Q3 18 Update - Keeping Busy; new T-Shirts

9th November 2018 by Tim Cole

What's been happening

Our Q3 update blog post is a bit later than normal, mainly because we have been busy working on what we are calling Wotja V19. We had been planning to call it Wotja V6 but we felt that now we have established an annual model we might as well keep things simple by aligning the version number and year!

Much of what is coming in the first release will be related to general improvements. We have spent a lot of time on those and they all stack up. We will be adding features during the product cycle but we never pre-announce those as we don't want to tempt fate. Suffice to say, there will be some...

If you have the paid-for 2018 version then you might want to jump in early, or maybe even wait until later in the year as we add things. It is entirely up to you when or even if you choose to get the 2019 version.

All said and done, we will all have to wait and see what else we have been able to squeeze in for V19.0.0.

Wotja A is going soon...

On December 1st we will be removing from sale the free/subscription versions of Wotja A for iOS and Wotja A for macOS, as well as their 'Unlocked' In-App Subscriptions. We are doing this as we need to have just one variant of the free version to maintain as we move forwards.

Panic not! The free/subscription of Wotja X for iOS and Wotja X for macOS will be updated to Wotja V19 on Jan 1st 2019 or thereabouts, so you can move over to one of those now if you wish and take out the relevant monthly 'Unlocked' subscription.

If you especially need to use a version with enhanced accessibility, then consider getting the paid-for Wotja A 2018 for iOS or Wotja A 2018 for macOS. These "accessibility" versions will not be removed from sale at the end of the year and will remain available for purchase for a time (TBD) but they will get no further updates.

Alternatively, in 2018 you could get the paid-for Wotja X 2018 for iOS or Wotja X 2018 for macOS. To make way for the new versions that are coming these will, however, be removed from sale at the end of the year and will then get no further updates.

We will be running some price reductions on all paid-for 2018 versions in the run up to the New Year. If you want one of those, then don't miss out!

P.S. We know it has been a bit confusing this year, but this will all get easier next year.


At long last we have managed to find a way to be able to sell T-Shirts, and this is via Amazon! They can be purchased for shipping in/to the US, UK and Germany.

Intermorphic Official T-Shirts

We have 4 designs currently available and each comes in a range of colours (see the merch page). Let us know if we are missing your favourite!

Even though we know they are not cheap, we have set the prices as low as we can and we make very little from each sale. However, the quality seems good and they will no doubt be collector's items one day! They will make cool Xmas presents, too, so don't miss out :).

Looking ahead to the New Year

We have already said too much, but we are really looking forward to the new Wotja product lifecycle.

We hope you like where we are taking Wotja. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please do get in touch via our Contact Form.

Best wishes

Tim and Pete

Q2 18 Update - Wotja X Improvements Continue

22nd August 2018 by Tim Cole

What's been happening

Since our last blog post we have been continuing to beaver away like crazy on Wotja X, and we are doing that because it uses the UI we will be moving forward with in 2019. We've been continuing to squash bugs, making it easier to use and polishing it to look better on all of iOS, macOS, Windows and Android.

We have also made major improvements to some sections of the Wotja User Guide.

We have of course been continuing to update Wotja A, too, with bug fixes and also improvements where we can. Wotja A has in no way been forgotten, but it is just that the Wotja X UI is where we have had to invest the majority of our time.

As part of our continued improvement we've added some new useful things such as:

You can also see all the changes that have arrived in Wotja 5 in the Wotja Key Features table.

New Videos

We have also been busy creating a range of new video tutorials - see

Looking ahead to the Autumn

We have a few more things that we want to do yet for the Wotja 5 product cycle and we are looking forward to finishing them off. That said, we can't wait to start work on the Wotja 6 product cycle where we hope to add an lot of cool new stuff!

It is also at release of Wotja 6 (coming January 1st 2019 or thereabouts) that we finally have just one app variant per platform - there will no longer be variants of Wotja, i.e. Wotja A and Wotja X, but just Wotja in whatever versions are available, e.g. Annual and Free versions. It is at this point that we will have completed the transition to Wotja and everything gets simpler - we can't wait for that, either!

We hope you continue to enjoy how we are taking Wotja forward and we always look forward to seeing what you can do with it. Please do leave a rating or review whenever you can, as these really do help us reach others.

Best wishes

Tim and Pete

Q1 18 Update - Forum Being Retired, Wotja X Feature Parity

10th May 2018 by Tim Cole

It's been 2018 for a while now...

We are a little bit behind with our Q1 update, sorry. We released Wotja 5 on Jan 1st 2018 and since then have been beavering away like crazy on completing the Wotja X port so that we had a Wotja solution to run on all of macOS, Windows, iOS and Android. That work is now done and Wotja (AKA Wotja A) and Wotja X are now feature comparable (see below), too.

You can easily see some of the major changes that have arrived in V5 in the Wotja Key Features table.

Anyhow, so much as happened in the last few months that it is actually now all a bit of a blur so let's just press on, and keep it brief!

The Intermorphic Forum is being retired

Important notice for our Forum members

HEADS UP: We will deactivate/decommission the Intermorphic Forum on or before 24th May (and it may well be before then). If there is any information on it you wish to refer to then you will only be able to access that whilst it is there, so don’t delay. When it is gone, it is gone.

We have some momentous and sad news for you concerning the Intermorphic Forum.

Intermorphic develops generative music and creativity software and has done so for many years - and we hope and plan to continue doing so for many more years yet (so don’t worry about that); this is about the Forum.

The world of software is changing ever faster and to keep our software moving forwards requires us to give every second we can to it. Our PHPBB3 Forum has just about managed to keep working over the years and has required little by way of maintenance (it has gone wrong a few times and by some miracle we were able to get it going again)! However, as sometimes happens in life, things are about to change in a big way.

Data Protection law is changing 25th May 2018 and new regulations coming into force then. These are referred to as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR is a very complex piece of legislation with enormous ramifications for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses do not have the resources of larger businesses so it hits them much harder. We are not even a small business; we are a micro business with very meagre resources at our disposal. We are not lawyers, SQL database specialists, PHP specialists or admin junkies - we are a 2 man team working our socks off to make useful and rewarding creativity apps for a small niche audience, and just doing that and managing to survive is plenty hard enough.

A Forum is a complex, multi-faceted thing. Because of what the Forum is and the way it works then to modify it to be GDPR compliant (were that to be even possible) is simply way beyond our capabilities or the time we have available and we simply could not afford to bear the costs we would need to incur to do it (i.e. legal advice). The only thing we can do, therefore, is to remove it all together - so, with a sad and heavy heart, that is what we are going to do.

We will keep an eye out in the future for some new kind of GDPR-compliant ‘watering hole’ that is sufficiently admin free and economical to deploy. However, that would mean a fresh start and we might never find one. We may even be able to use YouTube videos as a kind of hybrid; we just don’t know yet.

We know it may be little by way of consolation, but we are at least relieved that GDPR is coming into force only after we have finally made the transition to Wotja / Wotja X - the future for all our older, now retired apps, e.g. Noatikl, Mixtikl, Liptikl, Tiklbox and the older Partikl Sound Engine.

As a quasi-replacement for the forum we will therefore be working to find a way to improve our Wotja FAQs and we will still retain information on our website for our now retired apps.

Thank you for being forum members, and for your contributions and mutual support over the years. We wish you all the best in your creative endeavours.

Wotja X

Having a version of our apps that could run on all major platforms has been a long held goal for us and we've been working towards that for years. For an idea of how long a road this has been see this FAQ entry: Help! I am confused about 'Wotja A' and 'Wotja X'. What should I get? What is the difference?.

With the February 2018 release of Wotja X 5.2.5, which we had been actively working on for many, many months, we were finally closing in on that goal. A few weeks later on April 28th we got to major feature parity between 'Wotja A' and 'Wotja X'.

Reaching that feature parity was a major milestone for us as it meant that we were at last in position where we could start adding NEW features to Wotja, rather than porting them over from other apps. A case in point being the V5.5.0 release where we added a new feature to allow video export. This is fun, see an example below (see also: How do I share a video recording?)

Finishing up...

As you can see from the above this is already turning out to be a very major year for us with lots and lots of changes - some of them tough ones. We hope the above gives you a useful overview of where we are at and provides a context that helps to explain why those changes are happening and necessary.

We hope you enjoy how we are taking Wotja forward and we look forward to seeing what you can do with it. Do let us know via social media etc. as it is now easy to create and share recordings!

Best wishes

Tim and Pete

Q4 17 Update; Wotja 5 Coming Soon

28th December 2017 by Tim Cole

First things first...

To all who were customers, users, beta testers, fans and otherwise stood by us in 2017 we send a massive thank you! We build our apps for you so thank your for your support - without you we would not still be here.

We know it has been a year of change as we move to Wotja and it is unquestionably an enormous project for us. Our overall goal is to continue to improve it in terms of useability and productivity as well as the results and ideas you can create with it. We hope you continue to stay with us as we keep chipping away at it!

Wotja 4 - Q4 2017

It has been a very busy few months for us as we were continuing to work on improvements to Wotja 4 at the same time as working on new features and content for the first release of Wotja 5.

It has taken us a year to smooth out some of the wrinkles that arose in consolidating all our previous apps (those being Noatikl 3, Mixtikl 7, Liptikl 2, Tiklbox 1 and Wotja 3) into Wotja 4. Following the launch of the Wotja 4 iOS version in February we made lots of UI and useability improvements, added new features and templates as well as creating a full authoring version for macOS. You can easily see some of the major V4 changes in the Wotja Key Features table.

On top of that, after a bit of a bumpy start with a few ensuing tweaks (sorry about that!) we think we have now got the business model and pricing right. For both iOS and macOS we have a free to use subscription version with various keenly priced In-App Subscription tiers as well as a paid-for "annual" version for those who just don't like subscriptions.

P.S. If you still want to get the iOS and macOS versions of (paid-for) Wotja 2017 then they are available for sale for another 4 days, i.e. up until December 31st 2017. They are available until then at their lowest ever prices (see our store for links). However, on December 31st they will be removed from sale. Once they are removed from sale there will be no further updates made available for them, and that is because Wotja 2018 (the paid-for version of Wotja 5 which is not a free upgrade) will soon be here. Talking about Wotja 5...

Wotja 5 - 2018 and the Year Ahead

Our app consolidation work in 2017 means we are now starting our next product cycle - Wotja 5. It is going to be a another busy year ahead for new features, content and improvements and we are pretty confident you are going have fun with what is already in Wotja 5.0. Some of the fun, new things are:

  • One-press creation of Albums of mixes (fast, very useful and fun!) - Files > Create New > Album (automatic)
  • Auto albums use auto-generated mix icons (with 35 in-built palettes to choose from)
  • BP3 Backing Template Pak with 12 lovely new templates
  • Many album randomization settings for control over how the album is created
  • The Albums menu now includes 3 Demo Albums of mixes, making them easy to find
  • Music Play Time is increased to 3 minutes in Free Mode (3 Paks are available for use)
  • Two new in-built cut-up rules
  • Numerous other improvements

That said, we are going to be having to spend a good chunk of our time working on Wotja for Windows and Android. Wotja is a long term project for us and each new platform to support comes with its own challenges. There is a lot of work in just a basic port, but there are then the editors to consider and we have a lot of those. We will likely start with something that allows creation of automatic albums (a useful new feature for Wotja 5 and a lot of fun) but we are yet to decide what to do about deeper editing. If that does arrive it may not even be until 2019, we just don't know. However, whatever we manage to release for Windows and Android should be cool, so stay tuned.

NB: It is only when we have Windows and Android versions up and running that we will then start to feel we are really starting to turn the corner for Wotja as we can then start to consider more significant engine improvements and extensions - something we really cannot wait to get on to!

January 1st is only 4 days away...

Here are a couple of 30 second videos of Wotja 5 which will be released January 1st 2018:

Wotja V5: 30s - Overview (iPad, Portrait)
Wotja V5 is being released January 1st 2018

Wotja V5: 30s - Overview (iPhone, Portrait)
Wotja V5 is being released January 1st 2018

We look forward to seeing what you can do with Wotja 5 and hope you enjoy it.

We will sign off now and wish all the very best for 2018!

Tim and Pete

Timothy Didymus Album "Kosmische Glass"

09th November 2017 by Tim Cole

Album & Album Launch Event, with Noatikl

Timothy Didymus is performing tomorrow (10 November 2017) at the launch event for his new album "Kosmische Glass", also available tomorrow in both digital and vinyl formats.

A third of the album used Noatikl driving the music in a generative manner and Timothy is using Noatikl live on stage at the launch event.

If you are quick you can still get tickets for the performance, otherwise do get the album!

Kosmische Glass Album

Kosmische Glass Album Launch Event:

Event Tickets:

Album Availability:

In store:

Website / News:

Social Media:

Q3 Update and SSEYO 27 Years On

10th October 2017 by Tim Cole

My goodness this has been an action packed quarter! We always go as fast as we can (still taking care over what we do of course), but, being a two man team, how fast we can go largely depends on our circumstances. We always try our hardest and give things our best shot. Some times we can go fast, sometimes we can't. We have been lucky this quarter so a lot of big things have happened.

Wotja for macOS - now a full Authoring System

It has been a lot of work over many, many months but, yes, as of October 2nd, it is finally here - the full consolidation of Noatikl, Mixtikl and Liptikl has happened on macOS. This is a "big thing" because for Wotja it means that the iOS and macOS are now both full generative music authoring tools, with comparable capabilities. The upshot is that in the Appleverse we now have just one app to focus on and move forward. That is going to be good news for customers (paid or subscription versions) and fans as it means we will be able to move it forward more quickly in the months and years to come.

Plenty of Updates

For those of you enjoying the recent stream of updates to Wotja over the last quarter then you will have seen we have been very busy keeping things moving.

Apart from numerous fixes and improvements, some of the new features and capabilities we have added include:

  • New Single Cell Display mode
  • New BP2 Backing Templates and revised TTM Players
  • Randomisation now allows use of user created Noatikl files
  • Pak Loops can be in 24-bit format
  • iOS 11 now supported
  • Get a 3 day Free Trial!

Wotja is continuing to move from strength to strength and we can tell from the few crash logs that we are getting that it is also now good and stable.

Although we have a small and niche audience, we hope that those who have decided to try out subscriptions can feel validated that they made the right decision!

New Videos

Just a week or so ago we did some more short videos for Wotja, below. We hope to be doing more videos and tutorials in the coming months:

Wotja V4: 30s - Overview (iPad, Portrait) [see also iPad Landscape]

Wotja V4: 30s - Overview (iPhone, Portrait) [see also iPhone Landscape]

27 Years on from SSEYO

The SSEYO anniversary on the 10th October is always rather a special day for us. It is one where we look back and see how far we have come, but also look forward and see how far there is still to go. SSEYO Koan was such a long time ago now. We have mixed emotions in revisiting the past because every inch forward seemed to require such a huge effort. This was largely because there were nearly as many things that we got wrong as we got right and these days it is a bit of a blur.

If we're honest, and we always try to be, then other than trying as hard as we can to allow a forward path for content created with our tools, we don't really have time to dwell on the past; we will just have to leave that to those who have a care to remember and we hope our website captures enough of that to help them. Curators we are not! If you are interested in a couple of podcasts that covered some of our history and that came out in July/August, then check these out. Chip Boaz of "iOS Music And You" was a great interviewer (thank you Chip)!

Heads Up

We have a lot planned for 2018 and we hope you enjoy what we will be doing :).

Best wishes

Tim and Pete

Wotja XT, Free Trial, Templates

11th July 2017 by Tim Cole

We've been busy the last few months readying up the new things that are now in Wotja 4.9. This blog post is for those who want to know a bit more of the thinking behind the many changes. We start with a little background...

Wotja: Overview (30s)

Wotja: Quick Start (4m)

Wotja: Playlists (8m)

Staying the Course

We try not to talk too much (we are not big talkers) but we have a long term vision and a long, continuous, history. To those customers who have only just joined us we say "welcome!" and to those are still with us after 25 years we say "Yo!" (see SSEYO :)).

We work hard, without compromising on innovation, to provide an easy path for the forward migration of content created in our generative system(s). We try only to implement things that we genuinely believe over the long term to be to our customer's benefit; as you might expect, there are always a lot factors to consider! We are no flash in a pan developer and it has been, and continues to be, a fascinating journey to be on with you.

Our overall approach is to regularly stand back, "kick the tyres" and then see what happens (and others often help us with this!). We then agonise over any changes / improvements we feel we need to make, implement them the best we can and see now they work out. We have found this approach is the best and fastest way to figure out how we can do things better for our customers, whether that be in terms of features, capabilities, business models, usability, content or whatever. We try not to shirk from taking brave decisions, but we listen to and respond to feedback.

A case in point relates to In-App Subscriptions. For a host of reasons we knew we had to do it for Wotja 4; one of those being about finding - for both our customer base and us - a route forward in an increasingly complex environment. We knew this was going to be one of those tough decisions, so for several years we thought long and hard about it before finally figuring out the best approach to it. Once we had implemented it and released the new Wotja app we had a number of customers tell us that they would instead like a "paid-for" option. We had not considered it at the time as it was outside the scope of our revised model, but we went back to the drawing board, scratched our heads, found a solution and then did it.

Wotja XT "Music Play Time" Extensions & Pricing

Over the years we have been asked a number of times if our apps/engines can be used (and licenced) to generate long play background music for installations, personal radio, interactive music for hotels etc. Last year we worked on some changes to both the NME the Noatikl Plug-in that facilitated this, but it required special licence keys to be generated and you had to contact us for them.

We never stopped thinking about this and how to do it, but especially about how to make it easy and quick for a user to enable. Some times the solution is staring one in the face and a few months ago we finally cracked it. We realised that most users simply do not need a very long period of live continuous music play ("Music Play Time") for "authoring" or "continuous music generation". Provided the Music Play Time is long enough, all that is required is a simple restart of a mix...

When it comes to the Music Play Time, the 2 big questions for us were A) for most people "what is long enough to allow authoring and generation of melodies, background music etc. for personal use / recording etc. ?" and B) for specialist use cases "how can the Music Play Time be easily extended?".

Another issue we had swirling around was that we wanted to find a way to provide the lowest possible price for full authoring - not the semi-restricted "half way house" we had trialled with an "Essentials" In-App Subcription.

Yet another was that we wanted to find a route to allow some kind of Free Trial period for Wotja (more below).

And another was that we wanted to have a Music Play Time option of 8 hours, instead of 8 hours 53 minutes (a bit unwieldy, frankly :)).

Finally, we wanted to simplify our naming and lose the confusing "Essentials" and "Pro" monikers. We wanted just "Wotja" (subscription version) with a "Free Mode" of operation when there was no active In-App Subscription, and "Wotja 2017" (i.e. this year's "unlocked" version of Wotja with no In-App Store or In-App Subscriptions).

All in all, plenty to think about.

In deliberating all of the above we saw a common thread. We realised that if we gave Wotja a 1 hour Music Play Time (we decided this was "long enough") and allowed that to be easily extended for those who really needed more, then we had a solution to all of the above.

As it turns out, had we not enabled In-App Subcriptions then a solution to the above issues would not have been possible - so it was fortuitous after all! See our Subscriptions FAQ.

Without further ado, we are pleased to say this is what we have now implemented in Wotja 4.9.0:

  • We now permit both "Personal and Limited Commercial Use".
  • For only $5 the "Wotja Unlocked" In-App Subscription (iOS) provides 6 months access to all Wotja features and capabilities.
  • Extension of the Music Play Time above 1 hour is enabled via purchase of one of the new "Wotja XT" In-App Extensions.
  • The Music Play Time for "Wotja 2018" will mirror that in Wotja but for "Wotja 2017" it remains as before.
  • Subscribers to existing In-App Subscriptions are not disadvantaged in any major way
  • There is now an option for 3 Day Free Trial (more below).
  • There are some brand new templates (more below).

3 Day Free Trial

We believe in free trial and because of that we gave Wotja a "Free Use" mode of operation. It lets you use Wotja for free, albeit with just a few restrictions. This mode of operation is always available to you, so if you have an In-App Subscription and it expires then you STILL have access to the mixes/playlists you made before and can also play and hear them (albeit for just a minute). You can even still edit them, but don't then save them or you would lose information! We felt that was pretty good going all things being considered...

For some, however, this was still not enough. As this was the "market talking" we listened hard, respected the views stated and then set about thinking hard about what we could do to help such potential customers, whilst not actually giving away everything for free...

Although we knew that Apple allow a Free Trial period for In-App Subscriptions the time was not right before, for a number of reasons, for us to take advantage of them. However, with the new "Wotja XT" In-App Subscription extensions we realised that we were now finally set up and able to allow a 3 Day Free Trial - so we have now enabled that for the base level "Wotja Unlocked" In-App Subscription! (NB: It was originally in the "Wotja XT1" tier but that proved too confusing). We hope you are happy that we listened, and the solution we have provided. See: How do I get the Free Trial?.

New "BP2" Backings Template Pak and revised TTM Players

Last, and by no means least, are changes to our templates. In fact, for existing customers, these are probably the most important changes of all!

First of all we worked very hard on some new templates for you. 10 such templates are in a new "WJ4 BP2 Backings" template Pak that you will see in the Pak list. These are really, really nice and we hope you like them. To make some of them we also had to add a few new samples to our IM Synths SF2 Wavetable. The old Backings Pak is still there, but it now displays as "WJ4 BP1 Backings".

Next, we spent a long time reviewing the default Text to Music (TTM) templates that we include in Wotja. We felt we could improve them, and improve them we have (many of them, anyhow). The "refreshed" templates, as a Pak, now sound smoother, softer and are better suited to ambient melodies - they are simply better. Newly created automatic mixes featuring TTM will use and reference these new templates by default unless you specifically toggle off this Pak and toggle on the old one.

NB: The old TTM Pak is not gone, so mixes you have already made using those templates will still sound the same: this Pak is now called "WJ4 TTM Players 4.0-8" and is only visible in the Pak list if you have the "Show Older?" toggle set to on. If you wanted, you could turn this pak on and turn revised Pak off.

What's Next...

We have now finally started work on Wotja for macOS! Yes, we know there is already Wotja for macOS :), but by and large that is right now a cut-up editor. What we mean is we have now started work on the authoring tool that will eventually replace Noatikl for macOS. Yay!

We do have plans for Wotja for Windows, and we hope one day to get to Wotja Android, but for now we appreciate your patience as those we come later...

What this all means is that for the rest of the year the fast pace of change for Wotja V4 will now slow. To counterbalance that, every now and then we will be issuing updates that will include some more new templates for you to enjoy.

Best wishes

Tim and Pete

Q1 2017 Progress Update

31st March 2017 by Tim Cole

Those who have known us for many years will understand that we are restless: we are "intermorphic", meaning we are never done. From the founding of SSEYO in 1990 to the founding of Intermorphic in 2007 to now, 2017, we have continued to have a deep seated need to create, to innovate and to push the envelope of what our tools can do - either by utilising our own technologies or in supporting the use of others (e.g. iCloud, AudioBus, CoreMIDI etc.).

The last 9 months for us has been a very, very busy time - but it has also been a hugely productive one, too. We hope this blog post gives an insight as to some of why that has been the case.

By way of overview, the first 6 months of those last 9 months was largely taken up with readying what was to become Wotja 4.

The last 3 months of it were about polishing Wotja 4 to be ready for release on 14th Feb followed by a number of major improvements (Playlist, Cut-up Editor), minor bug fixes and sorting out some "bumps"; more on that below.

Time for change > Wotja

When we first started developing Wotja back in 2013 (Wotja 1 released April 2014) we had an idea where we were going to take it, and we knew it was going to be important for us. It was not really until the last year or so, 8-9 years on from founding Intermorphic, that we really started to feel we were quickly getting to the position of having too many apps to both evolve and maintain. We realised we had become stretched too thin and were beginning to get stuck in the treacle of never ending "maintenance".

We needed to rethink, to figure it out; we needed a plan. Yes, we could have decided to "moved on" altogether and abandon some apps and important features, in effect orphaning some user created content. It would certainly have been the easiest route forward and some developers might have taken that path, but we had never done that (see SSEYO Koan) and did not want to start now.

The four principles

We realised that to survive we needed to do 4 things. We needed to:

  1. Find a way to focus all our love on just one branded app that we could continue to innovate and extend;
  2. Find a forward migration path for user created content;
  3. Find a way to fund continued maintenance (the elephant in the room);
  4. Find a business model that could support the foregoing.

Whatever else was the case, we knew it was NOT going to be easy.

The "easy" bit

It turned out the only road ahead for the first 2 things was to consolidate all of our apps (Liptikl, Noatikl, Mixtikl, Tiklbox and Wotja) into just one. This app is branded Wotja. It was not in any way "easy" to do but we are now there on iOS and part way there on macOS (the macOS version presently has no editors for music or sound).

Come what may, we know that the Wotja app is our future and we are going to continue improving and extending it.

The "hard" bit

The hardest thing of all, really, has been in finding the solution for issues 3 and 4 - finding the right business model. At the core of this is that continued software development really is a service: software does not yet create itself, maintain itself, test itself, evolve itself (thank goodness!) meaning human effort (work) is involved - and, in the case of our deep apps, a great deal of it, too.

We live in an age where much of the software we use is either free or is so cheap it is "as good as free" (e.g. a once off payment of $5). Operating systems, browsers etc. etc, you name it, and you can do most things for free if you really want to. However that software is made available to you it costs real money to build and maintain, and a lot of it, too.

The real questions

The big questions are, "who pays for all that free or as good as free software to be built and maintained, and how?". It is good to consider because, as we all know, there is no such thing as a free lunch - you always pay, somehow. If something cannot be sustained (costs covered) then it will eventually die and turn to dust.

Software that is free is free for a reason: it might be free because you pay for it by paying for the hardware on which it runs (e.g. iPhone) or it might be treating you as the product (e.g. advertising supported) - for example your data has a value because with it you can be profiled for advertisers who want to sell you other things.

The problem with Software that is "as good as free" (e.g. a once off payment of $5) is that it sets the expectation that "as good as free" also comes to mean "maintained for ever".

Going with either model above can work for apps with very large or fast growing user bases. However, for very niche apps like ours with a slow growing user base neither generates enough to cover costs, let alone provide an income.

How we approached it

Like many niche app developers who do not want to make you the product, we have been caught on the horns of this dilemma. We want to continue to create and maintain things for you to use and love but it costs us a lot of time and effort to do it and to continue to do it.

We knew a few key things:

  1. For the last year most of our iOS App Store revenues were coming from iOS App Bundles that cost around $15 - $20;
  2. We had no means to allow free trial but we wanted to find a way to do that;
  3. If at all possible we did not want to have to resort to an ad supported model;
  4. We already pay for some apps via subscription and had become comfortable with it and its advantages;
  5. To be able to continue to fund both development and ongoing maintenance for those customers that do wish to see us survive and develop new things we had no option but to take some really, really tough decisions that we understood were likely to upset some existing customers who were used to the "as good as free" model, a model we simply cannot now afford to continue with (like any business we hate upsetting customers, but we simply had no choice).

What we decided to do

Taking all the above into account (and asking a few people) we decided to take the plunge and move to a subscription model where the annual pricing was either less than or about the same as a full bundle of apps would have been (Wotja is Noatkl, Mixtkl, Liptikl, Wotja and Tiklbox all in one). We genuinely thought it was the best solution all round, for many reasons.

A few initial bumps

However, we had not fully appreciated that at this point in time many people simply do not like subscriptions at all (despite their advantages and Apple making it easier). Because of that we did not have a non-subscription alternative available at launch and so had not got a transition bundle in place, either (these require paid apps). We also realised we needed to adjust the subscription pricing so immediately brought that down to the level it is now at. To top it off, we have had a couple of reports that the now available Transition Bundle is not working as it should in allowing purchase of apps in past bundles to count towards it (we have a support ticket raised with Apple who are investigating and we will address this as soon as we know the issue).

Ironing out the bumps

Have we have made some missteps along the way? Yes we have, as above, and we are truly sorry about those and any upset they might have caused. We are only human, there are 2 of us and we do sometimes get things wrong - especially in this trickiest of tricky areas. Once we knew about these issues, however, we moved very quickly to address them: i.e. a non-subscription version was released 2 weeks after launch and the app bundle about a week or so after that.

Aside from the above, are we happy about how things have gone since launch? Not yet, as it is clearly early days for Wotja. Although Wotja is working great and is powerful and stable, we are still in the consolidation cycle and there are improvements we still want to make to the UI.

That said, as we now have just the one app to work on we are looking forward to delivering a regular flow of improvements and feature extensions (that said, we are presently working on adding syllable support to the cut-up editor - something we have been asked for many times).

Wotja is a powerful, deep and integrated creativity tool unlike any other - it is unique. The market for such an app is presently very small which is why it is priced as it is. If we could 1000x increase the market size then no doubt there would be some room to maneouvre!

We hope you give Wotja a chance and enjoy it as it develops and grows.

Best wishes

Tim and Pete

Intermorphic is 10 today!

9th January 2017 by Tim Cole

It may be hard to believe but we are 10 today!

As a small, niche, artisan organic micro-business we can safely say the last 10 years of our 26 year journey have not exactly been easy, but they have been interesting ☺.

It is entirely down to our paying customers and fans that we are still here and innovating and we dearly thank all of you who are such. There is still so much we want to build for you and that we hope you will wish to explore, enjoy and create with.

As we are hard at work on Wotja 4 we don't have time to write much about reaching our 10 year anniversary... Besides, we prefer to let our apps do the talking for us! Once Wotja 4 is out then we will look forward to seeing what you can do with it and rest assured we will be working to extend it in the coming months and years ❤.

If you do wish to read something that covers our history and where we are heading, then we would point you to the in depth interview that Tim had with Ashley at PalmSounds and that Ashley posted the last day of 2016.

We give thanks to all of you for the last 10 years and we look forward to the next 10!

Tim and Pete

P.S.: We start our year with some nice new logos and we will talk about those at some other time.