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22.10.0: Oct 18th 2022 New

Android only

Wotja 22 update (23rd)

  • FIXED (Android): MIDI devices are detected/listed again in the Settings screen MIDI Output (Output Devices) and MIDI Input (MIDI Devices) sections.
  • FIXED (Android): A 'Virtual MIDI' option in the Settings screen MIDI sections is no longer shown as it is not relevant.

22.9.1: Sept 7th 2022 New

Apple only

Wotja 22 update (22nd)

  • FIXED (iOS/macOS): AU3 issue where on stopping the AU3 host app, the Wotja AU3 might generate unwanted noise.
  • FIXED (iOS): Issue where when using AU3 in a clean install, the Wotja AU3 did not display an alert allowing selection of Local / iCloud operation; this meant that in such cases, iCloud documents could not be seen by the AU3.
  • FIXED (tvOS; Pro variant only): Issue where Settings screen displayed the wrong title.

22.9.0: Sept 3rd 2022 New

Wotja 22 update (21st)

  • IMPROVED (Free variants): Store button added to Flow/Album Player to make it much easier to get into 'Lite+' mode.
  • IMPROVED: When Wotja is in 'Pro' mode 'Pro' is not shown next to the Store button.
  • IMPROVED (Mobile variants): Title in Documents screen is now 'Wotja 22 Pro'.
  • FIXED (Free variants): Play time remaining indicator in Flow/Album players now works in 'Lite+' mode.
  • FIXED (Desktop variants): Action menu item 'Full Screen & Restart/Stop (for videos)' no longer starts with a black screen.
  • FIXED: Rare crash when creating a Flow.
  • CHANGED: Album/Playlist 'forward' and 'play/stop' buttons swopped around.
  • UPDATED (Android variants): App Center SDK from 4.1.0 to 4.4.5.
  • UPDATED: Built-in Wotja 22 User Guide.
  • OTHER: Various bug fixes and minor improvements.

22.8.0: Aug 5th 2022 New

Wotja 22 update (20th)

  • NEW (all free variants): 'Lite+' mode:
    • Replaces the experimental 'Pro E' mode.
    • 'Lite+' mode is a 'Lite' Feature Set (FS) with some bonus capabilities.
    • As before, simply tap a 'Store' button to unlock it.
  • IMPROVED (Windows/Android): Added to Settings screen display of the 'build number'.
  • IMPROVED (Android): Updated Android SDK support from 31 to 33.
  • CHANGED: 'Wotja Store' title is now 'In-App Store' and we display the active mode after that, e.g. "FS: 'Pro'".
  • FIXED (Apple/Windows): Top panel in In-App Store now displays correctly when there is an active 'Pro' Subscription.
  • FIXED: Various minor bugs.

22.7.0: Jul 28th 2022 New

Wotja 22 update (19th)

  • NEW: 'Pro E' mode (experiment has now ended):
    • This is a special mode for 'Pro' evaluation (hence the E); tap a 'Store' button to unlock it.
    • It has a 'Pro' Feature Set (FS) e.g. 16 Channel MIDI I/O, Template exporting, mix file saving of Plug-in data (as relevant), support for add-on Paks etc. but with a few special limitations e.g. no export of Flows, still some timeouts, open only 1st mix file etc. See Feature Sets (FS).
    • Wotja auto-reverts to default 'Lite' mode when play stops.
    • To continue your evaluation just tap a 'Store' button to unlock 'Pro E' mode again!
  • IMPROVED: Faster loading of mixes with complex text.
  • IMPROVED: Background Image drifting animation smoothness (to be further improved in Wotja 23).
  • IMPROVED (Android): Added padding to right of the top-right navigation bar buttons.
  • CHANGED: Store 'News' button changed to 'Why Tip?'.
  • CHANGED: A couple of things in 'Lite' mode.
  • OTHER: Various minor bug fixes.

22.6.2: Jul 17th 2022 New

Wotja 22 update (18th)

Apple, Windows, Android [Amazon] only

  • New (Android AZ experimental; experiment has now ended): Added Wotja In-App Store with Tip Jar (TJ) options; purchase of *any* tip gives 30 days of uninterrupted 'Pro' mode on that device (conditions apply; see EULA).
  • New (Android AZ): Added support for Fire OS 6+ devices for use with only light mixes (such as 'CPU-' Flows); for best performance our recommended minimum is Android 9+ / Fire OS 7+.
  • Fixed (iOS/macOS/Windows): Fixed: The "FS" part of "FS/Store" button wasn't active (i.e. "Lite/Store" or "Pro/Store").
  • Improved: Store title text and section headers auto-scale to fit for smaller devices.
  • Other: Various minor bug fixes.

22.6.0: Jul 11th 2022

Wotja 22 update (17th)

  • NEW (iOS/macOS/Windows free variant experiment; experiment has now ended): Use Wotja (App and Plug-in) in 'Pro' mode for FREE; go into 'Pro' mode just by tapping on the 'FS/Store' combo button in Documents & Settings screens - Feature Set (FS) reverts to 'Lite' mode when play stops unless there is an active 'Pro' Subscription or a Tip Jar (TJ) item was purchased in the last 30 days from the App's In-App Store.
  • NEW (Android [Google Play] free variant experiment; experiment has now ended): Use Wotja in 'Pro' mode for FREE (experimental, conditions apply); go into 'Pro' mode just by tapping on the 'FS/Store' combo button in Documents & Settings screens - Feature Set (FS) reverts to 'Lite' mode when play stops unless a Tip Jar (TJ) item was purchased in the last 30 days from the App's In-App Store.
  • NEW (iOS/macOS free variant): Added to the App an In-App Store with 5 'Single Tip' Tip Jar (TJ) items.
  • NEW (iOS/macOS paid-for variant): Added to the App an In-App Store with 5 'Single Tip' Tip Jar (TJ) items.
  • NEW (Windows): Added to the App an In-App Store with Feature Set (FS) Subscription options and 5 'Single Tip' Tip Jar (TJ) items.
  • NEW (Android [Google Play]): Added to the App an In-App Store with 5 'Single Tip' Tip Jar (TJ) items.
  • NEW (Windows): Wotja for Windows now installs and runs on ARM64 based Windows machines (e.g. Surface Pro X).
  • NEW: Progress indicator in Documents Screen to provide a visual indication when a mix, album or playlist is being loaded.
  • NEW: When a Cell is empty or uses Audio or MIDI data we now show Track and Mix FX buttons in the RHS Generator Network panel; we removed the no longer necessary Cell Action Menu items for Track/Mix FX.
  • IMPROVED: There is now a X-platform Store screen.
  • IMPROVED: Feature Set (FS) and Store buttons now combined into one 'FS/Store' combo button that shows active FS.
  • IMPROVED: In-App Help now defaults to displaying the User Guide online (thanks to user feedback); to reflect that change the description for the relevant Settings toggle is now "Help: Use In-App User Guide".
  • IMPROVED: The included SF2 Soundfonts "IM Piano" and "IM Guitar" were updated to fix a couple of minor issues.
  • IMPROVED: Unnecessary note off events when Articulation < 100 are no longer sent.
  • IMPROVED (Android): Accessibility (Talkback) support has been re-enabled.
  • IMPROVED: When in Album/Playlist "Full screen" mode, tapping on the screen now returns you to the "Play Screen" and not the list; Tap on the Play Screen (again) to return to the list.
  • FIXED: SF2 SoundFont processing if overriding "Sample Key Root" defined.
  • FIXED: Various minor playback/selection issues in Album/Playlist screen.
  • FIXED: SF2 "layer sync" / loop flag issue where a non-looping layer could keep playing.
  • CHANGED: 'Pro' mode is now required for loading of ZIP, SF2 and DLS files from the file system.
  • OTHER: Removed support for 'Play' Subscription purchase (iOS, macOS); Lite' mode play time for Flows/Albums now 5 mins.

22.5.0: May 20th 2022 New

Wotja 22 update (16th)

  • NEW: Plug-in Scanner screen "Block" button that opens a "Select Plug-ins to Scan / Block" screen where you can more easily manage which plug-ins you want scanned and where the ones in the "Blocked" list aren't scanned; Plug-ins that fail to scan are put in the Block list automatically.
  • NEW: Wotja Pak "pak.xml" file now allows the overriding of individual audio sample settings using file-specific override values rather than sample-specific xml files; it supports use of "?" in the pak.xml, at top level or for a file override, which means don't pitch-shift / time-stretch as appropriate; it allows the "file" attribute to reference sub-folder path - the foregoing changes mean it is now *much* *much* *much* easier to create an audio sample Pak - see Wotja Pak Maker!
  • NEW: All Audio Sample Wotja Paks have been updated for V22.5 to take advantage of the changes above, so please re-download if you use them.
  • NEW: "Edit Mix FX..." and "Edit Track FX..." menu options in the Cell Actions menu for a Cell containing an audio sample provide a way to use FX on audio samples.
  • IMPROVED: Reworked the "Wotja Pak Maker" information and incorporated it into a new section of the Wotja User Guide (which is also available in-app).
  • IMPROVED: Added support for 32-bit floating point WAV sample data.
  • IMPROVED: Intermorphic Wotja Paks now use the path "intermorphic/wotja/paks/mypak".
  • IMPROVED: Sorting the LHS panel of the template browser for mounted zip files (e.g. Paks).
  • FIXED: MIDI file recording issues in multi-cell use case.
  • FIXED: Issue where mono audio files (wav/ogg) weren't imported properly.
  • FIXED: If audio loop missing, display cell as red.
  • FIXED: Rare issue handling Scale Rules.
  • FIXED: Rare crash when editing FXM network and selecting FX unit for deletion.
  • FIXED (Android): Issue where "Complete action using" could be shown if you had both Wotja Pro 21 and Wotja 22 Pro installed and you selected a text editor; this issue only affected some devices.
  • FIXED: Opening of old .mixtikl files (from 2008).
  • CHANGED (Android): Temporarily disabled Accessibility support until we can find a solution to the JUCE code issue in that area.

22.4.1: May 4th 2022 New

Wotja 22 update (15th) [Hotfix]

  • FIXED: Add New > Mix > Auto incorrectly created an auto Album instead of a Mix.
  • FIXED: Add New > Album > Empty incorrectly created an empty Playlist instead of an Album.
  • CHECKED: Verified that MIDI file recordings are of the expected duration (after user query).
  • FIXED: Rare crash.

22.4.0: May 1st 2022 New

Wotja 22 update (14th)

  • NEW: Text mode LHS line numbers - These are now buttons that randomize the text (cut-up) on that specific line only; Current cut-up rule is used and Word locks are respected.
  • NEW: Text-to-Music Generator Randomize (dice) toolbar button - Tap this button to randomize TTM text according to the TTM Cut-Up Rule option selected, i.e. a specific cut-up *line* (see above), the entire cut-up or custom text; means you no longer have to exit to Text mode to change cut-up!
  • NEW: Mix Cell names - These can now be edited/customized rather than being deriving from the last loaded template name (still the default behavior).
  • NEW: TTM Action menu "Rule Editor" item - Allows in situ change of Cut-up Rule.
  • IMPROVED: "Rule Element Flashing" is now better implemented and decays automatically; elements are colorised by triggering Generator type.
  • IMPROVED: TTM Editor Note graphic has been reworked to make it clearer.
  • IMPROVED: Simplified Documents screen "Add New" menu item naming and added new menu item "Select Randomization Preset"; relevant menu items now also show the Randomization Preset being used.
  • IMPROVED: Mix Randomization menu has a new item "Randomization Preset List".
  • IMPROVED: Consistency in use of terminology in a few places, e.g. Boxes are now referred to as Albums etc.
  • IMPROVED: Grey Rule panels no longer shown when a rule is set to "Use: Mix Rule"; instead the rule in use is shown.
  • IMPROVED: Removed "Lattice" visualizer lines.
  • IMPROVED (Desktop): File menus reflect the changes made to "Add New".
  • FIXED: Randomness of algorithm used for shuffling words and text.
  • FIXED: Text-to-Music Generator uses empty string if #lines value is out of range of available lines.
  • FIXED (Windows/Android): Help - Resources "show again" uncheck popup text did not wrap.
  • FIXED (macOS/Windows/Android): "Save a Copy" now saves the modified mix rather than a copy of the original unsaved mix.
  • FIXED (Windows): If the Wotja Home folder is on network (e.g. under some Parallels configurations) then when selecting "Show Wotja Data Folder" menu item you got an alert.

22.3.0: Apr 7th 2022 New

Wotja 22 update (13th)

  • NEW: A context sensitive "In-App" (and thus offline) help system for Wotja which includes the full & highly inter-linked "Wotja User Guide"; any links to online resources are clearly marked with a "link" icon.
  • NEW: A "Help Resources" page with some handy information to help you get started with Wotja; any links to online resources (e.g. Tutorials) are clearly marked with a "link" icon.
  • NEW: Should you want to use online webpage translation on the above pages a new “Help: In-App (uncheck for Online Help)” toggle (Settings > General) allows you instead to view online versions of the two above files.
  • NEW: The "Help Resources" page is shown automatically when you first run the new version of Wotja and can be re-displayed at any time from Documents > Actions > Help - Resources, or if the checkbox "Show Automatically on Start?" is on.
  • NEW: The Actions button in many screens (and in the Generator Menu) has a new menu item "Help - User Guide"; this is used to show the context sensitive help.
  • NEW: In some Screens, where space allowed, we added a toolbar "Help" button that directly loads the context sensitive help.
  • IMPROVED: The Wotja User Guide now incorporates the Engine Guides (WME, WAE and WSE).
  • IMPROVED (Desktop apps): We've renamed some Help menu items to clarify when they are to on-line resources.
  • IMPROVED: Toolbars in WAE Units have have been moved from the bottom to the top.
  • FIXED (iOS): Crash on app shut-down, seen for some users.
  • FIXED (Desktop apps): Generator Network MIDI lines could disappear when Wotja didn't have UI focus.

22.2.5: Mar 18th 2022 New

Wotja 22 update (12th

  • NEW: Sequence Array editor - added Array Actions menu items to Export/Import an entire Sequence Array to/from clipboard.
  • NEW: Sequence TTM Editor Actions menu now has an option to export TTM Melody (in Pattern B format).
  • IMPROVED: The Randomization related buttons now use a dice icon rather than a wand icon.
  • FIXED: Tapping an empty chain's Bypass toggle in the Plug-ins screen no longer mutes all other chains.
  • FIXED: Sequence TTM Melody export could wrongly export a silent pattern.
  • FIXED: Text editor text (for any text editor) was not always visible after Light/Dark color scheme was applied.
  • FIXED (iOS): The app could sometimes crash when terminated.
  • OTHER: Various other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

22.2.4: Mar 11th 2022 New

Wotja 22 update (11th)

  • FIXED: When using a Wavetable Unit with a SoundFont that used with name spaces it could stop working correctly when you modified the SFX network.
  • FIXED: SF2 stereo samples with fixed key or fixed velocity could have L/R channels treated differently.
  • FIXED: Sequence Array Item was not displaying a probability of 0% correctly.
  • FIXED: Sequence Array Item highlight is now remembered when you return from the relevant editor.
  • FIXED: Sequence Array TTM Item was not displaying text correctly for multi-line item.
  • FIXED: Sequence Array TTM Item > Custom Text Editor > Action > Export TTM Melody was not a 'B' pattern.
  • FIXED (Windows): Issue where the very occasional "Rate Wotja" pop-up went to the store page for the wrong version; Lite page was shown for Pro and vice-versa.
  • FIXED (Windows): Issue where launching a web page through the app could result in the pop-up alert remaining displayed until the app was closed.
  • FIXED: The top "info" area in the TTM Editor now updates the notes graphic when the used text is changed.

22.2.0: Mar 7th 2022 New

Wotja 22 update (10th)

  • IMPROVED: Rule Editing is now much easier through use of a Rule selection checkbox.
  • IMPROVED (Desktop Versions): Desktop apps now have a "close" button which closes the Document tab; this is for cross-platform UI consistency.
  • IMPROVED: Accessibility text (top-right Mix button, Cell Properties button, Grid button).
  • FIXED: A number of minor Rule editing bugs.
  • FIXED (Apple/Windows): Crash when Settings > 'Embed Hosted Plug-in UIs' was off (i.e. plug-ins are in their own Windows) and the mix file was closed.
  • FIXED: A couple of UI typos and other minor bugs.

22.1.3: Feb 9th 2022 New

Wotja 22 update (9th)

  • FIXED (macOS/iOS): Issue introduced in 22.1.2 where an AUv3 FX added to a Hosted Plug-in chain slot would stop audio in that chain, meaning the chain audio would go silent.
  • FIXED: Wavetable patch assignments for Ch2 and up (in various templates) had got broken in 22.1.2.
  • FIXED (macOS): Crash seen when trying to extract icons for some Plug-ins.
  • FIXED: Issue where repeating / following a Euclidean generator could cause Wotja to hang-up.
  • FIXED: Issue where 'R' patterns couldn't be edited as intended through the UI.
  • FIXED (All Free versions): File saving in the Plug-in.
  • FIXED: Accessibility announcements for "Tab Record" and "Tab Hosted Plug-ins" were swapped.
  • FIXED: Some toolbar buttons could generate duplicated Accessibility announcements when navigating through the buttons in a screen.
  • FIXED (Windows): Display of text in messages - "Could not install the VST3", "Make sure you are running Wotja as Administrator, and make sure the VST3 isn't in use".
  • FIXED (Windows): Changed "Saving of Plug-in Hosting settings requires Pro IAP" to "Saving of Plug-in Hosting settings supported only in the Pro version".
  • IMPROVED (Windows): Localized various strings related to VST3 installation.

22.1.2: Feb 7th 2022

Wotja 22 update (8th)

  • NEW (Free variants): 'Lite' mode in the Wotja App now permits saving of editing changes made to a mix file.
    • This applies to the most recent mix file (because of mix file locks in 'Lite' mode) and is with the exception of Plug-in hosting related data (the saving of which requires 'Pro' mode and is only relevant to Apple/Windows variants).
    • It means, however, that you can now create/edit/save/open/play your own custom mix FOR FREE.
    • The slight trade off being that we have reduced Lite mode mix file play time to 5 minutes.
    • All the above may yet be subject to change depending on how things pan out.
  • IMPROVED (Apple/Windows): Plug-in Scanner title bar again displays the name of the plug-in being scanned.
  • IMPROVED: In the FX Network editor, items in the "Poly" button popup menu ("Set Polyphony") are now shown in numerical order.
  • IMPROVED (Windows): Use "native" Windows alerts where possible.
  • IMPROVED: Renamed Settings > General > "Embed Host Plug-in UIs" as follows:
    • Windows: "Embed Hosted Plug-in UIs (Experimental)"
    • Apple: "Embed Hosted Plug-in UIs"
  • CHANGED (Free variants): 'Lite' mode no longer supports importing of Wotja files from the clipboard or auto-saving of Wotja URLs (via "Open In") [latter is relevant only to Apple variants].
  • CHANGED (Apple Free variants): 'Play' mode no longer unlocks *for mixes* the 'Lite' mode play timeout or file locks (both should have been reserved for 'Pro' mode).
  • CHANGED: Updated JUCE from 6.1.4 to 6.1.5 (fixes a number of things).
  • FIXED: Various MIDI routing / timing issues.
    • Windows: Also allows Tracktion Waveform for Windows to work even with the Experimental audio engine.
  • FIXED (Desktop versions): Desktop File > Open menu now works.
  • FIXED: Accessibility issues in the top toolbar buttons in Playlist screen.
  • FIXED: Issue where changes to Generator Types made in Wotja 19 mixes did not always correctly restore after mix saving and re-opening.
  • FIXED (Apple variants): Reinstated display of the Wotja Safari Extension "Headless Player UI" (shown as orange panel at bottom of Documents screen) which had accidentally gone missing (oops!).
  • FIXED (iOS): A couple of Plug-in crashers related to session switching.

22.1.0: Jan 27th 2022

Wotja 22 update (7th)

  • NEW (iOS/macOS/Windows): Plug-in Scanner screen for keeping track of Plug-in scanning:
    • Plug-ins are sorted on "Manufacturer, Name".
    • Plug-in icons shown, where available.
    • Plug-ins that fail validation are shown at the bottom of the list, in red, in "Failed Validation" section.
    • Action Menu items: "Rescan Plug-ins"; "Reset Failed Plug-ins list, and Re-scan"; "Export list of failed Plug-ins to Clipboard".
  • NEW (iOS/macOS/Windows): Plug-in icons, where available, now shown in Plug-ins and Plug-in browser screens.
  • FIXED (iOS/macOS): Issue that had prevented Accessibility (VoiceOver) from working.
  • FIXED (Windows): Issue that had prevented Accessibility (Narrator) from working.
  • FIXED (Android): Issue that had prevented Accessibility (TalkBack) from working.
  • IMPROVED (iOS/macOS/Windows): Plug-ins screen "Scan" icon replaced with text button to make it clearer.
  • IMPROVED (iOS/macOS/Windows): Documents Action Menu item "Rescan Plug-ins" changed to "Show Plug-in Scanner…".

22.0.11: Jan 21st 2022 New

Wotja 22 update (6th)

  • IMPROVED (All): MIDI Output latency default value is now 10 ms (was: 100 ms).
  • IMPROVED (All): MIDI Output latency minimum value is now zero (was: 10 ms).
  • IMPROVED (iOS/macOS/Windows): Plug-in scanning is faster as Wotja AUv3/VST3 is no longer scanned.
  • IMPROVED (Windows): VST3 Plug-in scanning for a number of Plug-ins, including "Simple Concept.vst3".
  • FIXED (Windows): MIDI routing issue on Tracktion Waveform Pro.
  • FIXED (macOS): Note hanging issue seen in Logic when driving internal synth via Virtual MIDI and stopping playback.

22.0.10: Jan 19th 2022 New

Wotja 22 update (5th)

  • FIXED (macOS): AUv3 Plug-in issue where it did not always initialize Virtual MIDI ports properly.
  • FIXED (Windows): VST3 Plug-in issue where pop-up menus were unresponsive when the Plug-in was hosted in Cakewalk.
  • IMPROVED (All): Wotja user interface responsiveness.

22.0.9: Jan 17th 2022

Wotja 22 update (4th)

Heads up: Windows versions ALSO include the fixes in 22.0.8
  • FIXED: Wotja AUv3 / VST3 Plug-in issue that required the Plug-in UI to be displayed before the DAW transport control worked.
  • FIXED: Wotja AUv3 / VST3 Plug-in General Word bank initialization issue.
  • IMPROVED (Windows): Provided the Wotja App is run in Administrator mode, it can now auto-copy the bundled Wotja VST3 Plug-in, if not yet done, to the VST folder at start-up.
  • IMPROVED (Windows): If the bundled Wotja VST3 Plug-in is more recent than the installed Plug-in, then on app start-up show a prompt to copy the updated Plug-in.
  • TIP (Windows): Wotja VST3 Plug-in not scanning from your favorite DAW? Try installing the latest Microsoft C++ Redistributable.
  • Various bug fixes (All).

22.0.8: Jan 12th 2022 New

Wotja 22 update (3rd)

Primarily for desktop versions (Windows release rolled into 22.0.9 above)

  • FIXED (macOS/Windows): Plug-ins were unable to run at 48000 in certain plug-in hosts (but were OK at 44100)
  • FIXED (Windows): Plug-in Transport bar control from Ableton Live, Tracktion Waveform Pro and Mixcraft
  • FIXED (Windows): Alerts could appear behind the App/Plug-in Window
  • IMPROVED (macOS): In the AUv3 Plug-in ensure we always enable Virtual MIDI on start, as it is essential for MIDI Routing in Logic Pro
  • IMPROVED (macOS/Windows): Plug-in Settings screen "Output Device" now shows the output rate in use e.g. "AUv3 Plug-in: 48000 Hz" or "VST3 Plug-in: 48000 Hz"
  • IMPROVED (Windows): If the VST3 Plug-in included in the Wotja App is a more recent version than the installed one, then install it automatically on App start-up (this only happens if the VST3 Plug-in is already installed)
  • IMPROVED (Windows): Added to the App Help Menu an item "Install Wotja VST3" (this only works if the VST3 Plug-in is already installed AND requires the App to be run in Administrator mode)
  • Various bug fixes (All)

22.0.6: Jan 6th 2022 New

Wotja 22 update (2nd)

For Apple/Windows versions

  • IMPROVED: Host Plug-in scanning:
    • Wotja launch: Instead of a Plug-in scan being auto-started, you're now prompted to do a scan if you've not yet done one; button options are "Start Scan Now", "Ask Me Again Later", "Don't ask me again"
    • Re-scan at any time: Go to the Plug-ins screen and press the top-left button to re-scan
    • Scanning issue: If the Plug-in scanning closes Wotja, simply re-start Wotja
    • Plug-ins screen: Any Plug-ins that make Wotja close while scanning can be seen from the Action menu item "Show Failed Plug-ins" (not shown if there are no such Plug-ins); you have the option to "Reset Failed Plug-ins, and Re-scan"
  • FIXED (iOS/macOS): Wotja no longer crashes if a Plug-in crashes while being scanned
  • FIXED (iOS/macOS): Wotja no longer locks-up when scanning certain Plug-ins
  • FIXED (Windows): Windows "file save" alert could be hidden behind the Wotja App
  • FIXED (iOS): AUv3 Plug-in Hosting is supported only in iOS 14+; if you have iOS 13 or earlier and select the Plug-ins tab, the app now displays "The Wotja App requires iOS 14 or later to support hosted plug-ins."

22.0.3: Jan 4th 2022

Wotja 22 update (1st)

For Apple versions (AKA 22.0.2 for Windows/Android)

  • FIXED: Cross-cell sequence timing drift issues
  • FIXED: Issue where audio sample cells didn’t always play from start (.wav, .ogg)
  • FIXED: Issue with "Replace all Sequence Items with..." pop-up menu
  • FIXED: Rule Editor:
    • Copy/paste of rules was broken
    • Allow rule copy/paste if only 1 rule listed
  • FIXED (Wotja 22): Removed "Requires Pro IAP" restriction/text from MIDI Filter pop-up menu
  • FIXED (Wotja 22): Removed "Requires Pro IAP" restriction/text from FXM Network Export to Clipboard

22.0.0: Jan 1st 2022

Initial Release

NB: Android initial release was 22.0.2 but included fixes in 22.0.3 above

  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE: 3rd Party Plug-in Hosting
    • The Wotja App (but not Wotja Plug-in) now supports hosting of 3rd party Instrument/Synth & FX Plug-ins
    • This means Wotja is now a generative music DAW - with both free ("Wotja 22") and paid-for ("Wotja 22 Pro") variants
      • If you search the App Store (iOS or macOS) for "free audio unit host" or "free auv3 host" then at the time of writing there are no results returned for general purpose hosts (meaning one that can use any 3rd party plug-in).
      • "Wotja 22" might be the first FREE general purpose Audio Unit Host on the App Store when released (1st Jan 2022)!
      • The free version operates by default in Lite mode, so it does have some limitations, but it is powerful nonetheless.
    • The versions for iOS/macOS support hosting of AUv3 Plug-ins
    • The versions for Windows support hosting of VST3 Plug-ins
    • Plug-in Hosting is accessed via a new "Plug-ins" tab in Mix mode
    • Wotja mixes still work even without using Hosted Plug-ins and Plug-in Hosting information is saved to the mix file when it is saved (and those mixes can also be used in Boxes/Albums)
    • There are 6 "Plug-in Chains" each comprising an instrument selector (for either Wotja Output or a plug-in Instrument), 3 "FX slots" and an output level slider plus one Master FX with 4 "FX slots" and final slider
    • Multiple independent Wotja track filtering can be used when the instrument is Wotja Output
    • Powerful MIDI Channel filtering can be deployed on the Wotja MIDI routed to an instrument plug-in
    • Plug-in scanning "just works"
    • Plug-in UIs can be displayed in the Hosting window area (default Apple) or in pop-up windows (default Windows)
  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE: VST3 Plug-in for Windows
    • A Wotja VST3 Plug-in is included in Wotja 22 for Windows
  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE: Generator Type "Sequence" with sub-type "Euclidian"
    • What were called "Pattern" and "Text to Music" (TTM) Generators are now Generator sub-types in a new "Sequence" Generator
    • This change was made to allow us to add a new "Euclidian" Generator sub-type (below) and also to add powerful new properties to the TTM Generator sub-type: "After Tune Repeats", "Rhythm Strategy" and "Duration Multiplier"
    • Sequence Generators support an Array of Items ("Sequence Array" and "Sequence Array Items")
    • Each Item (and there can be several) comprises the data required by the Generator sub-type for it to generate when active; Items can themselves be sequenced or selected at random
    • The color of the Sequence Generator is that of the active Item (i.e. Generator sub-type)
    • Mix Generator networks will still look largely the same as before as "Pattern B" and "TTM" colors have remained the same, but the less used "Pattern R" and "Pattern F" have a different color; Euclidian has a new color of course!
    • Unlike other Sequence Generator sub-types, Euclidians don't auto-pad out to the end of the bar
      • Euclidians have 'classic' Euclidean properties but we've also added "Range" settings to make them more interesting
      • Euclidian properties include: "Steps", "Steps Range", "Fills", "Fills Range", "Rotation", "Rotation Range", "Repeats", "Repeats Range", "Pitch", "Pitch Range", "Duration", "Rhythm Strategy" and "Pitch Strategy"
  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE: Wotja App Extensions for iOS and macOS Safari
    • The Wotja App Extension for Safari allows the Wotja App to play the WJURL when a webpage that includes a WJURL is loaded by Safari.
    • Wotja files can be embedded in a webpage as a Wotja URL ("WJURL") - try some examples!
    • For this to work you must have the Wotja App running in the background and Wotja App Extension enabled with appropriate website permissions
    • A WJURL includes Plug-in Hosting information, meaning the WJURL can play the same for someone who already has those same plug-ins installed on their device - exciting!!
  • BRAND NEW CONTENT: New SF2 & Templates
    • SF2: "IM Brush Kit", "IM Hand Perc" & "IM World Instruments"
    • SF2: Additions to "IM Synths" & "IM Drums"
    • Templates: "BP22 Drums" & "BP22 Drums Ambient" Drum Template Paks; these use the new Euclidian Generator sub-type & new SF2
    • Templates: "Mixed 1" Template Pak that used the new "IM World Instruments" SF2
  • IMPROVEMENTS: Too many to mention, but here are some
    • Wavetable Unit: Randomize button to make it easy/fast to select different patches
    • User Interface: Much fresher looking, cleaner and with improved consistency
    • In-App Subscriptions: Improved by adding "Play" tiers for those that just want to play (lower price than "Pro")
    • In-App Subscriptions: Simplified by removing from sale the old "Tip Jar" tiers
    • Sleep Timer button: Now also in Documents screen to make it easier to access
    • Generator Types Pak: Better naming and wider selection of Pak items
    • "V22 Play me!": This included Wotja mix file uses some of the new Templates!
    • Intermorphic Music/Sounds/Text/Script engines are now renamed to be Wotja Engines (i.e. IME > WME; ISE > WAE; ITE > WTE; IWS > WSE)
    • macOS: hosted AUv2 plug-ins must be signed and marked as 'sandboxSafe' or they are ignored by Wotja
    • Added support for Windows 11