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Add text. Shuffle. Ready to use.

Liptikl's a creative writing tool that can help you come up with new and exciting word arrangements. If you are looking for a lyric generator or you make or write song, music or rap lyrics, poems, copy or ads, then it could be just what you are looking for. In fact, if you write at all it could well be for you.

The cut-up / word-shuffling process is a powerful technique for stimulating creative writing. The random word associations Liptikl comes up with can give you new options to consider, bringing extra advantage & fresh ideas to explore.

Why get Liptikl

Because with it you can:

  • Help unblock writer's block
  • Mash together 3 different bodies of text
  • Easily come up with new and exciting word arrangements
  • Get more ideas for music or rap lyrics, poems, copy or ads
  • Generate unusual, obscure, non-obvious, ambiguous and unexpected results
  • Randomise only the words you want to, lock the others
  • Join in with our Liptikl user forum!

... and you might otherwise miss out on some cool new ideas!

How it works

  1. Input up to 3 different boxes of words, paragraphs or source material. The input sources could be complete chapters, tracts or paragraphs, news or current affairs, some of your past lyrics or writing, or even collections of your favourite words. Liptikl uses in-built rules to generate cut-up word arrangements from these.
  2. Decide how you want the word output to look in terms of length and lines.
  3. Mix the words together, then customize and edit them to get your output.
  4. 'Lock down' the words or arrangements that you like and use Liptikl to try other words in the unlocked positions.

Here is just one short example of a verse created with Liptikl:

Take note my friend,
Even though time flies,
Your halo might slip,
And forever never arrives.

Magazine Reviews

"The delightfully-named liptikl provides a simple interface into which you enter words or phrases. The software then generates a stream of combinations in the meter of choice that can then be edited and recombined to your liking."

Music Radar

User Reviews

"I used Liptikl extensively while writing lyrics for my last album and found it incredibly useful."

Daniel James

"Liptikl is software at it's finest; an intuitive collaborator in the creative process. It's word combinations are inspiring and entertaining and it is adding fun back into the lyric writing process for me and the writers I work with."

Roy Campanella III

"I use Liptikl every other day for something, it has become an essential component of my personal artistic procedure."

Loopy C

"I'm an artist, and I've been playing around with Liptikl as a way to generate ideas for sculptures. Not so much descriptions but word-images that trigger a visual image for me. I find Liptikl very useful - and fun."

Johnna Klukas

"Liptikl is the key to unlocking word combinations and mental scenery, which lead one down interesting paths, often unearthing shiny lyric-stones along the way."

Lance Linimon