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"Drag 'n' Mix" Generative Music

SSEYO Koan has evolved into Wotja

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SSEYO Koan X was released in 1996.

It was an easy to use, "Drag 'n' mix" system for generative music. It let you drag generative elements onto a mixing canvas (drag-and-drop) and then mix/modify the elements, including their pitch, pan and volume. Each element in the mix created its music according to what other elements were doing - they were all aware of each other, creating in that context and so it was a "group composition" so to speak. Koan X also let you control piece level rules, too, and allowed the mix elements to move randomly with a variety of flocking mechanisms (physics). It was probably a first in terms of generative music (see Sound On Sound 1997 review of Koan X).

The Koan Music engine it used was developed by Tim Cole & Pete Cole at SSEYO (see also SSEYO Key History Credits).

Generative Music Historians / Collectors

If we remember correctly, only one thousand were ever made, so if you bought or own a copy, and have kept it, you are a very lucky person indeed!

Further information on Internet WayBack Machine: SSEYO Koan X.


Koan X Platinum

Generative Music Drag 'n' Mix Generative Music Powertool for Everyone

... its great fun, too!

SSEYO The Internet Music Company


Creative music-making made easy!

  • Make music for yourself, friencs, family, CDs, multimedia projects, the internet, websites
  • Make music, make a statement
  • Make music, make a difference
  • Make the coolest sounding contemporary music, and make it FAST!


Koan X Platinum
Creative music-making made easy!

The fascinating, intelligent and fun new "generative" music powertool for everyone, irrespective of age or ability. It requires no prior musical knowledge and you will soon be creating, mixing performing your own contemporary music from totally cool drum 'n' bass to chillout ambient - fast, and all without a musical keyboard! All you need to do is drag a Koan template (an icon) into the KoanMix and you will be on your way to making your own great sounding new music, maybe even for your next CD, website or multimedia project!!

Selected Features

  • Includes 100 Koan templates to drag into your KoanMix
  • Create new KoanMixes from randomly selected templates via Styles (File New dialog) or build them up yourself
  • Mix each template's volume, pitch and stereo position
  • Alter each template's Reverb and Chorus settings and Mute or Solo them, too
  • Change each template's default GM patch or select a patch bank (if your soundcard supports patchbanks) or SoundFont (SBK/SF2) patch (if your soundcard supports SoundFonts)
  • Set up automatic piece mixing with the 'Drift' control which has bounding bars to constrain the area of drift and advanced vertical/horizontal lock controls
  • Create KoanMixes from 1 second to 8 hours
  • Change the Piece Root and Scale rule for the KoanMix
  • Create time based arrangements (for automatic muting of templates throughout a piece) with the Mix Editor, which includes a 'Scratch mixing' facility
  • Save your KoanMix to encrypted SKP (non reopenable) file - ideal for creating Koan pieces for your website or save to SKD (SSEYO Koan Design) files for later remixing
  • Record your KoanMix to MIDI or audio (WAV) - ideal for saving your KoanMix's music to an electronic score and for making music for CDs (writable CD ROM drive required)
  • Get visual system feedback on your KoanMix with meters for Reaction time and Polyphony, MIDI diannel, SoundFont usage
  • Full and comprehensive on-line help
System Requirements
  • 66MHz 486 PC (minimum) or higher
  • 8Mb RAM (minimum)
  • Microsoft Windows 3.1x / Windows 95 / Windows NT 4
  • Mouse
  • CD ROM drive
  • 2Mb free hard disk space
  • PC MIDI interface/soundcard with Windows MIDI driver support and with a high quality synthesiser (Koan X Platinum has seamless inbuilt support for Creative Labs Soundfonts)

Koan Software © Copyright 1991-1997 SSEYO Ltd. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice. SSEYO, Koan and the SSEYO logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of SSEYO Ltd. in the UK and/or other countries. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

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Koan X Platinum

The Drag 'n' Mix Generative Music Powertool for Everyone