From as little as 2Kb of text it's easy to "wotjafy" a webpage and have it play beautiful live background music : no coding is required.

See the webpage examples. Or, listen to some recordings.

How do I do it?

Get Wotja for iOS and create and save a Wotja mix file (.wotja) or a Wotja Box file (.wotjabox).

These files are text files that can be opened in a text editor. They contain a text string that can be as little as 2Kb. We call this a Wotja URL ("WJURL") as it starts with wotja:// (it is really a kind of deep link).

The text includes all the IME and ISE settings required by Wotja to play your file and generate its music. It can also include a background image if you have used one but it does not include any custom audio data such as SF2 or Loops.

From your text editor, simply copy the contents of such a file to the clipboard (you can also export a Wotja URL to the clipboard directly from Wotja for iOS). Paste this text anywhere in a webpage, even in a weblink (href).

With Wotja for Mac installed and the Wotja Safari Extension enabled (see below), then when that page is loaded in desktop Safari you will hear reflective generative music.

It's cool, fun and is also an easy way for Wotja for iOS users to share with others what they have made.

How far you want to take your web page design (e.g. text, images, animation etc.) is entirely up to you.

Tip: Wotjas that include background images are much, much larger than those that don't. We recommend that if you want to allow people to download those then you place them on a separate download page - but that is up to you, too.

Advanced: If content in a Wotja URL references content in an add-on Pak then, provided that Pak is located in your Wotja iCloud Drive folder (iOS/macOS) or "Intermorphic Folder" (macOS), the content will play as expected.

How to hear the examples

  • Desktop Safari: Get Wotja for macOS (it's free) and enable the Wotja App Extension (Safari > Preferences > Extensions > set "Wotja" checkbox to on).
  • Mobile Safari: Get Wotja for iOS and in the example pages tap the Wotja button and open the WJURL in Wotja.

Tip: Hear no music in Desktop Safari or the music stops? Try bringing the Wotja Web Player to the foreground and press its Play button to restart it.

Example 1
WJURL as text
Example 2
WJURL in a link
Example 3
WJURL with image
Example 4
WJURL + download
Example 5
WJURL feat. custom pak
Example 6
WJURL in web circle