NEW: Jan 12: WJ V5.0.4 | Jan 01: Wotja V5 is here!


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WOTJA : Generative Music
Creator, Mixer &
Idea Generator

iOS, macOS

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NOATIKL 3 : Generative Music


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MIXTIKL 7 : Generative Music

Windows, Android

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For macOS & iOS


Generative Music

Creator, Mixer & Idea Generator System

Create ideas for music, melodies, lyrics & MIDI... or one-press make & playlist beautiful ambient generative music mixes for sleep & relaxation. Wotja is the consolidation and evolution of Noatikl, Mixtikl, Liptikl, Tiklbox & SSEYO Koan.

Users say of this powerful & unique creative relaxation system: "hands down the best generative software that I have ever used", "Brilliant", "Extremely musical", "Deep and professional", "best MIDI composition tool", "Generative Music Masterpiece", Love Wotja!", "These guys are ***THE*** pioneers along with Eno in generative music".

There's lots to explore, but you don't need to be a musician or expert to use Wotja. Anyone inquisitive can learn to master its power; see our helpful video tutorials.

Subscription and non-subscription versions available. Subscription version: Get a 3 Day Free Trial or run in "Free Mode".

Platforms: iOS, macOS (Full Authoring); Windows, Android (Album Creation - in development)

"Creative Relaxation"

With Wotja, generate a live stream of music or create a stimulating cut-up and enjoy it as you would enjoy freshly brewed coffee - there's nothing quite like it!


  • Create & record your own custom, high quality, license/royalty free background music for videos, CDs etc.
  • Playlist live background music for meditation, sleep, relaxation, yoga, art, installations, small shops etc.
  • Create "reflective music" melodies using "Text-to-Music"; use text in ANY language and/or emoji
  • Experiment with sound design, generative music composition, MIDI input interactivity etc.
  • Drive other MIDI synths via MIDI Out
  • Use the 'Cut-Up' Technique to help break writer's block; discover new ideas for lyrics, songs, poems, haiku, stories etc.
  • Play webpage embedded Wotja URLs (Wotja files, Wotja Box files) with Wotja for macOS and its Safari App Extension
  • Open Noatikl, Mixtikl & Liptikl files

Note: Capabilities are version dependent.

See these FAQ entries: Liptikl, Noatikl, Mixtikl.

For Windows & Android

Noatikl 3

Generative Music Creator

For Music Generation

Love experimenting with music systems or creating new music ideas? Then get Noatikl, the evolution of SSEYO Koan, for both generative MIDI music composition AND sound design.


Mixtikl 7

Generative Music Mixer

For Soundscape Mixing

Need to make royalty-free high quality soundscapes, fast? Then get Mixtikl and mix together many included editable generative music templates and/or your own audio loops.

Windows, Android

Liptikl 1

Lyric & Text Idea Generator

For Creative Writing

Hitting writer's block? Then get Liptikl and use its powerful cut-up technique to quickly help create novel text ideas for lyrics, poetry, haikus, stories etc. No more writers block on lyrics!


Generative Reflective Music

Generative music is endless music created by a system "in the moment", so we also sometimes refer to it as inmo music. It's enjoyed and used by many for a whole host of reasons including helping to break creative block, developing personal creativity, making relaxing music for mindfulness sleep and meditation, creative fun and exploration and even for live interactive music installations. When it uses text to create seed melodies that it can flow around, and so can have a personal context, it is then referred to as reflective music.