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Wotja 23 is coming along nicely

14th Oct 2022 by Tim Cole

V23 progress update

We are working hard on V23 and work is going well!

There is not a lot of detail we can share right now as we never talk about things until they are done. :(

What we can say, however, is that we hope to have have some really nice new features and improvements by the time we release V23.0 on January 1st 2023 - and we are stoked!

What comes out on Jan 1st is really just the start of the V23 'product cycle'.

As we do every year, once the initial release has been made we will continue to add new features, capabilities and improvements. We will do that right through until the middle of the summer.

After that, we need to start planning and working on V24 - and so on!

Early Bird deals on 'Wotja 23 Pro'

Wotja is continuing to evolve at pace and prices for 'Pro' variants are set to increase for V23.

HOWEVER... we will be running some very tasty 'Early Bird' deals for the 'Wotja 23 Pro' variants.

As ever, the very best deals are reserved for those who purchase early in the product cycle, i.e. pre-orders or purchases made in the first couple of weeks after release.

Those deals are aimed at existing customers who prefer paid-for 'Pro' variants to 'Pro' Subscriptions and who already know that they wish to continue to journey with and support us for the Wotja product cycle in 2023 (subject to seeing what is coming, of course!!).

The above includes those who have taken out 'Pro' Subscriptions whilst waiting for the upcoming V23 paid-for 'Pro' variants.

That said, there is nothing wrong with just continuing with a 'Pro' Subscription (see the benefits), or purchasing a 'Pro' variant at a higher price later in the year!

'Pro' Subscriptions - Pricing for V23 in 2023

'Pro' Subscription pricing for V23 is now looking like it might need to be higher than what it is now i.e. for V22 in 2022. If so, sorry, but any 'Pro' Subscription would still be great value - and you can dip in and out as you wish.

As we said back in December 2021 any 'Pro' subscribers still currently grandfathered on earlier pricing will be moved to the V23 rate on Jan 1st 2023 (if they continue to choose to subscribe that is!). This will mean all subscribers will then be paying the same rate.

V24 in 2024: We have no idea yet what 'Pro' Subscription pricing will be for V24. It is likely we will increase them a bit by them as inflation is showing no sign of stopping - so this is just a way early head's up on that. However, we won't decide for a few months yet.

Back to the workshop...

This was just meant to be a quick update on V23 progress and to say we are excited about what we hope to deliver.

We hope you like it, too!

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please do Contact Us.

Best wishes

Tim and Pete