Wotja 21 Release History

As ever, if something's not working right then please do get in touch via our Help Page 'Contact Us' options!

Feb 25th 2021: 21.4.2 (Windows / iOS)

Heads up: Release submitted to the App Stores for review, so should be available soon.

Windows versions: This release contains all the updates in 21.4.1

  • FIXED (iOS): Intermittent crashes related to use in "Now Playing".

Feb 24th 2021: 21.4.1

Windows versions: See 21.4.2

  • NEW for ISE: ISE Audio Meter/Scope - To make sound design easier the Synth & FX Editor now has two new visual displays ("inspectors"), these being a meter for audio-rate units/junctions and an oscilloscope for control-rate units/junctions; Show or hide these inspectors with the new "Synth & FX Editor: Show Meter/Scope" toggle in Settings > General.
  • NEW for ISE: ISE Unit "Bypass?" toggles - To make sound design easier ISE TG/Control/FX units now have a "Bypass?" toggle (e.g. in the MO1 unit) and ISE Junction units have a "Bypass?" toggle in the junction toolbar; Bypassed units are marked with a subtle white X through the unit.
  • NEW for ISE: "Zero" option in Controller/Junction Scale slider popup menu - To make sound design easier this provides a quick way to set the value to 0; Access the menu via double-tap or right-clicking the Scale slider.
  • IMPROVED: ISE Synth & FX Editor layout & display changed to make it easier to see the text on any unit, the selected unit and Controller cables.
  • IMPROVED: The "Grid Display Mode" button is now "Grid Display Mode and Cell Actions" and includes the items previously in the "Cell Actions..." sub-menu making it easier to use; "Cell" text has been added to make it clearer these are Cell actions.
  • IMPROVED (mobile): Removed overlarge font items.
  • IMPROVED (desktop): Window positioning when moving to / restoring from full screen mode.
  • IMPROVED (macOS): Text to Speech can now use Mix-level FX and be recorded in Recording mode.
  • IMPROVED (macOS): Slowed-down macOS speech, to make it roughly match that of iOS speech.
  • IMPROVED: Sliders (e.g. Scale) now have increased accuracy (1000 points up from 100 points).
  • FIXED: FX Unit Wet/Dry modulation where if a value ever hit "zero" it would (for that cycle) pause the unit.
  • FIXED: Bug in Amplifier unit which could cause glitching when adjusting / modulating pan.
  • FIXED: Issue with 2 taps being required on toolbar button after exiting Full Screen mode.
  • FIXED (Desktop): On exiting Full Screen mode the App Window position no longer changes (but means we no longer hide the App window titlebar in that mode).
  • CHANGED: Cell/Track mixers now auto-enable Generator envelopes or they could otherwise not work as expected.
  • CHANGED: Setting "Auto Play (& Full Screen) on File Open" is now "Auto Play on File Open" (Full Screen mode is now accessed via any Play Screen's Action menu).
  • CHANGED: Setting "Always Show Full Screen Top Panel" is now "Show Play Screen Top Panel" (as the panel never shows in Full Screen mode).

Jan 27th 2021: 21.3.0

  • NEW for System: Dynamic audio device switching - this means a Wotja restart is no longer needed if Audio Sample Rate, Audio Block Size/Audio Block Count (mobile versions only) or Audio Output Device (desktop versions only) settings are changed; there are a couple of prompts, playing mix(es) etc. are stopped and restarted automatically and the whole process may take a few seconds.
  • IMPROVED (macOS/Windows): Desktop Options menu - this has been removed and A) the list of Audio Output Devices is now shown at the top of the Audio MIDI+ segment in Settings and B) the "Show User Content" menu item is now at the top of the Help menu.
  • FIXED (Android): Back button - a press of this button in Mix / Albums / Playlist screens now works correctly instead of just returning automatically to the Documents screen when your document might not be saved and could keep playing.
  • CHANGED (All): Randomization Schemes - the "Go" and "Melodic Bells" RS now use the screensaver.

Jan 21st 2021: 21.2.1 (Windows only)

  • FIXED (Windows): Issue that could cause the application to freeze/lock up (sorry!).

Jan 19th 2021: 21.2.0

  • NEW for System (iOS/macOS): Wotja can now play via AirPlay 2 meaning it can play on Apple HomePods.
  • NEW for System (iOS): Wotja is now a "Now Playable" app meaning that when Wotja is playing you can go to the audio card in the Control Center and select play/stop in flows, mixes, albums & playlists and also previous/next in albums & playlists. Siri can now also be used to for "Next" in flows, playlists & albums, and "Previous" in playlists & albums - this being useful for hands-free control over playback.
  • IMPROVED (All): Wotja is now much faster to start-up when you have lots of Wotja files.
  • IMPROVED (iOS/Android): UI Font sizes had gone a bit small and are now a bit larger.
  • FIXED (Android): Many changes related to Android's restrictions on an app's use of external storage; in most cases, Wotja will now default to using an internal storage area specific to Wotja.
  • FIXED (macOS): Another crasher.
  • FIXED (All): Other minor bug fixes.

Jan 14th 2021: 21.1.0

  • NEW for System (iOS/Windows): We now support an awesome "Full Screen with Camera Background" mode. This can be selected via the Action menu in flows, the Play Screen Action menu in playlists/albums and the Display Mode Action menu in mixes. Have a go and see what you can do!
    • Live Video Feed Tip: Use iOS Control Center / a relevant 3rd party app to screen mirror to a TV for a big screen audio-visual experience.
    • Screen Recording Tip (iOS): When using iOS Screen Recorder to capture the screen you can also configure it to record sound from the internal (or external) microphone (if you wish), perfect for e.g. nature recordings with ambient background music and with/without ambient sound.
  • FIXED (macOS): Potential audio lock-up.
  • IMPROVED (tvOS): The Lattice Visualizer, as selected in Some Randomization Schemes, can now display as it does on iOS and macOS.
  • IMPROVED (Android/Windows): Pop-up menu drawing.
  • FIXED (Windows): Crash reporting and several crashes.
  • FIXED (All): Other various bug fixes.

Jan 6th 2021: 21.0.2

  • FIXED: Crash that could occur on stopping/starting a mix; seen mainly in flow/playlists/albums.
  • FIXED: Documention links and some other minor issues.
  • FIXED: Issue with generation of "V21 Play Me!" mix file on Android.

Jan 1st 2021: 21.0.0

  • NEW for System (Apple only): Wotja now supports Text to Speech (TTS), requiring iOS 13+, macOS 14+, tvOS 14+
  • NEW for System (Apple only): Wotja now supports ARM silicon (Mac)
  • NEW Included Content: BP21 Drones 1 Template pak (30 gorgeous new templates)
  • NEW Included Content: More palettes + all now have some transparency
  • NEW Included Content: Improved Randomisation Schemes (RS)
  • NEW Included Content (Apple Free versions): New Included Albums (T0-T4) can be opened with the relevent active Special Options (SO) Subscription T0-T4. Example: SO:T2 can open T2, T1 and T0 albums. Contents subject to change.
  • NEW for Text Mode: Text Properties screen
  • NEW for Text Mode: Import Text Sections from clipboard
  • NEW for Text Mode: Cut-up Mode: Edit Text (no cut-up)
  • NEW for Text Mode: Improved layout
  • NEW for Display Mode/Visuals: Display Properties screen
  • NEW for Display Mode/Visuals: Use SVG in mixes
  • NEW for Display Mode/Visuals: Lattice visualiser
  • NEW for Display Mode/Visuals: Improved layout
  • NEW for Randomisation Schemes (RS): New settings (these can be used in Flows and also get saved to mixes): Text to Speech (many options)[relevant only for Apple devices], Text for Source #0, Cut-up Mode, Use Words, Custom Text Rule, Word Mix, Saved Section Text, Saved Text Random Sequence, Visualizer
  • NEW for Randomisation Schemes (RS): Improved organisation
  • NEW for System: Auto-open full screen
  • NEW for System: ISE Output volume
  • NEW for System: Simplified Document screen badge use
  • Gone: In-app video recording (only ever in iOS/macOS versions) - use a 3rd party app instead (e.g. Screen Recorder)