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For new music & text ideas; or for reflection & relaxation.

Noatikl 3

Generative Music Composer

for Music Generation

Love experimenting with music systems or creating new music ideas? Then get Noatikl 3, the evolution of SSEYO Koan, for both generative MIDI music composition AND sound design.

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Liptikl 2

Cut-Up Text Editor

for Creative Writing

Hitting writer's block? Then get Liptikl 2 and use its powerful cut-up technique to quickly help create novel text ideas for lyrics, poetry, haikus, stories etc.

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Mixtikl 7

Generative Music Mixer

for Soundscape Mixing

Need royalty-free high quality soundscapes, fast? Then get Mixtikl 7 and quickly make your own by mixing together many included editable generative music templates and/or your own audio loops.

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Tiklbox 1

Relaxing Generative Music

for Chilling Out

Tiklbox 1 composes a stream of high-quality beautiful ambient generative music ideal for relaxation, reflection, mindfulness & quiet contemplation. Turn on, sit back and relax. Chill. And it's FREE, too!

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Content Add-ons

for App Extension

A range of FREE add on content paks for Noatikl and Mixtikl.

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