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First Blog Post

2nd March 2014 by Tim Cole

We finally decided it was time to create a kind of mini-blog-style thing. Yay!

We needed a format where we could occasionally say things that could be more than just "news", and that could also be longer than a short lived tweet - plus have a page you could share links to.

We also wanted, amongst other things, a place were we could feature artists using our apps and to give them some exposure and links.

On top of that, it had to be easy to archive - that meant WordPress was out because that was a step too far for Tim's brain.

Lastly, we did not to put it on some social media "silo" site which is ultimately all about them and not so much about you or us.

Doing it the way we have means, though, there is no interactive comment capability. But, if you want to share or comment, you can always do that these days via social media. Just link to this blog item using the share icons in the blog post page itself (get to it via the title link). You can also share a link to the blog main page using the social links in that page. Easy!

It may be that for some reason we find out later a simple blog like this will turn out to be a "bad idea" and we should instead have tried a proper blog. Maybe, and maybe we might change it in the future. Anyhow, at least doing it this way we know that for now we will be able to back it up and maintain it!

NB: So as it does not get lost forever, our old blog (which we stopped maintaining over 2 years ago) is here: (not currently available).

We hope you decide to bookmark the main blog page and come back every now and then to see what else is new.

Tim and Pete