Wotja 21 Release History

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Dec 7th 2021: 21.14.4 (Wotja Pro 21 iOS & macOS only)  [27th V21 update] 

Heads up: Release submitted to the App Store for review, so it should be available soon.

  • FIXED: Potential problem with Wotja AUv3 playing at the wrong tempo.
  • NB: This is the last V21 update. V22 lands Jan 01 2022. :)

Nov 14th 2021: 21.14.3 (macOS only)

  • FIXED: AUv3 issue related to M1 silicon.

Nov 4th 2021: 21.14.0

  • IMPROVED: About screen, Help menu (Desktop versions) and some minor bug fixes.
  • NB: This might be the last V21 update. V22 lands Jan 01 2022. :)

Oct 20th 2021: 21.13.1 (iOS only)

  • FIXED (iOS): Issue where Wotja was not connecting to AudioBus via Inter-App Audio.

Oct 14th 2021: 21.13.0

  • IMPROVED: Template/mix browser "Saved Files" (LHS folder) now renamed to "Documents" and a new Action menu item added to let you change the RHS file sort order; sort order is shared with that in the "Documents" screen.
  • IMPROVED: Reduced tab bar height in portrait mode.
  • IMPROVED: In Playlists when tapping the "+" button we've reduced unnecessary taps by now just showing the "Browse Mixes" screen.
  • IMPROVED: When importing Wotja URLs we now extract the file name meaning the files are no longer saved with name of "Import".
  • IMPROVED (Windows/Android only): Alert Windows now have rounded corners and opaque background + better font.
  • FIXED: The audio device wasn't released in some circumstances which could lead to the audio not stopping.
  • FIXED: Slight corner radius issue for "tapped" file buttons in the Documents screen.

Sep 17th 2021: 21.12.2

  • IMPROVED: Various Accessibility fixes.
  • IMPROVED: A number of previously embedded info screens are now popup messages with a lot less text, simplifying them greatly and allowing them to work better in the plug-in.
  • IMPROVED: Document icon badge positioning to make it look better.

Sep 7th 2021: 21.12.1

  • FIXED (Android versions): Crashes related to an accessibility bug + some related problems with multi-line text layouts.

Sep 7th 2021: 21.12.0

  • IMPROVED: Pattern Editor:
    • - Pattern Type F (Fixed) root pitch of 0 to 127 is now allowed (was: 12 to 120).
    • - Displays an alert if a value out of range is entered.
    • - Displays left-hand label in RED if the F value that would be generated would be out of valid MIDI range from 0 to 127.
  • IMPROVED (iOS/macOS): Show build number in settings screen.
  • CHANGED: Set "Send Patch Change Events" default value to Off (was: On).
  • FIXED (macOS): Intermittent Plug-in display issue seen rarely in Logic.
  • FIXED: If a slider is disabled then don’t allow display of the pop-up menu.
  • FIXED: Various minor bugs.

Aug 18th 2021: 21.11.0

  • NEW for System (iOS): Accessibility - we've added initial support for VoiceOver (iOS); please let us know of any issues!
  • NEW for System (Android): Accessibility - we've added initial support for TalkBack (Android); please let us know of any issues!
  • IMPROVED (iOS/macOS): Wotja AUv3 plug-ins are now listed under "Intermorphic" rather than "InMo".
  • IMPROVED (macOS): In Logic Pro under "AU Instruments" the AUv3 plug-in now display as "Intermorphic > Wotja / Wotja Pro 21 > Stereo.
  • IMPROVED (Windows): App message boxes now use the Windows system style.
  • FIXED (macOS): In some situations the AUv3 Plug-in was not correctly letting go of mix files.
  • FIXED (Lite mode, all free versions): MIDI Clock was not being sent.
  • FIXED (Lite mode, all free versions): System MIDI Inputs such as MIDI Clock In are now supported as well as MIDI Channel Input on Channel 1 only.
  • FIXED: Various other fixes.

July 8th 2021: 21.10.0

  • NEW for System (Apple only): Lower cost "Pro (Mobile Devices)" Subscription tier for Apple device owners who wish to use 'Pro' mode only on devices running iOS or iPadOS (see In-App Store).
  • NEW for System: "Use Mix Properties Mix Rule" option in the Cell/Generator Rule Editors; select this to use whatever Rule is selected in the Mix Rule Editor (accessed in Mix Properties), i.e. the "Mix Rule".
  • IMPROVED: Rule Editors now display [Selected] and/or [Editing] next to the relevant Rule item in the list; this is to make it clearer which Rule is selected for composition and which Rule will be changed by modifications to top element editing panel.
  • IMPROVED: The Mix Rule Editor (accessed in Mix Properties) is where the desired Mix Rule is selected and it is identified with an append of "[Selected]"; in the Generator/Cell Rule Editors this Mix Rule is indicated by an append of "[Mix Rule]".
  • IMPROVED: The "Default" Mix Rule can now be deleted, cut and renamed; the exception is that the last Rule at Mix level (or Cell level) cannot be deleted or cut.
  • IMPROVED: In the Rule Editor the Action menu button is no longer shown for "Use Random Rule" items.
  • CHANGED: All included Templates that had a setting of "Mix: Default" have had this changed to "Use Mix Rule", this being a change to facilitate future engine extensions; when you change the selected Mix Rule the templates will work as expected.
  • FILE CHANGE: When opening a mix file saved prior to this update any "Mix: Default" references are changed automatically to "Use Mix Rule"; note that this is *not* done if the mix has more than one Mix level Rule defined (quite rare we think).
  • FIXED: Issue in 4 Column Display where column locks were incorrectly displayed in the Track Mixer panel.
  • FIXED: After a fresh installation Wotja will first open in "Documents > Flows".
  • FIXED: Title displayed in Mix-level Rule Editor (changed "Cell" > "Mix").
  • FIXED (macOS/Windows): Several accessibility issues.

July 1st 2021: 21.9.3

  • FIXED (Windows): Issue where Wotja mix files could grow in size; fix by simply opening and re-saving any larger than expected Wotja files or box files containing them.
  • FIXED (iOS/macOS): Documents > Albums > Show button > Search menu item text.
  • OTHER: Some minor improvements.

June 28th 2021: 21.9.2

  • IMPROVED: "Document screen" - button text on "Show..." buttons now indicates the selected items, where each one is represented by a number, and the search name if any is also shown if used e.g. "Show..." if nothing set, "Show: 1, 2", "Show: 1; abc" etc.
  • IMPROVED: "Document screen > Albums" - added the missing "Search..." option to the "Show" menu; this is distinct to the Mixes "Search..." as both search fields are treated independently.
  • IMPROVED: "Document screen" - Selected sort order is now shown in the "Sort..." buttons, e.g. "Sort: A-Z".
  • IMPROVED: When a Rule preset (Standard Value) is selected from the pop-up list and the Rule name is different to the current name then give the user the option to automatically rename the rule to match; this option is not available for the Mix Default rule.
  • IMPROVED: Do not allow Rules to be renamed such that they start with "Use" as that can be confusing.
  • IMPROVED (Windows): Changed pop-up menus to show default items as "item (tick)" rather than "item <".
  • FIXED: Issue where Rules didn't always flash having returned from Rule Editor view.
  • FIXED (Android): Crasher.

June 19th 2021: 21.9.0 (21.9.1 for iOS)

  • NEW for System - Support for VoiceOver (macOS) / Narrator (Windows) is now out of Beta; please let us know of any issues.
  • IMPROVED: Documents view simplified to now be just 3 main screens, 'Flows', 'Mixes' and 'Albums' (we think we have now finally nailed this!).
  • IMPROVED: 'Show' button added to each of the 3 Documents screen to allow (relevant) filtering of which files to display or hide; button in Mixes screen also includes a Search option ('Pro' mode only), where value applies across both Mixes and Albums and is discarded on app restart.
  • IMPROVED: Document sorting options have been moved from the 'Actions' menu to a 'Sort' button added to the 'Mixes' and 'Albums' screens.
  • IMPROVED: 'Generator Type' moved to be above Generator Name.
  • IMPROVED: 'Cell Gen Bars/Repeats' moved to above Cell Rules.
  • IMPROVED: Some 'Standard Rule Values' Rules renamed and moved to the top of the Rules list to make them easier to find (these Rules values help with understanding of how Rules work together).
  • IMPROVED: Flow Player > Action > 'Save Flow to Wotja Mix File' moved to be the first item making it easier to find.
  • IMPROVED (Desktop): Toned-down the 'mouse over' UI element shading.
  • IMPROVED (Android): Pop-up menus for Android now show selected items as 'item (tick)' rather than '> item <'.
  • IMPROVED (Windows): Pop-up menus for Windows now show default items as 'item <' rather than '> item <'.

June 9th 2021: 21.8.3

  • IMPROVED: To make it easier for new customers to get started with Wotja it now defaults to opening in the Documents screen "Play" segment after fresh install.
  • IMPROVED: Flow Player > Action > "Save Flow to Mix/Box File" have been moved to the top of the pop-up menu to make it easier to save Wotja flows.
  • IMPROVED: For better clarity (and to match its filename .wotjarp) "Randomization Scheme" is renamed to "Randomization Preset".
  • IMPROVED (Apple): For better clarity the "Special Options (SO)" Subscription Group is renamed to "Tip Jar (TJ)" and the Subscription descriptions changed to match (T3/4 IAP tiers also removed).
  • IMPROVED (macOS/Windows): Accessibility support for macOS/Windows (still work-in-progress).
  • FIXED: Mix Properties > Rule > Action > "Use Random Mix Rule" selection no longer permits the Default Rule to be renamed.
  • FIXED: Compressor parameter editing when using the Edit menu (via pop-up) was not working correctly for the following - Gain In, Threshold, Gain Out, Limiter.
  • FIXED: Reverb R2XL Input Section Out value should have displayed as 0.000 to 1.000 (rather than 0 to 1000).
  • FIXED: Double-tap on generator button now shows the pop-up menu.
  • FIXED (Android): Android TV back button behaviour in Settings.
  • REMOVED (Android): 32-bit builds.

May 26th 2021: 21.8.2

  • IMPROVED: The Documents screen "Play" segment is now on the left and the "Create" segment is on the right; this feels more natural (thanks Nick!).
  • IMPROVED (macOS/Windows): Added initial support for Voice Over for macOS and Narrator for Windows (work-in-progress).
  • IMPROVED (iOS): Keyboard handling mode in the Script Editor when a hardware keyboard is attached (iOS 14+) - if the hardware keyboard is detected then you are placed in the Script editor where you can type directly and a pop-up alert is displayed telling you where to find copy/paste commands (Action > Edit...); if not, you will get the pop-up editor that you would get otherwise from Action > Edit...
  • IMPROVED (Android): Wotja Android "Storage" Permissions configuration - Wotja start-up now displays a message with much simpler instructions; Press OK to display the Wotja app's page under Android Settings.
  • FIXED (non-iOS): Script Editor now shows import/export menu items.
  • FIXED (Android TV): Remote control button now correctly stops Wotja playing.

May 17th 2021: 21.8.0

  • IMPROVED: The Documents screen now has two top segments, Create and Play, to make it easier to get started with Wotja; the Play segment is where you play Included Albums and Flows (tap a button to generate a succession of mixes using the named Randomization Scheme) and the Create segment is where you create (and play) mixes and user playlists/albums
  • IMPROVED (Android): Wotja no longer displays the Android permissions warning at start-up but instead, when the Documents screen is shown, it writes to a test file (and then removes it); if that write fails, an alert is shown that there might be problems with storage otherwise it shows specific instructions how how to use Settings to set Wotja’s app privileges; See this FAQ
  • IMPROVED (Android): Multi-screen text and script editor is now much larger on larger devices
  • IMPROVED (Android/Windows): Menu items with Lite Mode limitations are now appended by "(Pro)"
  • IMPROVED (iOS): Prevent unnecessary display of iOS alerts related to clipboard access
  • FIXED: Audio glitch when exiting an FX Network after mix loaded or if FX added to an empty network
  • FIXED (iOS): Some screen rotation issues (e.g. when exiting from Full Screen display)
  • FIXED: Track mixer sliders 2-12 are no longer locked in Lite Mode
  • CHANGED: Line added to the right of the scrollbar that separates the Mixer view Cell area and Generator Network area
  • CHANGED: For better clarity Filter sub-types renamed to "1: Low Pass", "2: Band Pass", "3: High Pass"
  • CHANGED: Default Filter unit setting no longer has ‘sweep’ enabled
  • OTHER: Further bugs were squashed!

May 12th 2021: 21.7.2

  • IMPROVED: Audio quality for Pitch Shifter unit
  • IMPROVED: A Cell can now be skipped by setting Cell Repeats to 0 and "Skip" is displayed in the Cell Rules Computed Value area; a mix will not start on a Skip cell
  • IMPROVED: When files in Documents for thumbnail icons don't load any associated SF2/DLS data; this reduces memory peaking if you have a lot of SF2/DLS files
  • IMPROVED: Size of RHS panel in Synth & FX Editor in landscape mode
  • IMPROVED: Line numbers in the Script Editor screens are now easier to read
  • IMPROVED: Updated the Shimmer FX presets
  • FIXED: "Mod Amount" sliders in the Reverb 2XL unit could mis-display their values
  • CHANGED: Lite Mode - changed pop-up EULA button to "Feature Sets" button
  • CHANGED: Colours used for Pitch Shifter and Reverb 2XL units
  • OTHER: Further bugs were squashed!

May 7th 2021: 21.7.0 (Major Update)

  • NEW for ISE: Reverb 2XL FX unit (R2XL) - this awesome FX unit can also be combined with the new Pitch Shifter FX unit (below) for a Shimmer reverb effect; CPU intensive (not available in Synth Network)
  • NEW for ISE: Pitch Shifter FX unit - used to shift the pitch of audio signal by +/- 12 semitones; CPU intensive (not available in Synth Network)
  • NEW for ISE: Feedback option for Junction inputs (be *careful* with this!); used in the Shimmer FX presets
  • NEW Content: "Ambience" FX Presets - a whole bunch of fabulous new FX presets, some of which use the new R2XL and Pitch Shifter units
  • NEW Content: Flow Randomization Schemes now use the new FX and they come in 2 variants, the "(CPU-)" variant being more suited to devices with slower CPUs
  • NEW for System: Mix FX Override setting (default Off) - with 5 presets and a custom (Pro) option this setting allows a user to override the Mix FX that is applied in a Randomization Scheme (i.e. when playing Flows or creating auto-mixes/boxes); the setting is located in the "Flow / Randomization Scheme Behaviour" group at the top of Settings – Audio MIDI+
  • IMPROVED: Lite Feature Set (FS) is now even more powerful - All App timeouts increased to 30 mins, multi-track editing is now supported and recordings of 30 mins can be created; those major improvements are counterbalanced as follows in Lite FS: mix saving/exporting and box/playlist creation are now disabled; only the latest mix, box or album can be opened; script editing disabled; only the included RS can be opened in Flow Mode
  • IMPROVED [iOS/macOS]: AUv3 is now unlocked by a Pro In-app Subscription (Lite FS note: session saving is disabled and there is a 2 minute timeout)
  • IMPROVED: When importing a Mix, Box (or Playlist) from Clipboard (i.e. a WJURL) the original file name is preserved making content sharing easier
  • IMPROVED: Purge cached SF2/DLS files that are no longer referenced, and haven't been looked at for 10 seconds or more; this is done only when the SF2/DLS cache is referenced; it is not an automatic background process
  • IMPROVED: Show an alert if a document is opened that refers to one or more SF2/DLS files that no longer exist; the alert lists the name(s) of the missing item(s)
  • IMPROVED [iOS/macOS]: Added "Pro 21" button/link to top of in-app store that goes to the App Store page for the "Paid for Version"; this makes it easier to find the paid-for version if you don't like subscriptions
  • IMPROVED: ISE Synth & FX Editor shows left hand item to represent "input"
  • IMPROVED: ISE Synth & FX Editor uses arrow heads to illustrate direction of signal (rate) flow through the FX network; feedback lines are coloured orange; many other layout improvements
  • IMPROVED: Reverb 1 max slider time increased to 20 seconds
  • IMPROVED: Display "0-Network Input" rather than just "0" in ISE Synth & FX Editor controllers panel
  • IMPROVED: Synth & FX button colour no longer uses Junction button colour if that is the first unit
  • IMPROVED: Changed the Settings screen to add an "Info" button that shows a new "About" screen; the version is now displayed in the title e.g. "Settings (21.7.0)"
  • IMPROVED: Algorithm for sizing cell columns, especially in portrait mode and single column mode
  • IMPROVED: Matching of existing preset when trying to match with preset in Preset selector screen
  • IMPROVED: For use with some of the new Flows a new Flows pak is included BP0 WindHarp
  • IMPROVED: Recording progress bar display in Lite FS makes it clear that Lite FS recordings are for personal use only
  • IMPROVED [Android AZ]: Wotja can now save its mix etc. data in public / shared device storage rather than in a hidden private area (requires certain Wotja permissions; see FAQ for details)
  • FIXED: Allow renaming of Mix-level rule (except if it is named "Default")
  • FIXED: Problem drawing highlight on Junction / Controller units
  • FIXED: FX networks could in some circumstances be re-applied when OK is pressed
  • FIXED: IME Network view display issues where sometimes MIDI / Synth / Effects buttons were displayed when then should have been hidden
  • FIXED [mobile]: If you changed Generator Type via pop-up selector the cell could become unresponsive
  • FIXED: Scripting screen help link
  • CHANGED: Order of items in "Add Generator of Type" pop-up menu
  • CHANGED [iOS/macOS]: With the big changes to Lite FS we decided to remove the Play Subscription tier
  • CHANGED: Moved "Articulation" parameter group to directly below "Phrasing"
  • CHANGED: Removed Ctrl-random from list of units as it is now redundant; if one is found, replace with control-rate amp to prevent breaking existing content
  • CHANGED: Display name of older Reverb unit is now Reverb 1
  • CHANGED: Renamed Mix FX Preset group "AllInOne" to "Mix FX"
  • OTHER: Many other changes, improvements and fixes

Apr 9th 2021: 21.6.1

  • NEW for IME Editor: "Phrasing Graphic" makes it easier to understand the inter-relationships between phrase/range, gaps/range and interval/range
  • NEW for IME Editor: TTM Generator "Note Graphic" displays the generated note pattern in terms of notes (0) and rests (-) and takes into account the "Tune Start at Index" and "Tune Length Override" settings, making it easier to understand TTM
  • NEW for IME Editor: "Dice" button in the TTM Generator header makes it easy to kick-off a new Cut-Up without leaving the screen
  • IMPROVED: Track and Mix FX buttons moved to the IME Network Editor panel to make them easier to find
  • IMPROVED: "Use Standard Rule" button added to the Rule Editor toolbar to make it easier to see/use the included Rules (e.g. Dorian etc.)
  • IMPROVED: Many more Cell menu items added to make it easier to manage clearing/resetting mixes
  • IMPROVED: Documents > Mixes > "Add New" now has separate options for "Empty Mix" and "Cut-up Text"
  • IMPROVED: Many UI changes made to improve understanding and workflow:
    • - Display only the relevant IME parameters for the selected Generator
    • - IME "Basics" Parameter Group renamed to "Generator"
    • - IME "Chords" Parameter Group renamed to "Chording"
    • - IME "Phrasing" Parameter Group created for common note phrasing parameters
    • - IME "Generator" Parameter Group and main Parameter Group for the selected Generator both display a RHS color bar
    • - IME Generator ordering now shows primary generators first i.e. Rhythmic, Ambient, Text to Music, Pattern then then secondary generators i.e. Follower, Repeater, Listener
    • - IME Parameter Group ordering changed aid visibility of some important parameters (e.g. Articulation)
  • CHANGED: Column 5 now has 3 buttons: Mute, Solo and Track Rule (Track FX moved as above)
  • CHANGED: Color of the Repeater Generator made a bit easier to see
  • CHANGED: "Display Text?" property removed from the Parameters table and is now a checkbox in the Edit TTM Text screen
  • FIXED (iOS/macOS): Recent MIDI routing bug where all MIDI channel messages were getting sent to all virtual MIDI ports
  • FIXED (Windows): Issue related to Windows drawing monospaced fonts which made the Wotja Code Editor windows unusable
  • FIXED: A small number of occasional crashers plus other bug fixes and improvements

Mar 18th 2021: 21.5.1

  • IMPROVED (iOS/macOS): The AUv3 now saves and restores state (if your Plug-in host/DAW supports session/project saving, the Wotja state [meaning an open mix, user album or playlist] can be saved).
    • The AUv3 saves the Mix or User album/playlist file name and latest data; when you restore the DAW project data, the mix / album / playlist (if any) is auto re-opened; but applying / using whatever data you last edited up to even if you hadn’t saved your document.
    • If your original document is no longer available, the data is copied to clipboard (so you can import it), and an alert is shown telling you what to do. See: Documents > Add New > Mix (from Clipboard).
    • For AUv3 on macOS, see the macOS: AUv3 installation instructions.
  • IMPROVED (All): Added ability to preview templates in Settings > Randomization > Templates.
  • IMPROVED (iOS/macOS): AUv3 Plug-in does not display Settings > "Auto-Play on File Open" (this is always "Off" internally for plug-in).
  • IMPROVED (All): Table scrollbar colour now changes dynamically when colour scheme changes.
  • IMPROVED (All): TTM seed template changes, and Wotja Play Me mix changes.
  • FIXED (iOS/macOS): AUv3 (e.g. AUM, Logic etc.) properly sets its Tempo on opening mix to match that of the Plug-in Host/DAW.
  • FIXED (macOS): AUv3 window resizing now works nicely in Logic Pro.
  • FIXED (iOS): Defend against an issue where AUM doesn't properly clear-up plug-ins across sessions.

Mar 17th 2021: 21.5.0 (Major Release)

  • NEW for System (iOS/macOS): The Wotja AUv3 Audio Unit Plug-in arrives!
    • General
      • Important: Only one Wotja AUv3 instance is supported and it can be loaded and with one Wotja file / Flow
      • Both free and paid-for versions of the Wotja app now include an AUv3 Audio Unit Plug-in ("AUv3")
      • Each Wotja AUv3 has near enough the full related Wotja app UI!
      • Wotja AUv3 Play/Stop buttons slave to the main DAW Transport controls
      • Wotja AUv3 uses the DAW tempo
      • Use your DAW MIDI routing for MIDI I/O
      • Recording tab replaced with Settings tab
      • AUv3 state isn't saved/restored; use Wotja Documents screen instead
      • Free Wotja apps (important note):
        • Irrespective of the free app's Feature Set Subscription, for technical reasons the Wotja AUv3 can ONLY operate in Lite Mode; get the paid-for Wotja Pro 21 app if you want the Wotja Pro AUv3 (with a Pro Feature Set)
    • iOS:
      • Requires iOS 13.4+
      • Use Wotja AUv3 in: e.g. GarageBand, Cubasis 3, AUM or other AUv3 host app
      • Main differences to the Wotja app:
        • No Virtual MIDI Output (not supported in AUv3 mode for iOS);
        • No Ableton link;
        • No MIDI input devices (use plugin MIDI input);
        • No Recording mode;
        • No Camera support;
        • No support for AudioBus/IAA;
        • No In-App Store;
        • Settings options are a bit different
    • macOS:
      • Requires macOS 10.15+
      • Use Wotja AUv3 in: e.g. Logic Pro or Mainstage or other AUv3 host app
      • Main differences to the Wotja app:
        • No MIDI input devices (use plugin MIDI input);
        • No Recording mode;
        • No In-App Store;
        • Settings options are a bit different
      • Logic Pro: Wotja AUv3 is listed in e.g. Logic Pro (available from Apple) under manufacturer "InMo"
  • NEW Included Content: IM Drums & IM E-Perc SF2 improved/extended and SF2 processing changed to allow melodies to be used to generate percussion (try using Text to Music for IDM - it's fun!).
  • IMPROVED: Bottom toolbar in Cut-up Text mode has much better layout and clear labelling.
  • IMPROVED: Volume and Pan sliders in Cell/Track mixer panels now have different colours making it easier to distinguish between them.
  • IMPROVED: Selected Generator in the Generator Network is now easier to see.
  • IMPROVED (iOS): Export to clipboard pop up alerts now auto-hide after 2 seconds.
  • IMPROVED: "IME Generator Types" Pak moved to just below Saved Files making it easier to find.
  • IMPROVED: "IME Generator Types" Pak templates renamed and updated for current terminology.
  • IMPROVED: "Add Generator of Type" pop-up menu item ordering and labelling changed.
  • CHANGED: "IME Other" Pak moved to "Older" Pak list.
  • CHANGED: Envelope unit defaults; existing templates and mixes are not affected.
  • FIXED: ISE Unit wet/dry processing which wasn’t handled consistently.
  • OTHERS: Various sundry fixes and improvements.

Feb 25th 2021: 21.4.2 (Windows / iOS)

Windows versions: This release contains all the updates in 21.4.1

  • FIXED (iOS): Intermittent crashes related to use in "Now Playing".

Feb 24th 2021: 21.4.1

Windows versions: See 21.4.2

  • NEW for ISE: ISE Audio Meter/Scope - To make sound design easier the Synth & FX Editor now has two new visual displays ("inspectors"), these being a meter for audio-rate units/junctions and an oscilloscope for control-rate units/junctions; Show or hide these inspectors with the new "Synth & FX Editor: Show Meter/Scope" toggle in Settings > General.
  • NEW for ISE: ISE Unit "Bypass?" toggles - To make sound design easier ISE TG/Control/FX units now have a "Bypass?" toggle (e.g. in the MO1 unit) and ISE Junction units have a "Bypass?" toggle in the junction toolbar; Bypassed units are marked with a subtle white X through the unit.
  • NEW for ISE: "Zero" option in Controller/Junction Scale slider popup menu - To make sound design easier this provides a quick way to set the value to 0; Access the menu via double-tap or right-clicking the Scale slider.
  • IMPROVED: ISE Synth & FX Editor layout & display changed to make it easier to see the text on any unit, the selected unit and Controller cables.
  • IMPROVED: The "Grid Display Mode" button is now "Grid Display Mode and Cell Actions" and includes the items previously in the "Cell Actions..." sub-menu making it easier to use; "Cell" text has been added to make it clearer these are Cell actions.
  • IMPROVED (mobile): Removed overlarge font items.
  • IMPROVED (desktop): Window positioning when moving to / restoring from full screen mode.
  • IMPROVED (macOS): Text to Speech can now use Mix-level FX and be recorded in Recording mode.
  • IMPROVED (macOS): Slowed-down macOS speech, to make it roughly match that of iOS speech.
  • IMPROVED: Sliders (e.g. Scale) now have increased accuracy (1000 points up from 100 points).
  • FIXED: FX Unit Wet/Dry modulation where if a value ever hit "zero" it would (for that cycle) pause the unit.
  • FIXED: Bug in Amplifier unit which could cause glitching when adjusting / modulating pan.
  • FIXED: Issue with 2 taps being required on toolbar button after exiting Full Screen mode.
  • FIXED (Desktop): On exiting Full Screen mode the App Window position no longer changes (but means we no longer hide the App window titlebar in that mode).
  • CHANGED: Cell/Track mixers now auto-enable Generator envelopes or they could otherwise not work as expected.
  • CHANGED: Setting "Auto Play (& Full Screen) on File Open" is now "Auto Play on File Open" (Full Screen mode is now accessed via any Play Screen's Action menu).
  • CHANGED: Setting "Always Show Full Screen Top Panel" is now "Show Play Screen Top Panel" (as the panel never shows in Full Screen mode).

Jan 27th 2021: 21.3.0

  • NEW for System: Dynamic audio device switching - this means a Wotja restart is no longer needed if Audio Sample Rate, Audio Block Size/Audio Block Count (mobile versions only) or Audio Output Device (desktop versions only) settings are changed; there are a couple of prompts, playing mix(es) etc. are stopped and restarted automatically and the whole process may take a few seconds.
  • IMPROVED (macOS/Windows): Desktop Options menu - this has been removed and A) the list of Audio Output Devices is now shown at the top of the Audio MIDI+ segment in Settings and B) the "Show User Content" menu item is now at the top of the Help menu.
  • FIXED (Android): Back button - a press of this button in Mix / Albums / Playlist screens now works correctly instead of just returning automatically to the Documents screen when your document might not be saved and could keep playing.
  • CHANGED (All): Randomization Schemes - the "Go" and "Melodic Bells" RS now use the screensaver.

Jan 21st 2021: 21.2.1 (Windows only)

  • FIXED (Windows): Issue that could cause the application to freeze/lock up (sorry!).

Jan 19th 2021: 21.2.0

  • NEW for System (iOS/macOS): Wotja can now play via AirPlay 2 meaning it can play on Apple HomePods.
  • NEW for System (iOS): Wotja is now a "Now Playable" app meaning that when Wotja is playing you can go to the audio card in the Control Center and select play/stop in flows, mixes, albums & playlists and also previous/next in albums & playlists. Siri can now also be used to for "Next" in flows, playlists & albums, and "Previous" in playlists & albums - this being useful for hands-free control over playback.
  • IMPROVED (All): Wotja is now much faster to start-up when you have lots of Wotja files.
  • IMPROVED (iOS/Android): UI Font sizes had gone a bit small and are now a bit larger.
  • FIXED (Android): Many changes related to Android's restrictions on an app's use of external storage; in most cases, Wotja will now default to using an internal storage area specific to Wotja.
  • FIXED (macOS): Another crasher.
  • FIXED (All): Other minor bug fixes.

Jan 14th 2021: 21.1.0

  • NEW for System (iOS/Windows): We now support an awesome "Full Screen with Camera Background" mode. This can be selected via the Action menu in flows, the Play Screen Action menu in playlists/albums and the Display Mode Action menu in mixes. Have a go and see what you can do!
    • Live Video Feed Tip: Use iOS Control Center / a relevant 3rd party app to screen mirror to a TV for a big screen audio-visual experience.
    • Screen Recording Tip (iOS): When using iOS Screen Recorder to capture the screen you can also configure it to record sound from the internal (or external) microphone (if you wish), perfect for e.g. nature recordings with ambient background music and with/without ambient sound.
  • FIXED (macOS): Potential audio lock-up.
  • IMPROVED (tvOS): The Lattice Visualizer, as selected in Some Randomization Schemes, can now display as it does on iOS and macOS.
  • IMPROVED (Android/Windows): Pop-up menu drawing.
  • FIXED (Windows): Crash reporting and several crashes.
  • FIXED (All): Other various bug fixes.

Jan 6th 2021: 21.0.2

  • FIXED: Crash that could occur on stopping/starting a mix; seen mainly in flow/playlists/albums.
  • FIXED: Documention links and some other minor issues.
  • FIXED: Issue with generation of "V21 Play Me!" mix file on Android.

Jan 1st 2021: 21.0.0

  • NEW for System (Apple only): Wotja now supports Text to Speech (TTS), requiring iOS 13+, macOS 14+, tvOS 14+
  • NEW for System (Apple only): Wotja now supports ARM silicon (Mac)
  • NEW Included Content: BP21 Drones 1 Template pak (30 gorgeous new templates)
  • NEW Included Content: More palettes + all now have some transparency
  • NEW Included Content: Improved Randomisation Presets (RP)
  • NEW Included Content (Apple Free versions): New Included Albums (T0-T2) can be opened with the relevent active Tip Jar (TJ) Subscription T0-T2. Example: TJ:T2 can open T2, T1 and T0 albums. Contents subject to change.
  • NEW for Text Mode: Text Properties screen
  • NEW for Text Mode: Import Text Sections from clipboard
  • NEW for Text Mode: Cut-up Mode: Edit Text (no cut-up)
  • NEW for Text Mode: Improved layout
  • NEW for Display Mode/Visuals: Display Properties screen
  • NEW for Display Mode/Visuals: Use SVG in mixes
  • NEW for Display Mode/Visuals: Lattice visualiser
  • NEW for Display Mode/Visuals: Improved layout
  • NEW for Randomisation Presets (RP): New settings (these can be used in Flows and also get saved to mixes): Text to Speech (many options)[relevant only for Apple devices], Text for Source #0, Cut-up Mode, Use Words, Custom Text Rule, Word Mix, Saved Section Text, Saved Text Random Sequence, Visualizer
  • NEW for Randomisation Presets (RP): Improved organisation
  • NEW for System: Auto-open full screen
  • NEW for System: ISE Output volume
  • NEW for System: Simplified Document screen badge use
  • Gone: In-app video recording (only ever in iOS/macOS versions) - use a 3rd party app instead (e.g. Screen Recorder)