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Q3 18 Update

9th November 2018 by Tim Cole

Keeping Busy; new T-Shirts

Our Q3 update blog post is a bit later than normal, mainly because we have been busy working on what we are calling Wotja V19. We had been planning to call it Wotja V6 but we felt that now we have established an annual model we might as well keep things simple by aligning the version number and year!

Much of what is coming in the first release will be related to general improvements. We have spent a lot of time on those and they all stack up. We will be adding features during the product cycle but we never pre-announce those as we don't want to tempt fate. Suffice to say, there will be some...

If you have the paid for 2018 version then you might want to jump in early, or maybe even wait until later in the year as we add things. It is entirely up to you when or even if you choose to get the 2019 version.

All said and done, we will all have to wait and see what else we have been able to squeeze in for V19.0.0.

Wotja A is going soon...

On December 1st we will be removing from sale the free/subscription versions of Wotja A for iOS and Wotja A for macOS, as well as their 'Unlocked' In-App Subscriptions. We are doing this as we need to have just one variant of the free version to maintain as we move forwards.

Panic not! The free/subscription of Wotja X for iOS and Wotja X for macOS will be updated to Wotja V19 on Jan 1st 2019 or thereabouts, so you can move over to one of those now if you wish and take out the relevant monthly 'Unlocked' subscription.

If you especially need to use a version with enhanced accessibility, then consider getting the paid for Wotja A 2018 for iOS or Wotja A 2018 for macOS. These "accessibility" versions will not be removed from sale at the end of the year and will remain available for purchase for a time (TBD) but they will get no further updates.

Alternatively, in 2018 you could get the paid for Wotja X 2018 for iOS or Wotja X 2018 for macOS. To make way for the new versions that are coming these will, however, be removed from sale at the end of the year and will then get no further updates.

We will be running some price reductions on all paid for 2018 versions in the run up to the New Year. If you want one of those, then don't miss out!

P.S. We know it has been a bit confusing this year, but this will all get easier next year.


At long last we have managed to find a way to be able to sell T-Shirts, and this is via Amazon! They can be purchased for shipping in/to the US, UK and Germany.

Intermorphic Official T-Shirts

We have 4 designs currently available and each comes in a range of colours (see the merch page). Let us know if we are missing your favourite!

Even though we know they are not cheap, we have set the prices as low as we can and we make very little from each sale. However, the quality seems good and they will no doubt be collector's items one day! They will make cool Xmas presents, too, so don't miss out :).

Looking ahead to the New Year

We have already said too much, but we are really looking forward to the new Wotja product lifecycle.

We hope you like where we are taking Wotja. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please do get in touch via our Contact form.

Best wishes

Tim and Pete