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Create a Playlist

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Note: A Pro Feature Set is required to create playlists.

A Playlist is a simply list of pointers to Wotja mix files that are in your Wotja Folder, meaning Playlists are not good for sharing (unless you also share the mix files, too). A Playlist can be played like an Album.

To share a Playlist of files you need to export it as an Album (.wotjabox file) which actually includes the mix files. You can do that via the Playlist Actions menu.


  1. Documents
  2. DAlbums
  3. 17Add New
    • Play List
      • .wotjalist filetype
  4. New Playlist is added to DAlbums & auto-opens in Playlist Player
  5. Add mix files to Playlist with 2Add > Browse Mixes
  6. Saving changes
    • Close Playlist (close tab in desktop version)
    • Decide whether to save changes or not

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