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Q2 18 Update

22nd August 2018 by Tim Cole

Wotja X Improvements Continue

Since our last blog post we have been continuing to beaver away like crazy on Wotja X, and we are doing that because it uses the UI we will be moving forward with in 2019. We've been continuing to squash bugs, making it easier to use and polishing it to look better on all of iOS, macOS, Windows and Android.

We have also made major improvements to some sections of the Wotja User Guide.

We have of course been continuing to update Wotja A, too, with bug fixes and also improvements where we can. Wotja A has in no way been forgotten, but it is just that the Wotja X UI is where we have had to invest the majority of our time.

As part of our continued improvement we've added some new useful things such as:

You can also see all the changes that have arrived in Wotja 5 in the Wotja Key Features table.

New Videos

We have also been busy creating a range of new video tutorials - see

Looking ahead to the Autumn

We have a few more things that we want to do yet for the Wotja 5 product cycle and we are looking forward to finishing them off. That said, we can't wait to start work on the Wotja 6 product cycle where we hope to add an lot of cool new stuff!

It is also at release of Wotja 6 (coming January 1st 2019 or thereabouts) that we finally have just one app variant per platform - there will no longer be variants of Wotja, i.e. Wotja A and Wotja X, but just Wotja in whatever versions are available, e.g. Annual and Free versions. It is at this point that we will have completed the transition to Wotja and everything gets simpler - we can't wait for that, either!

We hope you continue to enjoy how we are taking Wotja forward and we always look forward to seeing what you can do with it. Please do leave a rating or review whenever you can, as these really do help us reach others.

Best wishes

Tim and Pete