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Generative Music Suite:
Music, MIDI & Creative Writing

Win, Android, iOS, macOS

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Generative Music Suite:
Music, MIDI & Creative Writing

iOS, macOS

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macOS, iOS, Windows & Android

Wotja X

Generative Music Suite

Music, MIDI & Creative Writing - Create, Noodle, Play, Share

If you love creating things, noodling with systems, designing soundscapes etc. then get this powerful all-in one generative system for both music generation & creative writing. Easily create video mixdowns (iOS, macOS versions) which are easy to share on the social media platform of your choice.

Generative Music:
It's quick & easy to create and record your own unique & royalty free ambient music soundscapes. Get your creative juices flowing and generate melodies, MIDI notes/events + tinker with modular synth sounds/fx.

Creative Writing:
Use the Cut-up Technique and see how it can help quickly break writer's block & discover useful ideas for lyrics, songs, poems, haiku, text, stories etc.

User Reviews:
"Masterpiece", "hands down the best generative software that I have ever used", "Brilliant", "Extremely musical", "Deep and professional", "best MIDI composition tool", "Love Wotja!"

For Everyone:
You don't need to be a musician or expert to use Wotja. Anyone inquisitive can learn to master its power; see our video tutorials.

macOS & iOS (only)


Generative Music Suite

Music, MIDI & Creative Writing - Create, Noodle, Play, Share

As of V5.4 Wotja (AKA 'Wotja A') now has the same major features as 'Wotja X', above. New users can still get either 'Wotja A' or 'Wotja X' as we are updating both in parallel throughout 2018, but the Wotja X UI is the UI that will underpin all Wotja apps in 2019.

The major differences between 'Wotja A' and 'Wotja X' for iOS are that 'Wotja A' includes an Apple Watch companion app and has support for accessiblity.

See the Feature Comparison table.

The Journey So Far

In 2017 we started consolidating the iOS/macOS versions of all our past apps (Noatikl [itself the evolution of SSEYO Koan], Mixtikl, Liptikl, Tiklbox and previous Wotja apps) into one powerful Generative Music Suite app called Wotja for iOS/macOS which was therefore 'Apple-only'. To keep things simple we're choosing in the docs to refer to this original Apple-only 'variant' as 'Wotja A' (NB: On the App Store it is still called 'Wotja' and has the foregoing icon).

So that we could run Wotja on multiple platforms for a good while now we've been hard at work on a new cross-platform UI variant (i.e. 'X') that we are presently calling 'Wotja X' and has the foregoing icon.

As of Wotja V5.4 these two variants are now major feature equivalent with only a few minor differences between them meaning (unless we need to refer to a specific variant) we now just refer to 'Wotja'. In Wotja V6 for 2019 all new development will be on the new UI variant but throughout 2018 we will update both Wotja V 5 variants in tandem and so no paying customer will lose out.

We now have just one User Guide and documentation common to both variants. As the 'Wotja X' UI will be the UI we take forward in future we use screenshots from that.

To get familiar with the new UI, and with one exception, we do now recommend that new customers purchase the 'Wotja X' variant which is what we feature links to on this page. If you are on iOS and specifically need the Apple Watch companion app or accessibility support then you can still get 'Wotja A' from the iTunes App Store.


  • Apple iOS/macOS device - new user:
    • Look to get the new UI 'Wotja X' variant and then decide whether you want to go with the subscription version ('Wotja X') or the annual version ('Wotja X 2018'). The iOS and macOS version links can be found here: 'Wotja X / Wotja X 2018 for iOS' or 'Wotja X / Wotja X 2018 for macOS'.
    • Note 1: iOS - One reason you might still wish to get the old UI 'Wotja A' iOS variant is if you need Accessibility/Apple Watch companion app as the new UI version will not have these (see below).
    • Note 2: If you need longer than 8 hours Music Play Time for your Wotja albums, get the Wotja X subscription version and the relevant Long Play subscription tier.
  • Windows PC or Android device - new user:

Remaining differences between 'Wotja A' and 'Wotja X':

At V5.4 'Wotja A' and 'Wotja X' are major feature equivalent. We may/not address the following minor 'Wotja X' feature differences:

Minor features (may/may not come later to 'Wotja X'):

  • Display screen 'fullscreen' mode (possibly)
  • Mix screen splitter (possibly)
  • Webpage WJURL loading (unlikely)
  • Dark/Light UI themes (no specific plans)

The features in 'Wotja A' that we do not plan to add to 'Wotja X' are as follows:

  • Apple Watch companion app (if you need this, get Wotja / Wotja 2018 for iOS instead)
  • Accessibility support (really sorry, but until our new porting layer supports it we just cannot add it - if you need this, get Wotja / Wotja 2018 for iOS instead)

SSEYO to Intermorphic App Consolidation Schematic

Generative Music » Reflective Music

'Generative Music' is endless music created by a system 'in the moment' which is why we sometimes refer to it as inmo music. It's enjoyed and used by many for a whole host of reasons including helping to break creative block, developing personal creativity, exploration, creative fun, making relaxing ambient music for sleep and even for live interactive music installations.

'Reflective Music' is the next step forward for Generative Music. As it has chance at its core Generative Music has, by its very nature, no integral human context or meaning. To address that our Wotja Generative Music app supports use of a Text to Music (TTM) technique to generate seed melodies that the music can flow around. The words used to create the melodies can directly key the music with a unique personal context and relevance, making it ideal for reflection, mindfulness and meditation - hence 'Reflective Music'.