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Mixtikl 6 arrives

8th June 2014 by Tim Cole

Mixtikl 6

Now with Soundfont support & MIDI out ... and much easier file sharing

After rather a long time in the works we yesterday released Mixtikl 6 for iOS, as well as Android versions for both the Amazon Appstore and (at long last) Google Play. We also released Noatikl 2.5 to boot!

We wanted to improve the reliability of our apps and to that end we have now integrated HockeyApp. This will be in all future app releases as it lets us find out *fast* about any crashers, meaning we can look to fix them fast.

Another thing we wanted to do was to make it much easier to share content between all the different versions of Mixtikl and Noatikl - that was a lot of work but that is now done. All files in Mixtikl 6 / Noatikl 2.5+ are saved to the "Intermorphic/" folder e.g. Mac: ~/Music/Intermorphic. Using a flat folder means it should now be a snap to share between apps. (see here for more info on transfering files).

There is a lot of shared capability under the hood in this release, which is one of the reasons why all these apps came out at once. One of the things under the hood is the improved Wavetable Unit. The Wavetable unit now makes it easy to use SoundFonts, and we also include 6 new wavetables in the above releases - great quality SF2 files for Drums Acoustic, Piano Upright, Piano Electric, Guitar 12-String, Synths, E-Perc.

Being able to support SoundFonts means that you can now use your own (if you can make your own!), or use some purchased from some third party, made available on a CD etc etc. There are loads of SF2 out there, meaning you can quickly and easily extend the sound palette you have at your disposal for creating generative music.

We hope you enjoy the latest releases and updates, and future ones to come. Thank you for using our apps!