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Wotja Music

Generated live by Wotja Apps and Wotja Plug-ins

See also Generative music, InMo Music, Reflective Music, Text-to-Music, Mindful Music etc.

The Sum of Many Parts

Wotja Music is created live from various Wotja generators, rules & parameters.

A "Wotja mix" can utilize many different music & composition techiques, techniques such as text-to-music, euclidian patterns, generator following, note patterns, sound design, cell sequencing, adaptive music, scripting & randomization etc.

A Wotja mix can also utilise included or 3rd party SF2 (SoundFonts), WAV and MIDI files.

And, from V22, a Wotja mix can also use 3rd party Plug-ins with settings being saved to the mix file. Incredibly, these files can be played in playlists and embedded in webpages as WJURLs.

Taking into account all of the above, the time is now right for Wotja Music as a standalone term.