Generative Music Mixer (Windows/Android)

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Need royalty-free high quality soundscapes, fast? Then get Mixtikl and quickly make your own by mixing together many included editable generative music templates and/or your own audio loops.

Users say of Mixtikl: "the premier generative music app", "highly inspiring", "musical antidote to every other synth and DAW I've ever used", "Love this app, one of my favorites!", "works on so many levels.", "Enjoyable, addictive, creative and helpful.", "Love this app, one of my favorites!" More in Reviews.

What others say

Computer Music Magazine said Mixtikl's end results are "in a class of their own when it comes to generative music”. More in Reviews.

What is it?

Mixtikl is a powerful multi-platform generative music editor, mixer, arranger and cell sequencer. It includes many modifiable generative music templates that you can easily mix together. Sound generation is via the the Partikl Sound Engine (PSE) a powerful SoundFont (SF2) / DLS Wavetable supporting stereo sound source comprising many modulatable sound units, FX units and quality SF2 - great for rich and evolving sounds. Versions are available for both Desktop and Mobile.

What you can do with Mixtikl

Generate high quality, user-customisable, royalty free background music from ambient (relaxation / drone / sleep / mindfulness etc.) right through to more intense melodic and beat-based loop-tastic EDM mashups using your own or 3rd party loops.

How it works

Simply add some of included generative music templates ("parts") to a mix and press play. Change the mix tempo/root to have the music time stretched and/or pitch shifted to suit. Change the sounds and apply/change Live FX etc. Each content cell can be looped, sequenced or triggered (and a lot more customisation besides!) so that you can have content playing together. You can also use your own SF2s and audio loops in it and there several free add-on "Paks" available to download!

For in depth information on operation see the Mixtikl User Guide and also refer to the PSE User Guide concerning the customisation of modular synth sounds & FX and the NME User Guide concerning the customisation of generative parameters.

Why Generative Music?

Generative Music is "endless music created by a system". People want to explore it for a whole host of reasons - from wanting to create new ideas and break creative block to an urge to try something different.

Mixtikl's roots

Way back in 1997 (yes, over 18 years ago!), and whilst at SSEYO, we released SSEYO Koan X, our first drag-n-mix generative mixer.

Then in 2004 we released miniMIXA, a 12 track generative mixing app for Windows Mobile & Symbian.

Both Koan X and miniMIXA have contributed ideas and approaches to Mixtikl, but Mixtikl has now evolved way beyond either, both in terms of scope and power.

New in Mixtikl 7

  • Many gorgeous new templates that take advantage of the uprated Partikl Sound Engine 3 (PSE 3); New template Tiklpaks include: Ambiences, Arps, BellsGlasses, Drones, MelodicPads, Melodics, Strings, Weirdness, Windharps.
  • Major PSE 3 enhancements:
    • Now supports stereo and more advanced synth & fx networks, allowing richer & more interesting sonic capabilities and complete sound "presets"
    • Network Editor and all 17 PSE Sound & FX unit UIs have been significantly reworked for much easier use, control and accessibility (iOS version)
    • Greatly improved Wavetable Sound Unit now supports stereo SF2 (SoundFont) samples (up to 24bit), allows modulation of pitch, pan, amp, portamento parameters and has an integrated envelope editor (linear/log) - all useful for sound shaping e.g. nice smooth ambient sounds
    • Improved the PSE-included IM SF2 wavetables with extended "IM Synths" and all new "IM NT3-MT7" = more sounds!
    • Selectable "Tap to Edit" option in the PSE Network Editor helps to reduce the number of interactions required to make changes
    • Amp and Pan controls added to several PSE Sound Units allowing more compact synth networks
    • "Note on Random" option added to PSE LFO Unit to allow sample/hold style control
  • Support for AudioBus 2 and Audiobus Remote Trigger and transport control (iOS version)
  • Mixtikl Sound and FX Attacher screens have been combined into one Generator Network screen (accessed via Content Cell > Synth & FX button) which makes it much easier to understand and use the PSE in Mixtikl; there is also a new, selectable "Tap to Edit" option to reduce the number of interactions required to make changes
  • iOS version supports iCloud
  • Export the Noatikl generative music from a Content Cell and publish/share your generative music creations as wotjas (via Wotja , available separately)
  • Option in Settings to show / hide the older, but still included, Mixtikl 6 paks/templates
  • Simplified & improved the Mixtikl 7 UI colour scheme
  • Updated the mixtikl file format to accomodate the new PSE 3 capabilities
  • All fixes included in final MT6 update
  • Many minor UI improvements
  • New icon!



Computer Music Magazine:

"There's no denying the musicality of Mixtikl's end results, which are really in a class of their own when it comes to generative music."

"As far as results go, you'll find it almost perfect"

"Mixtikl delivers the generative goods, and can in fact sound staggeringly good"

"If you've been waiting 20 years for a sequel to Eno's Apollo or The Pearl, then wait no longer."


"I've been using the developers generative products since the days of Koan Pro, and love how things keep evolving. Generative music at its best."

"A major upgrade from Mixtikl 6! I think this release is amazing."

"Best App I own"; "the music creation app i have been looking for all my life!!!"

"Just. Buy. It"; "i love this thing"; "In my top 10 of music apps" "Excellent!!! I love it!!! 10*!!!"

"The best app of its kind"; "Mixtikl alone justifies the purchase of my IPad"

★★★★★ "Excellent!!! I love it!!! 10*!!! : I created a masterpiece on my first try & didnt even read the manual. This is AWESOME!!!." USA

★★★★★ "IOS 8 and AudioBus: this is the premier generative music app on the App Store, and a must have for all dedicated music dabblers." UK

★★★★★ "Such a Lovely Synth !: Highly inspiring once you begin to understand this synth ... Keep up the great work." USA

★★★★★ "HOS: musical antidote to every other synth and DAW I've ever used. Beyond Bravo to the creator." USA

★★★★ "the modular fx engine is cracking with character... this app has become my Xroads for all things looped or to be looped." Australia

★★★★ "Great program: If generative music composition is your field, this is THE iPad app, and the existence of a desktop version means that the learning curve is rewarded with, not just an app to use on the go, but a viable piece of desktop software too." USA

★★★★★ "Mixtikl: Great fun for a spare 5 minutes or a couple of hours. Works on so many levels." USA

"Love this app, one of my favorites!"


★★★★★ "Really rather good: Needed a synth' in order to keep up with my son's music production ambitions and this one is bloody excellent. Quite complex at first, but over time, becomes very intuitive. With regard to price/performance; I challenge you to find better in this category."


★★★★★ "Composition Hound: Lovely application with terrific interface for the iPhone.... Best go to sleep music I've been able to create...for me, that's really saying something."


★★★★★ "A great app to use!: Love this app because for me it's a break from my other 2 favorite apps Beat Maker 2 and Xenon by way of creating sounds without having to play them out. Instead you adjust knobs and create real cool sounds on a somewhat complex but fun sequincing grid. This app will serve its purpose for me and others if your into ambient music score production, live stage performance, or for chopping and recording into a DAW like what I plan on doing. The best feature of Mixtiki that other music apps should start to utilize is that for Itouch users, whatever knob you want to adjust by touching it there is a crossbar that appears on the bottom which makes adjusting knobs easy for those who have big fingers, like me. 5 Stars and kudos to Intermorphic Ltd for releasing an awesome app. "


★★★★★ "Not just for ambients!: I've been hoping that someone would figure out a way to get something like Csound or Supercollider into iOS, and while this indeed different, Mixtikl is the closest thing to a computer music iOS app available, as far as I know. The app's modular synth/fx network is versatile, and unlike anything else I've seen or heard thus far on iOS. I've been consistently delighted and surprised with the sounds both 'beautiful' and 'ugly' that one can coax out of the thing. Arranging these sounds using the app's integrated generative music component "Noatikl" allows for an amazing amount of flexibility and experimentation, and I believe I'm barely beginning to grasp Noatikl's comprehensiveness."


★★★★★ "ambtastic!: Get the desktop version too. The real power is in making your own partikls."


★★★★★ "Excellent: For the amateur and pro of the mix, essential!"


★★★★★ "I think it will take me a lifetime to master this app - and that's praise, not criticism! :): Yes, this app is complex - packed with features, configurable to the extreme, and, at times, a little confusing. BUT... it is extremely simple to start generating music, and then start discovering its subtleties. Quite simply, I don't think I'll ever grow bored with Mixtikl. "


★★★★★ " Surprising update frequency: I am amazed how often this is updated. ... I use the macOS version as frequently or moreso than the iPad and frequently move mixes from desktop to iPad to iPod and back again. ... One of my favorite synth tools - period regardless of platform. "


★★★★★ " Amazing App: By far one of my favorite apps, bringing the mixing of my daw to my iPod with generative capabilities that my daw doesn't have. The Twitter function is so amazing that you can connect with other users and share right from the app, this is really an app that gets it right. With the new release of v4 there are so many new features, regular updates coming so often it is just gets better and better! "


★★★★★ " V.4 surprise update: This program is an ambient composers delight. For those that don't get it, well I just don't understand how you cannot, but if you are a knob tweaker, or sound designer, look no further. Learn it, live it, love it. "


★★★★★ " Ambient heaven: I've been dreaming of an app like this to create slowly evolving drone music. Simply wonderful. "


★★★★★ " Mixtikl:It is a true inspirational app that allows to focus on sound design and make relaxing nice music. It is magic to have it in the palm of your hand. Moreover the developpers continuously make the app with new nice features... "


★★★★★ "I'm in geek nirvana!: Mixtikl is one of those mind blowing deep apps, serious and seriously fun. It's so great the app store gives developers like this, who obviously love what they do, a platform. Quality. "


★★★★★ "Mixtiki: Just bought this today. I love the sound. As a regular korg ms20 user, which is brilliant, the mixtiki gives me another dimension to develop musical landscapes and simple tunes. Mixtiki is simple and intuitive - in 2 mins i had my first take track finished - And there is so much more to explore. It's a bargain - and I recommend the ims20 as well. "


★★★★★ "Was great before v3 ... Now brilliant!: If you have any interest in generative music this is a no-brainer, I can lose myself for hours in it. Each update has improved the UI and given the complexity it's pretty easy to understand. This is my most used music app by far and I've got a few ... "


★★★★★ "Sensational: " Having been a fan of ambient and generative music for over 30 years, I felt a burning desire to create like the masters; Eno, Budd, Shultze and the like. And then came Mixtikl... After 20 minutes of composition and playing around, I wept... This is without a doubt the most soulful, simple, sensational piece of software I have seen. I immediately purchased all of the extra paks. There is a technical learning curve to get the most out of it's interconnectivity, but having said that a child could start using it almost as soon as the download finishes. Any usage difficulties are but a small inconvenience compared to the spectacular soundscapes it can achieve with a minimum of fuss. If you like making nice sounds, or want to score a movie, or just about anything in between; this is an excellent place to start. I must stop here as I have to go back to playing with mixtikl...


★★★★★ "Great!: Easy to use and great results so far, recommended especially for anyone who has an interest in experimental and generative music. The creators have spent years developing the software and ideas behind this app and it really shows. "


★★★★★ "Glorious: I haven't even begun to scratch the surface in realising the full potential of this and have already been overjoyed with the results. Buy it without hesitation "


★★★★★ "Great app: I've been using this app on and off since its original release for iPhone, and I must say the developers must be praised for the continued effort to improve the app... Overall five stars for managing to balance the best of both worlds and for supporting the app and improving it so often! "


★★★★★ "my favorite application for musical idea generation!: Mixtikl alone justifies the purchase of my IPad."


★★★★★ "lovely I simply adore this app. It's really the music creation app i have been looking for all my life!!! "


★★★★★ "Magical! After 2 weeks, I'm still trying to figure out how this app works. But I'm not frustrated: I'm enchanted. This is an amazing achievement in code. Thank you! "


★★★★★ "Mixtikl, just got better...Again! For me Mixtikl is indispensable. Its loaded with possibilities, and the developer support is outstanding! The library of loops it started with are great for me as an ambient electronic recording artist. I mangle them pretty good, and they make for excellent additions to my compositions. "


★★★★★ "Absolutely awesome, but... This is a must have for songwriters and is the secret weapon in my arsenal. Would give this app 10 stars if it was allowed. Buy this app. "


★★★★★ "The best app of its kind. I'm a musician and i own several apps of this kind, but Mixtikl is the best. "


★★★★★ "Just. Buy. It.: In my first Mixtikl review, I spent a while scratching my head. Not any more. This new release is just fantastic. Tim and Pete have done themselves proud. Now you get out there and discover this piece of genius for yourselves. "


★★★★★ "Best App I own: I like this to the extent that I also purchased this Generative Music app for my MacBook. I am a professional composer/musician and this is a serious musical app. This app is not only simple, elegant and intuitive but also versatile and deep. Importantly, the developers are good people to deal with and interested in the needs of their customers. 1 happy customer."


★★★★★ "This one really is the real thing: I have to save my money and not keep buying other music apps. This one really is the only one I'm getting truly 'musical' results from. Get this one. Believe me, I've done the research. "


★★★★★ "Inspired Ambient and Generative Music App: For creating ambient landscapes or manipulating loops to create atmospheres, there isn't an application that can compare to Mixtikl. The bonus is that it's very easy to get started. It also has enough depth that'll let you customize and morph pieces in a multitude of ways."


★★★★★"Get This!: Great app! appreciate all the updates! "

downloaded1 - USA

★★★★★ " Unique music generator !: In my top 10 of music apps for iPad. Get it , sit back, and float away."


★★★★ " Great App For Ambient 'Scapes : I can't say enough good things about the sounds that come out of this apparently simple App. I've been following this company since the days of their Koan software (used by Brian Eno), and I have enjoyed fooling around with Noatikl, their generative music program. But Mixtikl is another planet."


★★★★★ "Magical,Creative......FUN!: This app. is just fantastic.I've been playing around with it for a little while now,and each time I do,it reveals another hidden layer. "


★★★★★ "Fantastic with new update: At the current price, it is a steal. Buy this app! "


★★★★★ "A different kind of music app: Way too cool! One can generate some incredibly relaxing mood music with this app. Lots of effects and mixing options really add to it. Very Eno-ish. "


★★★★★ "Extraordinary little app: A lot of fun and within a minute you can have your own generative music compositions running. No musical training or ability is required. "


★★★★ "So many possibilities : I've downloaded more music apps then I care to admit, but this one blew me away. There is a world of ambient possibilities at your fingertips. Still not as simple as something like Bloom, but far, far more versatile."


★★★★★ "And I thought it couldn't get better... : I have started teaching my friends and we all love it. All for absolutely free! I reccomend this app to anyone regardless of their skill in music. My thanks to you guys at Intermorphic."


★★★★★ "All Brian Eno : If you thought that the programs produced by Eno as Bloom were the best, you have not tried this yet!"


★★★★★ "Very Good: Fun and functional. Worthwhile."


★★★★★ "A little confusing, but once you know how, it: The best part is that "songs" can be composed in 140-character twitter messages, so there's always a zillion of them available. Just surf, listen, save. "


★★★★★ "SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!!: I have bought literally dozens of music applications from this site and consider "MIXTIKL" head and shoulders the BEST!!!!! BREAKING NEWS! Now with the MASSIVE upgrade, they've done the near impossible, by improving on the near PERFECT!!!!!!" "a veritable JOY to work with! TOP marks to the brothers for this MASTERPIECE!"


★★★★★ "Great! : Great app, very original.", "Definitely worth the money."


★★★★★ "Give yourself some time: The beauty of this program is that is becomes more usable and playable the more you delve into it. If you are at all creative, and dont mind taking a more hands on, yet hands off approach to your music, then this is definitely the program for you."


★★★★★ "i love this thing : Amazing sounds and versatility."


★★★★★ "Get some awe : I`ve just experienced lost time using Mixtikl on iPod, so I`d rate it as equally vast and deep. Mixtikl is a work of art in progress you need to stay with, and enjoy the updates as and when they arrive. You can make wondrous sounds very quickly with Mixtikl, then find yourself immersed in maximal complexity and sail past your tube stop."


★★★★★ "Great!: This app is fantastic! If you're familiar with music creation software you'll be making sublime ambient music within minutes."

★★★★★ "great work!: These guys respond quickly. Great work from Pete, et al."


Key features

  • Total of 48 independent content cells in 12 tracks for mixing/cell sequencing + hundreds of customisable generative music templates ("parts") and a range of FX presets
  • Integral "Partikl" ("PSE") SF2/DLS MIDI & modular synth with 6 high quality SF2 files (Drums, Piano, E-Piano, Guitar, Synths, E-Perc), 2 DLS files (General MIDI, NT2MT6), a range of Tone Generators, FX units (Chorus, Reverb, Filter, Distortion, ODrive, Delay, EQ, Compressor, Amp) and FX control units
  • Mix in your own / 3rd party WAV & Ogg audio loops (not included, but we have some free loop-including Tiklpaks)
  • Transfer in/out loops, Paks, recordings (see supported Content Types) & mixes via iTunes App File Sharing* and iCloud* (mixes only)
  • Transfer in/out loops, Paks, recordings (see supported Content Types) & mixes via Mac Finder / Windows Explorer **
  • Play & record (live or mixdown) at up to CD quality
  • Edit / customise generative rules & sound networks; adjust mix tempo/root
  • Add in pieces you've created with Noatikl (not included)
  • Tap-play mode for interesting generative ambient performances
  • Make & use mic audio recordings (internal or external mic required)
  • MIDI out via CoreMIDI / Virtual MIDI (so you can drive external synths)[iOS version only]
  • Support for Inter-App Audio, Audiobus 2, Retronyms AudioCopy & AudioPaste [iOS version only]
  • Auto time stretch & pitch shift Tiklpak content, plus change mix tempo & root settings
  • Make mic audio recordings for use in local mixes (ext mic required if no internal mic)***
  • Email your music mix files****

* iOS version only and via Retronyms AudioCopy/AudioPaste, iTunes App File Sharing and iCloud (mix files only).

** Mac/Windows/Android versions only.

*** Mac/Windows/iOS versions only.

**** For content to be heard in emailed mixes it must be Mixtikl included content or a customisation thereof, and/or from an add-on Intermorphic Tiklpak that is installed on the listeners device.

Included Content & Examples

Below are 1 minute (medium quality) MP3 recordings.

IM Pak Content Mix Recordings
Ambiences 12 gen 'parts'
Arps 16 gen 'parts'
BellsGlasses 15 gen 'parts'
Drones 18 gen 'parts'
MelodicPads 15 gen 'parts'
Melodics 18 gen 'parts'
Strings 8 gen 'parts'
Weirdness 7 gen 'parts'
Windharp 7 gen 'parts'
IM Pak Content Mix Recordings
GenMix1 29 gen 'parts'
GenMix2 23 gen 'parts'
GenMix3 27 gen 'parts'
GenMix4 23 gen 'parts'
GenMix5 12 gen 'parts'
GenMix6 25 gen 'parts'
GenMix7 25 gen 'parts'
DroneMaker 1 32 gen 'parts'
BellsMetalsArps 39 gen 'parts'
Generative Drums 1 (MIDI) 25 gen 'parts'
Generative Drums 2 (MIDI) 25 gen 'parts'
Generative Elements 1 (MIDI) 25 gen 'parts'
Generative Drums 1 OWt 24 gen 'parts'
Generative Drums 2 OWt 25 gen 'parts'
Generative Elements 1 Synth 25 gen 'parts'

Recordings Made by Others


Below are a couple of short videos of Mixtikl 7 for iPad. The general principles are exactly the same for Mixtikl for Desktop.

In the first we add 3 new templates to a mix, change a Wavetable patch, pitch and volume, change track pan/volume and then use tap play to add some live sounds. In the second, we show live mixing; adding a pattern and using / editing a sound preset; adding 2 loops; tap play; live recording & preview; export the generative piece from a content cell to clipboard and import into Wotja, then tweet!

Getting Started on iPad (1 min)

Live mixing with generative music & loops (4 mins)

Written Tutorials

Other Videos

Subject Link
General Intermorphic Channel
All Intermorphic videos


Mark Harrop Channels
All Mark Harrop videos, which include a number related to Mixtikl



Adding a loop in Mixtikl 6
Retronyms AudioCopy / Loopmasters



Archive (Software, PDF)

Mixtikl was retired in 2017 and is no longer supported or available. Download links to archive versions have now also gone as that was now some time ago. Wotja is the evolutionary path forward for Mixtikl users and the Wotja app can do much more.

See the following:

Mixtikl PDF Archive

Mixtikl MT Version [Doc Rev] / Date / Size
English 7.2.4 - 10 Mar 17[1.35Mb]
English V6.3.1 B / Sept 10 2015 [1.57Mb]
English V5.5.6 D / 9 June 2014 [1.72Mb]


The future for Mixtikl is Wotja - get it now!

IMPORTANT: Mac/Win Desktop Audio Plugins (AUi/VSTi):

  • The Plugins were made available "As is" and are 64-bit (only). We test only with Logic / Reaper (Mac) and Reaper (Windows). We have been informed they do not work in Sonar but they should run fine in other DAW hosts.

Mixtikl 7 Windows PC Requirements (Desktop Standalone/Audio Plugin):

  • 64-bit Windows 10; 100 MB hard disk space, 512MB RAM.
  • VST Plugin (VSTi): The Product Key to unlock this was included when purchasing a licence for Mixtikl 7 Desktop Standalone for Windows. Requires a VST host configured for 64-bit operation. Note: The Plug-in does not work in Sonar.
  • The software downloads linked to above are 30 day Trial Versions. They require restarting every 5 minutes until you have entered the relevant Product Key.

Mixtikl 7 Android device requirements:

  • Android 4.0.3 or later; reasonably powerful device.
    • Mixtikl AZ (Android [Amazon Appstore]): Full product.
    • Mixtikl GP (Android [GooglePlay]): Ad-supported FULL PRODUCT. If you want a version with no ads and/or to use offline or in background audio mode, then get Mixtikl AZ from the Amazon Appstore.

Mixtikl 7 Mac macOS PC Requirements (Desktop Standalone/Audio Plugin):

  • 64-bit macOS 10.9 or later; 100 MB hard disk space, 512MB RAM; Please note that Noatikl runs as a 64-bit application only.
  • Audio Unit Plugin (AUi): Provided "As is" and free for customers who purchase or who have purchased Mixtikl at the Mac App Store. This is not a trial version and activation requires installation of Mixtikl 7. See installation instructions. Requires an AU host configured for 64-bit operation.

Mixtikl 7 iOS Device Requirements:

  • iOS 8.1+ or later; iPhone, iPod touch, iPad. Mixtikl for iOS is a universal binary and supports standard and retinal displays for iPhone and iPad. Mic recordings require external microphone if no internal microphone available.
  • Note: There will be no further updates for Mixtikl 7 for iOS.

Mixtikl 6 Windows Desktop Standalone & VSTi Audio Plug-in:

  • 64-bit/32-bit Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, 8

Mixtikl 6 macOS Desktop Standalone & AUi Plug-in:

  • 64-bit Mac OSX 10.7+

Mixtikl 6 iOS Requirements:

  • iOS 8.1+

Mixtikl 5 Windows Desktop Standalone & VSTi Audio Plug-in:

  • 64-bit/32-bit Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, 8

Mixtikl 5 macOS Desktop Standalone & AUi Plug-in:

  • 64-bit Mac OSX 10.7+

Mixtikl 4 macOS Desktop Standalone & Audio Plug-ins (AUi/VSTi):

  • 32-bit Intel Mac OSX 10.5+

FAQ - Mixtikl


Mixtikl 7 is no longer available for sale and there will be no Mixtikl 8; there will be no further Mixtikl 7 updates, either, sorry.

Get Wotja instead which can open and play both Mixtikl and Noatikl files. Wotja is the worthy successsor to Mixtikl and is the one app/brand we will be taking forwards and giving all our development focus to.



Mixtikl 7 apps for mobile and desktop were released November 2015 and many updates followed.

In 2017, however, we took a tough decision that in order to secure a future for a forward looking app that can play Mixtikl files - Wotja - all app development work needed to move to that. All development on Mixtikl therefore ceased.

If you could do something in Mixtikl 7 then you can generally do it (and a lot more besides) in Wotja.

What was Mixtikl?

It was a generative music and loop mixing tool branded "Mixtikl".

It principally comprised a set of user interfaces (UI) to both an integrated generative music engine (NME 3) and sound engine (PSE 3) and that let you export files (.mixtikl and .noatikl files).

Although Mixtikl 7 is now efectively frozen we expect current builds should continue to work just fine for a long time (it always remains possible that future OS or 3rd Party software changes might cause issues, however).

See the following FAQ entry: Exporting from Mixtikl.

What is Wotja?

Wotja is the consolidation of Noatikl, Mixtikl, Liptikl and Tiklbox into one more powerful app, branded Wotja. It can load and open content created by them and is the path forward for them. It includes new features and content, too.

As with the apps above, it comprises a set of user interfaces (UI) to both our latest generation integrated generative music engine (IME) and sound engine (ISE) and it lets you export files (.wotja / .wotjabox / .noatikl / .mixtikl).

See the following FAQ entry: Exporting from Wotja.

We are in no way abandoning the technologies and capabilities that were in the Mixtikl branded apps, but on all platforms their future now lies in our new app branded Wotja.

See also this FAQ - Why the big changes with Wotja?.

Wotja is our new Generative Music System. It is a good deal more powerful than Mixtikl and does a lot more, too. See below.

Selected New App Features / Capabilities in Wotja (not in Noatikl 3, Mixtikl 7, Liptikl 2):

Note: See below the Wotja 5 Feature Comparison table which shows how, by version 5, Wotja already included much of the best of Noatikl 3, Mixtikl 7, Liptikl 2 and Tiklbox. It has moved forward a lot since then, too, and continues to do so.

  • Wotja 19: Flow Player Mode
    • An easy way to generate a succession of randomly generated mixes where Randomization Presets (new, below) make it easy to change what is created.
  • Wotja 19: Intermorphic Wotja Script
    • Allows programmatic control over the IME parameters and is useful for using Wotja as a hyperinstrument.
  • Wotja 19: Randomization Schemes
    • An easy way to quickly select different sets of Randomization settings e.g. Templates.
  • Wotja 19: 'Flow Segment' in Documents screen
  • Wotja 19: "Wotja Go" player apps for Apple TV and Fire TV/Android TV
  • Wotja 19: Multitasking support (Split View / Slide Over) in all Wotja apps on iPad
    • Makes it easy to work with two apps on screen
  • Wotja 19: Chinese and Japanese localizations (except in Mix Editing Mode)
    • Makes Wotja easier to use for Chinese and Japanese users.
  • Wotja 19: The latest Intermorphic Music Engine (IME), Intermorphic Sound Engine (ISE) and Intermorphic Text Engines
  • Wotja 5/19: 5 New Template Paks
    • Wotja includes the new 'TTM Players 1' Template Pak which uses 'Text to Music' to generate melodies, as well as the BP1, BP2, BP3 and (WJ19) BP4 Backings Template Paks. The gorgeous templates in these paks can be previewed in the Wotja template list.
  • Wotja 5/19: More Randomization options
    • To allow more control over the content you mix together in randomly generated mixes in Wotja 19 we have both expanded the granularity of randomization options available, e.g. Template list tagging (Content) and how/where it can be accessed/deployed in the Mix mode. We have also added a whole new set of Album randomization settings.
  • Wotja 5: Album / Playlist Player
    • This major new feature allows you to create playlists/album of up to 20 mixes that play in sequential or shuffle mode. Playlist was never possible before and it is perfect for installations. Your mixes can be as custom as you want and, of course, use custom SoundFonts (SF2) (see this FAQ) and even WAV/Ogg files (see Paks). This feature is accompanied by two new file formats (.wotjalist, .wotjabox).
  • Wotja 5: Automatic Albums with new mix icons
    • This new facility makes it a snap to create a collection of random new mixes with TTM/cut-up text and colourful icons. This is the fastest way to create/check out new mixes you want to keep and you can export them for later editing/customisation.
  • Wotja 5: Text-to-Music melody generation
    • This is a very powerful feature that we will continue developing and extending. Rather than generating patterns and/or having to deep dive into pattern syntax, you can just now enter some text and have the Text-to-Music parameters create a seed pattern for you; just change the text for a new pattern! There are a raft of parameters to play with to define how the melody is generated, i.e. how many notes to use, how it is phrased, how many times it repeats etc. It is perfect for mix randomization, too as we are able leverage the power of the Intermorphic Text Engine to generate random text that can be used to generate new seed melodies.
  • Wotja 5: Syllables in cut-up rules
    • This makes it possible to now create Haiku and text that has a defined number of syllables (e.g. for lyrics).
New Wotja (IME/ISE) Engine parameters (not in Noatikl 3, Mixtikl 7, Liptikl 2):
Consolidated Features in Wotja (from Noatikl 3, Mixtikl 7, Liptikl 2):
  • See below the Wotja 5 Feature Comparison which shows how Wotja 5 already included the best of Noatikl 3, Mixtikl 7, Liptikl 2 and Tiklbox.
  • Note: On importing into Noatikl 3 or Mixtikl 7 (as relevant) a .noatikl or .mixtikl file exported from Wotja then any new values included in the file are simply ignored. Such new values are not saved to the exported file when those apps resave such an imported file.
Not supported in Wotja:

We want to devote our efforts to working on what we can uniquely do best, and that means recognising that some previous app capabilities are now better done by other tools. Our more focused approach means we can develop, extend and improve Wotja as fast as possible for our niche audience.

Please Note: We have no plans to add support to Wotja for any of the features below.

  • Lua Scripting for specialists [Lua support was only ever in Noatikl for macOS]
    • Instead: In all versions of Wotja we have now implemented support for Intermorphic Wotja Script (ECMAScript AKA JavaScript) for programmatic control of parameters
  • Audio Plugins (VST or Audio Unit)
  • Tap Play (TBD) [was only ever in Mixtikl for macOS/iOS]
  • Use of Audio loops outside of Paks
  • AudioCopy/AudioPaste [was only ever in Mixtikl for iOS]
    • Instead: Try using apps like AudioShare
  • Microphone recording [was only ever in Mixtikl for macOS/iOS]
    • Instead: Do that in your DAW which is much better suited to it!
  • Minor/little used features now deprecated
    • Any Mixtikl visualiser related settings
    • Mixtikl Store/Recall settings
    • Mixtikl Advanced cell settings, i.e. Skip, Silent, Stream, Audio Sample
Wotja V5 Features vs Noatikl 3, Mixtikl 7 and Liptikl
Key Features
Wotja 5 (X)
Wotja 5 (A)
macOS WJX NEW (5.2)
Windows WJX NEW (5.2)
iOS WJX NEW (5.2)
Android (incl. ARM Chromebook) WJX NEW (5.2, 5.8)
Paid-for 'annual' version
FREE versions
(See 'Free Mode')
WJX NEW (5.2)
FREE version with In-App Subscriptions
(See 'Free Mode')
WJ NEW (5.3 - 1 month Unlocked tier)
WJX NEW (5.2 - Unlocked, Long Play (AKA Live Use) tiers
Accessibility [macOS] - WJA NEW (5.12)
ISE Preset Selector WJX NEW (5.11)
ISE Editor Panel WJX NEW (5.10)
UI Colour Scheme (Light/Dark) WJX NEW (5.9); WJA NEW (4.5 [iOS])
Mix Network IME Editor Panel WJX NEW (5.8)
MIDI Transport Control (AKA MIDI Machine Control – MMC) NEW (5.6)
MIDI Clock Sync NEW (5.6)
Mixdown to Video (iOS/macOS) NEW (5.5)
Full Deep Editing (Cut-up) WJX NEW (5.4); NEW (4.13)
Cut-Up Text Editor
(See 'Free Mode')
WJX NEW (5.4); NEW (4.2)
Syllables in Cut-Up Rules
(See 'Free Mode')
WJX NEW (5.4); NEW (4.3)
Cut-Up Rule Editor WJX NEW (5.4); NEW (4.3)
'Sources Only' Cut-up Mode WJX NEW (5.4); NEW (4.3)
Wotja Word Database WJX NEW (5.4); NEW (4.3)
Full Deep Editing (Generative/Sounds) WJX NEW (5.3); WJA NEW (4.13)
8 hour Music Play Time Timeout (MPTT)*
(See 'Free Mode')
NEW (5.2 - Wotja Unlocked)
NEW (5.1 - Wotja 2018)
NEW (5.0 - Free Mode 3 mins)
Auto Albums
(See 'Free Mode')
NEW (5.2 - Fewer Free Mode limitations)
NEW (5.0)
Auto-generated Mix/Album Icons NEW (5.0)
Album Randomisation Settings NEW (5.0)
BP3 Backings Template Pak NEW (5.0)
Use 24-bit WAV files in Paks NEW (4.11)
Single Cell Display Mode NEW (4.10)
BP2 Backings Template Pak NEW (4.9)
Support for Audiobus 3 (audio) [iOS] NEW (4.7)
Make Audio Mixdown Recordings
(See 'Free Mode')
NEW (4.6)
Make MIDI Mixdown Recordings
(See 'Free Mode')
NEW (4.6) (Desktop only)
Album/Playlist Player NEW (4.1)
New Files (.wotja, .wotjabox) NEW (4.1)
Improved slider control NEW (4.1)
Wotja URL (V4) export NEW
2 x IM Albums included (Were $1.99 each)
Hundreds of templates
Save ALL mix cells
(See 'Free Mode')
Export ALL mix cells
(See 'Free Mode')
Multi-channel MIDI Out/In
(See 'Free Mode')
Included Album Player
Sleep Timer
Randomization - New Mix / Cell
Pak List Tagging
Template List Tagging NEW
More Randomisation Options NEW
Text To Music (TTM)
(Use text in ANY language )
Per Voice TTM Composition Params NEW
Up to 12 Tracks
Easy Track Mixing
Easy Voice Mixing NEW
Track Cell Sequencing
Track Rules
Track FX / Mix FX
Mix in Pak OGG/16-bit WAV + MIDI files
Full IME 5 Editors NME 3
Full ISE 5 Editors PSE 3  PSE 3
Background Image NEW
Text/Background Colour NEW
Open Noatikl Files
Save Noatikl 3 Files
Open Mixtikl Files
Export (Legacy) Mixtikl 7 Files
(See 'Free Mode')
Inter-App Audio / AudioBus (2/3) [iOS]
CoreMIDI / Virtual MIDI
Listening Voices
Intermorphic Music Engine 5 Other apps use NME 3
Intermorphic Sound Engine 5 Other apps use PSE 3
UI for better productivity NEW
Apple Watch App - NEW (4.4)
Improved Accessibility [iOS] - NEW
Accessibility [iOS] -
Blend Screen [iOS] - - NT iOS only - new Voice Mix panel
Tap Play - -
Make Mic Recordings - -
Scripting - - (Desktop only)

Wotja is a new app and we sell it only via selected App Stores (Apple, Microsoft, Amazon). That means there is no easy or direct way for us to make it available as an upgrade (paid or free) to customers who purchased Noatikl, Mixtikl or Liptikl. However, fear not! We have continued with our Fullgrade model meaning if you have one of those apps all you need to do is to purchase the version of Wotja that you need for your device and you will know you are getting a good deal. And, Wotja can open your Noatikl, Mixtikl and Liptikl files.

For apps that we are continuing to develop, we do make "upgrades" available - and by "upgrade" we mean a new major version (i.e. Wotja V5 following on from Wotja V4).

However, upgrades are all paid for in one way or another, so we guess what you are probably asking is "how much do they cost?" and "how do I get them?". See our Fullgrade model and our Wotja Download page which provides links to the various App Stores.

No, sorry! We do free updates, not free upgrades. All Mixtikl major versions followed a Fullgrade pricing policy meaning they are already priced as upgrades. Mixtikl has now evolved to Wotja and there is no free upgrade to Wotja.

Mixtikl 7 for Desktop: If you want to use any of the new features in Mixtikl 7 then just purchase a licence for the new version before it is removed from sale in April 2018. Don't delay, as when it is gone, it is gone. That said, we think you will find Wotja to be a worthy successor.

Noatikl 2: Looking for the latest version of Mixtikl 6 (2.3.8)? See here for links.

NEW: Now that Wotja is available, see also the difference between Mixtikl 7 and Wotja.

Mixtikl 7 and Noatikl 3 are tightly integrated but cover different areas. Wotja/Wotja X includes many of the best aspects of both and are the future for our generative music apps.

Here are some of the main differences:

  • Mixtikl Generative Music & Loop Mixer:
    • Summary: A powerful but easy-to-use generative music and loop mixer app that lets you get quick results.
    • A cell sequencer/arranger primarily aimed at allowing users to easily mix together generative templates / pieces and then change track volume and pan settings - this can make it a snap to create and mix something new.
    • Has support for mix and cell randomisation - makes it quick and easy to try out new combinations of templates.
    • Includes support for using audio loops - useful for creating EDM/IDM or where you just want to mix in other recorded sounds.
    • Includes support for making and using mic recordings - useful for where you just want to mix in other recorded sounds (iOS/macOS/Win only).
    • Includes a basic "drill down" UI for editing of generative music parameters, but not allow editing of the generator network itself.
    • Content cell templates can be exported for further editing in Noatikl or Wotja/Wotja X.
    • Allows MIDI recordings, and with options support for MIDI out (iOS only).
    • What it doesn't support: scripting; merging of templates; editing of generator networks; blending mode; easy generative music parameter editing.
  • Noatikl Generative Music Composer:
    • Summary: A handy composition tool for editing NME generative music parameters and generator networks.
    • Has a user interface primarily aimed at easy creation, design or editing of generator networks and custom generative music pieces/templates.
    • Provides a table view for all generators with easy access to all of the NME's generative music parameters - makes it easier to get things working the way you want.
    • Allows merging together of generative pieces.
    • Supports MIDI in/out so it can be used as a controller of external MIDI synths, but does not support use of audio loops or cell sequencing.
    • Features a blend screen for quite blending of piece volume and pan (iOS only).
    • Pieces created in Noatikl can be exported and then imported into Mixtikl or Wotja/Wotja X.
    • Allows use of Lua scripting and Listening voices so that you can explore your own hyperinstrument (Desktop version only).
    • What it doesn't support: audio loops; content cells; arrangement (except via envelopes); randomisation.

In general you own the rights to recordings you make and can use them commercially provided that you comply with the terms in our End User Licence Agreement (EULA) AND you observe the following (refer also to the Important Notes section at the end).

Tip: See this FAQ entry - How do I find and change any 'patterns' used in a mix?

  • Use only purely generative templates (i.e. those using Rhythmic, Ambient or Repeat Voicetypes to generate notes, or which are followed by Follows voices) from either the included Intermorphic Generative Paks (modified or not by you) or generative content that you have created yourself from scratch from an IME Voicetype template.
  • If you do choose to use templates that utilise B type IME (NME) Patterns then:
    • You MUST change those patterns (see Important Notes, below) and it is your responsibility to ensure that the patterns you use do not infringe the rights of any 3rd parties (e.g. ensure you do not use melodies owned by others).
  • If you do choose to use a Text-to-Music (TTM) template and/or there is text in the TTM Text Editor field and the TTM "Enabled" parameter is set to on, then:
    • Be aware that the text you enter generates a B type melodic pattern (i.e. the seed pattern - see Important Notes, below). If you feel the melody has been created essentially at random (i.e. you have not tried in any way to reverse engineer the TTM algorithm or channel its results) then you may feel that melody has been generated at random and so has not been "copied". However, it is still your responsibility to ensure that the generated melody does not infringe the rights of any 3rd parties (e.g. ensure you do not use melodies owned by others).
  • In your mix you use only content that you own the rights to (e.g. your own WAVs, SF2, MIDI files and/or Noatikl / Mixtikl / Wotja files and/or ISE (PSE) Sounds Designs) or you have secured permission to use for your purposes.
  • With respect to recordings you make where you are using Wotja MIDI Output to drive 3rd party synth(s) ensure that that you have the necessary rights to record those synths.
  • With respect to recordings made of mixes using or featuring content from the FREE Paks (i.e. AL Collections 1-3, Morphing Drum + Bass which include content we licence from a 3rd party), then you will also need to comply with the Intermorphic Pak EULA and pay particular attention to the clause in relevant licence for those Paks:
    • "You may mix together content from the Pak, modify Template parameter settings, and combine content from the Pak with other content over which you have the requisite rights, in order to create your own Noatikl, Mixtikl, Wotja or Partikl files (variously "Files"), IM Software Music URLs (variously "Music URLs") and audio or MIDI mix recordings (variously "New Content"). You are free to distribute the New Content provided (i) the New Content constitutes an original work (ii) you have the necessary distribution rights in any third party content (iii) any Music URLs you self-publish or distribute in any way comply with the Intermorphic Website Terms of Service ( and (iv) individual sound samples are not used in isolation." and "You may not use content from the Pak to create music libraries for distribution to third parties and you may not modify any included 3rd party sound samples."

      With respect to the Paks above, if you are wanting to create music libraries of any kind, then you would not be licenced to do that. Similarly, if any of the sound samples are used in isolation (i.e. not mixed against another sample playing at the same time), then you would not be licenced to do that.

      If you also include other content in your mix then you will only own the recordings if you definitely have the necessary rights and comply with any licencing terms for that additional content.

  • For use of content in the included Intermorphic Paks refer to the Intermorphic Pak EULA.
  • In all recordings you must ensure you comply with the terms for use of the IM Wavetable(s) (See Intermorphic EULA, noting clause 5 concerning "Intermorphic Wavetable" which applies to all included Intermorphic SF2/DLS wavetables).
  • When you make the audio or MIDI recording(s) that you want to use Commercially make sure you have (as relevant) an active subscription or have purchased a valid licence to use the app as full product (e.g. including In-App purchase in an older Freemium version).
  • Please be aware that Educational versions may not be used for commercial or business purposes.
Important Notes:
  • Please note that we cannot give any legal interpretations of our End User Licence Agreement (EULA) or of Intellectual Property law pertaining e.g. to copyright (*we are not lawyers*). At the end of the day, be sensible: respect the rights of 3rd parties, comply with their licence terms and use a validly licenced version to make the recordings. If you do feel you need an interpretation you will need to ask a lawyer!
  • Content of a purely generative nature is created randomly - but remember, B type IME (NME) Patterns are NOT generative (and many of the included templates use B type Patterns). In something you want to record, then for the contents of every Content Cell in your mix/piece check EVERRY voice and for those that use a B type Pattern modify the Pattern so that it does not use a B type or to use your own pattern. See this FAQ entry - How do I find and change any 'patterns' used in a mix?.
    • There are different types of Patterns. B type patterns contain information on both pitch and duration whereas R type patterns define only note durations leaving the engine choose the note pitches at random (these can also be used for beat patterns, too).
    • If you have to use B type patterns then you MUST use your own patterns and it is up to you to ensure they do not infringe someone's melody. Even though you can apply a mutation factor to a B type pattern it always starts with the pattern and we do NOT recommend relying on this technique. For those reasons we instead recommend using R type patterns. Alternatively, change the voice type to be a generative voice type such as Rhythmic or Ambient (this will also change how the music is composed, however).
    • Tip: There are other generative strategies such as using a Following Voice to follow a Pattern voice. The Following voice MUST use a Chordal Harmony rule with associated Scale rule with a few elements. Set the volume of the Pattern voice to zero and all you should then hear is the Following voice, which might be OK for an audio recording. Note that MIDI recordings will still capture the Pattern voice, however.
  • Remember that melody patterns generated by TTM [Text to Music] are also IME (NME) Patterns (as above). Although TTM generated melodies are created from text (characters) that you enter, a specific sequence of characters will in general result in the same melody as it is built up one note at a time from that sequence of characters. If you do not know how the TTM algorithm works then when you enter text the melody that is generated may seem to you to be generated at random. However, if you did know and used that knowledge to "channel it" then the melody would not be generated random. So, be careful and see the next paragraph.
  • Even generatively created content has the potential to end up as a tune that a 3rd party might claim ownership of - so always be careful. Remember, we make creativity tools.
  • If another party's IP is included in your recording (e.g. WAV, SF2, MIDI files etc.) then, as they own that content, you have to comply with their licences terms for the use of that content. If you use someone else's Noatikl / Mixtikl / Wotja files or ISE (PSE) Sound Designs then you should seek from them the necessary permissions or licences. In any event, if you use 3rd party content in your recordings then you will only own the recordings if you definitely have the necessary rights and comply with any licencing terms for that additional content.

Of course you do not need to attribute Intermorphic! If you wish to, though, then please do!

Please note, though, that Educational versions may not be used for commercial or business purposes. Please also ensure you comply with the licence terms for any IM Pak and/or 3rd party content you use in your recordings.

Yes, you may, but see here for further details.


General comment: For Mixtikl 7 / Noatikl 3 the Partikl Sound Engine (PSE) Sound Units (Wavetable, Tone, DSynth, Particle) now run in stereo. In Mixtikl 6 / Noatikl 2 and earlier these units ran in mono, even though the PSE FX Units worked in stereo. Running the Sound Units in stereo does place a higher load on the processor, however, it greatly improves the sounds that the PSE can generate so it was an essential change we had to make.

You can get performance issues if the processor in your device is trying to do more that it can handle, and there are a number of possible reasons for this when it comes to using Mixtikl. However, before we look at those, there are some general things to check / note first when it comes to conserving processor cycles so that the app can use the maximum processor power available:

  • Use latest OS version: Ensure your device is using the latest OS update available for it.
  • Power cycle your device: This just ensures there is nothing running you don't expect to be running.
  • Other running apps: Although mobile OS are good at managing app usage these days, it might well be worth closing all other running apps.
  • InterApp Audio / Audiobus: Use of these takes up processing cycles, so try working without these on (at least until you have found an approach that works for you).
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular data: Use of these takes up processing cycles, so try turning these off. Why not try temporarily putting your devive into Airplane mode?
  • Don't run Mixtikl backgrounded: There are less processor cycles available to the app when backgrounded.
  • Cable connection to computer: If your device syncs, that, too, can use processor cycles, so try using it without a computer connection (but charging it from a USB charging point is fine).

Try these (in order):

  1. Audio Output Setting: The Mixtikl 7 default audio output is 44Khz stereo, whereas Mixtikl 5 / 6 defaulted to 22Khz stereo. We changed it simply as the audio output sounds nicer at 44Khz stereo, and devices have got more powerful in the last couple of years. However, runnning at 44Khz stereo places a higher load on the processor. If you are having performance issues, this is the first thing to try changing.
    • Solution: Try setting Audio Output to 32Khz Stereo or even 22Khz Stereo. Mixtikl Menu > Settings > Audio Output.
    • Note: Even if you set the Audio Output to 22Khz stereo, you will still be able to save Mixdown recordings at 44Khz stereo.
  2. Airplay: Airplay uses processing power to stream the audio, so if you are having performance issues please first ensure this is off.
  3. Templates/Content: To make the new templates sound really great they take advantage of the stereo sound unit capability (above) in the PSE. Some templates feature synth (and generator) networks are really quite complex, too, meaning they will use more processor cycles. The processor useage therefore greatly depends on the templates/content being used which means that some of the demo mixes will take up more processor cycles than others.
    • Solution: Either use fewer templates in a mix so there is less sound to generate (the cool Demo mixes use just 3 templates!), use less complex sound generators (such as templates that have a sound network primarily based on Wavetable units), or look to remove some FX units that are used in a template (you can do this via the Synth Network Editor).
    • Solution: Clear out any tap play content cells (generally found in track 12) as, even if you are not using tap play, these can still add to processor load.
  4. Track and Global FX: The new templates are generally sonically richer than Mixtikl 6 templates and most use a reverb and other FX in the template itself. This means you are unlikely to need Track or Global FX in mixes created from them (except in special cases).
    • Solution: Firstly try removing any Track FX and Global FX you have used, as you probably do not need them.
    • Solution: Secondly, try removing FX from the templates themselves (e.g. reverb, as that is a heavy hitter), and then add it back as a mix Global FX. Example: Copy one template's FX network to the the clipboard (FX Network Editor > bottom right Action button > Export to clipboard) and then pasting it into the mix Global FX (FX Network Editor > bottom right Action button > Import from clipboard) and then remove the FX from each Content Cell Voice's FX Network. This may change how the mix sounds quite a bit, so may require some experimentation.
  5. Creating new, random mixes: Because of the Mixtikl 7 template richness (above), you do not need many when creating a new, random mix.
    • Solution: Ensure that "Tracks" is set to 3 or less (you can have cells in each of these tracks containing content, as a track can only play one cell at a time. Mixtikl Menu > New > Settings.
  6. Use some older content, too: Because of the Mixtikl 7 template richness (above), you do not need many when creating a new, random mix. However, we still include the older Mixtikl 6 content which in general has less of a processing hit, so you might want to try sprinkling some of that in.
  7. Your Device....: We put this at the very of this list because we know only too well that money does not grow on trees and powerful mobile devices are very expensive. :( But, the device you are using is also a factor to keep in mind. How our app sounds is very important and, to keep moving forwards, we have to to take advantage of new capabilities and device power - we do this very carefully though. Unfortunately, sound generation and sound processing is a heavy hitter, and, moving to stereo sound units (see PSE comment, above) is just something we had to do...
    • Solution: If your funds allow, it might be worth at some point checking out a more powerful device.

By default we hide the older Mixtikl 6 paks/templates simply as the new Mixtikl 7 templates are so good! They are included, however, and it is easy to display them. Simply go to Menu > Settings and check the box that says "Show Mixtikl 6 Content". Once you have done that, the older paks/templates and demo mixes will show up in a dark grey colour in the expected places.

You can download a zip of the mixes here: Mixtikl 7 Demo Mixes.

Desktop: Unzip this in your Mixtikl iCloud folder or the Intermorphic folder. Mobile: Transfer it to Mixtikl using Use iTunes App File Sharing. Then restart Mixtikl. You should then see them with File > Open.

These are not included in Mixtikl 7 as we now have a new set of gorgeous sound presets and templates (you can also export favourite presets from these, too). But we are making them available if you want them; see below.

Tip: You see the TG Preset list from the Network Editor screen and when you then select the "Open" [Desktop] or "Action" [Mobile] buttons. Once the file below is copied to the right place, you may need to restart the app for the Presets to be displayed.

Mixtikl Desktop / Android version: Download a zip of the TG presets and place that in the Intermorphic Folder or zips folder under that.

Mixtikl Mobile version: Download the file above and then refer to Apple's docs on iTunes Apps File Sharing to see how to copy them to your iOS device.

iOS/OSX: In general, you should be able to download the latest version of a purchased app from the "Purchased section" of the relevant App Store as long as we have not removed that app from sale (we will do this for older versions after a changeover period, so as not to confuse people about which version to get). See the Apple information: Download past purchases. Note: You may also wish to refer to App Store related information: Mac App Store; iTunes App Store.

Quick links to the older versions whilst they are still in the stores during our changeover period.

iOS: If the above does not work for some reason (i.e. once the app is removed from sale), then to redownload the old purchased version of Mixtikl 6 iOS the following might work. To re-download to your device, from your iOS device select the following link: try this.

Mixtikl files for Mixtikl 6 or Mixtikl 5 (Full) (5.7.6 or later) are saved in the same way. See here.

Mixtikl files for Mixtikl 5 Full (5.5.7 or earlier) are saved and loaded to/from this folder:


Note: In earlier versions they used to be installed to either of:


NOTE: In your mix, if you use or link to audio files that are not in the IM Tiklpaks (e.g. perhaps your own sample loops or recordings), then you must also move those loops to the above folder and relink from there. Sorry, but this is all to do with the Apple sandbox requirement. Everything used by an app has to be within its sandbox.

Important: Before deleting Mixtikl, always backup your mixes and recordings (and it is always a good idea to sync backup with iTunes, too). See: Installing Content - B) Copy / Transfer files & zips FROM your device to PC / Mac

(Recommended) You can copy them off your device. See full instructions here.

You can also attach them to an email or export to clipboard and email them to yourself (so you can later open them again).

It is very easy! Launch Mixtikl, and from the Menu screen (if you are in the mixer screen press the top left Menu tab) select the New button. From the list that pops up choose one of the installed Paks (e.g. GenMix 1) and then select New Random from the next list. Mixtikl will create a new mix for you, which you can tweak further by tapping the various cells. See the Mixtikl Video Tutorials for more help!

The processors in mobile devices are getting faster all the time. For example, Gen 3 iPod touch devices are not as powerful as Gen 4, which are not as powerful as Gen 5 etc.

Whether or not a mix will play fine on your device generally depends on how much processor power and RAM are required. The key elements to consider here are:

  • Audio output quality setting (doesn't change from mix to mix)
  • Number of modular synth based parts being used
  • Number of FX being used
  • Sheer number of parts playing
  • Amount of RAM being used (esp for audio loops)

You can generally tell when a mix is starting to push your device too hard, as the interface will start to get less responsive and you will get some audio breakup.

Complex Modular synth based voices (e.g. not just simple Wavetable) and FX are the real heavy hitters, so you need to use them carefully in a mix, and not use too many - and the number you can use depends on your device.

Try the demo mixes to see what works for you. If you get audio breakup problems then you are probably better off sticking to 22KHz stereo output (see below) so that most everything plays, and you can always use Mixdown recording to save to 44Khz stereo anything that you want keep keep as a recording.

The performance issue is a difficult one for us, as we don't want to prevent those lucky enough to have e.g. the latest generation iPhone/iPad/iPod touch or PC / Mac from doing the max that is possible (which does come down to RAM and processor). We could have cut Mixtikl down to only 6 tracks and one content cell per track, and only allowed just global FX, but we felt that going for a lowest common denominator then limited the appeal of Mixtikl.

Tips to try:

  • Try the included demo mixes at 16KHz stereo, 22kHz stereo and 44Khz stereo - you can change the audio output setting from Menu > Settings > Audio Output. You should be able to get a feel from the number of voices and FX as to what will work OK in a mix on your device. Audio loops have less effect on the processor, so you can have more of them.
  • Try removing parts from your mix to see if it then plays without breakup:
  • Try removing the mix level FX, and track level FX; and if you have applied any cell level FX, try removing those.
  • Try simplifying any custom sounds if you have used any.
  • Another alternative is to record your mix to an audio file, using Mixdown recording. Whilst this does not happen "live" (so you cannot hear the mix whilst it is recording), you can record the mix at the highest quality mix (e.g. 44Khz stereo). It can take a long time though, especially on older devices.
  • Your last resort is to consider upgrading to a more powerful, later generation Device.

  • Check the Mixtikl audio output is going to where you want it to:
  • Check the volume output settings of your Mac/Win PC or Device (device volume buttons and also see AirPlay above - try also using headphones to make sure you can hear something)
  • Check the Mixtikl Global Volume in the Top Display area is not zero (tap piece time at top and then adjust the pop up slider)
  • Try loading and playing one of the included Demo Mixes (Mixtikl Menu > Open) and then press the Play button.
  • Ensure mix is playing (play/stop button will be orange)
  • Ensure the relevant track rule is set to looping/sequence and not trigger/one shot (which shows as an exclamation mark on the right (col 7)
  • A Content Cell will show as red if the content cannot be found (and so cannot play)
  • Check track is not muted (M column 2)
  • Check another track is not soloed (S in column 2) and the track in question is not also soloed
  • Check track volume is not zero (black bar, column one)
  • If using generative content, sometimes takes a while to play
  • If using FX, check the Wet and Dry settings (try making Dry maximum just to check)

This is likely to do with Mixtikl's Mix Settings having a default setting of "Major" for the mix "Scale Rules". This setting overrides the scale rule setting in any Noatikl file used in the mix and so when you play your mix it might not sound quite as you would expect. You can of course change the mix Scale Rules value to whatever you want it to be, including "Use Cell Rules" (see below).

The reason we use this default "Major" mix Scale Rules setting is simple: You can import a Noatikl file into any content cell and it is possible each such Noatikl file uses a different scale rule. If each cell composes with different scale rules the mix could sound a little unharmonious.

If you do actually want a content cell to use the scale rule in your imported Noatikl piece (rather than the mix overide value you set in Mix Settings), in the Mix Settings screen set Scale Rules to "Use Cell Rules". If you do wish to use "Use Cell Rules" remember that Noatikl pieces in other content cells may be using different scale rules themselves. You many then wish to refer in the Guide to the two Mix Settings checkboxes called "Global Harmony" and "Strict Harmony", as these should help you there.

Yes, Mixtikl is a 12 track mixer that supports use of your own loops, and you can use an FX (e.g. EQ) on each track as well as one FX globally (all subject to device capabilities e.g. processor and memory). Loops must be in WAV or OGG format. For further details see: Using Add on Content and Copying files in/out.

Note: If you want other people to play your mixes then they should NOT reference loops or recordings you have created, imported or are not otherwise available in an Intermorphic Tiklpak. This is because other people will not have or be able to have access to that loop/recording on their device, and so will not be able to hear it! However, you could make and share your own Pak of loops/recordings - that is up to you!

These are saved to the "Intermorphic Folder",see here.

Mixtikl supports audio loops in WAV or Ogg format. There are 2 ways you can get loops into Mixtikl (Note: Mixtikl Desktop does not support loop importing via the clipboard):

  1. iOS Device: Via another 3rd party App on an iOS Device that supports Retronyms AudioCopy/AudioPaste or Apple General Pasteboard (most iDevice music apps support one or the other these days). 3rd party Apps generally only support WAV loops at the moment, though.
  2. Via File Transfer to the Device or copying the loops to the right directory on your PC. See here.

You can also create zip files of audio loops, and set them up as paks so that they will be auto pitch shifted/timestretched when you use them in a mix (via the Content Cell). See: Mixtikl Pak Maker User Guide. These paks can be imported via the route in 2 above.

Mixtikl includes integral audio loop time stretch / pitch shift ("stretch") algorithms. These allow you to change the root a tempo of a mix that uses loops. The algorithms are not lossless or artifact-free but they work fairly well.

When you import a loop from the clipboard into Mixtikl then it will make a guess as to the root and tempo of the loop and stretch that loop so that it fits the tempo and root of the mix. Note that Mixtikl does NOT compress the loops it imports, so any noise or artifacts you hear will be as a result of stretching process (and they will be worse the more stretching it has to do).

So, for optimum results when using imported loops, always try to make sure they are at the same tempo as your mix, and at the same root. However, they don't have to be if you don't mind them being stretched on import.

When you have placed loops on the clipboard and imported them via Mixtikl Menu > Import menu, then after the import has happened you are presented with the "Imported File Meta info" screen (See: Mixtikl Import). This is where you tell Mixikl about the root, time signature, tempo and (bars) loop length of the loop. It is verty important that you enter the correct values as Mixtikl will use these settings to determine what stretching (if any) is done.

When the processor is overloaded the UI can get become slow (slower than normal), and the biggest impact on that is use of FX and of DSynth, TG and Particle generated voices (as opposed to Wavetable). As they are the heavy hitters, then you need to use them carefully in a mix, and not use too many - and the number you can use depends on your device.

Whether or not it would appeal, depends on to what end you're using Noatikl; and to what end you'd *like* to use Mixtikl.

Mixtikl includes a Noatikl music engine. But it adds a lot to the Noatikl party. It lets you work more quickly with generative music, by focusing on higher-level issues, without focusing as much on the process of setting-up generative rules and parameters.

In Mixtikl, you're taking pre-authored Noatikl content that has pre-attached sounds (and maybe audio loops!), tweaking sound FX in real-time, and throwing them all together into a generative melting pot. Mixtikl's version of the Noatikl engine combines the composition process for all ongoing internal Noatikl pieces, to give a single unified generative output stream - an *audio* stream - where everything "just works".

Of course, you can also pull-in your *own* Noatikl content, attach sounds (using Mixtikl's built-in PSE synth), and have a blast mixing-up your own custom Noatikl content with the Mixtikl-included generative content (which is the same as in Noatikl incidentally).

You can also use Mixtikl to create audio recordings.

Yes, see here for the current range of Tiklpaks.

Mixtikl does not currently allow direct upload of recordings to SoundCloud. However, you can get Mixtikl mix recordings onto SoundCloud via another app that supports copy / paste as well as uploading to SoundCloud (iOS: see Retronyms AudioCopy App).

One app that can do that is MultiTrack DAW from Harmonic Dog. This app can also compress files to both OGG and AAC format (to save on upload banwidth) AND can send recordings via Email and transfer via WiFi.

Firstly, decide the audio qualitty you want Mixtikl to record your mix at, bearing in mind that some generative content can really work the processor hard (in some cases too hard to play/record at 44KHz stereo). Mixtikl defaults to 22KHz stereo operation. If you want to change to 44KHz stereo, then go to Menu > Setttings > Audio Output. Select 44KHz stereo, or whatever you want. This setting determines the maximum quality Mixtikl will run at, and you cannot record mixes etc at a higher quality than this setting.

When you press the mix record button (black spot on top toolbar), you have a setting below called +Options; press this to see all the options and set quality to what you want (noting above); e.g. 22KHz stereo, and set this before you make your mix recording.

Once the mix is recorded, you get a pop up message asking if you want to copy it to the clipboard. Say Yes.

Start the MultiTrack DAW app. Tap and hold a blank area in a track and select the blue Paste pop up button. Then select Menu > Help/Sharing/Upgrades and then Email. Select your encoding format and quality, then press send and it will encode and attach it to an email. Or, you can use SoundCloud (you will need to have a SoundCloud account of course!).

As of Mixtikl 7 export or playback of Music URLs is no longer supported. If you want to share your mix you have 3 choices. In Mixtikl 7 either:

See: Where do I find Crash Logs? and send the text in them through via our Contact Form, and don't forget to tell us what you were doing when you had the crash! Hopefully we will be able to fix the crash in the next update. Thank you!


We try as hard as we can to make our apps stable. If this app does crash on you, then the chances are that for crashes in new apps (released after Jun 2014) we will (but not always) get reports from the HockeyApp integrated crash reporting system. Because of this, we have the best chance of fixing crashers and so our latest versions are likely to be the most stable. This is one reason we recommend that you always update your Intermorphic apps to the latest version, where your device/OS allows.

If you are using an earlier app then you can still send us a crash log so that we can investigate and try to fix the problem (for all users). The crash log files all start with the app name, and have an extension "crash". They are text files that we can read, and give us useful information in tracking-down a crash.

Even though we get the crash logs, it can also help us track things down if you send us any info about your particular crash, or indeed anything you think is not working right.


See: Where do I find Crash Logs? and send the text in them through via our Contact Form, and don't forget to tell us what you were doing when you had the crash! Hopefully we will be able to fix the crash in the next update. Thank you!


We try as hard as we can to make our apps stable. If this app does crash on you, then the chances are that for crashes in new apps (released after Jun 2014) we will get reports from the HockeyApp integrated crash reporting system. Because of this, we have the best chance of fixing crashers and so our latest versions are likely to be the most stable. This is one reason we recommend that you always update your Intermorphic apps to the latest version, where your device/OS allows.

If you are using an earlier app then you can still send us a crash log so that we can investigate and try to fix the problem (for all users). The crash log files all start with the app name, and have an extension "crash". They are text files that we can read, and give us useful information in tracking-down a crash.

Even though we get the crash logs, it can also help us track things down if you send us any info about your particular crash, or indeed anything you think is not working right.

Please look at this page on how to redeem codes:

Also, this link should take you to an iTunes redeem page.

You might want to do this if iOS updates to a new version and you do not or are unwilling to do that, you have removed Mixtikl and the new version of Mixtikl is no longer available for your version of iOS (we use Apple tools to build our apps, and Apple updates to these tools change which versions of iOS we can build for). So, how do you restore the last version of Mixtikl available for your version of iOS?

See Apple's instructions on how to do this or an AppleInsider article. Alternatively, you might try restoring from a device or even TimeMachine backup.

You can do that via the Mix Recording screen where you select the file you want to delete and press the Delete button, or via iTunes App File Sharing - see How do I transfer content in/out of Mixtikl?. Using iTunes App File Sharing, in the right hand list for Mixtikl simply select the file(s) you want to delete and use your PC's delete key.

For how to enable Mixtikl to play through Airplay see the instructions here.

iOS 10 note: In Control Center, which now has multiple panes, Apple have changed how AirPlay is accessed for audio streaming. Swipe up to access the Control Center. The first screen contains an AirPlay Mirroring option which only seems to show things like Apple TV. Swipe left to diplay the second screen (a music interface) where you can manage AirPlay to audio devices.

Audiobus / Inter-App Audio support is now enabled by default and can be used at no charge.

Please refer to the Apple website for information on how to use Inter-App Audio with GarageBand.

Please refer to the Audiobus website for instructions on how to use Audiobus. To use Audiobus you will also beed to install the Audiobus app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We make no charge to Audiobus suppport.

Note 1: Although not necessary for recording, "Input Monitor" (in MultiTrack DAW screenshot, the most righthand one below) is shown as being selected so that you can also listen as Mixtikl is being recorded. Some apps, like Loopy HD, do not seem to support input monitoring so in those apps you will not be able to hear the audio whilst it is being recorded.

Note 2: Although you *might* be able to jam live against Mixtikl (e.g. with Thumbjam) without audio breakup, recording that via Audiobus will certainly result in audio breakup and this is because of the way we have configured Mixtikl - we may be able to tweak that in the future. In the meantime, we recommend that you record the output and then jam against that - it is still great fun!

Mixtikl to Audiobus to MultiTrack DAW

Click above for bigger image

Desktop OS

IMPORTANT: If you have purchased a licence one of our tools via our website you will receive an email containing your Customer ID, Order ID and Product Key. Select and COPY THE PRODUCT KEY to the clipboard, do not try to enter it manually! If you are having problems getting the Product Key accepted the most likely reason is that you have a space in front of or after the Product Key in the the Product Key field (there should be no space).

Note for Mixtikl 6 and earlier users: The Product Keys for the Desktop Standalone and Desktop Audio Plugin versions were different. From Mixtikl 7 onwards the Standalone and Plugin Product Keys are the same.

Check you have followed the Product Key section in the Mixtikl User Guide.

Note: If you're running on Windows, and find Mixtikl doesn't save its license key when you close the application, use the Windows option to run the host software (e.g. Reaper) "as Administrator". Enter and save your registration details. Restart the application normally: it should now be fine. If you've got trouble saving the license key for the Desktop Audio Plugin, you should run the host application.

If the above does not get you going, then please try the following steps:

  • Close all instances of our software (including sequencers using our plugins).
  • Open the version of software you want to use (e.g. Mixtikl Desktop Standalone or the relevant Mixtikl Desktop Audio Plugin variant - which means you first have to insert the Plugin into a track in your DAW and then load the plugin from there), and from the Mixtikl Main Menu select the Quick Help button in the center to launch the Quick Help Screen and then at the bottom of the Quick Help Screen, select the link "Enter Mixtikl Product Key". Enter your Customer ID, Order ID and Product Key. We recommend you copy and paste the Product Key and do not try to type it in.
  • Once entered, close the software and restart it.
  • IMPORTANT: Ensure there are no spaces at the start or end of the Product Key.
  • Problems copying/pasting Product Key?
    • Mac - To paste on the Mac, you must:
      • Right-click in the text box, OR Control-click in the text box
      • ... then select 'Paste' from the pop-up menu
      • Alternatively, click in the text box, and press Cmd-V / Applekey-V (the paste shortcut).
      • Ensure there are no spaces in front of or after the Product Key in the the Product Key field.
    • Windows - To paste on Windows, you must :
      • Right click in the text box
      • ... then select 'Paste' from the pop-up menu
      • Alternatively, click in the text box, and press Control-V (for paste).
      • Ensure there are no spaces in front of or after the Product Key in the the Product Key field.
    • Mac users: If you are still having problems it is possible that you are using an email app that does not treat the Product Key as plain text. Try this:
      • run TextEdit (you'll find TextEdit using Finder in the Applications folder)
      • copy the values from your mail app
      • paste the values into TextEdit (where it is set-up to be plain text, *not* RTF format!)
      • copy each value you need from TextEdit
      • paste into the Product Key field in the App
      • Ensure there are no spaces in front of or after the Product Key in the the Product Key field.
  • Tip: If you are still having problems, please contact us and let us know the version numbered displayed in Help About (as well as OS version, how much free disk space you have, how much RAM do you have, the format of your hard disk [e.g. FAT32]).

You might want to do this if macOS updates to a new version and you do not or are unwilling to do that, you have removed Mixtikl and the new version of Mixtikl is no longer available for your version of macOS (we use Apple tools to build our apps, and Apple updates to these tools change which versions of macOS we can build for). So, how do you restore the last version of Mixtikl available for your version of macOS?

See Apple's instructions on how to do this. Alternatively, you might try restoring from a device or even TimeMachine backup.

If you have deleted e.g. an older Mixtikl Desktop Audio Plugin from your Mac and installed the later Mixtikl Plugin and then try to re-install the older Mixtikl Plugin (as you have sensibly made a backup) then you may find you get the message "Intermorphic Mixtikl can't be installed on this disk. A newer version of this software already exists on the disk."

Ultimately it is down to Apple's decision not to expose uninstall options in the menu somewhere!


  • Close any installer you might have open
  • Open the Terminal application (under Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal)
  • Paste these 4 lines into the Terminal window:
    • sudo rm /var/db/receipts/com.intermorphic.mixtikl.plist /var/db/receipts/
    • sudo rm /var/db/receipts/com.intermorphic.mixtikl.plist /var/db/receipts/com.intermorphic.mixtikl.plist
    • sudo rm /var/db/receipts/com.intermorphic.mixtikl.plist /var/db/receipts/
    • sudo rm /var/db/receipts/com.intermorphic.mixtikl.plist /var/db/receipts/com.intermorphic.mixtikl_plugins.plist
You can then install your older copy of Mixtikl!

Note: the first time you enter the "sudo" command-line, you'll be prompted to enter your password.

Explanation: the "sudo" command tells the system to run the command that follows with an administrative level; otherwise, you wouldn't be able to remove the (hidden) receipt files that are blocking your re-installation of the older version.

Check (using Audio MIDI Setup under Finder > Application > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup) that the default input device matches your default output device!

  • Select Finder > Applications > Mixtikl

Yes you can! Follow these instructions:

  • Install Wine from your normal Linux package installer.
  • Download the Liptikl / Mixtikl / Noatikl etc. zip for Windows as required.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file to your system.
  • Run the e.g. mxitikl_win_setup.exe program using Wine Windows Program Loader (right-click on the file, select the appropriate option...) ...
  • Ignore any install-time warnings you see about registering the Mixtikl browser plugin.
  • Run the standalone application - you can find this from menu Wine ->Programs -> Intermorphic (Mixtikl/Liptikl/Noatikl), or at (for example):
    .wine/drive_c/Program Files/intermorphic/mixtikl/mixtikl.exe
  • It should all work just fine! Noatikl however: to get output from Noatikl, will require you to configure your Linux MIDI configuration to suit - this is entirely up to the user to figure-out! See for outline instructions....
  • If you try out the Liptikl, Mixtikl or Noatikl trial versions and then decide you like it and want to continue using it - please buy a license from us! :).
  • Do let us know if you'd be willing to purchase a Linux-specific implementation of LT/NT/MT from Intermorphic.
  • NB: Files are are saved to e.g.

Our 64-bit Windows software will only install on 64-bit Windows; it will not install on a 32-bit operating system. So it is most likely that you are not actually running 64-Windows.

To check which version of Windows 10 you are using, use the Windows search box to look for "About Windows". This suggests "System Settings". Select that entry to go to the Settings screen.

At the bottom of the left hand panel in the Settings screen select "About". In the screen that displays you will see something like "System Type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor".

If you are running 32-bit Windows and want to run our software you will need to download in install the last-released version of the related 32-bit software. These builds (where available) can be found in the relevant Archive section of the app page: Liptikl 1.2.12 32-bit; Noatikl 2.8.8 32-bit, Mixtikl 6.3.8 32-bit. Not that they will run in 30 day trial mode until you apply your Product License key.


See: Installing Mixtikl 7 Desktop Software Downloaded from IM Website

c:\Program Files\VstPlugIns

Important note: The Vst plugin is always installed to the \Program Files\VstPlugIns path shown above (and to the drive Windows is installed to), irrespective of the editable folder destination shown in the installer, e.g. “C:\Program Files\intermorphic\appname" where appname is the name of the Intermorphic app whose plugin you are installing. The editable destination affects *only* where the plugin uninstall files are put (e.g. unins000.dat and unins000.exe) so please leave it at the default setting.

  • First try removing Mixtikl, then try re-downloading the latest version and then re-installing to see if you get the same problem.
  • If your problem persists, it is likely a misbehaving 3rd party audio device, or maybe webcam. Try unplugging them all and then retrying Mixtikl.

Almost certainly, the issue is that you've not told your sequencer(s) to scan the appropriate folder for the Mixtikl VSTi. The folder in question is (depending on your system). Please refer to the installation page which lists where the VST plugins are installed.

For Windows and Mac, you can select Mixtikl from your sequencer as Mixtikl VSTi (win/mac) or Mixtikl AU (mac), depending on the capabilities of your sequencer.

You need to attach the Mixtikl AU to an instrument track, and NOT an audio track. If you try adding to an audio track, the Mixtikl AU won't be listed!


We do not sell a paid-for version of Mixtikl for Android in the Google Play store for one main reason: Google does not automatically set and everywhere collect all sales taxes and then remit them to the relevant authorities on behalf of the developer. Amazon does this (and so does Apple for most major territories) which is why we sell Mixtikl 7 AZ in the Amazon Appstore. Instead, however, we make available on Google Play a full save ad-supported version, Mixtikl 7 GP.

For apps sold on Google Play the developer has to undertake all of that financial heavy lifting themselves. The costs of securing tax advice (even just to sell in major countries) together with the admin burden of making remittances, storing information for 10 years (yes, in Europe you have to commit to do that for every single sale of digital goods) etc. simply does not make sense for us at the moment for what is a niche $5 app - it would cost us way more to do than we would ever get back in terms of app sales. One day that might change, but until then we just do not have the resources to sell apps on Google Play - sorry.

Note: Being ad-supported means Mixtikl GP must always run in the foreground and be connected to the internet so that ads can display. If you want a version with no ads, that you can use offline or in background audio mode and make recordings with, then install the Amazon Appstore on your Android device (see next FAQ entry) and then get Mixtikl 7 AZ from the Amazon Appstore. It is very easy to!

See the Install Amazon Appstore for Android.

If you do not already have an account with Amazon you will need to set one up, but this is no different to what you would need to do to purchase via Google Play, either!

Once you have the Amazon App Store installed, just purchase Mixtikl AZ from the store. Once downloaded and installed you then just load Mixtikl from its icon, like any other installed Android app (you do not have to first load the Amazon Appstore).

We do not make Mixtikl 7 AZ available on Amazon Underground - we only make it available as a standard purchase in the Amazon Appstore.

You need to have the Amazon Appstore app installed in order to download/run Mixtikl 7 AZ.

To install the Amazon Appstore app see:

There is no need, as Mixtikl AZ is now a full product. But, for an Amazon Appstore app that did have IAP, this is what you would do:

  1. Open the Amazon Appstore on your device
  2. Tap the menu button
  3. Select "MY APPS" from the menu list
  4. Tap "ALL" in the upper right side (below the search bar)
  5. Locate your App and click “Install"

This is not a Mixtikl issue. Do a web search for "amazon android internal service failure". You should find a number of solutions to try and it seems that you need to de-register and re-register the device. You might even need to re-install the Amazon Appstore app.


If you are happy with the features and interface of Mixtikl 5 or 6, then you won't need Mixtikl 7.

You would only need to get Mixtikl 7 if you want to use any of the new features in Mixtikl 7, play a mix made in Mixtikl 7 or to continue using Mixtikl if your OS version will no longer run an earlier version.

Mixtikl 7 for iOS, macOS and Windows is a new app so does not interfere with an installation of the no longer available Mixtikl 6 or Mixtikl 5. It works with mixes you have made in Mixtikl 5/6.

Mixtikl 5 was released for iOS 8, Mixtikl 6 was released for iOS 9 and Mixtikl 7 was released for iOS 10. Each ran just fine on the iOS version they were released for. It just so happened that Mixtikl 5 also ran fine on iOS 9. It may only happen once in a while, but changing the OS version of your device always has the potential to result in issues such as this. Because developing and maintaining complex niche software like Mixtikl is so hard and time consuming we operate a Fullgrade model for upgrades - see our FAQ on this.

Background: It seems that what happened was that something in an underlying 3rd party library used in Mixtikl 5/6 meant that text does not display correctly once the device is updated to run iOS 10. At the point we became aware of it we were already in the Mixtikl 7 for iOS 10 product cycle and simply could not go back.

The solution was simple; Either A) see if you can downgrade your device back to iOS 9, maybe from a TimeMachine backup; B) upgrade to Mixtikl 7 for iOS 10 (it was $5 - $7 but that is no longer available) or C) as Mixtikl has now been superceded by Wotja which can load Mixtikl files, purchase and use that instead.

We are really sorry if you got caught out my this, as we did, but again, this is why we operate a Fullgrade model for upgrades - see our FAQ on this.

The Tiklpaks that we used to make available via IAP are now all available for free download. In Mixtikl 6 they no longer require the IAPs so these IAPs will not show up.

You can download the Tiklpaks from here: Free Tiklpaks

Note: To Transfer Zips into Mixtikl 6 does not require an IAP, either, as it used to in the early days of Mixtikl 5. This capability is now built into Mixtikl 6+.

  • When Mixtikl 5 loads you see the message "Audiobus initialisation problem - There was a problem setting up Audiobus communication. Audiobus will be disabled". This is because Audiobus v1 that was included in Mixtikl 5 does not work with iOS 8.
  • The Mixtikl 5 UI seems to overlap the status bar
    • Yes, it does seem to, but it does not affect operation.

If in a Mixtikl 5 mix you had configured a template with a custom wavetable patch (Mixer Cell > Sounds), Mixtikl 6 might not always be able to resolve that custom patch setting properly.


  1. Select a Mixer Cell that doesn't sound right.
  2. Tap the Content button and notice how the content item is highlighted in the list.
  3. Tap to re-select the content item; it is selected and you are taken back to the mix.
  4. You may need to restart the mix, but the cell should play fine.
  5. You might now want to press the Sounds button to customise the patch, via the Wavetable unit.
  6. Do the above for all problem cells.
  7. Save your mix!

To keep the app size down they are no longer included in the app itself. However, you can now download a zip of them which includes ALL the AL Collection 1-3 Tiklpaks, for FREE from here.

Once downloaded to your desktop computer, just follow these instructions to copy the zip file to the right place.

As of Mixtikl 6.2.23 for iOS, Mixtikl for iOS became a purchaseable full product - there is no longer an IAP Store. If you have previously purchased an IAP, simply get Mixtikl 6 (a free update) and you will find it fully unlocked with no need for IAP!

As of Mixtikl 6.2.23 for iOS, Mixtikl for iOS became a purchaseable full product - there is no longer an IAP Store. If you have previously purchased an IAP, simply get the new version (a free update) and you will find it fully unlocked with no need for IAP!

Users of older versions wishing to view the instructions for using the older Mixtikl IAP store and for restoring IAP purchases can find them in the archived Mixtikl 6.2.10 PDF Guide.

Firstly, you will need to re-enter it only once and it should not then need re-entry for any subsequent update.

From Mixtikl 6.2.23 onwards we fixed an issue affecting how Desktop Standalone and Plugin product keys. If you entered the Product Key for the Plugin then you could find that the Desktop Standalone Product Key picked up the Plugin key, and so would not work. In this new build simply re-enter your Product Key for the Desktop Standalone version and all will again be fine!

If you cannot find your Deskstop Standalone Product Key, contact us with your order details and we will email it to you again.

Firstly, don't panic! - you will not lose out.

As of Aug 1st 2014 we removed Mixtikl (6) Free for Mac from the Mac App Store. The simple reason for this is that we needed to cut down the number of different variants we have to maintain so as to have more time to work on features. And, of the people who purchase Mixtikl for Mac, the vast majority seemed to get the Full version which made it clear that was the variant to retain.

If you were one of the very few customers who did purchase the IAP in Mixtikl (6) Free for Mac then please get in touch with us providing proof of that purchase and we will gladly give you a promo code for Mixtikl 6 for Mac. Your installed version of Mixtikl Free for Mac will of course continue to work, but that version will no longer get any updates - these will now all come through Mixtikl for Mac.

IMPORTANT: If you do decide to delete Mixtikl Free for Mac then back up your Mixtikl files first. See the Copy In/Out section for Desktop Mixtikl and specifically the instructions related to Mixtikl 5 or earlier.

NB: If you want to try out Mixtikl before purchase, then they can try it via a 30 day trial Desktop Plugin.

Files in Mixtikl 5 were saved to the User_Content folder. You can find the User_Content folder on your PC/Mac file system from the Mixtikl Application menu. To use your own content in the app simply copy it (including content zips) to this folder.
  • Mixtikl 5 Desktop Standalone / Audio Plugin

    To see the folder in Mixtikl Desktop Standalone software (not the Audio Plugins) :

    • Mixtikl > Options > Show the User-Content folder

    The folders are here:

    • Macs (Mixtikl Desktop Standalone from Mac App Store):
      (the tilde [~] in the pathname is a shortcut for your user account name)
    • Macs (Mixtikl Desktop Audio Plugins from IM Web store:
      (the tilde [~] in the pathname is a shortcut for your user account name)
      You can get to this folder by opening Finder, selecting Go -> Go to Folder... and pasting in the above path.
    • Windows XP:
      \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\intermorphic\mixtikl\paks\User_Content
    • Windows 7:
  1. Connect your Android device to your PC or Mac. It will appear in Explorer or Finder as a USB device.
  2. With Explorer or Finder look for a top level directory on the device called "intermorphic". Drill down on that directory and you will find the following:
    • [device]intermorphic/mixtikl/wotja/content/pakss
    • [device]intermorphic/mixtikl/recordings
    • [device]intermorphic/mixtikl/wotja/content/pakss/User_Content
    Note: the recordings directory is where audio and MIDI recordings get saved to, and the User_Content directory is where your mixes are saved to. If you have got the IM Audio Loop Collection or MDB Tiklpaks or have created your own zipped paks you can put them in either the User_Content or paks folder above.
  3. Copy your mixes and recordings to/from these folders. If you want to access the same mixes and recordings in Mixtikl 5 for Desktop, put them in the corresponding folders in Mixtikl 5 for Desktop.
    • Note: Once content (e.g. a mix file) is in the User_Content folder on your Device, you cannot then move it from there to another pak, so your User_Content folder may get a bit busy. However, you can delete files on iDevice using Menu > Tidy.
    • Note: Mix files will load just fine from the User_Content folder as the underlying pak info is saved to the mix file.
    • Note:You may need to restart Mixtikl for it to be able to find any new content copied in.
    • Mixtikl Tip: To use content you copy over, in the Mixer Screen, select a content cell, select the Content button in the Mixer Cell Menu and then select either the ".." folder selector item and then scroll to find your pak (e.g. a pre-installed pak, a pak you have created and installed yourself, or one of the IM Audio Loop Paks you might have installed) and select the file you want to add to your mix or look for your content in the User_Content folder. Alternatively, select Menu > New to create a new mix which uses content from those paks (if the paks contain loops, first ensure the Loop checkbox is checked so you can see them!).