Noatikl 2 Generative Music Lab for Mac macOS and Windows

Noatikl 2 Generative Music Lab now includes PSE for sounds & FX

May 18 2012, UK: Intermorphic Ltd announces today that Noatikl™ 2 Generative Music Lab is now released. Noatikl 2 is perfect for generating completely custom generative music as well as a tool to help come up with new musical ideas. The Desktop Standalone verion for Mac OS® is now on the Mac App Store and the Desktop Standalone version for Microsoft® Windows® together with Desktop Audio Plug-ins for Mac/Windows are on the Intermorphic web store.

Noatikl 2 includes the advanced PSE MIDI, Sound & FX multi-synth for sound generation as well as Tiklpaks including over 380 customisable "parts" & 50 FX presets that can be used as templates in your own creations. Although PSE allows for the creation of completely self contained and tweetable generative music, Noatikl can still generate and send MIDI notes and controller information to control settings of favourite external synths, FX units and samplers.

One of the biggest attractions of generative music is that you make it yourself - either to listen to, to generate ideas or simply for creative fun - and then maybe even share it. Files created in Noatikl 2 can be shared via email or tweeted as "partikls" or "noatikls" for playback in Noatikl, or even as "mixtikls" for playback in Mixtikl™ or Mixtikl Free. There are versions of Mixtikl 5 for Apple® iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch®, Android™, Mac OS® and Microsoft® Windows®.

Pete Cole and Tim Cole, the Intermorphic™ founders and brother team said "Noatikl 2 represents a big step forward for Noatikl as the inclusion of the PSE sound engine allows completely portable, tweetable custom generative music and also brings Noatikl for iOS and Android a big step closer."

Noatikl 1 for Mac and Windows was first released in 2007 and is a big brother to Mixtikl. Like Mixtikl, Noatikl is intended to be a true cross platform application for both desktop and mobile.

Detailed feature list on what's new in Noatikl 2: here.

Noatikl 2 Desktop Standalone for Mac is available in the Mac App Storeā„  for $49.99 .

Noatikl 2 Desktop Standalone for Windows (with 30 day trial) is available from the Intermorphic store for $49.99.

Noatikl 2 Desktop VST Audio Plug-in for Windows (30 day trial) and Noatikl 2 Desktop VST/AU Audio Plug-in for Mac (30 day trial) are available from the Intermorphic store for $49.99.

Educational pricing is also available for products available via the Intermorphic store.

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About Intermorphic (press contact):

Intermorphic Ltd develops creativity tools to allow people to "play with ideas". It was co-founded in 2007 by Tim Cole and Pete Cole. The multi BAFTA Award-winning Cole brothers ("the Coles") have a history in music software innovation: they co-founded SSEYO in 1990 and from then to 2001 they created and worked on the "SSEYO Koan Music Engine", a "Generative Music" system used by Brian Eno for his seminal 1996 "Generative Music 1". SSEYO Koan software was available for Windows, Mac and Windows Mobile and in a range of variants from Standalone to Audio Plugin to Web Browser Plugin. Following Tao Group's acquisition of SSEYO in 2001, the Coles created the intent Sound System (iSS) and "SSEYO miniMIXA", one of the world's first mobile music mixers. Intermorphic secured the IP rights to the iSS and SSEYO software in Q2 2008. Since then it has released "Noatikl Generative Music Composer" (the evolution to SSEYO Koan), "Mixtikl Generative Music Mixer", "Liptikl Cut-Up Text Editor", "Tiklbox Relaxing Generative Music" and "Wotja Reflective Generative Music System". Wotja 3 was released in 2016 and also included the Wotja 3 Watch App for Apple Watch™. In February 2017 the massively more powerful Wotja 4 superceeded Wotja 3.


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