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Wotja 23 Planning Commences (Part 3)!

5th Aug 2022 by Tim Cole

'Pro E' mode was an experiment and the experiment has now ended. If you want access to 'Pro' mode, see the 'Pro' options. See new post Wotja 23 Is Coming Along Nicely.

The 'Pro E' Experiment has now ended

We had been trying an experiment to see if a 'freemium' model could work for 'Pro' mode.

Sadly the experiment just did not work out - at least in the time we could to give to it.

And, frankly, it was a bit complicated to code, to explain and to communicate clearly.

The long and short of it is that we found that it ended up generating LESS revenues than before.

That being so we have now called time on it.

The experiment was still worth doing, however, as it helped us decide what to do (see below).

Importantly, it also allowed us to figure out how to keep things simple - and simple is good.

Goodbye 'Pro E'  >>>  Welcome 'Lite+'!

'Lite' mode is plenty powerful enough for free use of Wotja - there is ton of stuff that can be done for free.

However, to go even further and to give a special 'thank you' to those people who visit our Store we decided that we could unlock a couple of 'bonus' capabilities - and so we now do that.

To reflect the above extra capabilities we call this 'Lite+' mode.

'Lite'/'Lite+' mode is also plenty enough to chew on for evaluation and to decide if you want to go 'Pro'!

'Pro' mode is again only for those who pay

We can't beat around the bush: we can only continue to develop and extend Wotja if our sales revenues allow it.

'Pro' mode is again, therefore, only for those who are prepared to help us with that.

The 'Pro' user club may not be the biggest club in the world, but you all know how important you are to us!

We've also made it ever easier to go 'Pro' with our new Tip Jar (TJ) option, below.

New Tip Jar (TJ)

Tips are single payments, they are NOT subscriptions.

The Tip Jar is here to stay as it provides an easy (subscriptionless) mechanism to unlock 30 days of 'Pro' mode in a free variant of the Wotja App (and associated Plug-in, as relevant) on one device.

Just make sure not to uninstall/reinstall the App during that period or you will lose access to 'Pro' mode!

It also allows users to give us tips if ever or whenever they feel like it (see: Why Tip?)!

Wotja 23 paid-for 'Pro' variants (i.e. 'Wotja 23 Pro')

We have now decided we WILL continue with Apple and Windows paid-for 'Pro' variants for Wotja 23.

We may well also do Android paid-for 'Pro' variants for Wotja 23, but we have not yet taken that decision. With a Tip Jar (TJ) now in the free variants for Android it IS possible to go 'Pro' at any time, and that might well be enough.

The paid-for variants continue with our long-established Fullgrade model.

Early Bird deals on 'Wotja 23 Pro'

Having decided to continue with paid-for 'Wotja 23 Pro' variants we expect to run some tasty 'Early Bird' deals for them. Yay!

Further details won't be available until the time comes - so, if you are interested, stay tuned....

'Pro' Subscriptions - Pricing

'Pro' Subscription pricing for V23 is still likely to remain at what it is now i.e. for V22 in 2022, but we may yet decide we need to increase it. If we do, sorry, but any 'Pro' Subscription would still be great value - and you can dip in and out as you wish.

As we said back in December 2021 any 'Pro' subscribers still currently grandfathered on earlier pricing will be moved to the V23 rate on Jan 1st 2023 (if they continue to choose to subscribe that is!). This will mean all subscribers will then be paying the same rate.

NB: We have no idea yet what 'Pro' Subscription pricing will be for V24 - it may be the same as now or higher.

It's a wrap!

To those that took part in our experiment (or not!) - thank you, you helped us decide what to do.

Now we can get to work on V23.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please do Contact Us.

Best wishes

Tim and Pete