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Wotja ( "watch-ah" [Siri "Woa-chah"]) is an awesome 'generative music' creator/composer, mixer, lab & player system.

It is regularly updated and has got a rich history, being the evolution of SSEYO Koan, Noatikl, Mixtikl, Liptikl & Tiklbox.

Use it to generate royalty-free background music, ambient & melodic soundscapes, lush drone mixes, reflective text-to-music, MIDI & ideas e.g. for personal enjoyment or for use in videos, podcasts & presentations, on CDs & DVDs etc. as well as in live installations.

Wotja Users say: "Essential music app", "Nothing compares", "Masterpiece", "A gem", "Incredible, fantastic, wonderful, inspiring", "Simply the best ambient app ever made!"

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