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Q3 17 Update

10th October 2017 by Tim Cole

SSEYO 27 Years On

My goodness thid has been an action packed quarter! We always go as fast as we can (still taking care over what we do of course), but, being a two man team, how fast we can go largely depends on our circumstances. We always try our hardest and give things our best shot. Some times we can go fast, sometimes we can't. We have been lucky this quarter so a lot of big things have happened.

Wotja for macOS - now a full Authoring System

It has been a lot of work over many, many months but, yes, as of October 2nd, it is finally here - the full consolidation of Noatikl, Mixtikl and Liptikl has happened on macOS. This is a "big thing" because for Wotja it means that the iOS and macOS are now both full generative music authoring tools, with comparable capabilities. The upshot is that in the Appleverse we now have just one app to focus on and move forward. That is going to be good news for customers (paid or subscription versions) and fans as it means we will be able to move it forward more quickly in the months and years to come.

Plenty of Updates

For those of you enjoying the recent stream of updates to Wotja over the last quarter then you will have seen we have been very busy keeping things moving.

Apart from numerous fixes and improvements, some of the new features and capabilities we have added include:

  • New Single Cell Display mode
  • New BP2 Backing Templates and revised TTM Players
  • Randomisation now allows use of user created Noatikl files
  • Pak Loops can be in 24-bit format
  • iOS 11 now supported
  • Get a 3 day Free Trial!

Wotja is continuing to move from strength to strength and we can tell from the few crash logs that we are getting that it is also now good and stable.

Although we have a small and niche audience, we hope that those who have decided to try out subscriptions can feel validated that they made the right decision!

New Videos

Just a week or so ago we did some more short videos for Wotja, below. We hope to be doing more videos and tutorials in the coming months:

Wotja V4: 30s - Overview (iPad, Portrait) [see also iPad Landscape]

Wotja V4: 30s - Overview (iPhone, Portrait) [see also iPhone Landscape]

27 Years on from SSEYO

The SSEYO anniversary on the 10th October is always rather a special day for us. It is one where we look back and see how far we have come, but also look forward and see how far there is still to go. SSEYO Koan was such a long time ago now. We have mixed emotions in revisiting the past because every inch forward seemed to require such a huge effort. This was largely because there were nearly as many things that we got wrong as we got right and these days it is a bit of a blur.

If we're honest, and we always try to be, then other than trying as hard as we can to allow a forward path for content created with our tools, we don't really have time to dwell on the past; we will just have to leave that to those who have a care to remember and we hope our website captures enough of that to help them. Curators we are not! If you are interested in a couple of podcasts that covered some of our history and that came out in July/August, then check these out. Chip Boaz of "iOS Music And You" was a great interviewer (thank you Chip)!

Heads Up

We have a lot planned for 2018 and we hope you enjoy what we will be doing :).

Best wishes

Tim and Pete