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  • 2020 August 1st: V20.8.0
    • Various improvements including various Wotja Script functions and layout of Cell/Mix Property panels.
    • Various fixes including display of Generator Rules when set to "?".
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  • 2020 July 22nd: User Guide Update
    • Wotja User Guide updated to include references to Mix Rules and Mix Scripts.
    • User Guide
  • 2020 July 17th: V20.7.1
    • Mix recordings are again displayed in the Recording list (sorry about that!)
    • Other minor fixes.
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  • 2020 July 14th: V20.7.0
    • Major new release with addition of Mix level rules, enhanced scripting and lots more...
    • For those who primarily want to play we've added a new "Play" tier to the Subscription versions.
    • We've also tweaked the Lite Feature Set (thanks to "Go") and it now allows 1 hour play of a Default Flow & 1 Included Album.
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  • 2020 June 15th: Wotja Go has gone
    • It may have had a short life, but we hope to bring some of the thinking behind it to the free Wotja versions.
  • 2020 June 12th: Major User Guide improvements
    • Wotja Pro, IME and ISE User Guides greatly improved with full IME/ISE sections now included, better linking etc.
    • Site link fixes + other improvements
    • See the guides: Wotja, IME and ISE
  • 2020 June 10th: Video updated
  • 2020 June 5th: V20.5.3 now gone
  • 2020 May 29th: V20.6.0
    • We think we have fixed the issue with auto-renewing Subscriptions.
    • We've now adopted a 'dual' iOS/macOS approach!
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  • 2020 May 23rd: V20.5.2
  • 2020 May 15th: V20.5.1
  • 2020 May 12th: V20.5.0
  • 2020 May 2nd: V20.4.6
  • 2020 Apr 25th: V20.4.4
  • 2020 Apr 18th: Major User Guide Update
    • The Wotja 20 User Guide has been massively reworked - and we will continue improving it.
    • The (new) Pattern Editor section is pretty well the last thing yet to be done, but it should now be much easier to find things.
    • We will look to fix any broken links and to add links in the coming week.
    • See V20 User Guide...
  • 2020 Apr 17th: V20.4.3
  • 2020 Apr 16th: V20.4.2
  • 2020 Apr 13th: V20.4.1
  • 2020 Mar 23th: V20.3.7
    • Fixed MIDI clock sending for Win/Mac/Android + other fixes & improvements
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  • 2020 Mar 20th: Special Offers until May 1st (40% off)
  • 2020 Mar 17th: V20.3.6
  • 2020 Mar 13th: New Video
    • Wotja: How to easily create a shareable video (4:03)
    • See the video
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