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How to go 'Pro'

It is easy and quick to go 'Pro'. See Feature Sets (FS).


  1. Tap on a 'Store' button in:
  2. All of the above take you to the Wotja In-App Store screen.
  3. To go 'Pro' right there and then, either:
    1. Take out a 'Pro' Subscription (where available)
      • Whilst the subscription is active this will unlock 'Pro' mode in all free Wotja Apps/Plug-ins (as available) installed under your App Store user ID (in accordance with the App Store policy).
    2. Or purchase any tip in the Wotja In-App Store
      • This will give you 30 days uninterrupted 'Pro' mode in that Wotja App (and associated Plug-in, as available) on that device (provided that Wotja App is not uninstalled/reinstalled).
  4. Other ways to go 'Pro':

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