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Wotja 23 is getting close now!

23rd Nov 2022 by Tim Cole

V23 progress update

This is just a very short update to say that V23 development is progressing very well indeed.

As you might expect, we've been working very very hard on it, but we're also having great fun testing the upcoming new features, capabilities and improvements. :)

We hope you are going to LOVE V23, and what you can do with some of the new things might even blow you away!

With any luck we will be able to get some details online for those interested to check out before the Jan 1st 2023 release date.

If we can, and for Apple users who want to show early support, we also hope to be able to get Pre-Orders up and running sometime after mid December.

Can't wait, and want to go 'Pro' now?

You can go 'Pro' for 30 days in any free variant by making any "one-off" Tip Jar (TJ) purchase - it could not be easier, and no Subscription is necessary. See "Why Tip?"

That's all for now folks!

The next time you hear from us it might be with some details of what is coming....

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please do Contact Us.

Best wishes

Tim and Pete