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Mixtikl Generative Music Mixer

Mixtikl 5

Generative Music Mixer

Loops and scapes. Mix and mash.

Powerful all-in-one generative music / audio loop mixer & cell sequencer.

Adapt all sounds, fx & rules in the many included generative templates.

Free versions!

iOS, Android, OS X, Windows - Updated: Nov 5 2013 (V5.5.7)

Noatikl Generative Music Lab

Noatikl 2

Generative Music Lab

Custom soundscapes. Your design.

All you need to create your own fascinating generative music.

Has the features, depth and breadth of control that let you explore & design.

Free versions!

iOS, OS X, Windows - Updated: Nov 6 2013 (V2.3.9)

Wotja Text to Tunes & Music

Wotja 1

Text to Tunes & Music

Our fun new social music instrument.

Add or import text to generate a tune.

Plus easily make, share & play a fun music greeting.


iOS - Released: April 7 2014 (V1.1.1)

Liptikl 'Cut-up' Wword Shuffler

Liptikl 1

'Cut-up' Word Shuffler

Add text. Shuffle. Ready to use.

Write song, music or rap lyrics, poems, copy or ads? Try it!

Liptikl could be what you want if you're looking for new word combinations & ideas.

OS X, Windows - Updated: Sep 21 2013 (V1.1.11)

Tiklbox Generative Music Player

Tiklbox 1

Generative Music Player

Turn on, sit back and relax. Chill.

Clever, effective and elegant. Simple to use, easy to love.

A timeless stream of high-quality beautiful ambient music ideal for relaxation, reflection & meditation.

It's Free!

iOS - Updated: Sep 20 2013 (V1.1.11)

Tiklpaks Add-on Content


FREE Loops for Mixtikl

> 270 specially prepared audio loops.

These 44Khz mono loops for use in Mixtikl have been specially prepared by Intermorphic. They were $0.99 (iOS) & $5.97 (Desktop) but now free a limited time. Get them now!