a free update on January 1st. Easy call :).

If you are using a previous paid-for "Pro" version (or even SSEYO Koan, Noatikl or Mixtikl) then whether or not you get it depends on you, but we hope so. See: Do I need to buy a new paid-for 'Pro' version every year?

As with any major release, the main reason to get it are if you:

  • Want any new features that are in it; and/or
  • Want new things we add to it during the year (product cycle); and/or
  • Want further updates during the year in question; and/or
  • Want to be part of the next stage of the Wotja journey; and/or
  • Simply love Wotja and want to help support its development!
  • We especially thank those who get it early in the product cycle!

Stay Well, Stay Safe

We hope that you all stay well and healthy and we look forward to hearing how you get on with Wotja 22.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please do Contact Us.

Best wishes

Tim and Pete