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Current Intermorphic Wotja Paks

Intermorphic Wotja Paks are only licensed for use in 'Pro' mode in the specified version(s) of Wotja.

Licensed for use in Wotja 22 or later:

  • IM_piano-damped-full.sf2; Loop Beats 1
    • Contains audio samples © Intermorphic Ltd
  • Audio Loop Collections 1-3, Loop Beats 2; LoopMix 1 and 2

Licenced for use in Wotja 19 or later:

  • Morphing Drum + Bass

Intermorphic Wotja Pak

End User Licence Agreement ("EULA")

Last modified: 8th June 2022

This Agreement is a legal document which sets out your rights and obligations, and those of Intermorphic Limited ("Intermorphic") in relation to the Intermorphic Wotja Pak(s) ("IM Pak") of sound samples, MIDI, generative templates ("Templates") and other content owned by Intermorphic and/or third party licensors licensed only for use in 'Pro' mode in the specified versions of the Wotja software application ("IM Software") owned by Intermorphic. You must take the time to read and understand this Agreement; by installing or using the IM Pak you are agreeing to be bound by these terms.

From time to time and without notice to you Intermorphic may change and update this End User Licence Agreement and all documents incorporated by reference. Continued use of the IM Pak after any such changes shall constitute your consent to such changes. A link to the most recent version of this Intermorphic Pak End User Licence Agreement can always be found at

  • Intermorphic grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive right to use the IM Pak only on IM Software on one personal computer owned by you and on either a portable computer or a personal computer located at your home that is owned and used by you, provided the IM Pak is not used at the same time on both computers, and on one mobile device that is owned by you the end user or under your control.
  • You may mix together content from the IM Pak, modify Template parameter settings, and combine content from the IM Pak with other content over which you have the requisite rights, in order to create your own Wotja files (variously "Files"), Wotja URLs ("Wotja URLs" or also referred to as "WJURLs") and audio or MIDI mix recordings (variously "New Content"). You are free to distribute the New Content provided (i) the New Content constitutes an original work (ii) you have the necessary distribution rights in any third party content (iii) any Wotja URLs you self-publish or distribute in any way comply with the Intermorphic Website Terms of Service ( and (iv) individual sound samples are not used in isolation.
  • You may not use content from the IM Pak to create music libraries for distribution to third parties and you may not modify any included 3rd party sound samples.
  • You may not under any circumstances distribute, publish or resell the IM Pak or any of its constituent parts to any other person, nor use, copy or exploit the IM Pak through any medium.
  • If there is any conflict between the terms stated herein and the terms of your IM Software End User Licence Agreement ( regarding the use of IM Pak content, the terms of this licence shall take precedence.
  • You must retain all copyright and other proprietary notices on the IM Pak. Intermorphic and/or its licensors own all copyright and other rights in the IM Pak, and each copy of it.
  • While Intermorphic endeavours to create compelling software products, please note that the IM Pak is provided "as is", without warranties as to how it will perform, whether it will suit your requirements, or any other warranties or terms, including any as to its satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose. All such warranties and terms are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. Intermorphic does not warrant that the operation of the IM Pak will be uninterrupted or error free.
  • Neither Intermorphic nor its licensors shall have any liability to you for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly in connection with the IM Pak, except to the extent that such liability cannot be lawfully excluded. In any case, neither Intermorphic nor its licensors shall be liable for any loss of business, data, profits, savings, or any other special, incidental, consequential, indirect or economic loss whatsoever.

Nothing in this Agreement affects the statutory rights of a person dealing with Intermorphic as a consumer.

Should you have any questions concerning this Agreement you may .

Copyright © 2008-2022 Intermorphic Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Intermorphic, Wotja and the Intermorphic and Wotja logos are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Intermorphic Ltd. in the UK and/or other countries.