Wotja 19 Release History

Wotja 19 is now retired. There is a new, even more powerful version. Get the latest Wotja now!

21st Oct 2019: V19.10.1  [22nd V19 update - FINAL] 

  • FIXED (Desktop versions only): An issue where closing a mix file from Recordings could cause a crash
  • FIXED: A rare issue where stopping a mix could cause a crash
  • IMPROVED: Wotja Script stability
  • IMPROVED (Windows versions only): Performance optimisations that should greatly reduce any "not responding" issues

16th Oct 2019: V19.10.0

  • IMPROVED (iOS): Updated AudioBus to 3.0.9 (October 7 2019)
  • FIXED: Crash seen when closing the app having used the Template Previewer (Free/Pro)
  • FIXED: Crash that could occur when scrolling quickly through the Documents screenv (All)
  • FIXED: Screen display bug when exiting the store screen or a multi-line text field (affected only iPhones running iOS 13)

4th Sept 2019: V19.9.0

  • FIXED: Rare crash related to the video touch/click overlay that could happen even if it was not turned on in Settings
  • FIXED: More bugs
  • FIXED (Windows): Rare start-up crash

16th August 2019: V19.8.0

  • Free Apps:
    • IMPROVED: 'Free Mode' - It took us a while, but we finally figured out how we could change it to allow *10 minutes* of mix editing play time (massively up from the previous 1 minute timeout!) and a full 10 mins of Flow/Album play time; the upshot is that many may now no longer see a Timeout pop-up!
  • Desktop Apps:
    • IMPROVED: Allow direct opening of Wotja files from Finder / Explorer (Wotja needs to be installed of course!)
  • iOS (iPad) Apps:
  • Wotja, Wotja Pro 19:
    • IMPROVED: In TTM Cell, make the default action "Random Words" (was: Shuffle Words)
    • IMPROVED: Added option to set Video Blob Colour to either None, Red, Green, Blue
    • FIXED: The app could crash when previewing an item and adding it to a cell
  • All Apps:
    • FIXED: More bugs and improved stability

12th July 2019: V19.7.8

  • FIXED: Documents screen User segment sort order for A-Z and Z-A is now case insensitive IMPROVED: Wotja via Google Play Store is now available for Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and later [was previously only Android 8+]

10th July 2019: V19.7.6

  • NEW FEATURE: By popular request, we've added various document sorting options to the "Action" menu when you’re in the User tab in the Documents screen.
  • FIXED (iOS/Android): Enabled text editing of Patterns, Cut-up Rule text, Cut-up Rule title
  • FIXED: A number of rare crashes

29th June 2019: V19.7.3

  • IMPROVED: - Updated Audiobus to latest version (iOS only)
  • FIXED: - Bug fixes

25th June 2019: V19.7.2

  • This is a feature release and heralds the first release of our "Wotja Go 19" 'Flow’ player app interface for Fire TV and our "Wotja Go LE" 'Flow’ player app interfaces for Fire TV/Android TV.
  • "Wotja Go 19"/"Wotja Go LE" 'Flow' players for TV:
    • What it is: An easy to use 'generative music' player with a custom UI for the Fire TV/Android TV
    • How to get it: The "Wotja Go 19" 'Flow’ player app interface is included in the paid for "Wotja Go 19" app; the "Wotja Go LE" 'Flow’ player app interface is our "Lite Edition" and is included in the Free Wotja for Android apps i.e. Wotja 19 AZ; Wotja 19 GP.

18th June 2019: V19.7.0

  • NEW FEATURE: This version heralds the first release of our "Wotja Go 19" 'Flow’ player app interface for Apple TV.
  • NEW FEATURE: Music Play Time Timeout (auto-stop) increased from 1 hour to 8 hours (GO 19)
  • FIXED: Removed duplicate "Default" Randomization Scheme (ALL)
  • FIXED: Mix Voice Root parameter wasn't being correctly saved to mix file (PRO 19/FREE)
  • FIXED: Using external MIDI device could cause the app to crash (WINDOWS PRO 19/FREE)
  • FIXED: Various other minor bugs (ALL)
  • Wotja Go 19 'Flow’ player app interface for Apple TV:
    • What it is: An easy to use 'generative music' player with a custom UI for the Apple TV
    • How to get it: Purchase the iOS version of "Wotja Go 19" and you also get the tvOS version (and vice-versa)
    • More info: See the Apple TV App Store or our website

31st May 2019: V19.6.0

  • NEW FEATURE: For those wanting to create videos of Wotja operation there is a new Settings screen option to enable/disable a "blob" overlay. This blob helps make UI interactions clearer. The setting is called "Highlight Touch/Click events to help with Video creation" and is disabled by default. When it is on the UI will be a little slower to update.
  • IMPROVED: UI now displays a visible change when selecting buttons, including document items, Mix Cells and some other useful elements
  • IMPROVED: Desktop UI displays a mouse over highlight for most of the above items
  • FIXED: A small number of rare crashes

29th April 2019: V19.5.0/1

  • STABILITY RELEASE: Wotja is a complex system and we’ve recently been moving forward at quite a pace with adding new features. We’ve spent the past month focused solely on tracking-down and fixing crashes and bugs, which is why we are calling 19.5.x a ‘stability release’. We hope you enjoy this update.
  • The 19.5.1 update is only for the free Wotja 19 on iOS - it fixes an iCloud related issue that was fixed in all the other 19.5.0 iOS app updates but got missed out in the 19.5.0 update for that one (sorry!).

16th April 2019: V19.4.3

  • FIXED: We fixed a hard to reproduce crash that occasionally occurred on stopping playback (we finally found it!)

13th April 2019: V19.4.1

  • FIXED: We fixed a crasher that could sometimes happen if a mix was closed when it was playing

6th April 2019: V19.4.0

  • NEW/IMPROVED: Extended range of Scale Rule, to two octaves
    • If opening "old" rule with just one octave, we automatically extend it by duplicating into a higher octave, and;
    • We wrap around the two octaves, matching Pitch Minimum as well as we can:
      • If Voice has pitch minimum of B, but Root is C; wrap around the rule starting from the C below
      • If Voice has pitch minimum of D, but Root is C; wrap around the rule starting from the D below
  • NEW/IMPROVED: Extended range of Harmony Rule, to two octaves
    • If opening "old" rule with just one octave, we automatically extend it by duplicating into a higher octave
    • If harmonic distance is greater than 2 octaves, wrap around the rule
  • NEW/IMPROVED: Extended range of Next Note Rule, to two octaves
    • If opening "old" rule with just one octave, we automatically extend it by setting the "upper range" items to zero
  • NEW/IMPROVED: Allow Rule element values to be entered via element double-tap, or element right-click
  • IMPROVED: Confirmatory alert displayed when turning off the "Use ISE for Sounds & FX" in Settings
  • IMPROVED: ISE Network editor layout in Landscape view on phones
  • FIXED: Rule cells were not flashing properly in all circumstances
  • FIXED: Changing the Rule slider value, or envelope value by drawing, did not apply to the file until the file was reloaded
  • FIXED: Possible audio glitch when applying modulation/vibrato in the tone generator
  • CHANGED: Modified Rule element caption text to allow it to be readable even on narrow screens
  • CHANGED: "User" is now the default segment in Documents for all apps
  • OTHER: A few minor bug fixes

2nd April 2019: V19.3.2

  • FIXED: Crash on launching FX network editor (sorry!)
  • OTHER: Fixed a couple of other bugs, too

29th March 2019: V19.3.1

  • Fixed: Occasional crash when in Flow or Album player and changing track (sorry!)
  • Other: Fixed a couple of other potential rare crashers
  • 23rd March 2019: V19.3.0

    • NEW FEATURE: Flow segment in the Documents screen with buttons for each included/user Randomization Scheme (All).
    • IMPROVED: Updated Randomization Scheme "TTM Multi Melodies" (All).
    • FIXED: Crash seen when asked to discard changes - could happen a few seconds later (Free, Pro, Box).
    • OTHER: Various minor changes, improvements and fixes (All).

    16th March 2019: V19.2.1

    • FIXED: Back button could become inoperative when doing a mixdown recording (Pro/Free)
    • FIXED: Handling of program change and aftertouch events when processing MIDI files (Pro/Free)
    • FIXED: Potential crash on stopping mix recordings (Pro/Free)
    • FIXED: Various localization issues (All)
    • FIXED: Several other bugs were squashed (All)

    4th March 2019: V19.2.0

    • NEW FEATURE: For advanced users: Wotja Script
      • All versions of Wotja now include an in-built Wotja Scripting engine based on ECMAScript (also known as JavaScript); it is inspired by, but is much more powerful than, the Noatikl scripting engine
      • For apps that include support for Mix Editing there is a new Wotja Script Editor (Piece Scripts: Rules Panel > Scripting; Voice Scripts: Generator Editing Panel > Voice > Scripting); the editor supports syntax-colored code editing and a console window at the bottom lets you capture logs from your scripts
      • Wotja Scripts can be included in templates and mixes; the IME engine event trigger scripts (start, bar change, stop, composed note, MIDI event etc.) allow control over the majority of IME properties for Piece, Voice and Rules as well as the setting of ISE Sound and FX Networks from the wide range of build-in presets
      • Every Content Cell (Piece) can have Wotja Script and every Voice within a Content Cell can have Wotja Script; we've added many "Cookbook" examples to get you started!
    • IMPROVED: Changes made to the default audio settings in Wotja for Android meaning mixes should play a lot better on more devices
    • NEW FEATURE: You can now import a Wotja or Noatikl file from the clipboard to create a new mix using the Document screen 'Add New' button (all) or the 'File > New' Menu (desktop)
    • IMPROVED: "Randomisation Presets" are now called "Randomisation Schemes"; "Music Mix (Automatic)" is now Mix (Automatic)"; "Export Wotja to Clipboard" is now "Export Mix to Clipboard"; "Export Wotja with Image" is now "Export Mix with Image"
    • UI IMPROVED: Check boxes now filled with Green, rather than with Blue
    • FREE MODE IMPROVED: Mix Editing mode now allows exporting to clipboard of both Mixes and ISE Sound Networks
    • FIXED: Mix Editing mode > Action menu > Export Wotja to clipboard no longer causes a crash
    • FIXED: Mixdown recordings now made correctly when using Audio Block size of 2048
    • FIXED: Other bug fixes

    21st Feb 2019: V19.1.0

    • NEW FEATURE: 'Macro Oscillator 1' unit, a port of the popular open-source sound generator from Mutable Instruments; this is a very powerful Tone Generator unit addition to the ISE and significantly increases its sonic capabilities
    • NEW FEATURE: The free versions now allow saving/export of mixes and allow the making of up to 30 second audio/video mixdown recordings (e.g. for easy sharing on social media), a massive increase in the functionality available for FREE
    • NEW FEATURE: The above change means that Wotja has now also become, in effect, a FREE cut-up text editor for creative writing, e.g. for lyrics, haiku, poems etc. Cool!
    • NEW FEATURES: The ISE Network Editors (Sound, FX) both now include a dice button which allows, from two new Randomization Preset settings (Random Presets - Synth Presets and FX Presets), a Sound or FX preset to be chosen at random (if those are toggled on)
    • NEW INCLUDED CONTENT: New Macro Oscillator 1 sound presets ('MO1-Leads'), new TTM templates for use with sound presets ('TTM1 Players 2') and a new Randomization Preset that uses those plus FX presets ('TTM Default 2')
    • NEW FEATURE: 'Auto Play on Document Open' toggle in Settings > General that allows mixes to auto-play or not on loading
    • IMPROVED: Desktop app now includes option to quit/exit without saving
    • IMPROVED: Mixdown recording lengths can now be specified in seconds or bars
    • IMPROVED: App stability & many further UI improvements
    • FIXED: Squashed yet more bugs

    10th Jan 2019: V19.0.9

    • NEW FEATURE: Added a segment control to the Documents screen for easy selection of 'User' Files or 'Built-In' Albums and consequently removed the top left Album button; both segments include the Flow button
    • NEW FEATURE: User segment in Documents screen will list all .wotjabox albums (i.e. from a 3rd party) located in the Wotja folder (particularly relevant to Wotja Go 19)
    • IMPROVED: App stability and further UI improvements
    • FIXED: A number of other bugs and localisation issues

    3rd Jan 2019: V19.0.7

    • FIXED: a number of smallish bugs that we noticed after submitting the first V19 releases.

    1st Jan 2019: V19.0.2 - New Major Release

    Key Highlights

    • NEW FEATURE: Flow' mode for a succession of freshly generated mixes
    • NEW FEATURE: Powerful 'Randomization Schemes' to make it quick & easy to change the feel of automatic mixes (Flow, Albums etc.)
    • NEW FEATURE: Improved harmonisation in the IME 19 music engine
    • NEW FEATURE: BP4 Backings pak & reworked TTM 1
    • NEW FEATURE: 10 minute music play time for Albums in 'Free' tier!
    • NEW FEATURE: New apps & tiers
    • IMPROVED: Many UI & usability improvements

    Updated Free/Subscription Apps

    • Wotja 19 (iOS)
    • Wotja 19 (macOS)
    • Wotja 19 (Windows)
    • Wotja 19 AZ (Android [Amazon])
    • Wotja 19 GP (Android [Google])

    New Paid-for Apps

    • Wotja Pro 19 (iOS)
    • Wotja Box 19 (iOS)
    • Wotja Go 19 (iOS)
    • Wotja Pro 19 (macOS)
    • Wotja Box 19 (macOS)
    • Wotja Go 19 (macOS)
    • Wotja Pro 19 (Windows)
    • Wotja Box 19 (Windows)
    • Wotja Go 19 (Windows)
    • Wotja Pro 19 (Android [Amazon])
    • Wotja Box 19 (Android [Amazon])
    • Wotja Go 19 (Android [Amazon])