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Text Mode & Cut-up

Video is intentionally silent. Get Wotja & try it!

Starting with an empty mix, this tutorial quickly runs through some of Text Mode UI elements and shows how to generate and edit cut-up text.

There are many things that can be done in this screen, so this is really just a quick taster. The links below to the User Guide should help you if you want to explore further.


  1. Documents
  2. CMixes
  3. 13Add New
  4. New Empty Mix is added to CMixes & auto-opens in last used Music Edit Mode:
  5. Text Mode
    1. Create Button to generate cut-up (Per-line Cut-up V22.4.0+)
    2. Text Alternatives bar for alternative words
    3. Unlock or Lock words by tapping them
    4. Edit Text button to manually edit the cut-up
    5. Edit Rules button to select Cut-up Rule to be used etc.
    6. Use Words button to select where the word pool comes from
    7. Word Mix Control to adjust the balance of how/where cut-up words are selected from
    8. Text Sources tab to add source text for use with cut-up
    9. Saved Text tab to save/append text sections
    10. Cut-up Mode button to choose which kind of Cut-up/Text mode you want to use
    11. Action Button for menu with Lock All / Unlock All, export cut-up etc.
    12. Text Properties tab for various properties for Text to Speech, display etc.

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