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"The journey is the destination"

About IM

Intermorphic (IM) is Tim Cole & Pete Cole.

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We're a close team with a 25 year history of developing creativity apps. We love building tools that help people to create ideas & enjoy the moment, and we utilise various generative and cut-up techniques.

We see the "ideation" process as being about a creative journey and not about a particular destination, snapshot, form or shape. All those can be truly amazing but they're still moments frozen in time!

We're never done: that's why we're "Intermorphic", a word meaning "between forms". We first used it at SSEYO, a company we co-founded in 1990, and now use in Intermorphic, co-founded in 2007.

Our goal is to help you be creative

Everyone needs a creative outlet. We develop powerful creativity tools that help to both stimulate creative reflective thought and foster the generation and sharing of personal artistic creative expression ("peace") - that is how we like to see it, anyhow! The output of our apps can be appreciated right there and then (see "inmo"), perhaps for relaxation and enjoyment, or saved and later used in e.g. films, games, songs, lyrics, writing etc.

Our Long Journey

Our journey of ideas and 'open' apps started 25 years ago, in 1990, with SSEYO. SSEYO was our first "book"; it was a biggie for us.

SSEYO developed various BAFTA Award winning generative music tools and "mobile music making" audio software. The 1994-released SSEYO Koan Generative Music System went on to be used by talented generative artists such as Jamuud, Tim Didmyus, Mark Harrop and Andrew Garton, as well as by the genius Brian Eno for his 1996-released "Generative Music 1 with SSEYO Koan Software". The 2004-released SSEYO miniMIXA "mobile music mixer" was one of the first powerful native mobile music making apps for use on Smartphones.

With Intermorphic we are now on our second "book", and there is a lot that's new (including "inmo" and "reflective music"). Some of the concepts may be familiar, but we've never stopped trying to innovate and we continue to develop new apps & tech. We hope you enjoy our new "book"!

In 2002 SSEYO was acquired by Tao Group. We worked there until June 2007 when Tao Group's assets were sold (the engineering staff and management of which then went on to form a new company, Antix Labs which has now also gone). As we wanted to continue our life's work in creating apps to help generate ideas and deliver unique "inmo" experiences, we knew we had to start again, and we did so as Intermorphic.

In 2008 Intermorphic acquired the rights to the SSEYO.com domain, SSEYO trademarks and all the SSEYO, Koan, miniMIXA and iSS [intent Sound System which is now part of Tikltech] related IP (noting that we did not take on SSEYO as a going concern, or get any customer records etc), so we now own our "back catalogue". The old SSEYO Koan IP is now in safe "curatorial" hands and, even though it is on the shelf and will not be further developed, maintained or supported, we are using bits of it where we can for parts, e.g. Mixtikl includes some of what was in the iSS.

Our thanks to past users...

If you purchased, used and enjoyed our SSEYO products - we greatly thank you! Although SSEYO is now gone, we hope you also decide to try out and enjoy our new apps and tools (and you may like to know that Noatikl can open / play your old Koan SKD files).


Intermorphic Technologies

The Intermorphic Kinetic Lattice Technologies or "TIKLTECH" / "Tikltech" (The Intermorphic Kinetic Lattice TECHnologies) as we sometimes refer to them, are the underlying basket of technologies and frameworks that underpin all our Tikltools, apps and allow us to deliver our ideation tools and software.

Tikltech includes:
But Why Kinetic Lattice?

A lattice is a regular structure (i.e. it has a "shape"). A kinetic lattice is a dynamic lattice and it changes shape to mold to / integrate / accomodate external input. It is perpetually intermorphic as in being "between forms".

Creativity Apps

App Details


Generative Music Composer

For Music Generation

Unique and immensely deep, it's both a generative MIDI music composition AND sound design app for the creation of high quality, royalty-free, totally custom generative music / soundscapes such as ambient, drone, relaxation etc.

macOS, Windows, iOS


Cut-up Text Editor

For Creative Writing

A clever, effective app that uses the cut-up technique and word-locking to help stimulate creative writing. It can help a writer come up with novel text ideas when writing lyrics for songs, rap lyrics, poetry, stories, haikus etc. No more writer's block!

macOS, Windows, iOS


Generative Music Mixer

For Soundscape Mixing

A 12 track 48 cell sequencer app that lets you mix both generative music and your own or 3rd party loops to generate high quality, user-customisable, royalty free background music from ambient (relaxation / drone / sleep / mindfulness) to EDM etc.

macOS, Windows, iOS, Android


Generative Music Writer

and Reflective Music Publishing System

For Self Expression

A a chilled-out music creativity app for relaxation, reflection & experimentation. Add some text or emoji and it will create beautiful evolving melodies with a selection of live ambient generative music backings. There's a FREE version, too!

iOS, Apple Watch


Relaxing Generative Music

For Chilling Out

The Tiklbox app composes a stream of high-quality beautiful ambient generative music ideal for relaxation, reflection, mindfulness & quiet contemplation. Turn on, sit back and relax. Chill. And it's FREE, too!



Content Details


For App Extension

Paks and Intermorphic Tiklpaks™ are simply add-on content collections zipped in such a way to make it extra easy to use in Intermorphic apps, and with some benefits. Mixtikl and Noatikl both contain a large number of pre-installed Tiklpaks.

Released as available.

Content Engines

Engine Details

Noatikl Music Engine (NME)


The Intermorphic Noatikl (MIDI) Music Engine (NME) is a generative music engine and is the evolution of the SSEYO Koan Generative Music Engine (SKME). It utilises a range of generative / aleatoric / stochastic / algorithmic music techniques and parameters to create MIDI notes and MIDI controller events.

At the core of all the Intermorphic music apps.

Partikl Sound Engine (PSE) 3


The Intermorphic Partikl Sound Engine (PSE) is a MIDI-driven sound engine that comprises a framework of sound synthesis and fx technologies with associated design interfaces. It goes beyond the traditional limitations of MIDI as it supports control of a number of essential fx units including Reverb, Delay, Distortion, Filtering etc.

At the core of all the Intermorphic music apps.


Why did we choose to have tail stems for some of the first IM engines and products (e.g. "Noatikl")? We know when it comes to branding taxonomy that it is normal practise for the common part of a brand (i.e. a stem) to be first, or to prefix other common words (e.g. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel etc.). When it comes to generating new ideas it is often handy to look at things from a different perspective, therefore we decided in most cases to append our tech product stem, "Tikl", instead. This also means that our engine / tool product brands can stand on their own two feet, independent of the main company brand: IM Noatikl, IM Mixtikl, IM Liptikl, IM Partikl, IM Optikl etc. Tiklbox is a player of Tikls and a Tiklpak is a Pak of Tikls, which is why we named them slightly differently! Yes, we know, Wotja is different altogether. That is because it brings all our engines together under the hood and lets us embark on our next journey!

In addition to domains for our trademarked products, we also own a number of domain including the following (we've been active in the area of generative music for ages [since 1990 effectively]): generativemusic.net, generativemusic.co.uk, reflectivemusic.com, peaceablemusic.com, inmomusic.com and wotjamusic.com.

Intermorphic, Wotja, Noatikl, Liptikl, Optikl, Partikl, Mixtikl, Practikl, Tiklpak, Tiklbox, Tikltech, Kinetic Lattice, and the Intermorphic, Wotja, Noatikl, Liptikl Optikl, Partikl, Mixtikl, Tiklbox, Tiklpak and Tikltech logos are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Intermorphic Ltd. in the UK and/or other countries. Wotja is a registered trademark of Intermorphic Ltd. in the EC with Community Trade Mark Registration No. 012329199.

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