Wotja 3 Release History

Wotja 3 is now retired. There is a new, even more powerful version. Get the latest Wotja now!

16th October 2016: V3.3.1 (FINAL UPATE)

  • Fixed potential crash on Save & Continue
  • Fixed bottom toolbar display issue

V3.3.0 - 8th September 2016

  • Minor Bug fixes

31st May 2016: V3.2.13

  • Minor Bug fixes

23rd May 2016: V3.2.12

  • Added "Settings" icon to the Edit screen to make it easier to access / change those items without having to leave the wotja
  • Minor Bug fixes

23rd May 2016: V3.2.10

  • Added "Save a Copy" and "Discard" options to the Popup presented on tapping the top left Files button
  • Bug fixes

27th April 2016: V3.2.5

  • A file's thumbnail now jiggles when you close the file and return to the Files screen, making it easy to see what file you have just viewed or edited
  • Added an option in the Files screen to sort files by name or date (via Action menu)
  • Bug fixes

5th April 2016: V3.2.2

  • Bug fixes

24th March 2016: V3.2.0

  • Added iCloud support with new Files screen for easier file creation / opening
  • Added Files link to Full Screen mode
  • Bug fixes

14th February 2016: V3.1.0

  • When opening a Wotja Music URL that does not include emojis we now display the quick help screen so it is more obvious how to make music, plus we have added a Help link to the Main screen
  • Fixed an issue in imported Custom content where Delay Unit and LFO beat synching were not working correctly
  • Improved accuracy of the char counter in Text Edit screen
  • URL export now has a shorter form Wotja Music URL making it easier to use for sharing
  • Fixed a text resizing issue when going from Edit screen to Full screen
  • Removed a number of potential audio glitches
  • Several minor changes to improve the Wotja experience
  • Wotja FREE: Removed the "Get Wotja" popup for a better user experience
  • Bug fixes

15th December 2015: V3.0.0 - MAJOR NEW RELEASE

  • This is a major release for the Wotja Generative Music System and there's a lot in it…
    • Gorgeous new Players and Backings for more enjoyment
    • Improved sounds with revamped, integral, PSE3 (Partikl Sound Engine 3, as is in Noatikl 3 / Mixtikl 7)
    • Custom colour that lets you set your own preferred background / text colour for your wotja - enhanced personsalisation!
    • Ability to Import/Export "Custom" Noatikl 3 Players and Backings (Noatikl 3 not included, available seperately) means you can create/share wotjas with totally custom generative music & sounds - great for creative expression! When sharing as Wotja Music URLs these are tagged with "WotjaPro"
    • New Melody Composition factors - Start and Length - gives you more control over playback of the melody created by your text
    • New "Show Text?" toggle so that you can enjoy your wotja without seeing text
    • When exporting to Twitter or Facebook the background image use by your wotja (if any) is appended to the message
    • Simpler, cleaner Full Screen mode and now easier to enter/leave it (tap Wotja in Edit Mode to enter it)
    • Improved randomisation of Players and Backing tracks
    • Improved display of background image when autopan toggle is off
    • Improved Change screen layout
    • Play/Stop button now works in Player/Backing selector screens
    • Now English language only (we hope to reintroduce localisation at some later time)
    • Reverb and Delay FX (where used) are now included in the Players/Backing
    • Wotja FREE : Removed support for Audiobus/Inter-app Audio (now only in Wotja)
    • New icons
    • Other minor improvements / changes
    • Many bug fixes