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Wotja V19 | | | 19.10.1 |

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The various features and capabilities of your Wotja V19 app are referred to as its 'Feature Set'.

There are 2 kinds of Wotja apps with a 'Free Mode' Feature Set:
  • iOS / macOS: Free apps that operate with a default 'Free Mode' Feature Set unless there is an 'Pro' tier (AKA 'Unlocked') Feature Set Subscription.
  • Windows / Android: Free apps that are permanently locked in the 'Free Mode' Feature Set.
Wotja Feature Sets and Limitations (V19.10.1)
Wotja Go Feature Set: Player only; refer to its User Guide.
Feature Set / Tier 'Free' 'Box' 'Pro'
Free or Paid-for version Free* Paid-for Paid-for
iOS (Subs option*)
macOS (Subs option*)
Music Generation
Music Play Time Timeout [MPTT] 10 mins 2 hours 8 hours
Built-in Albums: Relax/Calm Yes Yes Yes
Flow Mode Yes Yes Yes
Edit Randomization Presets All Many All
Save Randomization Presets No Yes Yes
MIDI Out/In Channel 1 only No Multi-Channel
Audiobus/Inter-App Audio (iOS) Yes No Yes
Mixdown Recording ('A'udio, 'V'ideo [iOS/macOS], 'MIDI') 30s A/V No A/V/MIDI (max 1000 bars / 3600 secs)
Use of Recordings of output Personal Personal Commercial
Openable Files Type (i.e. .wotja, .wotjabox, .wotjalist) All .wotjabox only All
Openable Files Number (Documents screen) First 5 listed All All
Export Flow Mix No As a Box album As a Mix or Box album
Add to/Edit/Save/Export Playlist of mixes No No Yes
Boxes (Automatic albums)
Max Mix Durations 30 secs 2 hours 4 hours
Export mix No Yes Yes
Change mix position No Yes Yes
Change Item Override Settings No Yes Yes
Delete mix No Yes Yes
Save/export a Box No Yes Yes
Add saved mix or mix template No Yes Yes
Mix Editing Mode
Track Editing Track 1 only N/A All tracks
Music Play Time Timeout [MPTT] 10 mins N/A 8 hours
Export or Merge Templates No N/A Yes
In-Mix Randomization (Cell, ISE) No N/A Yes
Mixdown Recording Capability (see above) Yes N/A Yes
Access to Mix Editors (IME/ISE; Cut-up; Display) Yes No Yes
Mix & Cut-Up Save/Export Yes No Yes
Optional Subscription tiers
Long Play [LP] (AKA Live Use [LU]): License for Live Use; Disables the MPTT iOS / macOS Subscription versions only