Wotja V20 Release History

As ever, if something's not working right then please do get in touch via our Help Page 'Contact Us' options!

Oct 12th 2020: V20.12.2

  • FIXED: A couple of more rare crashers.
  • FIXED: Other minor bug fixes.

Sept 29th 2020: V20.12.1

  • FIXED: Crash when closing a mix (rare).
  • IMPROVED (iOS): Only display this (rare) message *once*, rather than every time it is detected - "You might need to check your iCloud settings and network connection, and then restart your device; and check that Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Wotja is turned on."
  • FIXED: Other minor fixes.

Sept 20th 2020: V20.12.0

  • FIXED: Crasher when using an invalid format zip file.
  • FIXED (Desktop versions): Crasher when opening a Template file (.noatikl) in the Documents screen.
  • UPDATED (iOS/tvOS): Changes required for iOS 14 iOS 14 / tvOS 14 / watchOS 7.
  • UPDATED (iOS): AudioBus SDK from 3.0.9 to 3.0.12.

Sept 10th 2020: V20.11.0

  • IMPROVED (iOS): Mobile only workflow - now supports copying of additional filetypes (zip/sf2/wav/mid/tg/fxm/wotjarp) into the Wotja iCloud Folder via the Files app; either A) force tap a file and select Share or B) select a file and then tap the Share button, then C) for either select "Open in Wotja" - see this FAQ).
  • IMPROVED (iOS): iPad pop-up menu item spacing for Settings > General > Use Standard Pop-up Menus > OFF; Tip: if you are having issues with slow or non-responsive menus then try using this Setting set to OFF.
  • IMPROVED (Windows/Android): Pop-up menu item spacing.
  • FIXED (iOS): Main bottom tab button highlighting when selected.
  • FIXED (iOS): Issue on iPad when using Non-standard Pop-up menus where selection of "Cancel" from a Document close button pop-up menu would be treated as "Discard".
  • FIXED (iOS): iPad non-responsive UI issue when using Non-Standard Pop-up Menus and returning to Documents screen.
  • FIXED: Some other minor bugs.

Sept 3rd 2020: V20.10.0

  • IMPROVED (Desktop versions): A "Close" button has been added to document tabs making it *much* easier to know how to close open files!
  • IMPROVED: Settings screen now displays the version number in the top menu bar.
  • IMPROVED: Documents screen Album segment control has a different background colour to the segment control above it.
  • IMPROVED: As it is used to indicate Special Options Subscription status we renamed the 'LU' button to 'SO' (displays "SO:None" in versions without an In-App Store or when there is no active Subscription).
  • IMPROVED (Wotja iOS/macOS): Added a new C4 tier Special Options Subscription.
  • IMPROVED (Wotja iOS/macOS): In-App Store layout/presentation.
  • FIXED: Previewing of recordings (midi, audio etc.) had stopped working correctly.
  • FIXED: Issue where items couldn't be added to playlist if the "ISE for Sounds & FX" toggle was disabled.
  • FIXED: In a multi-cell sequenced mix using Ambient Generators some MIDI notes were left hanging when moving to the next Cell.
  • FIXED: Some more crashers.
  • CHANGED: Moved "Script" to top of the Cell Properties panel.

August 25th 2020: V20.9.1

  • IMPROVED: New Flow “Go” Randomization Scheme - great for relaxation, meditation etc.
  • FIXED: Some more crashers were squashed.

August 21st 2020: V20.9.0

  • IMPROVED: In Lite Mode all files are now unlocked and new file badges show the auto-timeout value in minutes.
  • FIXED: A number of crashers were squashed.
  • FIXED: Issue where Dark mode did not start properly.

August 19th 2020: V20.8.4 (Windows only)

  • IMPROVED: Made changes that should help us track-down Windows-related crashes more easily.

August 6th 2020: V20.8.1

  • FIXED: Various issues with table drag-and-scroll performance.
  • IMPROVED: Indication when a slider value is being changed.
  • CHANGED: Moved Mix Script above Mix FX in the Mix Properties panel.
  • FIXED (Pro 20 TV versions): Issue with the app timing-out after an hour of playback, even if sleep timer was off.
  • NOTE: Windows apps include all that was in 20.8.0 but that never made it to release.

August 1st 2020: V20.8.0

  • IMPROVED: Changed the various "parameter set" script functions so that you can pass-in the name of a built-in Rule (e.g. "All Scale Major") and then use those built-in values.
  • IMPROVED: Ordering of parameter groups in Cell Properties and Mix Properties panels.
  • IMPROVED: Two new rules added to the built-in scale rule Standard Rule Values pop-up list: "Special Root only" and "Special Scale Chromatic".
  • IMPROVED: New Cookbook scripting example "Sequenced Cell Mixing Example".
  • FIXED: Issue related to display of Generator-level Rules when “?” (Random Rule) was selected (now correctly shows "Using Cell Rule"); see Rule Editor.
  • FIXED: Scripting: mixCellObjectParameterGet wasn’t working.
  • FIXED: Crash if try to create new mix from Clipboard, but nothing suitable found.
  • OTHER: Further fixes and improvements.

July 17th 2020: V20.7.1

  • FIXED: Recordings are once again listed in the recordings screen (they were still there but were just not being displayed - sorry about that and many thanks to those who let us know).
  • FIXED: Occasional crash when touching buttons.
  • FIXED: Some other minor issues.

July 13th 2020: V20.7.0


  • NEW FEATURE: Support for Mix-level Rules that can be used by *all* Cells, making it quick and easy change how a mix sounds.
  • NEW FEATURE: 30 extra “Standard Rule” Scale Rules (see Rules Editor > Toolbar > Add New Rule > Use Standard Rule value) e.g. Chord Minor 6th, Chord Suspended fourth etc.
  • NEW FEATURE: Rules Editor now shows Rules List split into two sections to show both the Mix Rules and Cell Rules.
  • NEW FEATURE: Mix-level Scripts are now supported and they allow a mix to be remixed while playing.
  • NEW FEATURE (iOS/macOS versions): “Play” Feature Set for those wanting to just play without timeouts; to accommodate the addition we renamed the Feature Sets as follows: “Pro LX” is now just “Pro”, “LE” is now “Lite” (we also made changes to a number of Lite restrictions), “Wotja Pro LE” app and its icon has now reverted back to just “Wotja”.
  • NEW FEATURE: Cell-level Rhythm Rule “default” settings added to provided symmetry with the new Mix-level rules.
  • NEW SCRIPT FUNCTIONS: Added various new script functions (with example usages)
    • mixCellObjectParameterSet
    • mixCellObjectParameterGet
    • mixParameterSet
    • mixParameterGet
    • mixVolumeSet
    • mixVolumeGet
    • mixTrackVolumeSet
    • mixTrackVolumeGet
    • mixTrackPanSet
    • mixTrackPanGet
  • NEW SCRIPT METHODS: Scripting API methods related to looping and mixing
    • mixColumnLockSet(columnIndex)
    • mixColumnLockGet()
    • mixTrackCellLoopSet(trackIndex, columnIndex)
    • mixTrackCellLoopGet(trackIndex)
    • mixTrackRuleGet(trackIndex)
    • mixTrackRuleSet(trackIndex, ruleValue)
  • NEW SCRIPT METHODS: Scripting API methods that allow mix-level scripts to query objects owned by cells (e.g. “Generator”, Rules...)
    • mixObjectParameterGet
    • mixObjectParameterSet
    • mixObjectNameGet
    • mixObjectIndexGet
    • mixObjectCountGet
    • mixCellObjectNameGet
    • mixCellObjectIndexGet
    • mixCellObjectCountGet
  • IMPROVED: Mixes and Albums/Playlists are now displayed in separate areas (Documents).
  • IMPROVED: Rule editor Action menu items replaces rename/cut/copy/paste/delete buttons.
  • IMPROVED: Rule editor Action menu item to replace current rule value with “Standard Rule” value.
  • IMPROVED: All templates where previously referencing “Default” rules now instead reference the new “Mix Default” rules.
  • IMPROVED (tvOS): App now uses Feature Set Subscription status shared with iOS app.
  • IMPROVED (tvOS): Lite Mode timeout increased to 1 hour.
  • IMPROVED (iPad): Added “Use Standard Pop-Up Menus” option to Settings on iPad (it may solve a rare issue with unresponsive menus).
  • IMPROVED: Added support to open Noatikl .partikl files.
  • CHANGED (iOS): Updated Ableton Link from 3.0.5 to 3.1.3.
  • FIXED (iPad): On iPad, show Ableton Link Settings full-screen.
  • FIXED: Crash that would occur if mix file path were very large (> 255 bytes).
  • FIXED: Several scripting related bugs.
  • FIXED: Allow Rules to be deleted/cut, except Mix Default rule which cannot be deleted/cut/renamed.
    • wj20/Cell Triggers/onImeBar.wotjascript
    • wj20/Generator Triggers/onImeBar.wotjascript
    • imeObjectParameterGet, which wasn’t working for “Cell” objects (where you shouldn’t have to provide an index)
    • Renamed imeMixElapsedPercentGet -> imeCellElapsedPercentGet
    • Renamed “Cell Triggers” to “Cell and Mix Triggers”
    • Renamed “Cell Cookbook” to “Cell and Mix Cookbook”
    • Updated list of default Scale rules that are presented in the Rule editors and Mix Cookbook scripts
    • Various Cell and Mix Cookbook / Trigger examples
  • OTHER: Various other minor improvements and bug fixes.

May 29th 2020: V20.6.0 (iOS/macOS)/20.5.3 (old macOS app)

  • FIXED: Issue where auto-renewed Subscriptions weren't picked-up from the App Store (we hope it is now truly fixed - please let us know if it isn't!)
  • IMPROVED: Wotja Pro LE iOS Subscriptions now work with the (new v20.6.0) Wotja Pro LE macOS version; both iOS and macOS apps now share the same App ID and In-App Subscriptions!
    • See: Wotja Pro LE for macOS: How do I transition from V20.5.3 or earlier to V20.6.0+?
    • In a week or so we will be removing from sale (now done) the existing V20.5.3 Wotja Pro LE for macOS app and all of its In-App Subscriptions (meaning those will just lapse at their renewal date but feel free to cancel them if you prefer to), giving you time to transition to the new v20.6.0 app (see the transition instructions) leaving just the new V20.6.0 Wotja Pro LE for macOS app on the Mac App Store (it has the same App ID as the iOS one now - our download buttons now link to this new version).
    • If you already have a Pro LX Feature Set Subscription for the iOS version (e.g. "Pro LX (iOS)") then this is now just called "Pro LX" as it functions in both iOS and macOS versions of Wotja Pro LE (V20.6+). We are grandfathering the price of these until Jan 1st 2021, meaning if you also had a "Pro LX (macOS)" Subscription you will be able to cancel that and save quite a bit over the remainder of this year (we would of course love it if you could get a Super-fan Subscription to make up the difference, but you don't have to).
    • The new dual "Pro LX" Subscription price is, at least until Jan 1st 2021, the same as the old macOS Subscription price, so if you only used the macOS version it will cost you the same as before.
  • FIXED: The LE/LX button text didn't auto-update when In-App Subscription status was detected as changed.

May 23rd 2020: V20.5.2

  • UPDATE: Sorry, but this does not yet seem to have fixed the issue :(, we'll have to try again - thankyou for your patience!
  • FIXED (Wotja Pro LE iOS/macOS): Recent issue with In-App Subscriptions where they were not being restored correctly (sorry!).
  • OTHER (Wotja Go iOS/macOS): Bug fixes.

May 15th 2020: V20.5.1

  • CHANGED (Wotja Pro LE iOS/macOS): The In-App Subscription previously referred to as "S" or "Pro S" is now referred to as "LX" or "Pro LX" (there is NO change to capability however, it works just as before); this is to make the Feature Set In-App Subscription clearer.
  • IMPROVED: Removed the "Info" button from the Wotja Pro Settings screens and moved the items to a new "Info" section in the General segment; this makes it easier to find the version number and some help links.
  • IMPROVED: A number of alert messages and localisations.
  • FIXED: If the display language (locale) was set to Japanese or Chinese the lyric engine did not correctly disable the "EOL Rhyme" settings which was in some cases preventing cut-up text generation.
  • FIXED (Wotja Go for Windows): Wotja Go was sharing preference settings with the Wotja Pro versions.

May 12th 2020: V20.5.0

  • NEW: Wotja Go is released! It is our totally free generator of relaxing generative music, with no timeout and no strings attached. Available for iOS, macOS, Windows and Android (Google Play version coming soon).
  • CHANGED: The free version of Wotja is now called "Wotja Pro LE". It may have a new icon and name, but everything works exactly as it did before including the Subscription options. We made the change to better reflect that, until unlocked, it is really a 'Lite' version of a 'Pro' creativity tool. To complement this change in emphasis we've created a new free player app called "Wotja Go" which has no timeout. It contains a number of Flow Schemes and Albums but has no editing capabilities - check it out!
  • IMPROVED: Replaced the Toolbox button above the FX column with a Grid button; it has a pop-up menu that makes it easier A) to access Cell Actions, B) to change between 1 cell/1 column/4 column grid views (was previously done via the Action menu) and C) to show/hide Generator Editor panel option (moved from the Voice Cell pop-up menu).
  • IMPROVED: When a cell is selected for second time, rather than showing template browser, we instead show a pop-up menu with all relevant Cell Actions in it.
  • IMPROVED: Wotja Script editor - enabled syntax highlighting for all keywords in ECMAScript 5.1 (e.g. "const").
  • IMPROVED: Playlist/Flow Players - mix/scheme names no longer truncated on smaller mobile devices.
  • IMPROVED: Labels/filenames should now be easier to read.
  • FIXED: Issue related to strange font display on HighSierra macOS.
  • FIXED: Changed "Fixed Pattern" to "Pattern" and "Repeat Bar" to "Repeat" in the "Add Generator of Type" menu.
  • FIXED: Rare crash with Following voices.
  • OTHER: Many other minor fixes and improvements.

May 2nd 2020: V20.4.6

  • IMPROVED: The Cell Playing Indicator will now display as grey, rather than green (or the cell lock colour), when a track is muted or muted or by virtue of another track(s) being soloed.
  • IMPROVED: In the Record tab the Refresh button has be replaced with an Action button that includes options for Refresh and Help & More.
  • IMPROVED: The Randomization screen in Settings has been tidied up a bit; the "Auto Boxes" group is now at the bottom and the Screensaver Palette/Graphic/Text settings have been moved to the "General/Mix" group; the Ramp Up/Down and Duration Min/Max settings have been likewise moved and they now also apply to a new auto mix.
  • FIXED: Labelling of items on RHS of Scale Rules/Harmony Rules in Scale/Harmony Rule Editor.
  • FIXED: Renamed "Phyrgian" to "Phrygian" in Scale Rule Editor “Add” button.

Apr 25th 2020: V20.4.4

  • IMPROVED (Android): Allow install to Storage Card.
  • FIXED (Android): Issue where a button could have a background colour after selection.
  • IMPROVED: Terminology related to names/naming related to Generators of type "Pattern", Pattern types, Pattern List and related menu options; "sub-patterns" are now called "patterns" too - it should all feel a lot clearer now.
  • IMPROVED: Pattern List Editor now has a Delete menu item, more clearly named menu options and a new pattern "1 Bar - Whole Note (B)".
  • FIXED: Pattern List Editor behaviour for Add menu "Syncopated" item.
  • FIXED: Pattern Editor behaviour for "Randomize" Action menu item.
  • IMPROVED: Text layout and font size in Sliders to make better use of the available space.

Apr 17th 2020: V20.4.3

  • FIXED (iOS/macOS): Issue related to routing of MIDI data to Wotja's virtual MIDI Track ports (which are numbered 1 through 12).
  • FIXED (iOS): Potential crash showing alerts and menus, introduced in Wotja iOS 20.4.2 (sorry!).

Apr 16th 2020: V20.4.2

  • FIXED (macOS): Issue introduced in 20.4.1 that prevented Wotja starting on High Sierra (macOS 10.13.6) and Sierra (macOS 10.12.6) - sorry!
  • FIXED (iOS): Rare crash.

Apr 13th 2020: V20.4.1

  • NEW: All new graphical Pattern Editor for note patterns makes it MUCH easier now to use patterns of all types (Both [B], Rhythm [R], Fixed Frequency [F] and Sequence [S]), plus...
    • - Allows the Generator’s TTM (Text to Music) melody pattern (if available) to be imported into the Pattern Editor for editing.
    • - Without leaving the editor, allows a Generator to be forced to create a new Cut-up (this generates a new melody if the Text to Music Cut-up Rule is correctly configured).
    • - You can still edit text pattern strings if you want to, too!
  • IMPROVED: Pattern Editor list:
    • - Renamed "Presets" to "Sub Patterns".
    • - Each item now has a big "Edit" button - press to show the editor for that Sub-Pattern
    • - Text strings identified as "Both", "Forced Frequency", "Rhythm only", "Sequence" making it easier to understand what they all are.
    • - Many other improvements.
  • IMPROVED: TTM Text Editor has new menu options to:
    • - Export the generated melody to the clipboard as a Sub-Pattern.
    • - Set the Patterns parameter directly from the editor
  • FIXED: Playlist screen issues where the Player toolbar went missing and when returning to Playlist from Mix Overrides it would return to FullScreen instead.
  • FIXED (Android/Windows): Rule Editor "Add" menu now displays the pop-up list correctly.
  • FIXED (iOS): Crash on iOS which occurred if you had set the app to use iCloud and restarted it having used the iOS Settings menu to turn-off iCloud.

Mar 23rd 2020: V20.3.7

  • FIXED (Mac/Windows/Android): Enabled MIDI Clock sending
  • FIXED (Android/Windows): Pop-up menus are now better positioned on screen
  • IMPROVED (Windows/Mac): When in Full screen display we don't highlight when the mouse moves over the display area
  • IMPROVED: In Text Mode, removed an extra blank line at the end of Text exported via the Action Menu in "Cut-Up & Edit"
  • FIXED: Typo "Empty Mix (Cup-Up Text)" is now "Empty Mix (Cut-Up Text)"
  • CHANGED: In Mix Rules "Use Section Text" is now "Use Saved Text"
  • CHANGED: In Text Mode "Edit & Cut-Up" is now "Cut-Up & Edit"

Mar 17th 2020: V20.3.6

  • NEW: Action menu item "All Saved Text to Clipboard" in the Text tab
  • NEW (Windows): Action menu item for full screen support from Display tab and Flow/Playlist Players
  • IMPROVED: Better text positioning and sizing in relation to the Wotja Watermark in Full Screen display
  • IMPROVED: Smoothness of text fading when auto-changing displayed text
  • IMPROVED: Action menu items in the Text tab now refer to as "Text" instead of "Cut-up"
  • FIXED: Rare crash soon after closing/discarding a mix

Mar 11th 2020: V20.3.5

  • NEW: Options for Full Screen display have been added to the Flow player and Playlist player Action menus.
  • FIXED: Removed an unwanted line at the top of the screen that was visible in Full Screen display.
  • FIXED (Desktop): Removed an unwanted outer border when in Full Screen display.
  • FIXED (iOS): Rare crash related to audio stopping.
  • FIXED (iOS/Android): Removed duplicate items in the Display Action menu.

Mar 10th 2020: V20.3.4

  • IMPROVED: For those interested in creating & sharing videos we've added several "Full Screen" (mobile) / "Full Window" (desktop) items to the Display tab Action menu; in the Desktop versions we have also added several "Resize content area" menu items to the Window menu.
  • IMPROVED: In the General segment in Settings there is a new toggle "Show Watermark" (Default: On); this can be toggled only in the Pro Feature Set.
  • IMPROVED: Renamed "Mix" tab to "Music" to make it clearer what this tab is about.
  • FIXED: When adding to a Cell one of the BP00 Drum Templates the pattern strings were incorrectly being set to "100 B 240 1".
  • FIXED (iOS only): If your device is running out of memory when recording a video in the Record tab we now display an alert and automatically stop recording, as well as clearing-up the temporary storage used to create the recording.
  • IMPROVED (macOS only): Removed unnecessary single-pixel border around outer app window.

Mar 4th 2020: V20.3.3

  • IMPROVED: When the "Auto Pan Background Image" toggle in Settings is set to "Off" we now display the background image as aspect filled (i.e. with no extra size added for drift padding).
  • IMPROVED (iOS): Video recording is now up to 4 times faster.
  • IMPROVED (tvOS): Text fade in/out is now supported.
  • FIXED: If the Recording tab was left while a "mixdown" recording was in progress the progress bar could remain on screen.
  • FIXED: When a recording was made of a mix that had full stop characters then file information was removed from the mix recording name.
  • FIXED: An issue where some document names might have been localized unexpectedly.
  • FIXED (iOS): Rare issue where files were not displaying in Documents when saving Mixes from Boxes, or Templates from Mixes, or Recordings.

Feb 27th 2020: V20.3.2 (iOS/macOS)

  • FIXED: Video recording issue where the text didn't change if using sequentially displayed saved text sections (oops!).
  • CHANGED: "Icon" renamed to "Screensaver" in Randomization Schemes.
  • CHANGED: Removed duplicate "About" menu item from "Help" menu.

Feb 26th 2020: V20.3.1

Note: Windows/Android: Includes changes in 20.3.1 below.

  • FIXED: Direct editing of LFO/Oscillator frequency via Edit.

Feb 25th 2020: V20.3.0

Note: Windows/Android release became V20.3.1 which includes the below.

  • NEW FEATURE: "Use Saved Text" (Default: Off) checkbox in Mix Rules that allows Wotja to sequentially display text from a mix's Saved Text sections; perfect for mixes where you want to convey meaning to aid reflection e.g. poetry, micro-stories, messages etc.
  • NEW FEATURE (Creator apps): Text Display Settings "Text Display Duration/Range" and "Display Fade In/Out" sliders in Settings to control fade in/out of text.
  • NEW FEATURE: "Auto Pan Background Image" (Default: On) checkbox in Settings to allow background images to auto-pan when a mix plays (Mix Display tab, Mix Boxes etc.).
  • NEW FEATURE (iOS, macOS): Video recordings now include animation, text fading and auto-panning - great for sharing.
  • NEW FEATURE (iOS, macOS): A "Video Recording Size" option in Settings (NB: Recordings featuring a background image do take a *long time* to create).
  • IMPROVED: Settings screen now split into into 3 segments (General / Audio MIDI+ / Randomization).
  • IMPROVED: Tapping the Pattern editing text field now takes you to a full screen editor; new lines are removed automatically when you press "OK".
  • IMPROVED (iOS): .wotjabox files can now be loaded from an email attachment.
  • IMPROVED (iOS, macOS): An audio recording is no longer left behind when you make a video recording.
  • IMPROVED (macOS/Windows/Android): When browsing for a background image in the Display tab we no longer shrink the selected image (this can make mix sizes much larger; if you want smaller mixes reduce the size of the image before adding to your mix).
  • IMPROVED: Saved Text Section and Controller/Junction table views now makes it clear which row is highlighted.
  • FIXED: Note clustering for TTM voices when auto-changing text and TTM Repeats is set to 1 and "Improvise after Tune" is off.
  • FIXED: Apply correct Cut-up Rule when using "Edit Text" button.
  • FIXED: When exporting from Flow to Box, do not display ".wotjalist" in the alert.
  • FIXED (iOS): .wotja or .wotjabox files in the iCloud Downloads folder can now be opened in Wotja via a tap or Select > Action > "Open in Wotja".
  • FIXED (iOS): Display artefact when adding a background image in Display tab.
  • FIXED (iOS): Potential crash on stopping playback.
  • FIXED (iOS, macOS) Potential crash on closing mix immediately after making a video recording.
  • FIXED (iOS, macOS): Potential crash on closing mix while video recording running.
  • FIXED: Issue where tapping the action button in the Text main segment always added a new Saved Text section if there were no Sections.
  • FIXED: Delete the focused Controller/Junction item.
  • CHANGED: Renamed "Cut-Up" tab to "Text" and in the Text screen changed "Create" to "Edit & Cut-Up".
  • CHANGED: Mix Rule "Automatic Cut-up Change" to "Automatic Text Change".
  • CHANGED(iOS, macOS): Removed the option to "Create Video" from the audio recording pop-up menus.
  • CHANGED: Other minor changes.

Feb 10th 2020: V20.2.5 (Android) (iOS/macOS/Windows)

  • FIXED: Occasional crash when making a recording
  • FIXED (GP version): Occasional crash on loading

Feb 10th 2020: V20.2.3 (iOS/macOS/Windows) / V20.2.4 (Android GP)

  • FIXED: Templates from "BP20 Drones 1" Template Pak had stopped playing correctly in mixes (sorry!); no change to mixes is required and we've updated this and 2 older Drone paks to use Scale / Harmony Rule names of "Drone"
  • FIXED: Inter-cell external MIDI event timing issue
  • FIXED: Duplication of MIDI events sent to MIDI device
  • FIXED: Controller modulating Scale of Amplifier was wrongly having a side-effect on Pan
  • FIXED (iOS only): When using local documents "Add New…" did not auto-open the document
  • IMPROVED: Display Language selection (Settings > Info > Display Language > System/English/Chinese/Japanese) is now saved across sessions
  • IMPROVED: Preview of a Template List item is now indicated with a green tint
  • IMPROVED: Added Action menu item "Edit Full Screen" in FX Network Editor screen
  • IMPROVED: Add New > "Cut-Up Text (Empty Mix)" reworded to "Empty Mix (Cut-Up Text)" and now opens in the Mix screen
  • FIXED (macOS only): Could not open a .noatikl file outside of the Wotja Folder
  • FIXED: Crash in "Add New > Mix (from Clipboard)" where nothing suitable was found in the Clipboard
  • FIXED: Occasional crashes in "Add New > Mix" and when previewing in Template List
  • IMPROVED: New popup message when there are insufficient free MIDI channels available to permit addition of a Generator or to allow Cell Merge or Replace (e.g. from Template browser, Clipboard etc.)
  • IMPROVED: Rule names are now case sensitive
  • IMPROVED: Thinner scrollbar!

Feb 5th 2020: V20.2.2

  • NEW (macOS only): Implemented Wotja URL ('WJURL') opening

Feb 4th 2020: V20.2.1

  • NEW: Under-the-hood support for application/vnd.koan MIME Type makes it easy to play & share a Wotja mix file when the .wotja file extension is changed to .skd
  • NEW: Support for importing legacy SSEYO Koan SKD files
  • NEW: MIDI Setting toggles to enable/disable MIDI Start/Stop Events ('Send Start/Stop Events') and enable/disable MIDI Controller Events ('Send Controller Events')
  • FIXED: MIDI events no longer sent to MIDI devices when making a recording
  • FIXED (iOS): Wotja mix files can now load from email attachments
  • FIXED (iOS): Wotja URLs (WJURL) can now open Wotja
  • FIXED (Android): Intermittent crash when stopping playback
  • FIXED: Bug in ‘F’ pattern handling; duration of 0 should have played the ‘root’ note, but was treated incorrectly as a rest
  • FIXED: Issues with Following voices and Chording Strategy Semitone Shift
  • FIXED: Crash when using Video animation overlay in some cases
  • FIXED: Restored two missing EMod sliders in DSynth unit editor
  • IMPROVED: Auto-open file after 'Add New' action or if shared file is loaded in Wotja
  • IMPROVED: If Sleep Timer setting is changed whist Wotja is play playing the stop and restart play
  • IMPROVED: Preview of a recording is now indicated with a green tint
  • IMPROVED: Stop preview in Recording screen when user leaves the Recording tab, changes the Segment control at the top or presses the 'Record' button
  • IMPROVED: Stop a mix playing if Preview pressed in Recordings
  • IMPROVED: Reduced width of scrollbar and reduced Parameter Group font size
  • IMPROVED: More default rules added
  • IMPROVED: Added Cell Cookbook/Change Root Randomly At Start.wotjascript
  • IMPROVED: For better text wrapping in Cells and Templates list “_” chars are on-screen replaced with a space
  • IMPROVED: ISE Network Editor Unit pop-up menu 'Delete' and 'Reset' renamed to 'Delete Unit' and 'Clear Network' and these have been added to the Action Menu

Jan 26th 2020: V20.1.5

  • FIXED: When using custom User Templates in a mix, all settings are now saved to the mix meaning that the mix will now work correctly even if the templates are no longer present (this is a further improvement on the changes added in 20.1.4); see this FAQ
  • FIXED: Potential crash when using a "blob" overlay to indicate UI interaction e.g. for videos (i.e. when Settings > Interaction Colour for Videos was set to a colour)
  • IMPROVED: Text now wraps on spaces in file names (in Document screen) and in Template names (in Content Cells)
  • FIXED (macOS): Incorrect font could be displayed in tab bars in Document screen or pop-up messsages
  • CHANGED (Windows/Android Free versions): Links in any Store buttons now go to the relevant store listing for Wotja Pro 20.
  • INCLUDED (Windows versions): All relevant fixes/changes from the V20.1.0 to 20.1.4 updates that were not previously released

Jan 22nd 2020: V20.1.4

  • FIXED: Allow mixes to work where a Cell's underlying Template has been deleted or is no longer available (for example, a user saved Template [.noatikl file]); All Cells include all Template data, edited/amended as relevant, and Cells with missing Templates no longer appear as empty or display a Red bar but instead the Cell Info File Path field has ” (MISSING)” appended to the end; NB: Cells with missing WAV/MIDI files still display a Red bar
  • IMPROVED: Display of text for Mix content cells and IME Voice cells where the text was always single line and was scaled to fit (and so could be unreadable) is now multi-line, word-wrapped on spaces, centered and scaled to fit
  • IMPROVED: Display of text on small screens better as the IME parameter group name is now multiline so the whole name is visible, and Synth/MIDI/FX cells have better text sizing
  • IMPROVED: File Path display in Cell Info:
    • Always shows full file path, rather than just "-" for files without "parent" folder
    • If the file path has a complex parent path that we think represents e.g. the iCloud folder or the Wotja Folder, then we replace all of that with "[Wotja]/"
    • If the app thinks the content is from a Pak, it prefixes the path with "[Pak]/"
  • CHANGED: Documentation link #player-box changed to #player-playlist
  • INCLUDED (Windows/Google Play: All relevant fixes/changes from the V20.1.3 update that was not released

Jan 18th 2020: V20.1.3

  • FIXED: Potential crash when the Record button was pressed and you entered Recordings screen with mix still playing (sorry, this bug was introduced in the last update)
  • IMPROVED: Some things in Intermorphic Wotja Script (IWS) have been renamed:
    • In Scripts you should now use the "Generator" object type name rather than the previous "Voice" nomenclature (though "Voice" is still supported)
    • The following changes are auto-applied to any old scripts:
      • Replace "Voice" with "Generator" in scripts
      • Replace "Piece" with "Cell" in scripts
    • Renamed imeVoiceEnvelopePercentGet > imeGeneratorEnvelopePercentGet
    • Renamed imeVoiceEnvelopePercentSet > imeGeneratorEnvelopePercentSet
    • Renamed imeVoiceMIDIChannelGet > imeGeneratorMIDIChannelGet
    • Renamed imePieceElapsedPercentGet > imeMixElapsedPercentGet
    • Renamed onImeVoiceComposed > onImeGeneratorComposed
    • Renamed onImeVoiceUserController > onImeGeneratorUserController
  • IMPROVED: Other IWS related changes:
    • Renamed "Voice" button to "Generator" - shown when panel not embedded
    • Renamed "Generative Piece Rules" button to "Generative Cell Rules"
    • Renamed "Piece Script" to "Cell Script" in Cell Parameters
    • Renamed "Voice Script" screen to "Generator Script"
    • Renamed "Piece Script" screen to "Cell Script"
  • FIXED: Script references to the "Next Note Rule" object type name now work correctly

Jan 15th 2020: V20.1.1

  • IMPROVED (iOS update only): When a mix is opened it sets the Ableton Link tempo to the tempo in that mix.

Jan 13th 2020: V20.1.0

  • NEW (iOS versions): Added support for 'Ableton Link' (experimental) which allows Wotja to use Link Start/Stop etc. and works with integer tempos (tempo changes only work for open mixes)
  • FIXED (Android versions): Use of non-Ascii characters in text fields would cause a crash
  • FIXED (All versions): Documentation links in Flow and Box players
  • IMPROVED (free versions): In the free versions (and when there is no active 'Pro S' subscription, as available) the Dice button in Mix panel/ISE Network editor and the RS save buttons are greyed
  • IMPROVED (free versions iOS/macOS): A number of menu items are now appended with "Requires IAP" when there is no active 'Pro S' subscription

Jan 4th 2020: V20.0.2

  • NEW (Wotja Pro 20): Album segment is now available in Wotja Pro 20
  • NEW: Settings toggle "Templates: Auto-Change Patterns" (Default is ON) for those who specifically want to use *their own* B/F melodic patterns in templates but *not* have them be randomised when the template is added to a mix (we strongly recommmend to leave this ON unless you have a specialist requirement)
  • FIXED (Wotja Pro 20): Auto-timeout in the Wotja Pro 20 TV App removed (should not have been there)
  • FIXED (iOS/macOS free versions): C0/C1 Subscriptions - LU button/screen text now the correct way round
  • FIXED: Sleep Timer button status now updating correctly
  • FIXED: R patterns were incorrectly randomized when adding templates
  • FIXED: IME User Guide link
  • IMPROVED: Pattern randomization when adding templates to a mix
  • Also see all the new goodness that came with release V20.0.0!

Jan 1st 2020: V20.0.0 - New Major Release


  • Simplified App Range: There are now only 2 Wotja apps per platform:
    • Wotja Pro 20 - a 'paid-for' app with a 'Pro 20' Feature Set
    • Wotja - a FREE app with a 'Lite' Feature Set
      • A 'Pro S' Feature Set can be unlocked in the iOS/macOS versions via In-App Subscription
  • New iOS App Inclusions: The above apps for iOS now include the relevant Wotja app for Apple Watch (see below)
  • New TV App Inclusions: The above apps now include the relevant Wotja app for and Apple TV/Android TV
  • New Pricing: At launch the new V20 paid-for versions cost around 1/3 less than our historical Wotja pricing points
  • Better Value: Personal Live Use used to be a $3.99/month Subscription but is NOW FREE
  • Better Business Model: Commercial Live Use is now licensed via the C0 / C1 / C2 / C3 Subscription tiers; as before, these easy to cancel Subscriptions can also be used as a 'tip jar' mechanism (for those that wish to!)

New Features / Capabilities

  • New IME 20 Feature: The V20 Wotja 'Pro' Feature Sets ('Pro S' and 'Pro 20') have no auto-timeout, this being a MAJOR change from V19 with its 8 hour auto-timeout; it means that Wotja with a 'Pro' Feature Set will now play either until you stop it or until a sleep timer kicks in - making it ideal as a background music generator for Personal or Commercial Live Use (see Better Value & Better Business Model above)
  • New IME 20 Feature: A new Text-to-Music (TTM) 'Generator Type' makes it much easier to use TTM (it used to be a subset of the Patterns Type)
  • New IME 20 Feature: 'Cut-up Rule' parameter for TTM Generator with values of: Custom … (as current behaviour), Cut-Up: Line# = Track# (used in new automatic mixes), Cut-up: All lines, Cut-Up: Line# 1, Cut-Up: Line# 2 etc.
  • New IME 20 Feature: 'Cut-up Rule' parameter allows the text used for TTM to be linked to the (line numbered) cut-up in the Cup-Up screen, making TTM much easier to use - one tap of the Cut-up Create button can be used to auto-change the TTM text used for multiple TTM generators meaning that you can enjoy TTM without manual text editing (you can still do that!)
  • New IME 20 Feature: When an auto mix is created or when any Template is manually added to the mix from the Templates list then any B Patterns in such Templates used in the mix are now randomized with note pitches generated to fit the defined Pitch Range (see the 'Using Templates with Patterns' section in our website Recording Rights & Copyright FAQ)
  • New ISE 20 Feature: Changes to 'Random' in LFO and Osc units makes it possible to create much better drones
  • New ISE 20 Feature: ISE Network editor Dice button now uses a lucky dip selection from all the built-in presets
  • New ITE 20 Feature: New Mix Rule Group "Automatic New Cut-Up" containing new "At Mix Start" and "Change After Seconds" toggles and new slider parameter "Seconds Between" and "Seconds Between Range" making it fast/easy to create a new text cut-up in any screen, also allowing a mix to auto-generate new melodies as it plays
  • New ITE 20 Feature: Many new Cut-up rules added to help with the new TTM capability above
  • New ITE 20 Feature: Cut-up and Automatic New Cut-up settings are now included in Randomization Schemes
  • New Templates: New 'BP20 Drones 1' pak featuring 21 gorgeous drones (some utilize change to Random in LFO units)
  • New Sound Presets: New gorgeous Drone Sounds Presets coming from the above pak
  • New Randomization Schemes: These take advantage of the new content and capabilities above
  • New and Improved: Updates to 'TTM1 Players' and 'TTM1 Players 2' plus new templates added to the latter
  • New Apple Watch Apps: We've created all-new Wotja and Wotja Pro 20 companion apps for Apple Watch
  • New Sharing Option: "Copy To…" support added in iOS version to allow opening of .wotja files attached to emails

Improvements / Fixes

  • Improved: Better looking and more polished UI with many changes focused on improving ease of use
  • Improved: Access to Mix recording is now much easier to find having been moved to the bottom tab bar
  • Improved: Clearer navigation with a better icon for back to Documents and '< OK' for exit from subscreens
  • IME Improved: 'Voices' are now referred to as 'Generators' to better reflect what they are - MIDI note generators
  • Improved: File sorting options for the User segment of the Documents screen
  • Improved: Action Menu options in the Template screen making to make it easier to select/deselect paks and templates
  • Improved: Access to Settings from the ISE Network Editor
  • Improved: Alphabetical sorting for Saved Files in Template list
  • Improved: Sleep timer can now also be used with mixes
  • Improved: Punctuation in cut-up
  • Improved: When a new automatic mix is created a random icon is generated for it
  • Improved: Default Text rule string for new mixes changed to "2 2 2" (was: "2 2 0 1"), this being better for some TTM mixes
  • Improved: Fixed layout issues in landscape for 'notched' iPhones
  • Improved: New Settings toggle "Always Show Full Screen Top Panel" to more easily see the Toolbar in Flow & Box Players
  • Improved: Settings > Tuning Mode is turned off when Wotja is restarted to prevent it being left on inadvertently
  • Improved: Removed the Album title text displaying in mixes for the included Albums (looks nicer now)
  • Improved: Updated app icons!
  • ISE Changed: ISE LFO unit behaviour when "Random Levels?" was selected used to emit control-rate white noise; it now it emits at a random level (within the specified -Min to +Max range) and which changes at LFO Frequency rate, or at BPM sync rate if that is set (i.e. one complete cycle)
  • ISE Fixed: Various bugs in the ISE LFO unit "Random Levels?" implementation including where the min/max levels for a random waveform weren’t used properly and the phase didn't reset when the mix was restarted
  • ISE Fixed: Where ISE LFO unit LFO Type was set to "Note On Random", the min/max levels weren't used properly (this fix now properly allows IME note creation to affect random changes in the ISE, great for drones etc.)
  • ISE Fixed: One ISE LFO unit can now be used to modulate the frequency of a second LFO that is operating in "random level" mode
  • ISE Fixed: Directly edited ISE slider values were not always saved correctly
  • Changed: Playlists, boxes and albums can now only include .wotja files
  • Fixed: Changing pan slider in the volume/pan screen wrongly used the volume envelope slider value
  • Fixed: Changing the vol/pan envelope didn't automatically update the slider in the volume/pan screen
  • Fixed: Many other bug fixes

Wotja V19 Release History

Wotja V19 [Final Release: 19.1.0]

21st Oct 2019: V19.10.1 (FINAL UPDATE)

  • FIXED (Desktop versions only): An issue where closing a mix file from Recordings could cause a crash
  • FIXED: A rare issue where stopping a mix could cause a crash
  • IMPROVED: Wotja Script stability
  • IMPROVED (Windows versions only): Performance optimisations that should greatly reduce any "not responding" issues

16th Oct 2019: V19.10.0

  • IMPROVED (iOS): Updated AudioBus to 3.0.9 (October 7 2019)
  • FIXED: Crash seen when closing the app having used the Template Previewer (Free/Pro)
  • FIXED: Crash that could occur when scrolling quickly through the Documents screenv (All)
  • FIXED: Screen display bug when exiting the store screen or a multi-line text field (affected only iPhones running iOS 13)

4th Sept 2019: V19.9.0

  • FIXED: Rare crash related to the video touch/click overlay that could happen even if it was not turned on in Settings
  • FIXED: More bugs
  • FIXED (Windows): Rare start-up crash

16th August 2019: V19.8.0

  • Free Apps:
    • IMPROVED: 'Free Mode' - It took us a while, but we finally figured out how we could change it to allow *10 minutes* of mix editing play time (massively up from the previous 1 minute timeout!) and a full 10 mins of Flow/Album play time; the upshot is that many may now no longer see a Timeout pop-up!
  • Desktop Apps:
    • IMPROVED: Allow direct opening of Wotja files from Finder / Explorer (Wotja needs to be installed of course!)
  • iOS (iPad) Apps:
  • Wotja, Wotja Pro 19:
    • IMPROVED: In TTM Cell, make the default action "Random Words" (was: Shuffle Words)
    • IMPROVED: Added option to set Video Blob Colour to either None, Red, Green, Blue
    • FIXED: The app could crash when previewing an item and adding it to a cell
  • All Apps:
    • FIXED: More bugs and improved stability

12th July 2019: V19.7.8

  • FIXED: Documents screen User segment sort order for A-Z and Z-A is now case insensitive IMPROVED: Wotja via Google Play Store is now available for Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and later [was previously only Android 8+]

10th July 2019: V19.7.6

  • NEW FEATURE: By popular request, we've added various document sorting options to the "Action" menu when you’re in the User tab in the Documents screen.
  • FIXED (iOS/Android): Enabled text editing of Patterns, Cut-up Rule text, Cut-up Rule title
  • FIXED: A number of rare crashes

29th June 2019: V19.7.3

  • IMPROVED: - Updated Audiobus to latest version (iOS only)
  • FIXED: - Bug fixes

25th June 2019: V19.7.2

  • This is a feature release and heralds the first release of our "Wotja Go 19" 'Flow’ player app interface for Fire TV and our "Wotja Go LE" 'Flow’ player app interfaces for Fire TV/Android TV.
  • "Wotja Go 19"/"Wotja Go LE" 'Flow' players for TV:
    • What it is: An easy to use 'generative music' player with a custom UI for the Fire TV/Android TV
    • How to get it: The "Wotja Go 19" 'Flow’ player app interface is included in the paid for "Wotja Go 19" app; the "Wotja Go LE" 'Flow’ player app interface is our "Lite Edition" and is included in the Free Wotja for Android apps i.e. Wotja 19 AZ; Wotja 19 GP.

18th June 2019: V19.7.0

  • NEW FEATURE: This version heralds the first release of our "Wotja Go 19" 'Flow’ player app interface for Apple TV.
  • NEW FEATURE: Music Play Time Timeout (auto-stop) increased from 1 hour to 8 hours (GO 19)
  • FIXED: Removed duplicate "Default" Randomization Scheme (ALL)
  • FIXED: Mix Voice Root parameter wasn't being correctly saved to mix file (PRO 19/FREE)
  • FIXED: Using external MIDI device could cause the app to crash (WINDOWS PRO 19/FREE)
  • FIXED: Various other minor bugs (ALL)
  • Wotja Go 19 'Flow’ player app interface for Apple TV:
    • What it is: An easy to use 'generative music' player with a custom UI for the Apple TV
    • How to get it: Purchase the iOS version of "Wotja Go 19" and you also get the tvOS version (and vice-versa)
    • More info: See the Apple TV App Store or our website

31st May 2019: V19.6.0

  • NEW FEATURE: For those wanting to create videos of Wotja operation there is a new Settings screen option to enable/disable a "blob" overlay. This blob helps make UI interactions clearer. The setting is called "Highlight Touch/Click events to help with Video creation" and is disabled by default. When it is on the UI will be a little slower to update.
  • IMPROVED: UI now displays a visible change when selecting buttons, including document items, Mix Cells and some other useful elements
  • IMPROVED: Desktop UI displays a mouse over highlight for most of the above items
  • FIXED: A small number of rare crashes

29th April 2019: V19.5.0/1

  • STABILITY RELEASE: Wotja is a complex system and we’ve recently been moving forward at quite a pace with adding new features. We’ve spent the past month focused solely on tracking-down and fixing crashes and bugs, which is why we are calling 19.5.x a ‘stability release’. We hope you enjoy this update.
  • The 19.5.1 update is only for the free Wotja 19 on iOS - it fixes an iCloud related issue that was fixed in all the other 19.5.0 iOS app updates but got missed out in the 19.5.0 update for that one (sorry!).

16th April 2019: V19.4.3

  • FIXED: We fixed a hard to reproduce crash that occasionally occurred on stopping playback (we finally found it!)

13th April 2019: V19.4.1

  • FIXED: We fixed a crasher that could sometimes happen if a mix was closed when it was playing

6th April 2019: V19.4.0

  • NEW/IMPROVED: Extended range of Scale Rule, to two octaves
    • If opening "old" rule with just one octave, we automatically extend it by duplicating into a higher octave, and;
    • We wrap around the two octaves, matching Pitch Minimum as well as we can:
      • If Voice has pitch minimum of B, but Root is C; wrap around the rule starting from the C below
      • If Voice has pitch minimum of D, but Root is C; wrap around the rule starting from the D below
  • NEW/IMPROVED: Extended range of Harmony Rule, to two octaves
    • If opening "old" rule with just one octave, we automatically extend it by duplicating into a higher octave
    • If harmonic distance is greater than 2 octaves, wrap around the rule
  • NEW/IMPROVED: Extended range of Next Note Rule, to two octaves
    • If opening "old" rule with just one octave, we automatically extend it by setting the "upper range" items to zero
  • NEW/IMPROVED: Allow Rule element values to be entered via element double-tap, or element right-click
  • IMPROVED: Confirmatory alert displayed when turning off the "Use ISE for Sounds & FX" in Settings
  • IMPROVED: ISE Network editor layout in Landscape view on phones
  • FIXED: Rule cells were not flashing properly in all circumstances
  • FIXED: Changing the Rule slider value, or envelope value by drawing, did not apply to the file until the file was reloaded
  • FIXED: Possible audio glitch when applying modulation/vibrato in the tone generator
  • CHANGED: Modified Rule element caption text to allow it to be readable even on narrow screens
  • CHANGED: "User" is now the default segment in Documents for all apps
  • OTHER: A few minor bug fixes

2nd April 2019: V19.3.2

  • FIXED: Crash on launching FX network editor (sorry!)
  • OTHER: Fixed a couple of other bugs, too

29th March 2019: V19.3.1

  • Fixed: Occasional crash when in Flow or Album player and changing track (sorry!)
  • Other: Fixed a couple of other potential rare crashers
  • 23rd March 2019: V19.3.0

    • NEW FEATURE: Flow segment in the Documents screen with buttons for each included/user Randomization Scheme (All).
    • IMPROVED: Updated Randomization Scheme "TTM Multi Melodies" (All).
    • FIXED: Crash seen when asked to discard changes - could happen a few seconds later (Free, Pro, Box).
    • OTHER: Various minor changes, improvements and fixes (All).

    16th March 2019: V19.2.1

    • FIXED: Back button could become inoperative when doing a mixdown recording (Pro/Free)
    • FIXED: Handling of program change and aftertouch events when processing MIDI files (Pro/Free)
    • FIXED: Potential crash on stopping mix recordings (Pro/Free)
    • FIXED: Various localization issues (All)
    • FIXED: Several other bugs were squashed (All)

    4th March 2019: V19.2.0

    • NEW FEATURE: For advanced users: Wotja Script
      • All versions of Wotja now include an in-built Wotja Scripting engine based on ECMAScript (also known as JavaScript); it is inspired by, but is much more powerful than, the Noatikl scripting engine
      • For apps that include support for Mix Editing there is a new Wotja Script Editor (Piece Scripts: Rules Panel > Scripting; Voice Scripts: Generator Editing Panel > Voice > Scripting); the editor supports syntax-colored code editing and a console window at the bottom lets you capture logs from your scripts
      • Wotja Scripts can be included in templates and mixes; the IME engine event trigger scripts (start, bar change, stop, composed note, MIDI event etc.) allow control over the majority of IME properties for Piece, Voice and Rules as well as the setting of ISE Sound and FX Networks from the wide range of build-in presets
      • Every Content Cell (Piece) can have Wotja Script and every Voice within a Content Cell can have Wotja Script; we've added many "Cookbook" examples to get you started!
    • IMPROVED: Changes made to the default audio settings in Wotja for Android meaning mixes should play a lot better on more devices
    • NEW FEATURE: You can now import a Wotja or Noatikl file from the clipboard to create a new mix using the Document screen 'Add New' button (all) or the 'File > New' Menu (desktop)
    • IMPROVED: "Randomisation Presets" are now called "Randomisation Schemes"; "Music Mix (Automatic)" is now Mix (Automatic)"; "Export Wotja to Clipboard" is now "Export Mix to Clipboard"; "Export Wotja with Image" is now "Export Mix with Image"
    • UI IMPROVED: Check boxes now filled with Green, rather than with Blue
    • FREE MODE IMPROVED: Mix Editing mode now allows exporting to clipboard of both Mixes and ISE Sound Networks
    • FIXED: Mix Editing mode > Action menu > Export Wotja to clipboard no longer causes a crash
    • FIXED: Mixdown recordings now made correctly when using Audio Block size of 2048
    • FIXED: Other bug fixes

    21st Feb 2019: V19.1.0

    • NEW FEATURE: 'Macro Oscillator 1' unit, a port of the popular open-source sound generator from Mutable Instruments; this is a very powerful Tone Generator unit addition to the ISE and significantly increases its sonic capabilities
    • NEW FEATURE: The free versions now allow saving/export of mixes and allow the making of up to 30 second audio/video mixdown recordings (e.g. for easy sharing on social media), a massive increase in the functionality available for FREE
    • NEW FEATURE: The above change means that Wotja has now also become, in effect, a FREE cut-up text editor for creative writing, e.g. for lyrics, haiku, poems etc. Cool!
    • NEW FEATURES: The ISE Network Editors (Sound, FX) both now include a dice button which allows, from two new Randomization Preset settings (Random Presets - Synth Presets and FX Presets), a Sound or FX preset to be chosen at random (if those are toggled on)
    • NEW INCLUDED CONTENT: New Macro Oscillator 1 sound presets ('MO1-Leads'), new TTM templates for use with sound presets ('TTM1 Players 2') and a new Randomization Preset that uses those plus FX presets ('TTM Default 2')
    • NEW FEATURE: 'Auto Play on Document Open' toggle in Settings > General that allows mixes to auto-play or not on loading
    • IMPROVED: Desktop app now includes option to quit/exit without saving
    • IMPROVED: Mixdown recording lengths can now be specified in seconds or bars
    • IMPROVED: App stability & many further UI improvements
    • FIXED: Squashed yet more bugs

    10th Jan 2019: V19.0.9

    • NEW FEATURE: Added a segment control to the Documents screen for easy selection of 'User' Files or 'Built-In' Albums and consequently removed the top left Album button; both segments include the Flow button
    • NEW FEATURE: User segment in Documents screen will list all .wotjabox albums (i.e. from a 3rd party) located in the Wotja folder (particularly relevant to Wotja Go 19)
    • IMPROVED: App stability and further UI improvements
    • FIXED: A number of other bugs and localisation issues

    3rd Jan 2019: V19.0.7

    • FIXED: a number of smallish bugs that we noticed after submitting the first V19 releases.

    1st Jan 2019: V19.0.2 - New Major Release

    Key Highlights

    • NEW FEATURE: Flow' mode for a succession of freshly generated mixes
    • NEW FEATURE: Powerful 'Randomization Schemes' to make it quick & easy to change the feel of automatic mixes (Flow, Albums etc.)
    • NEW FEATURE: Improved harmonisation in the IME 19 music engine
    • NEW FEATURE: BP4 Backings pak & reworked TTM 1
    • NEW FEATURE: 10 minute music play time for Albums in 'Free' tier!
    • NEW FEATURE: New apps & tiers
    • IMPROVED: Many UI & usability improvements

    Updated Free/Subscription Apps

    • Wotja 19 (iOS)
    • Wotja 19 (macOS)
    • Wotja 19 (Windows)
    • Wotja 19 AZ (Android [Amazon])
    • Wotja 19 GP (Android [Google])

    New Paid-for Apps

    • Wotja Pro 19 (iOS)
    • Wotja Box 19 (iOS)
    • Wotja Go 19 (iOS)
    • Wotja Pro 19 (macOS)
    • Wotja Box 19 (macOS)
    • Wotja Go 19 (macOS)
    • Wotja Pro 19 (Windows)
    • Wotja Box 19 (Windows)
    • Wotja Go 19 (Windows)
    • Wotja Pro 19 (Android [Amazon])
    • Wotja Box 19 (Android [Amazon])
    • Wotja Go 19 (Android [Amazon])

    Wotja V5 Release History

    Wotja V5 [Final Release: 15.2.5]

    1st Dec 2018: V5.12.5 (FINAL UPATE)

    • Wotja V5 for iOS/macOS:
      • V5.12.5 is the final update for Wotja V5 apps for iOS/macOS.
    • Wotja V5 for Windows/Android:
      • V5.12.4 remains the final version for Wotja V5 apps for Windows/Android as the bugs fixed in 5.12.5 did not affect the Windows and Android versions.
    • Important:
      • All Wotja for iOS apps being released in 2019 will require iOS 11+.
      • There will be no change to macOS/Windows/Android requirements.
    • Wotja X iOS
      • The next update to this app will be in 2019 at which time the app will be renamed to just 'Wotja' and it will require iOS 11+.
      • If you are a subscriber to 'Wotja X' V5 and A) you cannot or B) choose not to update your device to iOS 11+ then you will see no more updates for this app. You can, if you wish, continue your existing subscription(s). Their names may change but you will see no change to your existing 'Wotja X' V5 functionality. An alternative you may wish to consider is to purchase the 'Wotja X 2018' version which will remain available for sale in 2019, but only for a limited time only.
    • Wotja X 2018 iOS
      • In 2019, and for a limited time only, ’Wotja X 2018' will remain available for sale for 'Wotja X' V5 subscribers who may wish to purchase it.
    • Wotja A 2018 iOS/macOS
      • In 2019, and for a limited time, ’Wotja A 2018' will remain available for sale for A) those who specifically need an accessibility version of Wotja and B) for 'Wotja A' V5 subscribers who may wish to purchase it following that app’s removal from sale on Dec 1st.
    • CHANGES:
      • Minor bug fixes

    24th Sept 2019: V5.12.4

    • IMPROVED (All versions):
      • Gen Bars / Gen Range params in the Mix Mode Rules Panel can now be set to 1000 (up from 100) to allow generative cells to play for longer; the slider now usefully shows the duration for the current tempo
    • IMPROVED (Wotja X):
      • Improved levels for some of the ISE FX Presets
      • Auto-albums are given the name of the first mix, rather than "Untitled"
    • CHANGED (All subscription versions):
      • Auto-Album and Playlist creation/editing capabilities in 'Free Mode'
    • FIXED (All versions):
      • ISE help links now go to the right place
      • Pak duplicates were being shown with a _zip append in Template list
      • Protected against a number of possible application crashes
      • Squashed more bugs
    • FIXED (Wotja X):
      • An issue where tap, tap, hold on a Voice button could cause multiple popups

    10th Sept 2018: V5.12.0

    • New: Wotja A (macOS)
      • Added support for VoiceOver in the macOS version (already in iOS version)
    • Improved: Wotja A / Wotja X
      • Sliders now allow editing of the actual slider value, rather than an in internal magic value
      • Slider values for Amp units now show as dB
    • Fixed: Wotja A / Wotja X
    • Squashed more bugs
    • Improved: Wotja X
      • Most sliders now include a default option in pop-up menu
      • Slider padding
      • App now better optimised for when running in background or with screen lock on
      • Resolved issue with MIDI channels in Free Mode
    • Fixed: Wotja A / Wotja X
      • Removed potential sending of unnecessary cluster of Note Off events at app start, as this seems to resolve problems with some 3rd party MIDI devices which could crash
      • DSynth Osc 1 and 2 Decay level sliders did not work properly
    • Fixed: Wotja X
      • Some mix thumbnails did not correctly show the Generator Network
      • Added a store icon to the documents screen to make it easier to find (Wotja Free only)
      • Intermittent application crashes (Windows version)
    • Fixed: Wotja A (macOS)
      • Various display issues (macOS version)

    10th August 2018: V5.11.0

    • New Wotja X: All versions
      • To make it easier to change sounds/FX used in a mix we've added a 'Presets' button in the ISE Network Editor screen (top toolbar). This opens a Preset selector screen where you can select sound and FX presets (there are lots to choose from) and also save ones you have created or edited; it's easy to change the level of a preset, too; just change the level of the amp unit at the end of it.
    • Improved: Wotja A / Wotja X
      • iOS: Modified to enumerate all named MIDI devices (i.e. not just "Core MIDI"); you will now see all listed separately, e.g. "Network MIDI Session 1" or similar
      • macOS: Modified to enumerate all named MIDI devices (i.e. not just "Core MIDI"); you will now see all listed separately, e.g. IAC ports etc.
    • Improved: Wotja X
      • Settings: renamed "Devices" to "Output Devices" and "Input Devices"
      • Revised section header text colour in dark mode.
      • Added Tuning Mode option to Settings (useful for external modular synths)
    • Improved: Wotja A
      • Re-ordered MIDI Output and MIDI Input sections
    • Fixed: Wotja A / Wotja X
      • Removed potential sending of unnecessary cluster of Note Off events at app start, as this seems to resolve problems with some 3rd party MIDI devices which could crash
      • DSynth Osc 1 and 2 Decay level sliders did not work properly
    • Fixed: Wotja X
      • Intermittent crash while editing junction inputs/parameters
      • Issue where display didn’t update properly when deleting the last unit.

    2nd August 2018: V5.10.1

    • Fixed Wotja X for Windows/Android
      • Fixed issues with MIDI device detection

    1st August 2018: V5.10.0

    • Wotja ALL variants/versions (i.e. Wotja A, Wotja X)
      • Improved: Changing of TTM parameters/text no longer requires a mix restart to be applied meaning TTM is a lot more fun to play and experiment with!
      • Fixed: Performance improvements
      • Fixed: Other bug fixes
    • Wotja X ALL:
      • New: ISE Editor Panel in the ISE Network Editor makes it easier/faster to change ISE unit settings as there is less drill-down involved (if you want full screen ISE unit editing just tap/hold on unit and select "Edit Full Screen")
      • Improved
        • Reduced the table height of parameters so more of them can be seen on screen at the same time, meaning less scrolling
        • When going into a Wavetable unit the selected patch is now centred making it easy to see what patch is selected The size of toolbars has been reduced in landscape operation making it much easier to use Wotja X on phones in landscape mode
        • The font has been changed to improve the feel of the UI
        • Many other UI improvements
    • Wotja X macOS/iOS only:
      • Fixed: Issue when using content in a mix from Saved Files; some content could not be found when sharing between iOS and macOS versions
    • Wotja A ALL:
      • Improved: The "Wotja" icon and display name have been changed to more clearly identify this version as "Wotja A"

    14th July 2018: V5.9.0

    • Wotja X ALL:
      • New: By popular demand we've added a dark mode for the UI (Settings : User Interface : Colour Scheme: Light/Dark)
    • Improved
      • Mix Mode Network view "Voices" button repurposed as "IME Edit" button making it easier to show/hide the IME panel and perform actions on Voices
      • Show/hide the IME panel option removed from Settings screen and now shown at bottom of IME Edit button pop up menu
      • In portrait mode the optional IME Editor panel in the Mix Mode Network view now shows full width at the bottom
      • Better highlighting of the selected Voice in Mix Mode Network view
      • Tap/hold on a Voice button (and/or right click in Desktop version) now shows the pop up menus
      • Tapping a parameter group heading on the RHS of the Voice Editor now scrolls to that group heading on LHS
      • Moved more often used MIDI Out settings above MIDI Input (Settings : Mix)
      • Layout of some UI elements
      • Wording of Free Mode pop-up timeout message
    • Fixed
      • "Random Words" setting in Text to Music Editor now correctly uses the Settings > TTM Words values
      • Occasional crash when rotating screen in envelope, rule, pattern pop-up editor screens
      • Occasional FX editor crash
      • Older Generative MIDI templates (e.g. IM2 GenDrums) had stopped working
      • Templates not previously available in Free Mode were showing greyed even though available; now showing black (Free versions)
    • Wotja A (All Subs/Free OS variants): Fixed
      • "Random Words" setting in Text to Music Editor now correctly uses the Settings > TTM Words values
      • Older Generative MIDI templates (e.g. IM2 GenDrums) had stopped working
      • Sundry bug fixes
    • Wotja ALL:
      • Sundry bug fixes

    7th July 2018: V5.8.0

    • Wotja X ALL:
      • An optional editor panel in the Mix Mode Network view that allows in-screen editing of a Voice's IME parameters (to show/hide the panel see Settings - Mix - 'Show IME Parameter panel')
    • Wotja X / Wotja A (All Subs/Free OS variants):
      • Free Mode now allows use of *ALL* included templates (to counterbalance that big increase in functionality we've changed the Music Play Time Timeout to be 1 minute)
    • Wotja Windows / Android (iOS/macOS changes were in 5.7.4-6 releases):
      • Settings > Blank Cell % was 35 but is now set to 0 as it was confusing to see empty tracks when creating automatic mixes (if you have an older device that struggles to play mixes, simply lower the Tracks setting in Settings > Mix)
      • Issue where selecting the next track in Playlist/Albums could stop the album/playlist from playing; if this happened, you had to close the album and re-open it, in order to get playing again.
    • Wotja X GP:
      • Now supports both X86 and ARM (all Chromebooks)
    • Wotja ALL:
      • Squashed a few more bugs

    3rd July 2018: V5.7.6

    • Wotja macOS:
      • FIXED: There was an issue introduced in 5.7.5 with editing of FX networks
    • Wotja iOS:
      • FIXED: There was an issue where selecting the next track in Playlist/Albums could stop the album/playlist from playing; if this happened, you had to close the album and re-open it in order to get playing again.
      • FIXED: Issue in the template browse screen of the Subscription version and you had a Long Play subscription enabled.

    3rd July 2018: V5.7.5

    • Wotja macOS:
      • FIXED: There was an issue where selecting the next track in Playlist/Albums could stop the album/playlist from playing; if this happened, you had to close the album and re-open it in order to get playing again.
      • FIXED: Issue in the template browse screen of the Subscription version and you had a Long Play subscription enabled.

    29th June 2018: V5.7.4

    • Wotja iOS:
      • FIXED: Audio glitching issue in Audiobus / AUM; the fix requires that the buffer size must be set to 1024 samples and output rate set to 48 Khz for iPhone and 44 Khz for iPad
      • FIXED: Audiobus start/stop transport control now works for Wotja
    • Wotja iOS/macOS:
      • FIXED: Hanging note issue when using Wotja MIDI Out Track-related Virtual MIDI ports
      • IMPROVED: Settings > Blank Cell % was 35 but is now set to 0 as it was confusing to see empty tracks when creating automatic mixes (if you have an older device that struggles to play mixes, simply lower the Tracks setting in Settings > Mix)
      • Other bug fixes and stability improvements

    26th June 2018: V5.7.0

    • Wotja All:
      • IMPROVED: If a voice or track is muted Wotja no longer passes-through MIDI note on events (Note: Wotja continues to send note off events, to prevent risk of hanging notes)
      • IMPROVED: D000-D026 entries added to the Patch list control (useful for working with beats, MIDI and external synth app, e.g. Beatmaker [on iOS])
      • FIXED: When a Voice is muted the voice button is greyed out consistently
      • FIXED: Voice rule change updates displayed consistently in parameter view
      • Other bug fixes and stability improvements
    • Wotja X All:
      • IMPROVED: Patch list control faster and easier to use
      • IMPROVED: If the 'ISE for Sounds & FX' checkbox in Wotja Settings is disabled then Synth/FX buttons are now greyed out
    • Wotja A iOS:
      • IMPROVED: Patch list control faster and easier to use

    6th June 2018: V5.6.1

    • Bug Fix release.

    25th May 2018: V5.6.0

    • Wotja / Wotja X All:
      • NEW: MIDI Transport Control (AKA MIDI Machine Control – MMC)
      • NEW: MIDI Clock Sync
      • CHANGED: Links to video tutorials to https://www.youtube.com/intermorphic
    • Wotja X:
      • FIXED: Was incorrectly displaying/setting Gen Bars Range in Rules segment
      • FIXED: Was incorrectly displaying infinity symbol for both Repeats and Repeats Range in Rules segment
      • CHANGED: Renamed "MIDI Input" > "MIDI Input" to "MIDI Input" > "Devices"
      • CHANGED: Renamed "MIDI Output" > "MIDI Output" to "MIDI Output" > "Devices"
      • CHANGED: Cut-Up Export to Clipboard now includes "Made with #Wotja. https://wotja.com"

    17th May 2018: V5.5.2

    • Wotja X All:
      • Fixed: Occasional crash in Cut-up Rule Editor
    • Wotja X iOS:
      • Fixed: Auto-rotation in video preview, Cut-Up text editing
      • Fixed: Occasional crashes when exporting/deleting video mixdowns
    • Wotja iOS:
      • Removed: Google Analytics for metrics on app usage
      • Fixed: Occasional crashes when exporting/deleting video mixdowns
    • Wotja macOS:
      • Improved: 'Free Mode' handling of File Save/Save As and Close
    • Wotja / Wotja X ALL:
      • Other bug fixes

    12th May 2018: V5.5.1

    • Wotja X:
      • Fixed: Restored missing "Use Default Rules" menu item in Cut-up Mode Rules menu
      • Improved: Mix Mode now displays the document name in the title bar
      • Improved: Tap/click the Mix Mode title bar text now changes the Right Side Panel to show the Mix Tempo/Root Rules
      • Improved: Text editing is greatly improved in Cut-Up "Edit" and other text editing screens/controls
      • Improved: Cut-Up Mode Edit screen now has a top right Cancel button
      • Improved: Cut-up Mode Edit Text toggle replaced with button
      • Other bug fixes
    • Wotja / Wotja X iOS:
      • Changed: AudioBus updated to 3.0.4 (was: 3.0.3) to prevent rare crash on start-up
    • Wotja:
      • Bug fixes

    5th May 2018: V5.5.0

    • Wotja/Wotja X iOS/macOS:
      • New: Video export segment in Mixdown & Recordings screen where you can make video recordings of a mix (Open Mix > Mix Mode > Action button > Mixdown & Recordings > Video segment > bottom Record button) [Feature requires active 'Unlocked' subscription]
      • New: Export an existing audio recording as a video where it uses imagery from the Display mode of the currently open mix (Open Mix > Mix Mode > Action button > Mixdown & Recordings > Audio segment > Tool icon > Create Video) [Feature requires active 'Unlocked' subscription]
      • Fixed: Font sizing calculations for multi-line text in Display mode (which occasionally caused word-wrapping)
      • Other bug fixes
    • Wotja X Windows/Android:
      • Fixed: Font sizing calculations for multi-line text in Display mode (which occasionally caused word-wrapping)
      • Fixed: An issue where some new Wotja documents weren’t getting saved
      • Other bug fixes
    • Wotja X Android:
      • Fixed: Crash that was occasionally seen when closing a Wotja document

    28th April 2018: V5.4.0

    • Wotja X ALL variants/versions:
      • NEW FEATURE: Wotja X is also now a powerful Cut-up Text generator. The Cut-up Technique is very useful for Creative Writing, e.g. for coming up with novel ideas for song lyrics, haikus, poetry etc. We do have to point out that it's a lot of fun, too :).
      • New: Added Cut-Up button (and all associated Cut-Up sub-screens)
      • New: Added menu items for Create New > Cut-up Text, Playlist and Music Mix (manual)
      • New: Added 'Built-In' Albums (Calm, Relax, Demos etc.) via new button / pop-up on Documents screen.
      • New: Added Settings override option for Max Bars recording
      • Fixed: Pattern screen layout issues
      • Fixed: Mixer crash on re-applying sticky cell randomize
      • Fixed: Envelope slider labels missing text
      • Fixed: Envelope issue, where you could toggle from basic to advanced, but not back the other way (without first closing the envelope editor)
      • Fixed: Rules editor - swapped images for Copy/Paste buttons
    • Wotja iOS/macOS:
      • To keep things consistent as we move forwards the 'Free Mode' Limitations are now the same as those used for Wotja X
      • Minor bug fixes
    • Wotja X 2018 iOS/macOS:
      • Minor bug fixes

    20th April 2018: V5.3.2

    • iOS/macOS (subscription versions)
      • dded a new 1 month ‘Unlocked' auto-renewing In-App Subscription so there is a 1 month Unlocked option in both ’Wotja' and ‘Wotja X’; note that all earlier Wotja 6 month auto-renewing In-App Subscriptions are no longer available to purchase and Long Play subscriptions are only available in ‘Wotja X’
      • Fixed an issue with In-App Store display

    16th April 2018: V5.3.1

    • This is a bug fix release.

    10th April 2018: V5.3.0

    • Wotja X - all versions:
      • This is a MAJOR release for Wotja X. It sees it become a full Generative Music Authoring System for Windows, Android, macOS and iOS.
      • ALL the Intermorphic Music Engine (IME) editors and Intermorphic Sound Engine (ISE) editors that are in Wotja
      • Mix and Display screens that are in Wotja
      • All the menu items that are in Wotja (with some minor exceptions)
      • Support for MIDI Out/In
    • Wotja X - iOS/macOS:
      • Long Play tiers of 1 month (1 week tiers are no longer available; the change is to keep it simple with all subscription tiers having the same period)
      • General Note: Cut-Up text editing, playlist creation and a couple of other small things are yet to come…
    • Wotja X - Android:
      • MIDI Out/In is experimental and device dependent - requires appropriate device support and hardware interface on Android; Android 6+ now required for Wotja X to enable this change in capability.

    17th March 2018: V5.2.12

    • Wotja X - all versions:
      • Bug fixes

    5th March 2018: V5.2.11

    • Wotja - all versions:
      • Bug & stability fixes.
    • Wotja X:
      • Wotja X now remembers the last selected Settings segment
    • Wotja X (Desktop):
      • Added Close, Save, Save As shortcuts to the File Menu (for an open document)

    27th February 2018: V5.2.9

    • Wotja X - all versions:
      • Added a Template browser so you can now A) define which templates should be used for automatic Album creation (this is very powerful) and B) allow Wotja Templates, .wotja, .noatikl and .mixtikl files to be added to an album; the Template browser is accessed from Settings > Random > Templates or Playlist > Add button.
      • Added support for text to be overlaid on mix icons/fullscreen display; when creating automatic albums text is auto-generated for a mix according to the Settings > Random > Icon: Text settings (TTM [Text to Music], Cut-Up, None).
      • Icon animation has been slowed down and is now much nicer!
      • Other minor bug fixes.

    24th February 2018: V5.2.8

    • Wotja 2018 iOS/macOS:
      • Fixed issue with Albums/Playlists not sequencing correctly and mix countdown timer not updating.
      • Randomization defaults in 'Settings' have been changed to better support automatic album creation on lower power devices (it is easy to change these to suit your purposes); Blank Cells setting now 35% and Tracks now 2.
      • Fixed an issue when stopping a Mixdown Recording [iOS].
      • Other minor bug fixes.
      • See also: Long Play Music below...
    • Wotja iOS/macOS [subscription version]:
      • As above fixes plus...
      • In this update the 'Unlocked' In-App Subscription tier Music Play Time Timeout has been increased massively, from 1 hour to 8 hours (i.e. to the same value as was in the XT1 tier). Enjoy Wotja for longer and for less!
      • The 6 month auto-renewing XT In-App Subscription tiers that were available to extend the Music Play Time Timeout for long play music requirements have now been removed from sale (see instead Long Play Music below). When an auto-renewing In-App Subscription is removed from sale it simply means that it can no longer be purchased and the pre-existing subscription will not auto-renew. An active XT In-App Subscription will therefore continue to work just as it does now until that subscription expires. At the time of subscription expiration should you wish to continue using Wotja without Free Mode Limitations then you can either subscribe to the 'Unlocked' tier or purchase the paid for annual version (Wotja 2018). If you have a requirement for very long play music (i.e. > 8 hours) then see below.
      • Long Play Music: For those that need very long play times for their Wotja files (.wotja, .wotjabox), e.g. for installations, we have released a new app, 'Wotja X'. With its range of auto-renewing (but easy to cancel) weekly 'Long Play' In-App Subscription tiers 'Wotja X' allows its Music Play Time Timeout to be disabled whilst the tier is active. NB: It is easy to open your Wotja files in 'Wotja X' as both 'Wotja' and 'Wotja X' share the same iCloud folder. Tip: If you want to long play .noatikl and .mixtikl files then for the moment use 'Wotja' to add them to a Wotja playlist file (.wotjalist) and then export that to a .wotjabox file for playing in 'Wotja X'.
      • Other minor bug fixes.
    • Wotja X iOS/macOS [subscription version]:
      • Minor bug fixes

    20th February 2018: V5.2.5

    • This the first release of our new X-platform app for Windows/Android/iOS/macOS. It has been a lot of work to get to this stage.
    • We will gradually be adding editing interfaces to this app and in time we expect it to have similar editing capabilities to those of "Wotja" as is presently available for iOS/macOS (this being the evolution of SSEYO Koan, Noatikl, Mixtikl, Liptikl and Tiklbox). We don't know how long it will take us, but we will chip away at it as fast as we can!
    • Wotja X will eventually replace "Wotja". Get it now if you want to create automatic albums and have no need for "deep editing" of mixes or if you need very long play times for your mixes or albums - or even if you just want to keep tabs on it! Existing "Wotja" users can transition to it as we add the editing tools they need.

    1st February 2018: V5.2.0

    • macOS / iOS
      • FIXED: Restored Piece Meter editing to the Mix Mode "Rules" panel (Cell Rules section)
      • FIXED: Various content/template browser bugs:
        • When creating a new manual mix via the "+" button, you can now select a Wotja mix (.wotja) or Wotja Template (.noatikl) file on which to base your new mix; Saved Files now correctly lists only .wotja and .noatikl files (but NOT .wotjabox/.wotjalist files)
        • When selecting Templates for randomization, only Wotja Template (.noatikl) files are listed in Saved Files (NOT .wotja/.wotjabox/.wotjalist files)
      • FIXED: If in Settings > Random > General / Mix, if you had set TTM paks off then all files in a generated album were previously called .wotja; Album called .wotjabox
      • FIXED: If you pressed play then stop, and then pressed play again before the ramp-down had completed, the play/stop button displayed the wrong icon when the ramp-down had fully completed.
    • macOS
      • FIXED: Inverted text in Rule editor after e.g. renaming item.
      • CHANGED: Removed the Wotja Safari App Extension
      • FIXED: When displaying Wotja mixes/ablums in Safari that have been loaded from a Wotja URL:
        • Wotja Player Play/Stop button now toggles as expected
        • Removed display countdown time for mixes (still there for albums)
        • Example content here: https://intermorphic.com/wotja/#wjurls"
    • macOS / iOS subscription versions
      • IMPROVED: "Free Mode" automatic album creation:
        • Removed restriction forcing to just One mix per playlist
        • Removed restriction forcing to just One cell/track per mix
      • CHANGED: "Free Mode" Mix file exporting from albums is now disabled

    21st January 2018: V5.1.0

    • macOS / iOS
      • Wotja 2018 only: In this update the Music Play Time has been increased massively, from 1 hour to 8 hours. Enjoy Wotja 2018 for longer!
      • Minor bug fixes

    12th January 2018: V5.0.4

    • IOS
      • Fixed: Issue with AudioBus/Inter-App Audio quality for certain device configurations. If you experience noise with Wotja in AudioBus, consider changing the sample rate between 48000 and 44100 Hz in the Wotja Settings screen. If, after changing sample rate, you get occasional audio break-up, consider experimenting with the Audio Latency value in Settings.
      • Fixed: Mixdown recordings (made with active IAP subscription) now shown in recordings list
      • Fixed: iPad Voice Parameters layout margins
      • Fixed: Now selects correct voice for editing in Voice editor (not always the first one!)
      • Changed: "WJ18 BP3 Backings" templates now displays as "WJ5 BP3 Backings"
    • macOS
      • Fixed: Wotja wouldn’t make mixdown recordings from a mix document that had not first been saved

    9th January 2018: V5.0.3

    • IOS
      • Fixed: Issue with AudioBus/Inter-App Audio quality for certain device configurations. If you experience noise with Wotja in AudioBus, consider changing the sample rate between 48000 and 44100 Hz in the Wotja Settings screen. If, after changing sample rate, you get occasional audio break-up, consider experimenting with the Audio Latency value in Settings.
      • Fixed: iPad Voice Parameters layout margins
    • macOS/IOS
      • Fixed: Now selects correct voice for editing in Voice editor (not always the first one!)
      • Changed: "WJ18 BP3 Backings" templates now displays as "WJ5 BP3 Backings"
    • macOS
      • Fixed: Voice #1 of 2 etc. now displays properly on first display

    31st December 2017: V5.0.0 - New Major Release

    • macOS/IOS/Watch App
      • NEW FEATURE: One-press creation of Albums of mixes (fast, very useful and fun!) - iOS: Files > Create New > Album (automatic); macOS: File > New > Album - Automatic
      • NEW FEATURE: Auto albums use auto-generated mix icons (with 35 in-built palettes to choose from)
      • NEW FEATURE: BP3 Backing Template Pak with 12 lovely new templates
      • NEW FEATURE: Many album randomization settings for control over how the album is created
      • NEW FEATURE: The Albums menu now includes 3 Demo Albums of mixes, making them easy to find
      • NEW FEATURE: Music Play Time is increased to 3 minutes in Free Mode (3 Paks are available for use)
      • NEW FEATURE: Two new in-built cut-up rules
      • Numerous other improvements

    Wotja V4 Release History

    Wotja V4 [Final Release: 4.15.1]

    30th November 2017: V4.15.1 (FINAL UPATE)

    • macOS/IOS
      • Minor bug fixes

    6th November 2017: V4.15.0

    • macOS/IOS
      • Mute button behaviour now shows different state when another track is soloing
      • Track Mixer pop-up menu now shows which option is selected
      • Cut-Up tab "Sources/Word Lock" blue button now shows the currenty selected option
      • Reinstated playlist elapsed time which had gone missing
      • Cell Info panel "Harmonize" switch status now stored
      • Other bug fixes
    • macOS
      • Notification reminder for Safari App Extension now only shown once

    30th October 2017: V4.14.2

    • This is a bug fix release.

    17th October 2017: V4.14.1

    • macOS/IOS
      • Fixed bugs in Cut-Up rule editor editing and detailed info text display
      • Other fixes

    V4.14.0 - 17th October 2017

    • macOS/IOS
      • Improved: Rewritten "ITE" text engine (performance, stability)
      • Improved: New "Send Patch Change Events" MIDI Output option in Settings
      • Bug fixes

    6th October 2017: V4.13.2

    • IOS
      • Improved: Added Wotja Track virtual MIDI ports (used to be emitted for Mixtikl)
    • macOS
      • Fixed: Crash when no iCloud folder
      • Fixed: Cell white text issues
      • Improved: Added Wotja Track virtual MIDI ports (used to be emitted for Mixtikl)

    4th October 2017: V4.13.1

    • IOS
      • Fixed: Audiobus remote control "Play/Stop" button now works (thanks for the heads up Tobias)
      • Fixed: Various content cell display updating issues
      • Fixed: "Random" toolbar button now turns fuschia colour when sticky
      • Fixed: Settings screen store and information labels were missing accessibility labels
      • Other minor fixes
    • macOS
      • Fixed: Various content cell display updating issues
      • Fixed: "Random" toolbar button now turns fuschia colour when sticky

    2nd October 2017: V4.13.0

    • macOS
      • This is a MAJOR upgrade that gives Wotja for macOS comparable functionality to Wotja for iOS - existing Wotja for macOS subscribers benefit from this major upgrade at no extra cost! Wotja for macOS now embodies the future for Noatikl and Mixtikl for macOS, and those apps will be removed from sale on or before the end of 2017.
      • Previously available functionality is still included (i.e. Cut-Up editor), but we have added a host of extra generative music editing capabilities e.g. full editors for the Intermorphic Music Engine and Intermorphic Sound Engine. The app also now includes playlist editing, Display screen configuration and two included generative albums "Relax" and "Calm".
      • NB: We made far faster progress in bringing the macOS version into line with the iOS version than we dared hope, meaning we decided we could release it this year instead of waiting until 2018 (there will of course be further developments in 2018).
      • NBB: As we are working hard to bring the iOS and macOS apps into line, the Free Mode limitations in place for Wotja for iOS are henceforth being used for Wotja for macOS.
      • See the press release: https://intermorphic.com/news/pressReleases/171002-Wotja-for-macOS-now-a-full-Generative-Music-Authoring-System.html
    • IOS
      • This update keeps things in sync with massive update to Wotja for macOS :)
        • Removed display of redundant Generative Piece Time params (use Generative Bars/Range for this)
        • Fixed Reverb unit (Combs/Filters sliders)
        • Transparency added to the Wotja icon in Display (Full Screen)
        • Improvements made for display on iPhone X
        • Other minor fixes

    22nd September 2017: V4.12.6

    • This is an bug fix release.

    19th September 2017: V4.12.0

      • Added support for iOS 11 (iOS 10 is still supported of course!)
      • Added back access to the missing Mix Root and Cell Meter parameters
      • New slider control now in Sound/FX units, Voice parameter editor and Randomisation Settings screen
      • Voice screen voice-selector page control is now a button driving a pop-up selection menu
      • Several selector screens now use standard popup alerts
      • Top panel in envelope editor now displays full screen when not in macro mode
      • Fixed bug where EQ Base Freq wasn't restored properly after edit
      • Squashed some more bugs

    31st August 2017: V4.11.3

      • Improved: For easier access to Piece Settings the "Piece" button has been removed from the Network panel and the Piece settings moved to the Cell Rules panel; these settings include the Generative Piece Rules and Generative Piece Time parameters
      • Minor stability update
      • Minor stability update & bug fixes

    29th August 2017: V4.11.2

      • Improved: Pak loops can now be in 24-bit format
      • Improved: Mix Tempo, Root, Ramp Up/Down settings and Playlist Duration settings are now shown at the bottom of the Rules panel making it easier to access these in a loop mix
      • Improved: Network view "Piece" button loses "Mix" text (see above) and now provides access to only Piece settings.

    23rd August 2017: V4.11.0

      • Fixed: Several potential crashers when using loops
      • Fixed: Issue with audio breakup when previewing loops
      • Fixed: Crash when pressing Store button in the mix timeout pop-up menu (Wotja Free only)
      • Fixed: Crash when encountering invalid MIDI input data
      • Improved: Double tapping on Mix tempo slider no longer momentarily stops loops from playing
      • Various other bug fixes
      • Minor bug fixes

    21st August 2017: V4.10.1

      • FIXED: Issue with some selector screens appearing empty (Voice/Piece parameters) (sorry!)
      • Minor bug fixes
      • To keep consistent with the iOS version we simplified the naming of our In-App Subscription tiers (no changes to capabilities): Was: "Wotja (Unlocked)", Now: "Wotja"; Was: "Wotja XT 8h", Now: "Wotja XT1"; Was "Wotja XT 1d", Now: "Wotja XT2"; Was "Wotja XT 7d", Now: "Wotja XT3"

    8th August 2017: V4.10.0

      • Added a new "Single Cell" display mode (shown as one of the app images); for those familiar with "Noatikl" it allows you to focus on just one cell / template when editing.
      • "Multi Cell" [grid] and "Single Column" display modes are still included and all 3 are accessed via what was the right hand collapse/expand button (now called the Mix Display Mode button)
      • Added a link to our new Video Tutorials in Settings > Info; these are short tutorials that should help you get going in Wotja
      • Simplified the naming of our In-App Subscription tiers (no changes to capabilities): Was: Wotja (Unlocked), Now: Wotja; Was: Wotja XT 8h, Now: Wotja XT1; Was Wotja XT 1d, Now: Wotja XT2; Was Wotja XT 7d, Now: Wotja XT3
      • Related to the above naming simplification, the User Guide nows refer to "Free Use" Limitations rather than "Free Mode" Restrictions
      • Various bug fixes

    11th July 2017: V4.9.0

      • 10 gorgeous new "Ambience" templates in new default Pak called "WJ4 BP2 Backings"
      • Updated "IM Synths" SF2 Wavetable with 10 new sounds in bank 3 (1.3 - 10.3)
      • When Randomising mixes (Settings > Random) Noatikl files exported from Wotja can now be selected as TTM templates (Files > Pak > Saved Files) if they are prefaced with "TTM", e.g. ttm_my_file.noatikl
      • Audio Latency Rate can now be adjusted via a slider (Settings > Mix)
      • "Wotja Pro 2017" is now called "Wotja 2017"; there are no changes to features (i.e. Music Play Time remains up to 8hr 53m) and it is still a paid for app with no In-App Store and no In-App Subscription, but we are changing the name now to better fit with what the non-subscription version will be in 2018 - namely a paid for version with the same capabilities as the subscription version with "Wotja" In-App Subscription.
      • Refreshed the "WJ4 TTM Players" default Pak with much improved sound patches; this is now used as a default when new random mixes are created
      • Fixed the MIDI In bug and Listening Voices should work again (sorry!)
      • If when randomising a cell's contents the template added is a TTM template, the TTM text used by that template is now randomised, too (Settings > Random)
      • A couple of small tweaks to the existing Backings Pak now called "WJ4 BP1 Backings", still a default Pak
      • The old "WJ4 TTM Players" pak is still included so that content based on it still works fine, but it is now called "WJ4 TTM Players 4.0-8" and is only shown in the Templates list if "Show Older?" toggle is on
      • In Wotja we now consistently use the term "Free Mode" for features that are restricted when there is no active In-App Subscription
      • To keep it in sync with Wotja for iOS, the macOS version includes all the related V4.9.0 "under the hood" content related additions such as 10 gorgeous new "Ambience" templates and improved sound patches, these being drawn upon when new random mixes are created
      • In Wotja we now consistently use the term "Free Mode" for features that are restricted when there is no active In-App Subscription
      • Wotja now allows 3 day FREE TRIAL of a "Wotja" tier In-App Subscription (below), meaning there is a way to give Wotja an in depth evaluation without the Free Use limitations! We are trying this ourselves and will see how it goes! How to get it? See: https://intermorphic.com/wotja/#faq-freetrial
      • Wotja In-App Subscription tiers modified to include new specialist use "XT" tiers that allow extension of the Music Play Time up to 7 days (features/capabilities for customers with existing subscription tiers are either the same or better; Essentials = "Wotja", Pro = "Wotja XT1"). Who are they for? See: https://intermorphic.com/wotja/#faq-xt-extensions

    28th June 2017: V4.8.1

    • Minor bug fix release

    23rd June 2017: V4.8.0

      • Recordings of over 100 bars now possible via a new "Max Bars" Settings control
      • Mix tab "Network Panel" selector button moved to first in the group of 4 as this panel provides the quickest access to the editors for a cell's generators, sounds and FX
      • Mix tab and Cut-Up tab positions swapped to better suit most user's work flow
      • Menu bar "Action" button now in a consistent position for all main tab screens
      • Audio and MIDI recordings now listed under their respective tabs in Mixdown & Recording view
      • Audio Mixdowns now use the Mix level Ramp Up / Down values (Network Panel > Piece/Mix button)
      • For better clarity toggles now use the standard iOS colouring (e.g. green when on)
      • Mix tab Randomisation options now all grouped under the "Randomise" (Dice) button (some used to be in Toolbox)
      • Template Pak and Content tag selection can now always be accessed via Settings > Random > Templates for Randomization
      • Revised order of items in Files > Create New to reflect the revised tab ordering
      • Mix tab "Mixer" button now defaults to Track mixer and the state is saved
      • Locked words in the Cut-Up tab Create screen are now blue instead of bright red
      • Mixdown recording progress is now shown in the title area
      • Fixed: A template does not autoplay when entering the Template list; tap one to preview it
      • Other bug fixes
      • Locked words are now blue instead of bright red
      • Now plays at 48 kHz

    5th June 2017: V4.7.1

      • Fixed crash in ISE SND/FX Network Editor when tapping on the bottom Action button and selecting "Open".
      • Fixed issue in ISE SND/FX Network editor where "Select Unit to Add" pop-up menu in FX network editor was unreliable on iPad
      • Fixed issue preventing dismissal of Email pop-up screen for sending Wotja mix on iPad
      • Other minor bug fixes

    3rd June 2017: V4.7.0

      • Added support for Audiobus 3 audio routing
      • On iPhone 6S and later Wotja now runs at 48 kHz / 24 kHz (toggle in Settings); this is to match the underlying audio hardware rate
      • Note: The Audiobus Latency Control setting will likely need to be set to 1024 frames. We make the same recommendation if using AudioShare or other external audio recording app. When using Audiobus 3 in e.g. AudioShare, you need to select an Audiobus Intermediate Out channel, e.g. 0.
      • Fixed: Latency stepper was not visible in Dark mode

    25th May 2017: V4.6.6

      • Fixed a crash related to changing Cell Rules (sorry!)

    22nd May 2017: V4.6.5

    • IOS
      • "Create New" pop up menu option names changed to: Cut-up Text; Music Mix (automatic); Music Mix (manual); Play List
      • Bug fixes
    • macOS
      • Bug fixes

    16th May 2017: V4.6.0

      • Mixdown & Recordings screen.
      • Set the number of bars (1-100) you want to record and make 44KHz stereo WAV or MIDI mixdown recordings (PRO tier feature).
      • Recordings can be previewed in the "Mixdown & Recordings" screen.
      • Recordings are saved to the Wotja iCloud folder or Wotja folder depending on the "Use iCloud" setting (iOS > Settings > Wotja > Use iCloud)
      • Note: Mixdown recordings are not live recordings and they are made as fast as your device allows. To be made they require sufficient device memory to be available.
      • Fixed issue introduced in 4.5 related to create playlist file.
      • Fixed Play/Stop issue for VoiceOver users.
      • Minor bug fixes.

    1st May 2017: V4.5.0

      • Dark mode color theme (Settings > Color Theme)
      • Greatly improved the (default) Light mode colour theme.
      • Fixed the issue with Play/Stop button disappearing on occasion (oops, sorry!)
      • Made the ISE EQ, LFO and Amp icons a little lighter as we now use black text on them.
      • Added a Files icon to the Settings screen accessed from the Settings tab.
      • Added a new "Voices" button to the top of the Network panel to take you to the Voice parameter editing screen.
      • Improved display in the Cut-ups section.
      • Several bug fixes.

    25th April 2017: V4.4.0

      • Wotja for Apple Watch returns!
      • The new Apple Watch app is much simpler than before, and this time the focus is around playing/stopping the currently open Wotja mix or playlist or creating a random mix based on Wotja's mix randomisation settings (3D Touch menu).
      • There are now only 3 core Tab views: Cut-Up - for creating cut-up, Mix - for creating generative music mixes and Display - for setting how a Wotja is displayed. Parameters previously accessed via a Piece tab are now accessed via the Piece/Mix button in the Network panel; Parameters previously accessed via a Voice tab are now accessed by tapping on the relevant voice in the Network panel.
      • Play/Stop button: now in the bottom tab bar making it accessible from every screen; playing time is displayed below it.
      • Settings button: now in the bottom tab bar making it accessible from every screen and now includes access to Mix Randomisation settings.
      • Mix Tab: We decluttered the UI by finding solutions that let us remove the bottom toolbar and top status bar.
      • Mix Tab: Voice and Track mixing segments in the top RHS panel selector have been combined into one allowing the RHS Panel expander button to be moved next to the panel selector.
      • Mix Tab: A selected cell is now indicated with a cell border; tap a selected cell to display the Template selector.
      • Mix Tab: The Tools button has been moved to the top Menu bar which now includes a handy button for mix randomisation.
      • Bug fixes.

    14th April 2017: V4.3.0

      • Syllables: The rule format has been extended to allow specifying how many syllables you want in a line; this is great for creating Haiku (which are 3 line poems with 5,7,5 syllables) as well as lyric ideas perhaps to fit to a number of notes.
      • The rule format now supports value ranges for word and syllables and also naming of rules.
      • A new rule editor is included that makes it easier to create new rules and modify existing ones.
      • A new (non-editable) Wotja Word Database is included which can be selected instead of the user editable Wotja Word Bank and helps come up with some more unusual word combinations. You can configure this using the new controls in the Library screen (get to it by pressing the button to the left of the slider in the main cut-up screen).
      • A new "Sources Only" cut-up mode that analyses the structure of the Sources text and lets you create cut-up with a more natural feel; in this mode the cut-up is created from Sources ONLY and it uses the active rule (ignoring syllables) but EOL rhyming and word locks are ignored. You can select this using the new button to the left of the main "Cut-Up" button.
      • Revised the "Create New" menu items to make it MUCH easier to get going right away. *Wotja Cut-Up* - create a new cut-up without music (you can create a mix later if you want); *Wotja Mix (automatic)* - create a new random mix based on the Randomisation Settings without having to go via the Templates dialog; *Wotja Mix (manual)* - create a mix the old way where you can manually select a file or use a random selection from the tagged paks;* Wotja List (playlist)* - as before.
      • Renamed the "Words" tab to "Cut-Up" and moved it to be the first tab.
      • Renamed the "Design" tab to "Mix".
      • Changed the icon for Mix and Voices tab.
      • In the "Cut-Up" tab renamed the "Cut-Ups" section to "Saved".
      • In Cut-Up Create panel added a new Lock All/Unlock All action menu item.
      • When exporting a cut-up to a tweet, allow the background image in the Wotja file (if any) to be appended to the tweet; the cut-up text can be "baked into" the image if the Display > Text setting is set to "Show Text from Cut-Up"; this is great fun for making and sharing Haiku!
      • Cut-Up character counter now also shows syllables used in each line.
      • Added new "Haiku" rule to the included default cut-up rules.
      • A blank line can now be added to a cut-up by setting the line rule to 0.
      • Bug fixes.
      • To use common terminology in both iOS and macOS versions we renamed the 3 panels to be "Cut-Up - Sources", "Cut-Up - Create" and "Cut-Up - Saved".
      • In Cut-Up Create panel added new right click Lock all words/Unlock all words menu items.
      • Cut-Up character counter now also shows syllables used in each line.
      • Added new "Haiku" rule to the included default cut-up rules.
      • A blank line can now be added to a cut-up by setting the line rule to 0.
      • Bug fixes.

    24th March 2017: V4.2.1

      • Fixed a couple of potential crashers
      • Fixed potential issue in correctly loading files created with Wotja for macOS
      • Words tab Create screen "cut-up" button press now required for cut-up in new file
      • Now uses correct Liptikl icon for old Liptikl files
      • Fixed several minor bugs

    16th March 2017: V4.2.0

      • The Cut-Up Text Editor app that was branded Liptikl 2 for iOS is now fully integrated into Wotja and accessible via a new "Words" tab. It can be useful for helping to break "Writer's Block" and is a great fit for the reflective music that Wotja creates. Amongst many other things it can randomly select words drawn from a word pool comprising up to 5 different bodies of text and/or an editable User Word Library and/or an editable Wotja Word Bank. Of the cut-up it creates, it lets you lock words you want to keep before you randomise again and lets you select on-screen cut-up alternatives to quickly change single words. See the updated Wotja User Guide.
      • The 3 Cut-Up sub-views (Sources, Create, Cut-ups) are selected via a segment control at the top in the Words tab.
      • Wotja can open Liptikl files (for it to find them just copy them to your Wotja iCloud folder) but an *active subscription tier is required for the Liptikl File data to be utilised or resaved*.
      • Liptikl files display with special red icon until resaved.
      • Once resaved as a Wotja file, the thumbnail shows the cut-up text in red on a white background (i.e. the standard Liptikl colour scheme) meaning they will start-off look pretty much as they did in Liptikl for iOS.
      • When a new Random Mix is created any TTM voice can now be populated with random words coming from the user-editable Wotja Word Bank, the number of words being added determined by two new Randomization properties found in Randomisation Settings.
      • The TTM Text Editor (Voices > TTM > Text) now includes a powerful Randomise facility that lets you either Shuffle Words (those already there), Shuffle Text (jumble up the characters) or populate with new Random Words, these being selected by the ITE from a word pool consisting of the user-editable Wotja Word Bank and any Sources or optional Word Library you might have configured for that file.
      • Design tab moved to far left and Display tab moved to far right.
      • Now we've included Words tab for the Cut-Up Editor, the TTM icon in Design Screen panel selector has been changed to better represent TTM (Text to Music).
      • So you can set what text is shown in the File thumbnail we changed the "Text" button in the Display Tab to display a pop up menu: "Show Text from TTM Voices", "Show Text from Words" and "Change Text Color". When "Show Text from TTM Voices" is selected, you can prevent that text from displaying in Voices > TTM > Display.
      • To make it easier to create interesting new mixes right from the off, the Templates screen "Random?" toggle defaults to on for a new installation and with Paks "WJ4 TTM Players" and "WJ4 Gen Backings" selected.
      • The Cut-Up Text Editor app that was branded Liptikl 2 for macOS is now fully integrated into Wotja for macOS. It can be useful for helping to break "Writer's Block" and is a great fit for the reflective music that Wotja creates. See the updated Wotja User Guide.
      • Wotja can open Liptikl files (for it to find them just copy them to your Wotja iCloud folder) but an *active subscription tier is required to resave the Words data*.
      • You can quickly create a random Wotja music mix by pressing the "Music" button. Notes: 1) Wotja for macOS provides no access to any parameter settings and does not let you see or edit the mix that is created (you would need to use Wotja for iOS to do that). 2) Any underlying TTM voice is populated with random words coming from the user-editable Wotja Word Bank. 3) The mix data that is saved to the Wotja file depends on your IAP tier in the same way as in Wotja for iOS.
      • Wotja Pro 2017 is for those who are not fans of a subscription model.

    10th March 2017: V4.1.3

      • Replaced the old-style "Tiklbox Album Player" with the new style "List Player" (Files Screen > Albums > Play album) and updated the included Calm and Relax albums
      • Play list files (.wotjabox, .wotjalist and included Albums) now autoplay when opened
      • Changing Playlist mode from sequence to random now starts play with a random file from the playlist
      • Wavetable Unit now displays the small "IM Calm" wavetable (used in Relax and Calm albums)
      • A zipped "Pak" can now include Wotja Box (.wotjabox) files
      • Sleep Timer control in Settings uses new IM slider control

    7th March 2017: V4.1.0

      • Create a .wotjalist playlist of your Wotja mixes and/or Noatikl and/or Mixtikl files
      • Export your playlist as a .wotjabox file* that you can share as an email attachment or embed in a webpage as a Wotja URL
      • Add a cover image as a thumbnail for your playlist/album
    • BUG FIXES:
      • ISE can now be turned off in Settings
      • Mix/Track FX settings now saved correctly
      • Fixed crash when changing LFO STS Square/Slant sliders
      • IAA and Audiobus now working again (sorry!)
      • Other bug fixes
      • New-style slider (now used in even more screens) allows tap left/right to increment/decrement value by 1; double tap to access the Edit screen; less jitter; better tap/drag behaviour
      • New-style slider has better accessibility for Voiceover users including: Double-tap slider and hold to let you slide the value; Triple-tap slider to display the Edit screen
      • Other accessibility improvements

    27th February 2017: V4.0.2

    • iOS
      • Minor bug fixes

    20th February 2017: V4.0.1

    • iOS
      • Minor bug fixes

    16th February 2017: V4.0.0 - MAJOR NEW RELEASE

    • In Wotja 4 we have now already consolidated some of the best aspects of Noatikl, Mixtikl and Tiklbox and it represents the next stage of evolution for all our iOS music apps.
    • Updated Apps:
      • Wotja (iOS)
    • New App:
      • Wotja (macOS)
    • What's New:
      • Too much to list, see the features table, here: https://intermorphic.com/archive/app/wotja/4/guide

    Wotja V3 Release History

    Wotja V3 [Final Release: 3.2.1]

    16th October 2016: V3.3.1 (FINAL UPATE)

    • Fixed potential crash on Save & Continue
    • Fixed bottom toolbar display issue

    V3.3.0 - 8th September 2016

    • Minor Bug fixes

    31st May 2016: V3.2.13

    • Minor Bug fixes

    23rd May 2016: V3.2.12

    • Added "Settings" icon to the Edit screen to make it easier to access / change those items without having to leave the wotja
    • Minor Bug fixes

    23rd May 2016: V3.2.10

    • Added "Save a Copy" and "Discard" options to the Popup presented on tapping the top left Files button
    • Bug fixes

    27th April 2016: V3.2.5

    • A file's thumbnail now jiggles when you close the file and return to the Files screen, making it easy to see what file you have just viewed or edited
    • Added an option in the Files screen to sort files by name or date (via Action menu)
    • Bug fixes

    5th April 2016: V3.2.2

    • Bug fixes

    24th March 2016: V3.2.0

    • Added iCloud support with new Files screen for easier file creation / opening
    • Added Files link to Full Screen mode
    • Bug fixes

    14th February 2016: V3.1.0

    • When opening a Wotja Music URL that does not include emojis we now display the quick help screen so it is more obvious how to make music, plus we have added a Help link to the Main screen
    • Fixed an issue in imported Custom content where Delay Unit and LFO beat synching were not working correctly
    • Improved accuracy of the char counter in Text Edit screen
    • URL export now has a shorter form Wotja Music URL making it easier to use for sharing
    • Fixed a text resizing issue when going from Edit screen to Full screen
    • Removed a number of potential audio glitches
    • Several minor changes to improve the Wotja experience
    • Wotja FREE: Removed the "Get Wotja" popup for a better user experience
    • Bug fixes

    15th December 2015: V3.0.0 - MAJOR NEW RELEASE

    • This is a major release for the Wotja Generative Music System and there's a lot in it…
      • Gorgeous new Players and Backings for more enjoyment
      • Improved sounds with revamped, integral, PSE3 (Partikl Sound Engine 3, as is in Noatikl 3 / Mixtikl 7)
      • Custom colour that lets you set your own preferred background / text colour for your wotja - enhanced personsalisation!
      • Ability to Import/Export "Custom" Noatikl 3 Players and Backings (Noatikl 3 not included, available seperately) means you can create/share wotjas with totally custom generative music & sounds - great for creative expression! When sharing as Wotja Music URLs these are tagged with "WotjaPro"
      • New Melody Composition factors - Start and Length - gives you more control over playback of the melody created by your text
      • New "Show Text?" toggle so that you can enjoy your wotja without seeing text
      • When exporting to Twitter or Facebook the background image use by your wotja (if any) is appended to the message
      • Simpler, cleaner Full Screen mode and now easier to enter/leave it (tap Wotja in Edit Mode to enter it)
      • Improved randomisation of Players and Backing tracks
      • Improved display of background image when autopan toggle is off
      • Improved Change screen layout
      • Play/Stop button now works in Player/Backing selector screens
      • Now English language only (we hope to reintroduce localisation at some later time)
      • Reverb and Delay FX (where used) are now included in the Players/Backing
      • Wotja FREE : Removed support for Audiobus/Inter-app Audio (now only in Wotja)
      • New icons
      • Other minor improvements / changes
      • Many bug fixes

    Wotja V2 Release History

    Wotja V2 [Final Release: 2.0.0]

    1st July 2015: V2.0.0 - MAJOR NEW RELEASE

    • Wotja Watch App (for paired Apple Watch) [not Wotja Free]
    • New sleep timer [not Wotja Free]
    • 1-3 characters or emoji will now generate a 3-4 note melody
    • 4 new toggles in Settings to give you more control over what changes in a Shuffle: Player, Backing Track, Melody Values, Root
    • Shuffling no longer auto-restarts the wotja (so you can enjoy continuity)
    • Shuffle Text toggle improved to allow shuffling of other values when text shuffled
    • To further improve results, Shuffle no longer randomizes Tempo, FX and Speech values
    • Fixed Repeats/Range parameter which had stopped repeating melodies (oops!)
    • For better, more consistently relaxing results we decided it was best to leave out some of the previously the included content selection
    • Bug fixes

    Wotja V1 Release History

    Wotja V1 [Final Release: 1.7.1]

    8th May 2015: V1.7.1 (FINAL UPATE)

    • All new visualiser with 3 new settings: Vis, Size and Opacity
    • Fixed the issue of occasional hanging notes
    • Simplified the URL export to create "Wotja Music URLs" which include the tune, params and emoji, but no other text
    • Now much easier to share Wotja Music URLs in instant messaging apps with goo.gl shortening
    • New option to export Wotja Music URL directly into Messages app widget
    • Revised Player Repeats/Range parameters to now define the total number of times a melody is played (play count), whether a variation or not, rather than to define the number or repeats of a variation; this means that after the play count is reached, no melody will play
    • Improved Action/Sharing popup ordering
    • Much nicer load screen
    • Bug fixes

    14th December 2014: V1.6.22

    • NEW APP:
      • Wotja FREE for iOS (1.6.22)
      • Wotja FREE for iOS is the same as Wotja for iOS (and full app), but with a few limitations.

    10th December 2014: V1.6.20

    • Wotja for iOS is now a fully unlocked paid for app e.g. no more timeouts, ads etc.
    • Wotja for iOS also available in the Intermorphic Generative Music Apps bundle

    26th November 2014: V1.6.19

    • Minor improvements and fixes

    13th November 2014: V1.6.17

    • Various stability fixes
    • Updated AudioBus SDK to 2.1.4
    • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

    16th October 2014: V1.6.6

    • Fixed timing issues for generative content
    • Fixed issue with wotja URL not loading correctly
    • Combined existing IAPs into just one IAP (any previous IAP purchase in this app will unlock this IAP)

    25th September 2014: V1.6.4

    • Support for iOS 8
    • Defaults / Reset - Changed Backing track to Ambiences Summer; Speech now off
    • Simplified Audiobus (& Inter-App Audio) operation by removing the on/off toggle control - foreground availability: now always enabled; background availability: dependent on Background Audio availability
    • Simplified Background Audio operation by removing the on/off toggle control
    • Squashed more bugs

    30th August 2014: V1.5.3

    • Added support for Apple Inter-App Audio (turned on with the Audiobus toggle), meaning you can record directly in e.g. GarageBand without requiring Audiobus
    • Audiobus updated to Audiobus 2
    • Bug fixes

    19th July 2014: V1.4.3

    • Various bug fixes

    10th July 2014: V1.4.2

    • Removed the "Remove Audio output port silences" IAP; there are no longer any silences interjected and so no IAP is required to remove them.
    • Various bug fixes

    2nd July 2014: V1.4.1

    • New: Added simple music game (accessed via icon on toolbar in Play screen) - tap and hold the moving line, which is influenced by your melody, and see what score you can get!
    • Various bug fixes

    25th June 2014: V1.3.1

    • New: Change screen "Background image" option (from Camera roll) with auto-panning (great fun!)
    • New: Send wotjas with background images via mail attachments (not as tweets, however)
    • Tap tap left/right of text area to hide/show toolbar (great if you want to see more of the picture)
    • Now supports rotation to landscape mode on iPhone (already did this on iPad...)
    • No longer shows interstitial ad every 3 presses of Randomise button
    • Default values changed
    • Revised Change screen control order
    • Revised app icon (and colour) and matching Getting Started screen colour
    • Bug fixes

    9th May 2014: V1.2.6

    • 2 cool new "Drone" Ambient backing tracks - *great* to play melodies over
    • Interval and Interval Range extended to 36 to allow greater "space" between melodies
    • Play/Stop controls added to top of Player/Backing selector lists
    • Echo and Reverb sliders moved to below their preset selectors
    • Speech group moved to above Reset
    • Bug fixes

    28th April 2014: V1.2.1

    • Shuffle: Icon on toolbar to let you quickly try the tune with different included high quality sounds & backing etc. It is great fun and, if you are interested in quickly trying out different tunes, you can just have it shuffle only the text or words (see Settings)!
    • MIDI Out support: Core MIDI, Virtual MIDI and MIDI clock support means you can use your Wotja melodies either to drive other 3rd party synths or be recorded by 3rd party MIDI apps that support that.*
    • Audiobus 2 support: Run the audio from Wotja into Audiobus so you can record it in other 3rd party apps.**
    • Setting to allow Background audio playback to be turned on or off (default is off).
    • Setting to allow only the text or characters to be shuffled (and the wotja is not restarted), which is great fun for "jamming".
    • Combined Personalise and Refine screens into the one "Change" screen.
    • Added colour bars to the Change screen and Player and Backing selection.
    • Added new "Counterpoint" Players in Acoustic and Electric Piano.
    • Added a new "Soft" Player group with 4 sounds.
    • Added a "clear text" button (X) in the Text Edit screen to make it easy to start over.
    • Added a special info message if you press Shuffle with no text entered.
    • Emailing and opening wotjas as attachments is now ad supported.
    • Fixed speech play with some wotjas including Emoji.
    • Many other useability improvements.
    • New In-App Purchases:
      • Remove ads
      • MIDI output*
      • Remove audio output port silences**

    V1.0.0 - 7th April 2014

    • Our new app. We hope you enjoy Wotja!