How to make Generative Music with Wotja

This is the section of the website with links to where you can learn "how to" make / create generative music with Wotja. We will be adding more to it as and when we can. Also see "What is Generative Music"?

Interested in Text to Music? See How to use "Text to Music" (TTM) in Wotja

New Page on How to Play & Share a 'Wotja'

Check this out: How to Play & Share a 'Wotja'.

Newest Intermorphic Video

Wotja: How to easily create a shareable video (4:03)
Creating a video is a great way to share what you have created with Wotja.

Featured User Video

Wotja 20: Looking in detail at the ISE and Macro Oscillator 1 Unit (26 mins)
Various synth techniques; using the LFO on nice drones, too! From the amazing Mark Harrop

Wotja Video Tutorials

By Intermorphic. See also the Intermorphic YouTube channel for our tutorials and other videos.

For Wotja V20

Wotja: 'Lite' vs 'Pro' - Which is right for you? (10 mins)

Wotja 20: Working with AUM/Audiobus/IAA on iOS (6 mins)
How to get rid of audio glitching

For Wotja V19; still useful for V20

Wotja 19: Tutorial (18m) - Quick Start: Generative Music System

Wotja 19: Tutorial (17m) - Templates, Voice Types, In-Mix Randomization

For Wotja V4/5; still useful for V20

Wotja V5: MIDI Out Pt1 - Using Generative Drum Templates to
Play Beatmaker; mix in AUM

Wotja V5: MIDI Out Pt 2 - Using Generative Music Templates to
Play Thumbjam/Beatmaker 3; mix in AUM

Wotja V5: Using MIDI Out to Play 3rd MIDI Synths
(Analog Synth X / Thumbjam)

Wotja V5: How to Make & Tweet a Wotja Mix Video Recording

Wotja V4: Creating a Drone Mix (10m)

Wotja V4: Mix Randomization Settings (12m)

Wotja Audio Recordings

Audio Recordings

The mix recording below was created from this 2 part video tutorial (download the wotja file).

Listen to some other recordings (medium quality MP3).

Included IM Pak Content Mix Recordings
Ambiences 12 gen 'parts'
Arps 16 gen 'parts'
BellsGlasses 15 gen 'parts'
Drones 18 gen 'parts'
MelodicPads 15 gen 'parts'
Melodics 18 gen 'parts'
Strings 8 gen 'parts'
Weirdness 7 gen 'parts'
Windharp 7 gen 'parts'
Single Cell Demo Pieces Content Piece Recordings
Arp love Merged templates
Bells and pulse Merged templates
Calm trails Merged templates
Cosmic Merged templates
Ebb and flow Merged templates
Piano and glass Merged templates
Tiklbox Calm 5 Custom piece
Tiklbox 6 Custom piece
Included IM Pak Content Mix Recordings
GenMix1 29 gen 'parts'
GenMix4 23 gen 'parts'
GenMix5 12 gen 'parts'
GenMix6 25 gen 'parts'
GenMix7 25 gen 'parts'
DroneMaker 1 32 gen 'parts'
Generative Drums 1 (MIDI) 25 gen 'parts'
Generative Drums 2 (MIDI) 25 gen 'parts'
Generative Elements 1 (MIDI) 25 gen 'parts'

Wotja Social Examples

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