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Generative Music :

iOS, macOS

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Generative Music :
Composer, Mixer & Player

Win, Android, iOS, macOS

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Generative Music :


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Generative Music :

Windows, Android

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Lyric & Text Idea :


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For macOS & iOS


Generative Music Composer, Mixer, Writer & Player

Creativity System for Generative Music, MIDI & Cut-up Text

Love creating? Get Wotja to compose custom live ambient generative music or to generate new ideas - MIDI notes/events, melodies, sound/audio. Use the cut-up technique for text & lyrics, too!

Wotja uses generative techniques that allow it to create a stream of beautiful melodies and music. The MIDI it generates can be played by a powerful integrated modular synth (Intermorphic Sound Engine) with support for 3rd party SoundFonts, or it can drive 3rd party synths.

There's lots to explore, but you don't need to be a musician or expert to use Wotja, the evolution of Noatikl, Mixtikl, Liptikl & SSEYO Koan. Anyone inquisitive can learn to master its power; see our video tutorials.

For Windows, Android, iOS & macOS

Wotja X

Generative Music Composer, Mixer & Player

Cross Platform Generative Music System

Love creating music? Wotja X is a powerful creativity system. Use it to create your own custom live ambient music soundscapes, melodies, MIDI notes/events & more.

'Wotja X' is the new cross-platform version of 'Wotja'. This release sees its generative music and synth/FX editing capabilities finally come into line with those of 'Wotja' for iOS/macOS. It is not quite yet feature equivalent to 'Wotja' (i.e. we have yet to add the Cut-Up text editing interface and some other bits/pieces), but it is now getting close.

Users say of 'Wotja': "hands down the best generative software that I have ever used", "Brilliant", "Extremely musical", "Deep and professional", "best MIDI composition tool", "Love Wotja!".

You don't need to be a musician or expert to use Wotja. Anyone inquisitive can learn to master its power; see our video tutorials.

For Windows & Android

Noatikl 3

Generative Music Composer

For Music Generation

Love experimenting with music systems or creating new music ideas? Then get Noatikl, the evolution of SSEYO Koan, for both generative MIDI music composition AND sound design.


Mixtikl 7

Generative Music Mixer

For Soundscape Mixing

Need to make royalty-free high quality soundscapes, fast? Then get Mixtikl and mix together many included editable generative music templates and/or your own audio loops.

Windows, Android

Liptikl 1

Lyric & Text Idea Writer

For Creative Writing

Hitting writer's block? Then get Liptikl and use its powerful cut-up technique to quickly help create novel text ideas for lyrics, poetry, haikus, stories etc. No more writers block on lyrics!


The Journey So Far

In 2017 we started consolidating the iOS/macOS versions of all our past apps (Noatikl [itself the evolution of SSEYO Koan], Mixtikl, Liptikl, Tiklbox and previous Wotja apps) into one powerful Composer, Mixer & Lyric Writer app called 'Wotja'.

In 2018 we are working to develop a new cross-platform UI for 'Wotja' that we can also deploy on Windows and Android as well as iOS and macOS. When the main features/capabilities of each of the above apps becomes available in Wotja X we remove the corresponding app from sale (see the schematic). The apps that have this new UI presently sport the temporary name of 'Wotja X', where 'X' stands for cross-platform.

Because the new UI will be the one that we maintain and extend moving forwards across all platforms then at the point that the features/capabilities of new UI 'Wotja X' are finally broadly similar to old UI 'Wotja' we will rebrand apps with the new UI from 'Wotja X' to 'Wotja' and we will rebrand apps with the old UI from 'Wotja' to 'Wotja A' (where 'A' stands for Accessibility and Apple [see below]). The icons used for each app will stay broadly the same, however. All docs will then be modified to use imagery from the new UI (which is very close to the old UI anyhow!).

We know this 'brand pivot' will be a bit confusing, but there is really no need to worry. All versions of Wotja, be they a 'Wotja' or 'Wotja X' variant, will OF COURSE be kept updated in tandem and throughout 2018 - no paying customer will lose out in the transition. Even if we decide to keep the 2018 'Wotja A' apps around soley for customers needing Accessibility/Apple Watch options, in 2019 there will be just ONE Wotja branded app for us to maintain and extend across all platforms as we move forwards - exciting times ahead!

Note: Our ultimate goal is to have both subscription and paid-for 'annual' variants of Wotja X available for every platform, but it will take us time to get there.

For now:

  • Apple device user:
    • If you are happy with 8 hours max continuous play (and/or are maybe are a current Noatikl or Mixtikl user) but you really would like to use Cut-Up editing then for now get 'Wotja 2018 for iOS' or 'Wotja 2018 for macOS' (if you have not already got it). Now that we have added a new monthly 'Unlocked' subscription to Wotja, you could even get that if you preferred.
    • If you don't (yet!) need Cut-Up editing (and which we hope to be able to add soonish), then from V5.3 release you could get the 'Wotja X for iOS' or 'Wotja X for macOS' subscription version and a monthyl 'Unlocked' subscription.
    • If you do need longer than 8 hours Music Play Time for your Wotja albums, get 'Wotja X for iOS' or 'Wotja X for macOS' and the relevant Long Play subscription tier.
    • Note: When Wotja X has the major key functionality of Wotja we are now minded to release a 'Wotja X 2018 for iOS' and 'Wotja X 2018 for macOS'.
  • Windows PC or Android device user:
    • If you are happy with 8 hours max continuous play (and/or are maybe are a current Noatikl or Mixtikl user) then this year get 'Wotja X 2018 for Windows' or 'Wotja X 2018 AZ for Android'.
    • Important: Wotja X is NOT yet feature comparable with Wotja although, from V5.3, it has all the generative music and sound editors.

Remaining differences:

At V5.3 Wotja X does not yet have the following Wotja features that we plan to add as soon as we can:

  • Cut-Up Mode editing/screen (we are working on this now)
  • Included 'Built-In' Albums (Calm, Relax, Demos)
  • File New options: Playlist, Manual Mix, Cut-Up
  • Settings override option for Max Bars recording
  • Display screen 'fullscreen' mode (hopefully)
  • Mix screen splitter (possibly)
  • Webpage WJURL loading (unlikley)

The features we do not plan to add to Wotja X are:

  • Accessibility support (really sorry, but until our new porting layer supports it we just cannot add it - if you need this, get Wotja instead)
  • Apple Watch companion app (if you need this, get Wotja instead)

SSEYO to Intermorphic App Consolidation Schematic

Generative Music » Reflective Music

'Generative Music' is endless music created by a system 'in the moment' which is why we sometimes refer to it as inmo music. It's enjoyed and used by many for a whole host of reasons including helping to break creative block, developing personal creativity, exploration, creative fun, making relaxing ambient music for sleep and even for live interactive music installations.

'Reflective Music' is the next step forward for Generative Music. As it has chance at its core Generative Music has, by its very nature, no integral human context or meaning. To address that our Wotja Generative Music app supports use of a Text to Music (TTM) technique to generate seed melodies that the music can flow around. The words used to create the melodies can directly key the music with a unique personal context and relevance, making it ideal for reflection, mindfulness and meditation - hence 'Reflective Music'.