FREE Content

We try to give a little extra love by making available some free Content, be that as zipped up .wotjabox files or as zipped up paks of templates, i.e. Content "Paks".

NB: Content Paks are simply add-on content collections zipped in such a way to make it extra easy to use in our apps - Wotja, Noatikl and Mixtikl - with some benefits.

NB: The Intermorphic Paks below were used in Noatikl and Mixtikl and we used to refer to them as Tiklpaks, but they work fine in Wotja. Any new IM Paks we make available will be only for Wotja and so will be called Wotja Paks or just Paks.

Intermorphic Wotja Mix Files

Various Mixes Download


  • Here are a few Wotja mix files (packaged in .wotjabox albums) to help you see how we have done some things.
  • The 'Wotja Demo Mixes NT' zip includes a .wotjabox file with 8 demo Wotja mixes (originally Noatikl files imported into Wotja). Two of them are mix files from the Built-In Albums 'Calm' and 'Relax'.
  • The other includes .wotjabox files with various older demo mixes, some converted from Mixtikl mixes, and some requiring the AL Loop Paks below.

Listeners & Creators

Download and unzip the zip file then copy the .wotjabox file(s) to your Wotja folder and then use the 'Action > Refresh' option in the Wotja Documents screen. You should then see e.g. the 'Wotja Demo Mixes NT' album in the Documents Screen User Segment. If you have a 'Pro' Feature Set you can export the mixes from the album(s). You might want to do so you can open them in Mix Editing mode to see how they work.

Intermorphic Content Paks

Morphing Drum + Bass ("MDB") Download
IM ZG Morphing Drum + Bass


This pak comprises the 77 MDB SF2 files (22kHz, mono, created back in 1998 from loops and samples owned by the awesome Zero-G) and the 100 MDB generative Koan SKD templates that referenced them (but converted to Noatikl templates).

Pak Recording
Morphing Drum + Bass
Morphing Drum + Bass
Morphing Drum + Bass
Morphing Drum + Bass

Listeners & Creators

Copy the above to your Wotja folder.

Copy the above to your Intermorphic Folder.

Audio Loop Collections 1-3 Download
AL Collection 1 AL Collection 2 AL Collection 3


  • Over 300 quality 16-bit 44KHz mono audio loops.
  • Each of the 15 zipped Paks also includes loop root/tempo info - so you can just drop the loops into Wotja.
  • Yours to use in our apps provided you have downloaded them from the Intermorphic website.
Pak Recording
IM - AL Techno 112d
IM - AL Funk 120d
IM - AL Prog 115c
IM - AL Techno Prog 091a
IM - AL Reichian Techno 120c#
IM - AL Cinematic 078a
IM - AL Techno 086a
IM - AL Prog 085a
IM - AL Techno 144e
IM - AL World Beat 108a
IM - AL Ambient 100c
IM - AL Dance 125a
IM - AL Funk 084e
IM - AL World Beat 160c (
IM - AL Ambient 080a

Listeners (iOS/Mac)

Copy the above to your Wotja folder. Creator: You will see one pak with a big long list of content. If you are OK with that you don't need the individual paks below.

Copy the above to your Intermorphic Folder.

Creators (without Mac)

Copy the above to your Wotja folder. Each zipped Pak below is separately displayed/browseable in Wotja. If you don't mind seeing one pak with a big long list of content then get the zip above, as it is easier.

Creators (with Mac)

Download the above and unzip it (you require a Mac for that). Copy those zips to your Wotja iCloud folder. Each Pak is then separately displayed/browseable.

Guide Download
Pak 4 User Guide (Web/HTML)
4.11.3 - 31 Aug 17 | PDF - 335 Kb

How to install the IM Content Paks

Intermorphic "Paks" are simply add-on content collections zipped in such a way as to make it extra easy to use them in our apps and with some benefits (time stretching/pitch shifting for loops).

  1. For ALL Pak zips *EXCEPT* the Zip of Zips file, download the zip file from the Intermorphic website via the link above and save to your Wotja folder or to your Mac/PC Intermorphic Folder (do not unzip the zip file).
  2. If you downloaded the Zip of Zips file, unzip that Zip file and move the resulting component zip files to your Wotja Folder or Intermorphic Folder.
  3. You may need to restart the App for the Paks to be discovered.
  4. Wotja: When you create a new mix in Wotja you will see the MDB Pak in the Templates List. You will only see the AL Pak when you add content to a content cell in an EXISTING mix.
  5. Enjoy using these Paks? Please do consider leaving a nice review for our Apps!


How do I copy/transfer Paks into your Apps?

How do I use the audio loops in the Paks?


From a Content Cell select an AL Pak in the left side Pak list and them a loop from the right side Contentlist; the select the top right menu "Load"


In a Mixer Cell, select the Content list button and then in the Content list select the (..) item to start browsing for content in other Paks.

How do I share mixes referencing the content in these or other Paks?

These Paks are not embedded in our apps so for people to hear in mixes the content that is in one of them they need to first download and install the relevant Paks (and this applies to any other Pak your mix may reference). Until they have the relevant Paks installed, content cells referencing that content (in Wotja and Mixtikl) will show as red to indicate the content is not present.

See here for details on where to put Paks.

Why do the free Pak audio loops load slowly on my device?

Some of the free Pak loops are quite large and to be used they need to be decompressed into memory (they are in Ogg format in the Paks). This can take a few seconds depending on how many you use.

Mixtikl only tip: In Mixtikl Settings try setting the audio output to a lower value e.g. 16Khz stereo, which will force loops to be loaded into memory at that sample rate.

Can I use my own loops/content in Wotja or Mixtikl without having to create a zipped Pak?


Our recommedation is that you must first create a properly formatted and zipped Loop Pak. NB: For use on Wotja 4.11.0 or earlier the loops must be in Ogg or 16-bit WAV format; In Wotja 4.11.2+ you can also use 24-bit WAV loops.

However, there is a workaround that might work for you but it is not officially supported. See here.


Yes, you can, but remember that when not in a correctly formatted Pak they will not be pitch shifted or time stretched if you change the mix root or tempo. For the content you want to use, simply copy it to the "Intermorphic Folder".

Where do I find the Pak EULA?

You find it here.

Is there a FAQ on general licencing questions?

Yes, there is, and it is here.

Mixtikl: I can't see the Audio Loop Paks in Mixtikl

To see the Paks that are in the AL Collections, make sure that the "Loops" check box is checked.

Mixtikl: How do I use content I have copied to the "Intermorphic Folder" (and seen in the Mixtikl "User_Content" folder)?

To use the content you have copied over, in the mixer screen, select a content cell, select the Content button in the Mixer Cell Menu and then select either the "User_Content" pak (e.g. for individual loops you have copied over) or select the ".." folder selector item and then scroll to find your pak (e.g. if you have copied over the IM Audio Loop Paks) and select the file you want to add to your mix. Alternatively, if you have copied over a pak (e.g. the Intermorphic Audio Loop Paks), then select Menu > New to create a new mix which uses content from those paks (if the paks contain loops, first ensure the Loop checkbox is checked so you can see them!).