Reflective Music

Reflective Music is created by WOTJA, an app for macOS, Windows, iOS & Android.

Wotja uses generative and text-to-music (TTM) techniques to generate music and melodies that are ideal for reflection, mindfulness and meditation. The key distinguishing feature of reflective music is its use of TTM to imbue the music with a unique personal context and relevance.

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Infused With Meaning

Your words are seeds that melodies can grow from; it's your music.

Brewed By You

Ideal for relaxation, thinking, mindfulness & quiet contemplation.

The Perfect Blend

Beautiful "inmo" generative music completes your music mixture.

Shareable "Peace"

Personal artistic creative expression is to be shared - its peaceable music!

History of the term "reflective music"

See also: PalmSounds 2016 interview with Tim Cole for further background on how we settled on this term.

Having developed generative music technologies since 1990, we (Intermorphic) had known for a good long while that generative music played against an image seemed to elicit a deeper reflection on the image, unlocking thoughts and memories. So, way back in 2010 we settled on the term "Reflective Music" as a descriptor for the effect the output of a generative music system can have and then secured the domain.

We were not quite there yet, however; a piece of the puzzle was still missing. For "system generated music" to be truly reflective we needed to find a way it could in some way be directly linked to or derived from something of meaning. That was a conundrum, as "generative music" or "inmo music" has randomness at its core!

What turned the corner for us was when in 2013 we realised we could turn text into melodic seed patterns using a technique we call TTM (Text-to-Music). Words carry meaning, can be included in a piece, and (with some extra developments we needed to do) could be used by our generative music engine as input from which to generate melodic seed patterns. The generated music thus has a link to a meaning that can be reflected upon for truly reflective music!

It turned out the combination of both Text-to-Music and Generative Music techniques worked really well because our generative music engine could weave a live generative background around these patterns, and, if required, even "wash them away" over time.


With this final piece of the puzzle in place, in 2013 we set about developing the Wotja Generative Music System. We publically released Wotja V1 in 2014, followed by Wotja 2 in early 2015 and Wotja 3 in late 2015. We followed up by releasing Wotja 4 on Feb 14 2017 and Wotja 5 on Jan 1st 2018 (which supports inclusion of background images and exporting audio, MIDI and video recordings).

As there are just two of us it will still take us a further couple years to round out some of the ideas from back then especially as we keep having new ones, too! You can therefore expect a lot more from Wotja in the years ahead!

SSEYO to Intermorphic App Consolidation Schematic