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  • 2021 June 19th: Wotja 21: V21.9.0
    • NEW for SYSTEM - Support for VoiceOver (macOS) / Narrator (Windows) is now out of Beta; please let us know of any issues.
    • IMPROVED: Documents view simplified to now be just 3 main screens, 'Flows', 'Mixes' and 'Albums' (we think we have now finally nailed this!).
    • IMPROVED: 'Show' button added to each of the 3 Documents screen to allow (relevant) filtering of which files to display or hide; button in Mixes screen also includes a Search option ('Pro' mode only), where value applies across both Mixes and Albums and is discarded on app restart.
    • IMPROVED: 'Generator Type' moved to be above Generator Name and 'Cell Gen Bars/Repeats' moved to above Cell Rules.
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  • 2021 June 9th: Wotja 21: V21.8.3
    • SEVERAL: Improvements and Fixes.
  • 2021 May 28th: Wotja 21: Tutorials section
    • NEW "HOW TO": Tutorial for "Add Template to Cell".
    • IMPROVED: Animated GIFs have been added to the first 12 items.
    • IMPROVED: A Guide Tour "Trail 1" has been added.
  • 2021 May 26th: Wotja 21: V21.8.2
    • IMPROVED: The Documents screen "Play" segment is now on the left and the "Create" segment is on the right; this feels more natural
    • IMPROVED (macOS/Windows): Added initial support for Voice Over for macOS and Narrator for Windows (work-in-progress).
    • IMPROVED (Android): Wotja Android "Storage" Permissions configuration.
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  • 2021 May 20th: Wotja 21: Examples section
    • NEW RECORDINGS: A number of example mix recordings have now been added.
  • 2021 May 17th: Wotja 21: V21.8.0
    • IMPROVED: The Documents screen now has two top segments, Create and Play, to make it easier to get started with Wotja.
    • IMPROVED: Android file saving improvements.
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  • 2021 May 12th: Wotja 21: V21.7.2
    • IMPROVED: Pitch Shifter unit, Skip Cell
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  • 2021 May 7th: Wotja 21: V21.7.0 (Major Update)
    • NEW for ISE: Reverb 2XL and Pitch Shifter FX units + feedback option for Junction inputs
    • NEW Content: "Ambience" FX Presets - a whole bunch of fabulous new FX presets, some of which use the new R2XL and Pitch Shifter units, and new Flow Randomization Schemes that use the new FX and that come in 2 variants, the "(CPU-)" variant being more suited to devices with slower CPUs
    • NEW for System: Mix FX Override setting (default Off) - with 5 presets and a custom (Pro) option this setting
    • OTHER: Many other changes, improvements and fixes
    • REMEMBER: You can create & play with Wotja on iOS/tvOS, macOS, Windows & Android (tvOS version is a Flow Player)!
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