Wotja: Flow "Go" Video Recording (1 hr)

See also the step-by-step instructions for "Play a Flow".

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The Wotja app is both a Creator and Player of generative music. As a Player it could not be easier to use. With the app installed simply tap on the default Flow "Go" Randomization Scheme to start the Flow Player - it's as simple as that!

Tip: When Wotja is playing live, tap the "Next" button to easily skip a mix and get a Pro version if you want to configure a Randomization Scheme to suit your taste (see below).

This 1 hour unedited video shows the Wotja "Flow Player" in action as it auto-generates ~3 minute mixes, one after another. It was recorded on iPad Pro in a single take and there are no post-recording audio treatments. Leave the video playing to get a sense of the kind of mixes this particular Scheme can generate (there is quite a lot of variety!). It is but one taster of what Wotja can do...

It is free and easy to experience for yourself the magic of your own live Wotja music! Get the free version of Wotja (iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, TV) which lets you play Flow "Go" for up to 1 hour. Just install Wotja (see download links below), select Flow "Go", and you can use Wotja as a free aid to relaxation, sleep, meditation etc. When the timeout kicks in just tap Play to start it playing again. It is as simple as that!

How it works:

From settings in the selected Randomization Scheme the Flow Player in Wotja creates a new auto-mix every so often. Every time it plays there should be something different! You may not like all mixes but it is easy to force a new mix to be generated by tapping the next button. And, if there is a mix you really, really love, then with a Pro Feature Set you can save the mix (Flow Player > "Action" then "Save Flow to Mix File".

Create/edit Randomization Schemes:

With a Pro Feature Set you can also create/edit Randomization Schemes meaning you could have a Scheme that selects from only the templates and FX presets you want, or even uses your own (and only your own). In fact, for this video I modified the "Go" Randomization Scheme so that a random screensaver was used every mix and there is no text displayed on screen.

Recording the video:

In the Flow Player I selected "Action" then "Full Screen & Restart/Stop" and then used the iOS Screen Recorder. That's it!