Wotja 21 How To:

Our step-by-step 'How To' Tutorials are quick and easy to work through.

Alternatively, check out one of our videos!

Note: Mobile and Desktop UIs are very similar; animations are recorded using a Desktop version to make them easier to follow (mouse cursor, taps).


  1. Tap here to load the User Guide into this panel.
  2. Follow the steps!
    • When a link is bold, tap on it to show the correct screen in the RHS panel.
    • To keep the words down we most often don't say "tap", "click" or "select".
    • With the schematics and animations everything should be pretty self-explanatory.
  3. Tap the left panel List button to return to the Tutorials list.
  4. Confused by terms? See our Glossary of Key Terms