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Tiklbox - Free Generative Music Player

First two albums "Calm" and "Relax" utilize a unique blend of rule-based generative techniques & varied music tech

Dec 18th 2012, UK: Intermorphic Ltd today releases Tiklbox, a free 'Inmo' Generative Music Player, with the first two in-app purchaseable albums being "Calm" and "Relax". There have been many apps for "Sit-forward" (PC/Mobile screens) and "Lean-back" (TV) experiences. With its first two albums Tiklbox is an app for "Sit-down" or "Lie-down" (relaxation and reflection) experiences.

Prior to a purchase, the first 2 tracks from the "Calm" album are available and Tiklbox will play for 12 minutes before it goes to sleep – plenty of time for a user to chill out. To hear the rest of the "Calm" album or the "Relax" album, to set the sleep timer or to never have Tiklbox time out, then it is a simple in-app purchase of the desired album.

'Inmo' generative music, or simply plain 'inmo music' is generated “in the moment” on a mobile phone, tablet or other device by apps utilising a unique blend of rule-based generative techniques & varied music tech. It is primarily experienced on your own personal portable device meaning it is personal for you – no one else hears exactly the same as you. It is also granular as it is made without the use of big audio loops and it's ideal for relaxation, reflection, mindfulness and quiet contemplation.

A big aspect of inmo music is that, if you want to, you can make it yourself and customise every aspect of it. All tracks in Tiklbox were authored in Noatikl. You can make your own inmo music with the Noatikl and Mixtikl apps.

Tiklbox is a universal binary for Apple® iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® and is available free on the App Store.

Tiklbox Key features:

  • High quality "inmo" music is created live
  • Simple and effective to use, with 6 tracks per album
  • Includes 2 unlocked tracks from the "Calm" album
  • Controls for track play time, track fade in/out and gaps between tracks
  • 12 minutes play time (restart to play again)
  • Album play list editing for track play order / track exclusion
  • Album random track selection control

In-App Purchase extendable:

  • Albums “Calm” and “Relax”
  • Note: Purchase of an album also unlocks the playing time & sleep timer

Pete Cole and Tim Cole, the Intermorphic founders and brother team said “We designed Tiklbox to play music to relax to with an interface that makes it easy to customise play times, fade ins and outs and track play order. We will be bringing out more albums and will continue extending the capabilities of Tiklbox.”

Tiklbox for iPad / iPhone / iPod touch is available in the App Store℠ for free.

Tiklbox for Android will be available soon in the Amazon AppStore for Android.

Tiklbox further information -

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About Intermorphic (press contact):

Intermorphic Ltd was co-founded in 2007 by Tim Cole and Pete Cole. It develops music creativity & relaxation ("creative relaxation") apps that use generative, text-to-music & cut-up techniques.

The Cole brothers ("the Coles") have a history in music software innovation: they co-founded SSEYO in 1990 and from then to 2001 they created and worked on the BAFTA Award-winning "SSEYO Koan Interactivity Platform" which included the "Generative Music" engine used by Brian Eno for his seminal 1996 "Generative Music 1". SSEYO Koan software was available for Windows, Mac and Windows Mobile and in a range of variants from Standalone to Audio Plugin to Web Browser Plugin.

Following Tao Group's acquisition of SSEYO in 2001, the Coles created the intent Sound System (iSS) and BAFTA Award-winning "SSEYO miniMIXA", one of the world's first mobile music mixers. In 2007 it released both "Noatikl: Generative Music Composer" (the evolution to SSEYO Koan) and "Liptikl: Cut-Up Text Writer". In Q2 2008 Intermorphic secured the IP rights to the iSS and SSEYO software and in December 2008 released "Mixtikl: Generative Music Mixer" followed in 2012 by "Tiklbox: Generative Music Player".

After many years of updates to the forgoing apps and after much deliberation on the next step forward for Generative Music, the Coles decided that it was "Reflective Music". And so in 2014 along came the first of the releases of the "Wotja®: Generative Music System", an all-in-one 'Creator, Mixer, Lab & Player'. By 2017 the key authoring capabilities of Noatikl, Mixtikl and Liptikl had been fully consolidated into Wotja for iOS and macOS, including the playlisting of Tiklbox.

February 2018 saw the first release of "Wotja X", a cross-platform UI variant that finally allowed Wotja to be available for all of Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. By 2019 this had become the cornerstone of all further Wotja apps, including the Wotja interface for TV. In 2021 Wotja for iOS/macOS became a single App ID and an AUv3 Audio Unit Plug-in was added, as well as support for Apple silicon.

In 2022 support for AUv3/VST3 Plug-in Hosting was added and a Wotja VST3 Plug-in was created in addition to a new "Euclidian" Generator Type. Ever since its first release Wotja and its WME (Music), WAE (Audio), WSE (Script) and WTE (Text) engines have continued to be extended with many new features and improvements.

Intermorphic, Wotja, Intermorphic Music/Sound/Text/Script Engine, Wotja Pak, Noatikl, Mixtikl, Liptikl, Partikl, Tiklbox, Tiklpak, Tikltech and their corresponding logos are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Intermorphic Ltd. in the UK and/or other countries. Other products mentioned may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and are the sole property of their respective manufacturers.

WOTJA (Wordmark) registered trademark nos: EU 012329199, US 4702614.

Wotja 'W' logo black (Logo) registered trademark nos: EU 017082496, US 5511542.