Wotja 21 Examples:

The best way to hear the results that Wotja can generate is simply to get the free version. Once installed, just one tap is all that is needed to play some "Flows".

The thing to remember about "Flows" is that they are composed/generated live, yes live, and are not just a load of mixed together loops - they are InMo. This is what makes them so personal and special.

However, if you don't have the time to do that (it really is quick, we promise!), then why not check out a couple of 3 minute (5 Mb) MP3 recordings (the Flows were first exported to a mix file)).

Tip: It's easy to download/play the mix file used for the recording. See B) here on how to play it in Wotja.

Flows [Ambient] Recording Mix File
Mixed 1 - 1 Wotja Mix
Mixed 1 - 2 Wotja Mix
Mixed 1 - 3 Wotja Mix
Mixed 1 - 4 Wotja Mix
Mixed 1 - 5 Wotja Mix
Mixed 1 - 6 Wotja Mix
Only Pads - 1 Wotja Mix
Only Pads - 2 Wotja Mix
Only Pads - 3 Wotja Mix
Only Pads - 4 Wotja Mix
Only Pads - 5 Wotja Mix
Only Pads - 6 Wotja Mix
Only Piano - 1 Wotja Mix
Only Piano - 2 Wotja Mix
Only Piano - 3 Wotja Mix
Only Strings - 1 Wotja Mix
Only Strings - 2 Wotja Mix
Only Strings - 3 Wotja Mix
Mixes [Various] Recording Mix File
JADITO [robot chit chat] ['How To' Video] Wotja Mix