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  • 2020Jan 22nd: V20.1.4 Update
    • Fixed issue in content cells relating to use of custom Templates + a number of related issues
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  • 2020Jan 20th: Wotja V20 Press Release
  • 2020Jan 18th: V20.1.3 Update
    • Important bug fix wrt making Recordings plus various IWS related changes
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  • 2020Jan 15th: V20.1.1 Update
  • 2020Jan 13th: V20.1.0 Update
  • 2020Jan 4th: V20.0.2 Update
    • This update adds a couple of new things and fixes some issues that crept into the intial release.
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  • 2020Jan 1st: Wotja V20 Arrives!
    • We have also done a major site refresh so their main be some broken links (we will fix as soon as we find them!)
    • This release represents a huge amount of thought, planning, design, coding and testing. So much so that we've simply not yet been able to complete our first new videos - these will have to come in the next few days (sorry!); you should still be able to enjoy the apps though!
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  • 2019Dec 11th: Wotja V20
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