IM Retired Apps

We operate a Fullgrade model meaning only current apps get support; see our Support Policy. Retired apps are gone; if needed you can redownload them from the App Store of your purchase.

Retired Wotja apps

See V21, the newest version of Wotja

Retired apps are gone; if needed you can redownload them from the App Store of your purchase

Wotja 20 Generative Music System
Wotja 19 Generative Music System
Wotja 5 Generative Music System
Wotja 4 Generative Music System
Wotja 3 Generative Music System
Wotja 2 Generative Music System
Wotja 1 Generative Music System

Retired Noatikl apps

Tip: You can open your Noatikl files in Wotja, the evolution of Noatikl

Retired apps are gone; if needed you can redownload them from the App Store of your purchase

Noatikl 3 Generative Music Composer
Noatikl 2 Generative Music Composer
Noatikl 1 Generative Music Composer

Retired Mixtikl apps

Tip: You can open your Mixtikl files in Wotja, the evolution of Mixtikl

Retired apps are gone; if needed you can redownload them from the App Store of your purchase

Mixtikl 7 Generative Music Mixer
Mixtikl 6 Generative Music Mixer
Mixtikl 5 Generative Music Mixer
Mixtikl 4 Generative Music Mixer
Mixtikl 3 Generative Music Mixer
Mixtikl 2 Generative Music Mixer
Mixtikl 1 Generative Music Mixer

Retired Liptikl apps

Tip: You can open your Liptikl files in Wotja, the evolution of Liptikl

Retired apps are gone; if needed you can redownload them from the App Store of your purchase

Liptikl 2 Cut-Up Text Writer
Liptikl 1 Cut-Up Text Writer

Retired Tiklbox apps

See Wotja, the evolution of Tiklbox

Retired apps are gone; if needed you can redownload them from the App Store of your purchase

Tiklbox 1 Ambient Music Generator

IM Retired Engines

Our powerful music, sound and text engines are included in all our apps and underpin their capabilities. We operate a Fullgrade model meaning only current apps get support; see our Support Policy.

Retired IME/NME Engines

Intermorphic Music Engine (IME) 19
Intermorphic Music Engine (IME) 5
Intermorphic Music Engine (IME) 4
Noatikl Music Engine (NME) 3
Noatikl Music Engine (NME) 2

Retired ISE/PSE Engines

Intermorphic Sound Engine (ISE) 19
Intermorphic Sound Engine (ISE) 5
Intermorphic Sound Engine (ISE) 4
Partikl Sound Engine (PSE) 3
Partikl Sound Engine (PSE) 2

Historical Store FAQ

Noatikl, Mixtikl & Liptikl have now evolved to the even more powerful  WOTJA  »  See the FAQ

As we no longer sell licences for any apps via our own webstore, this section is now for historical reference for customers who did in the past make store purchases.

Historical Store Notes Historical

  • IMPORTANT: The notes below refer to software licenses that used to be available for sale via BlueSnap. Our software is now sold via the Apple, Microsoft and Amazon App Stores and we no longer sell software licenses directly.
  • IMPORTANT: Purchases made using Paypal as your means of payment are always made by Paypal in USD and you will be charged by Paypal a small currency conversion / fixed fee if you do not have a USD Paypal account - this Paypal fee is not shown on the order form. To indicate that the transaction is in USD, if you do select a currency other than USD then the USD price of the software is shown in brackets e.g. £32.51 (39.99 USD).
  • Intermorphic Secure Online Store: Hosted for us by well respected BlueSnap (formerly Plimus). For BlueSnap help refer to the BlueSnap Customer Support Gateway.
  • Windows Software: Our Web store sells only licences for our Windows software. The latest version of that Software itself is always downloadable from the relevant product pages. To purchase licenses for versions of our apps for other platforms see the relevant App Store links.
  • 30 day Windows Desktop trial software: Our Noatikl, Mixtikl and Liptikl software products for Windows are all full save trial versions: after 30 days you are not licenced to save with the software unless you first purchase the relevant licence and then unlock it with the Product Key you are sent.
  • 'Free Mode' Windows software: Our Wotja X software for Windows functions in 'Free Mode' until you purchase the relevant licence and then unlock it with the Product Key you are sent.
  • End User Licence Agreement (EULA) links: You can find links to all the various product EULAs here: Product EULAs
  • Performance Licences: With respect to use of our software for installations, please check the terms of the relevant EULA which, for commercial use, require you to purchase an additional, separate license.
  • Desktop Versions and Updates: Customers who purchase from our webstore a License for Version "n" (where n is a number) of a Desktop Software will be entitled to use for free (and be licensed for) any updates we make available for download via our website for that version of the software (i.e. V2.x updates for the V2 version).
  • Sales Taxes: All prices include sales taxes.
  • Support: See our support policy.
  • Extras: When you purchase our tools you also get our eternal gratitude, and you will know that you have encouraged us to continue their development!
  • Coupons: Only applicable to the Intermorphic Web store and only one coupon (where available and we are running special offers) can be entered per order. :)

Where can I get support on my IM Webstore order?

For support related your *purchase* of a Licence, see the BlueSnap Customer Support Gateway.

For support related to *using the app*, see our Support Policy and the links that follow.

Does an IM Webstore purchased licence cover me for both 64-bit and 32-bit versions, where available?

Yes. The Product Keys are the same for both 64-bit and 32-bit versions, where available (noting that our new releases no longer offer 32-bit support), but please also refer to the EULA.

I have made an IM Webstore purchase but have not yet been sent my Product Key?

You should get email confirmation of your purchase soon after purchasing, and by that we means seconds, minutes or possibly (rarely) a few hours - and not days (but we have on only 2 occasions in the last 2 years bizarrely seen this kind of delay for a Paypal purchase!). In the email(s) will be the relevant Product Key(s).

If for some reason you do not receive your email, or the email is missing the Product Key PLEASE do contact us so we can sort it out for you. Very occasionally BlueSnap [formerly called Plimus] (our store partner) has had problems sending out the emails, so if you have got a problem, we want to assure you that we will sort it out for you as soon as we can!

I am having problems entering my Product Key?

If you have purchased one of our tools from our Web store, you will receive an email containing your Customer ID, Order ID and Product Key. If you are having problems getting the Product Key accepted, please try the following:

  • Close all instances of our software (including sequencers using our plugins).
  • Open the version of software for which you have purchased a license (e.g. Standalone, or specific Plugin variant), select Help > Product Key and enter your Customer ID, Order ID and Product Key. We recommend you copy and paste the Product Key and do not try to type it in.
  • Once entered, close the software and restart it.
  • Tip: Do not have any spaces at the end of the Product Key ... or at the start.
  • Problems copying/pasting Product Key?
    • Mac - To paste on the Mac, you must:
      • Right-click in the text box, OR Control-click in the text box
      • ... then select 'Paste' from the pop-up menu
      • Alternatively, click in the text box, and press Cmd-V / Applekey-V (the paste shortcut).
    • Windows - To paste on Windows, you must :
      • Right click in the text box
      • ... then select 'Paste' from the pop-up menu
      • Alternatively, click in the text box, and press Control-V (for paste).
    • We have also had problems reported from Mac users with Microsoft Entourage. The issue is that the Product Key is not being treated as plain text. Try this:
      • run TextEdit (you'll find TextEdit using Finder in the Applications folder)
      • copy the values from Entourage
      • paste the values into TextEdit (where it is set-up to be plain text, *not* RTF format!)
      • copy each value you need from TextEdit
      • paste into noatikl...!
  • Tip: If you are still having problems, please contact us and let us know the version numbered displayed in Help About (as well as OS version, how much free disk space you have, how much RAM do you have, the format of your hard disk [e.g. FAT32]).

Windows: Problems installing license key?

If you are having problems getting the Product Key accepted the most likely reason is that you have a space in front of or after the Product Key in the the Product Key field (there should be no space). Also, note that you have to enter the Product Key into each product you wish to use (i.e. Standalone or Plugin).

Note: If you're running on Windows, and find that Liptikl, Mixtikl or Noatikl don't save their license key when you close the application, use the Windows option to run the program using "Run as Administrator". Enter and save your registration details. Restart the application normally: it should now be fine. If you've got trouble saving the license key for Noatikl or Mixtikl VSTi, you should run the host application (e.g. Reaper) as Administrator, set your license key details, then close the application and restart it normally.

Help! I removed Mixtikl/Noatikl from my iOS device BEFORE I backed up my content?

We strongly recommend backing up your content before removing an app from your iOS device, but you are here as you probably did not do that.

You can get your files back if you made an iTunes backup at some point, a backup that contains your Mixtikl/Noatikl files. You need to get the Mixtikl/Noatikl files you want from that backup and copy them off the device. Then, you need to copy them back again. Note that IAP purchase keys are also stored in a backup, but these can be more easily recovered via a Restore in the Mixtikl Store or Noatikl Store, as relevant.

The way an iTunes Restore works is that ALL data in the backup is restored to your device, so if you are restoring an old backup (say something from 3 months ago), it will overwrite everything that you have on your device today. So proceed carefully.

This is the order in which you need to do things (but we are not liable if anything goes wrong!):

  • Back up your device to iTunes now (see:, to create a TODAY backup of you devices as it is today - and make sure you can see that this backup is there (see:
  • Restore your device from an OLDER backup, that you think contains your files
  • Follow the Copy Out (from Device) instructions from here to create backup copies of your IM App files to your computer.
  • Restore your device to your TODAY backup.
  • Follow the Copy In to Device instructions from here to copy your IM App files back onto your device.
  • Open your IM App and you should be able to access the files you have just copied on to it!

Can I install Mixtikl, Noatikl, Liptikl under Linux (e.g. Ubuntu)?

Yes you can! Follow these instructions:

  • Install Wine from your normal Linux package installer.
  • Download the Liptikl / Mixtikl / Noatikl etc. zip for Windows as required.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file to your system.
  • Run the relevant setup.exe program using Wine Windows Program Loader (right-click on the file, select the appropriate option...) ...
  • Ignore any install-time warnings you see about registering the Mixtikl browser plugin.
  • Run the standalone application - you can find this from menu Wine -> Programs -> Intermorphic (Mixtikl/Liptikl/Noatikl), or at .wine/drive_c/Program Files/intermorphic/mixtikl/mixtikl.exe (for example).
  • It should all work just fine! Noatikl however: to get output from Noatikl, will require you to configure your Linux MIDI configuration to suit - this is entirely up to the user to figure-out! See for outline instructions....
  • If you try out the Liptikl, Mixtikl or Noatikl trial versions and then decide you like it and want to continue using it - please buy a license from us! :).
  • NB: Files are are saved to e.g. ~/intermorphic/mixtikl/paks/User_Content/abcdefg.mixtikl

How do I change the email address used for my BlueSnap purchase?

You can do this via the BlueSnap Customer Support Gateway.

SSEYO Koan (Our Past)

'SSEYO Koan' was the first genarative music software/app/system developed by the founders of Intermorphic. We started work on it in 1990 and continued with it until it was retired in 2002. We continued to evolve the principles behind it first into the Noatikl and Mixtikl apps, and then the Wotja Generative Music System, their evolution in turn. See the links below.

SSEYO Koan Generative Music System