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Free vs Pro Feature Sets [OLD]


Video made with Wotja 20

This video is well out of date (for the V22 Feature Sets see the Feature Set table):

We might one day redo the video if we have time, but it will still give you a fair idea of some of the key differences between the Pro and Lite Feature Sets (as they were in V20, anyhow)!

The video goes through the following Feature differences between V20 'Lite' and 'Pro' Feature Sets:

  1. Auto-timeout (2:50)
  2. Track Editing (4:05)
  3. MIDI Channels (5:35)
  4. Recordings (6:21)
  5. In-Mix Randomization (6:55)
  6. Exporting and Merging of Templates (7:35)
  7. Export a Flow Mix (8:36)
  8. Openable Files Number (9:28)

The video was created on iPad Pro.

Want to check out the Wotja mix file used in this tutorial?
  1. Get Wotja.
  2. Download the Wotja mix file;
  3. See the instructions in how to open/play it

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