Wotja: Edit Cut-up Text<

Heads Up: Video coming soon!

Starting with an empty mix, this quick tutorial shows how to edit & generate cut-up text.


  1. Documents
  2. CMixes
  3. 13Add New
  4. New Empty Mix is added to CMixes & auto-opens in last used Music Edit Mode:
  5. Text > Cutup
    1. Create Button to generate cut-up
    2. Text Alternatives bar for alternative words
    3. Unlock or Lock words by tapping them
    4. Edit Text button to manually edit the cut-up
    5. Edit Rules button to select Cut-up Rule to be used etc.
    6. Use Words button to select where the word pool comes from
    7. Word Mix Control to adjust the balance of how/where cut-up words are selected from
    8. Text Sources tab to add source text for use with cut-up
    9. Saved Text tab to save/append text sections
    10. Cut-up Mode button to choose which kind of Cut-up/Text mode you want to use
    11. Text Properties tab for various properties for Text to Speech, display etc.
    12. Action Button for menu with Lock All / Unlock All, export cut-up etc.

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