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  • 2017 May 22nd:

    Wotja 4.6.5 for iOS/macOS

  • 2017 May 16th:

    Wotja 4.6.0 for iOS

  • 2017 May 1st:

    Wotja 4.5.0 for iOS

  • 2017 Apr 25th:

    Wotja 4.4.0 for iOS

  • 2017 Apr 14th:

    Wotja 4.3.0 for iOS/macOS now support syllables in cut-ups and more

  • 2017 Apr 14th:

    Easter reductions; iOS apps removed from sale

    • Easter pricing reductions: Wotja Pro 2017 / Pro subscription tiers for both iOS and macOS apps!
    • The following iOS Apps/Bundles were removed from sale today now they are superceded by Wotja: Noatikl 3, Mixtikl 7, Liptikl 2 and Tiklbox 1; Wotja Pro 2017 Transition Bundle 3
  • 2017 Mar 31st:

    New Blog post

  • 2017 Mar 24th:

    Wotja 4.2.1 for iOS bug fix update.

  • 2017 Mar 24th:

    Wotja 4.2.0 for macOS now a full Cut-Up Text Editor

    • Major Feature update as Wotja for macOS now incorporates all the capability of Liptikl 2 for macOS.
    • New non-subscription version.
    • See what's new in Wotja 4.2.0
  • 2017 Mar 16th:

    Wotja 4.2.0 for iOS now released

  • 2017 Mar 10th:

    Wotja 4.1.3 for iOS now released

  • 2017 Mar 08th:

    Noatikl 3.3.7 for macOS

  • 2017 Mar 07th:

    Wotja 4.1.0 for iOS now released

  • 2017 Feb 21st:

    Wotja Pro 2017 for iOS (non-subscription version) now live

  • 2017 Feb 18th:

    Have an issue with subscriptions?

    • We have today submitted Wotja Pro 2017 for Apple review.
    • To complement this development we have also reduced the price of the Wotja PRO IAP subscription.
    • For further in depth rationale behind our recent changes see this forum post
  • 2017 Feb 16th:

    Price of Wotja ESSENTIALS IAP reduced

    • We decided it just wasn't right at the launch level and so have now revised this.
  • 2017 Feb 14th:

    Wotja 4.0 released

  • 2017 Feb 10th:

    Wotja 4.0 now submitted to Apple for review

    • Yes, finally! It has been a mammoth undertaking for us to say the least. There is an iOS version and a companion player app for macOS. You should be able to get your hands on the apps any day now (fingers crossed!) and we hope you like them.
  • 2017 Jan 9th:

    Intermorphic is 10 today!

  • 2016 Dec 31st:

    PalmSounds' interview of Intermorphic's Tim Cole

    • This in depth interview was started way back in 2015 and the first stage completed by February 2016. The end of year note was added a few weeks back. Read the PalmSounds interview with Tim Cole.
  • 2016 Dec 30th:

    Wotja in PalmSounds "top 12 music apps of 2016"

    • It is such an honour to be in the company of the excellent apps in this PalmSounds list. We hope people like where we are going next with Wotja, starting with Wotja 4.0. Read Ashley's post on his top 12 music apps of 2016.
  • 2016 Dec 29th:

    Website update

    • What better way to cap off a busy 2016 than with a massive website update that sets the scene for what is to start coming next year. We've got all new Intermorphic and Wotja logos and have a fresh new look. We expect there to be a few website niggles as there have been so many changes. Please let us know if you find anything missing or broken and we will look to fix it!
  • 2016 Nov 15th:

    Wotja 3 removed from sale

    • Wotja 3 is now no longer for sale at the App Store and so is no longer included in a bundle (although you can still get Wotja FREE 3). That's because Wotja 4 is coming soon(ish)! There are some big changes afoot for us...
  • 2016 Oct 7th:

    Forum Back

    • The website was only down for a few hours in the end, but the Forum proved a bit trickier to restore. However, it is at long last back up and running fine - thanks for your patience!
  • 2016 Oct 7th:

    Range updates

  • 2016 Sep 30th:

    Site and Forum Downtime

    • We are currently moving ISP so our site and/or Forum may be down for a bit. Rest assured we are working on bringing it back again ASAP! Thanks for your patience.
  • 2016 Sep 23rd:

    Noatikl 3.3.3; Mixtikl 7.2.1

  • 2016 Sep 20th:

    Tiklbox 1.6.4

  • 2016 Sep 15th:

    Liptikl 2.2.1

    • macOS: Fixed possible crash when pasting text into an empty source field; iOS default rule set now included
    • iOS: Minor bug fix
    • See what's new in Liptikl 2.2.1
  • 2016 Sep 12th:

    Mixtikl 7.2.1

  • 2016 Sep 8th:

    Range updates


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