Wotja 2 Release History

Wotja 2 is now retired. There is a new, even more powerful version. Get the latest Wotja now!

1st July 2015: V2.0.0 - MAJOR NEW RELEASE

  • Wotja Watch App (for paired Apple Watch) [not Wotja Free]
  • New sleep timer [not Wotja Free]
  • 1-3 characters or emoji will now generate a 3-4 note melody
  • 4 new toggles in Settings to give you more control over what changes in a Shuffle: Player, Backing Track, Melody Values, Root
  • Shuffling no longer auto-restarts the wotja (so you can enjoy continuity)
  • Shuffle Text toggle improved to allow shuffling of other values when text shuffled
  • To further improve results, Shuffle no longer randomizes Tempo, FX and Speech values
  • Fixed Repeats/Range parameter which had stopped repeating melodies (oops!)
  • For better, more consistently relaxing results we decided it was best to leave out some of the previously the included content selection
  • Bug fixes