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Q3 19 Update

30th Sept 2019 by Tim Cole

Wotja Video Tutorials & Changes

The summer was a busy time for us. Yes, we did a few bug fix releases where we squashed a few more bugs, but we also did a lot more, too; see below.

We always try to respond quickly to bug reports and we are really grateful to anyone who reports a bug to us.

New Video Tutorials

Over the summer we decided it was about time we created some in-depth video tutorials. The two we created cover the basics and a lot more. In fact, they should be all you need to get going with Wotja. They use the Wotja "Interaction Colour for Videos" setting to show what buttons are tapped and have fully transcribed sub-title text (if you want to see that then in your Youtube player turn on 'subtitles/closed captions').

Wotja 19: Tutorial (18m) - Quick Start: Generative Music System

Wotja 19: Tutorial (17m) - Templates, Voice Types, In-Mix Randomization

Wotja "Free Mode" Changes

We have always made available a free version of Wotja and we do it for two equally important reasons:

  1. So that anyone can try out Wotja for free and get to know what it does and how it works
  2. So that anyone can have a lot of fun with it, even if they can't or don't want to pay

The way we achieve this is by what we call the Wotja "Feature Set". This is simply the collection of features and capabilities that Wotja will operate with. The free versions all default to or operate with a "Free Mode" Feature Set which, in the Subscription version, can be extended to a "Pro" Feature Set - this Subscription is definitely worth getting as it unlocks lots of extra power and when V20 comes along you will be able to use the Pro features in that, too, as for you it will be like a rolling update!

So, to cut a long story short, we spent a lot of time and effort over the summer in thinking about how to better balance what features and capabilities should be in Free Mode and what should be only available to those that choose to pay for a "Pro" Feature Set (whether via a Subscription or the paid-for version).

We think we have now cracked it by revising the Feature limitations in Free Mode and by tweaking our EULA in respect of what you can do with recordings made when in Free Mode.

Our solution means that Wotja in Free Mode is still a full save app but now has an even longer play time of 10 mins (Flow, Album, Mix Editing, Built-In albums). The play time in Mix Editing mode used to be 1 minute, so our changes have meant a massive increase on that! The changes also make it easier to try out and play around with Text to Music. And, for free, you can still use Wotja to generate/export Cut-up text and so use it as a creative writing tool, e.g. ideas for lyrics, poems, haiku etc.

In fact, because the Free Mode Feature Set is now so powerful we will be calling it the "Lite" Feature Set in V20. See "Free Mode" in Feature Sets.

The above all said and done, we still hope that many will want to support our continued work on Wotja by getting the extra power and capabilities in the Pro Feature Set!

Website Improvements

We spent a fair amount of time restructuring our website to give more weight to current apps and to better organize materials that relate to older archived apps - all that info is still there should you need to refer to it.

If you find anything that has gone missing and that should be there (e.g. pages), or links that are broken please do let us know, selecting "Website" in the Contact form drop list - thank you!

Long Play / Tip Jar Subscriptions

Heads Up:

Some time in late December 2019 or January 2020 we will be renaming the "Personal" (Pe) and "Biz 1" (B1) Long Play Subscriptions. This is because their purpose related to Long Play will change slightly due to some changes in upcoming Wotja V20.

As a form of Tip Jar, however, they will continue to function just as they do now. For the fans who are using them for that - please do continue as you are and know that we love you for it!

Remember that you can cancel Submissions easily and at any time!

T-Shirts - and now Sweatshirts and Hoodies, too!

Just in time for autumn we have expanded our range of merch to include Sweatshirts and Hoodies. As before they can be purchased for shipping in/to the US, UK and Germany.

Intermorphic Official T-Shirts

We now have main 2 designs available - Wotja Logo and Wotja Wordmark, both in white. Each comes in a wide range of T-shirt/Sweatshirt/Hoodie colours too. Let us know if we are missing your favourite!

NB: Some merch is only available in the UK for now, sorry, and that includes Intermorphic Wordmark/Badge merch and a colour Wotja Logo.

As we are likely to change designs in 2020 these will no doubt become collector's items one day! They will make cool Xmas presents, too, so don't miss out :).

What's Next?

If you have been following us for a few years now you will know that we try never to pre-announce what features will be in a new version. That is partly because we do not want to spoil any surprises, but also partly because it is only when we have done something that we know we can do it!

Just as for V19, we will start out with an initial release and then add more features and capabilities to it during the year.

The good news is that we have now started work on Wotja V20 and we aim to release it Jan 1st 2020. We hope you are going to like it!

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please do get in touch via our Contact form.

Best wishes

Tim and Pete