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  • 2021 Apr 9th: Wotja 21: V21.6.1
    • NEW: IME Editor graphics and TTM Dice
    • IMPROVEMENTS: Many focusing on improving workflow and understanding.
    • FIXES: Some crashes and other sundry fixes.
  • 2021 Mar 18th: Wotja 21: V21.5.1
    • IMPROVEMENTS: AUv3 state saving + more.
    • FIXES: Various fixes.
  • 2021 Mar 17th: Wotja 21: V21.5.0 (Major Release - AUv3 Plug-in)
  • 2021 Mar 1st: Wotja 21: UG: Glossary of Key Terms
    • As a result of user feedback (thank you!) we've now added to the User Guide a Glossary of Key Terms.
  • 2021 Feb 25th: Wotja 21: V21.4.2 (Windows/iOS)
    • WINDOWS: Contains the updates in 21.4.1.
    • FIXED (iOS): Intermittent crashes related to use in "Now Playing".
  • 2021 Feb 24th: Wotja 21: V21.4.1
    • NEW: The Synth & FX Editor now has a meter for audio-rate units/junctions and an oscilloscope for control-rate units/junctions.
    • NEW: ISE units now have a "Bypass?" toggle.
    • NEW: "Zero" option in Controller/Junction popup menu for a quick way to set the value to 0.
    • IMPROVED: ISE Synth & FX Editor layout & display now clearer.
    • FIXED: Issue with 2 taps being required on toolbar button after exiting Full Screen mode.
    • MORE: Many more improvements and fixes.
  • 2021 Feb 18th: Wotja 21: Learn Section Update
    • We have now updated our Learn+ section to make it easy to find our Videos and Tutorials.
    • We will be adding more in due course.
  • 2021 Feb 13th: Wotja 21: Tutorials
  • 2021 Feb 8th: Wotja 21: Tutorials
    • We have started work on a new tutorials section.
    • We hope these will make it easy to quickly get going with Wotja.
    • The first additions are of a "Quick Start" variety and we will be adding more in due course.
    • If there is anything you would like us to add, please get in touch!
  • 2021 Feb 6thth: Tim Cole: "Riverside Radio Interview"
  • 2021 Jan 30th: Wotja 21: Press Release
  • 2021 Jan 27th: Wotja 21: V21.3.0
    • NEW: Dynamic audio device switching
    • OTHER: Further improvements and fixes
  • 2021 Jan 21st: Wotja 21: V21.2.1 (Windows only)
    • FIXED (Windows): Issue that could cause the application to freeze/lock up (sorry!).
  • 2021 Jan 19th: Wotja 21: V21.2.0
    • NEW: Wotja iOS/macOS can now play via AirPlay 2 (HomePods) and on iOS it is now a "Now Playable" app.
    • Much faster to start-up when you have lots of Wotja files and more...
  • 2021 Jan 14th: Wotja 21: V21.1.0
    • NEW "Full Screen with Camera Background" mode for iOS/Windows and some more bug fixes.
    • We hope to start creating some new videos in the coming weeks.
    • We have now fixed most of the broken links. If you find any that affect you could you please report them selecting "Broken Website Links" so we can fix them, too - thank you!
  • 2021 Jan 6th: Wotja 21: V21.0.2
    • Fixed a crasher, some documentations links and a few other things.
  • 2021 Jan 1st: Wotja 21: V21.0.0
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