Relaxing Generative Music

Turn on, sit back and relax. Chill.
IMPORTANT: Tiklbox 2 for iOS is here - it's called Wotja 4

Tiklbox composes a stream of high-quality beautiful ambient generative music ideal for relaxation, reflection, mindfulness & quiet contemplation. It is clever, effective and elegant. Simple to use, easy to love.

As a free app, Tiklbox plays for 12 minutes before going to sleep and you can restart it. That's plenty of time for a nice chill out - and you get 2 tracks from the included 6 track generative music album to enjoy. If you want to hear the rest of the album, set the sleep timer or never have it time out, then simply in-app purchase* the album - that's up to you.

Tiklbox employs a unique blend of generative techniques and music technologies developed, honed and extended over 25 years; these allow it to create its live, warm, organic generative music. There have been many apps for "Sit-forward" (PC/Mobile screens) and "Lean-back" (TV) experiences. Tiklbox is different; it is an app for "Sit-down" or "Lie-down" (relaxation and reflection) experiences.

Get it now and listen over headphones, integral speaker, external speakers or even over AirPlay.

Tip: Set the sleep timer to infinite*, and you can continuously cycle the tracks for an endless stream of ever-changing music.


User Reviews

★★★★★ "An oasis to my noisy city life!: Quality ambient music, no doubt the best I've ever heard in the App Store so far. The two in-app albums was well worth purchasing. Whether I want to meditate, read a book, reflect on some thoughts by myself, I just press play and let it rolls. The music in this app exudes a soothing atmosphere that has essentially becomes my secret hideout in this fast, loud, and noisy world."

★★★★★ " Infinite ambient music in your pocket: Download the app, add the albums, hit play. Relax."

★★★★★ " OK!: Really very good, relaxing and well made. Buy the two albums and hope that they bring out more ...."

Key Features

  • Beautiful high quality generative ambient music is live
  • Simple and effective to use, with 6 tracks per album
  • 2 unlocked tracks from the included album*
  • Settable track play time, track fade in/out and gaps between tracks
  • 12 minutes play time (restart to play again)*
  • Album play list editing for track play order / track exclusion
  • Album random track selection control
  • Audiobus support

* In-App Purchase extendable

  • Albums “Calm” and “Relax”
  • Note: Purchase an album to unlock the playing time, sleep timer, play offine / in background & remove occasional ads




In album "Relax" there are 6 lovely tracks (made with Noatikl). You can hear the first two tracks with Tiklbox, but to play the remaining 4 you need to purchase the album.



In album "Calm" there are 6 lovely tracks (made with Noatikl). To hear them you need to purchase the album in the same way you purchase the album "Relax" above.


iOS App Version Download
Tiklbox for iOS is now Wotja (64-bit)
4.10.0 - 08 Aug 17
See Wotja
All User Guide Download
Tiklbox User Guide (Web/HTML)
1.6.0 A - 30 Dec 16

Notes & Requirements

  • Read the change log
  • iOS device requirements: iOS 8.1 or later; iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Tiklbox for iOS is a universal binary and supports standard and retinal displays for iPhone and iPad.


On the main "play" screen, simply press the bottom button which shows the album name and then select the top right store button. Select the album in the list and then purchase it. Once the purchase is complete, you can play all 6 tracks, and there is no longer a time-out.

Audiobus / Inter-App Audio support is now enabled by default and can be used at no charge.

Please refer to the Apple website for information on how to use Inter-App Audio with GarageBand.

Please refer to the Audiobus website for instructions on how to use Audiobus. To use Audiobus you will also need to install the Audiobus app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We make no charge to Audiobus suppport.

Tiklbox creates music at 44KHz stereo (CD) quality. It uses a fair amount of computing power to do this, which means that on some earlier iOS devices the sound from Tiklbox can be a bit crackly.

Until we allow optional 22KHz composition (which we are considering) there are only 2 possibilities:

  • Update your device to a newer version (sorry!)
  • Try turning off WiFi and Bluetooth and also close any other running apps - we have no control over what else is running whilst the Tiklbox app is running, and you might find this helps.

You might want to do this if iOS updates to a new version and you do not or are unwilling to do that, you have removed Tiklbox and the new version of Tiklbox is no longer available for your version of iOS (we use Apple tools to build our apps, and Apple updates to these tools change which versions of iOS we can build for). So, how do you restore the last version of Tiklbox available for your version of iOS?

See Apple's instructions on how to do this or an AppleInsider article. Alternatively, you might try restoring from a device or even TimeMachine backup.

Here are a couple of things to try if this happens to you :

  • If a problem happens when you attempt to restore purchases with the restore button in the Store, then it is possible that:
    • The Apple IAP server may be down or running slowly. Simply try again in a few minutes.
    • You may have locked your device for IAP or App Installation, and you may have forgetten to re-enable that.
  • If for some reason you find you can no longer load Tiklbox at all (i.e. it won't even run), then remove Tiklbox from your device, powercycle your device and then re-download Tiklbox from the App Store. Run up Tiklbox and in the Store Screen select the top right Restore Purchases button to restore purchases. That should do it, although it would be highly unlikely you would need to try this.

If you still experience a problem, then please do contact us (rather than just leave a short comment in a review that may give no clues to help us) and describe the problem in as much detail as you can. We will investigate and respond back to you, so please do also provide an email where we can reach you in case we need to ask for further information.

We try as hard as we can to make our apps stable. If this app does crash on you, please do send us a crash log so that we can investigate and try to fix the problem (for all users). The crash log files all start with the app name, and have an extension "crash". They are text files that we can read, and give us useful information in tracking-down a crash.

Please send the text in them to us via our feedback form, and don't forget to tell us what you were doing when you had the crash! Hopefully we will be able to fix the crash in the next update.

How to find the crash logs for the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad version:

Note: Also refer to this article.

  • Sync your device to iTunes. This will copy the crash logs automatically from your device to your computer.
  • You'll find the relevant app crash logs on your computer in one of the following locations:

    Mac macOS:
    (the tilde ~ in the pathname is a shortcut for your user account name.

    To find the log file, open ~/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/ in the Finder

    • Note: You may have to hold down the option key when using the Go menu in the Finder to open the Library folder (this is needed on Lion and above). e.g. /Users/jdoe/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/John Doe’s iPhone/Tiklbox_2013-01-29-200048_John-Does-iPhone.crashi

    Windows 7, Windows Vista:


    Windows XP:

    <drive>:\Documents and Settings\<YOUR_NAME>\Application Data\Apple